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Fandom Fall of Justice (DC/Marvel RP)

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Action, Multiverse, Super Powers, Supernatural


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After a mysterious entity arrived on earth, it opened a portal between the Marvel and the DC Universe. Most villains saw the entity as their leader while the heroes prepared for a fight. After the heroes lost, many of them lost faith and sided up with the entity. The universes were all controlled by the dark force. One day, a group of heroes rose up to end that all. They would even be ready to kill the other heroes.

In this RP you will have to create an original hero. You can choose your own power.

If you are interested in more just feel free to say something. I have more ideas in this whole plot but I want it to be short for now.


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I mean, this doesn't seem too dissimilar to the stuff that happened in the comics. So I just don't get why they would suddenly lose faith and side with evil... Also I don't get why all villains would unanimously agree to side with the entity when some of them like Magneto and Doctor Doom for example wouldn't stand for it.
I also said most villains

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I also said most villains
still feels unrealistic to me personally. but you do you. Personally not a fan of heroes suddenly being villains for something as weak of a reason as just "let's just giving up on hope because the big new bad is super powerful so we might as well work for them."

Again, it's not my call and I hope your RP does well.


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I’ll bite, for characters do they need to be heroic or can they be neutral-ish and are siding with the group for their own reasons.


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