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Fandom F/F Pairings. Mostly fandom stuff. Occasionally might do Original stuff.

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Magical, Platonic, Romance, Super Powers


Fandom list is a bit short since in all honesty most fandoms are mad cringe. Either that or it's fandoms I'd prefer people played canons in but understandably people don't want to without doubling so I'm gonna leave those out. So don't be surprised if there ain't much to choose from.

No leaving comments in this thread. Just PM me. You're literally going to be PMing me anyway to discuss ideas. No point in avoiding it.

I'm here looking for action-adventure type fandom RPs with plenty of character interaction and development focus rather than JUST constant ego stroking fight scenes. I also sometimes do original stuff if someone has a good enough setting or if it aligns well enough with my anime esque tastes. Environmental and interpersonal exploration is good too, throw some bits and pieces of slice of life into the mix and I'd say it's perfect. I'm in the CST timezone of America and I tend to stay up all night and be asleep in the day. Nocturnal sleep schedule and such so I work rather well with EU, Australia and other late night Americans. Also if you're the type to poof COMPLETELY, as in forever, without a word, I don't want you. It'd also be great if I didn't have to constantly wait 2-3+ days for even the smallest bit of progress. I've already had to do a purge of people gone for a month already. And a lot of my ideas are SUPER long term. This stuff's gonna take over a year to finish if I have to constantly wait 3+ days for a single post at a time.


As for fandoms themselves, some I am fine with both sides playing an OC or a canon if one wishes to, though I'm honestly a bit picky in terms of OCs of some fandoms. In a descending order will tell you which fandoms I currently have the most muse for at the moment and at the bottom are ones I usually do but would need something particularly good to really be up to put something together for.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
This is the only fandom I prefer my partner playing a canon for me (namely Tohru) if they want to that I will actually list.

It's a cute, fluffy indulgence that can easily due to the dragons become also a good action-adventure story and is something I've honestly put a lot of thought into. Moreso than I have on the other things in this list even. And it honestly has the highest potential for some actually good character development since no one has pitched me anything remotely good on my other fandoms.

I’d like to say that given consistent feedback to how actually interesting, layered and in depth my character is that playing a canon like Tohru for her wouldn’t be all that much of a drag and while I don’t expect people to immediately take my word for it, it’s at least something.

It’s also in my opinion rather easy to pull off since my girl is kinda like Kobayashi, albeit more complex and detailed, maybe a bit more aloof and cold at first but eventually developing to a point it becomes a night and day difference from the stone faced ice queen (that at least won’t scream at the dragons to fuck off or anything outright anti social like that) to an actually rather happy, from the heart sort of person, making it maybe even more rewarding in that case.

So I’m honestly hoping some people actually give this a try since it’s honestly despite no RP getting to be completed so far, managing to be some of the best writing I’ve gotten to do in a long time since a lot of people are admittedly very bad at making detailed, intricate and actually interesting OCs that can really make you think.


My Hero Academia

Mob Psycho 100

Little Witch Academia

Dragon Ball/Pokemon/MAYBE Persona namely 5
So before ANY of you ask for ANY of these, keep in mind my standards for this are marginally high due to people approaching me with lackluster, half baked ideas, barebones, uninteresting OCs and generally force me to foot all the work as I drag them through it like a corpse. I don't care for that. So unless you got something really good in mind don't ask for these.

DBZ I'm open to you coming to me intending on playing as a canon OR OC frankly. Just have an actual idea and a character with actual depth to it.

As far as Pokemon goes, writing battles gets boring and I drop it to few and far between and tend to twist things a bit to make writing the battles non-tedious on my end when the few, critical ones DO actually come in.

With Persona I'd PREFER you came with the intention of writing as a Canon because while this is an option, it's not one I want to slog through since I'm only kinda into it. That and again, people and their usually rather barebones, lackluster OCs. Not to say EVERY OC is like that but almost no one I've run into has a 5+ Google Doc page OC like I do. So do excuse my lack of wanting to try it in something I'm somewhat finicky on like Persona. And do expect a few...twists in how I do things on my end as far as Persona is concerned.

So I'm basically retarded and made a demon version of my main girl character so if you got an idea that can roll with a runaway demon girl even if it'd still be anime as all fuck you can try pitching something there too.

There are a few others but they're not ones I'm all too interested in playing alongside someone else's OC unfortunately, I'm just lacking muse for, or no one comes to me with any ideas for other fandoms and leave me legging all the work so I ain't in the mood for them. So I'm leaving them out. You're also free to suggest fandoms if they're anything like the ones listed above and if it tickles my fancy I can definitely give it a go.


Can do it here on RPN or Discord if one prefers.

Age Preferences
I usually prefer my partner being 18 or older given I'm 23 but in some cases I can make exceptions if I'm feeling it. Very iffy on it considering most minors I've worked with don't measure up well to adult partners I've had. But there's been standing exceptions from time to time.

Character Preferences
I prefer whoever I am writing with to play a Female character. I've had zero good experiences with male ones and have just been put off from them entirely. With that said I also only play Female characters which implies if any romance happens it'd have to be FxF. I only play OCs myself but if the partner wants to they can play either a canon character or an OC, their choice as long as it's a female. Plus I keep seeing people talking about MxF/FxM and MxM players practically using their RPs in absolute cringy desperation for someone to actually date. I'm not about that. Plus FxF is just altogether cuter for me.

Romance Junk since it was mentioned
I only do FxF but am fine regardless of if it's OCxOC or OCxCanon. Makes no difference to me as long as the character itself is appealing. I prefer it being slow burn/developing over the course of a play than immediately set up before even starting. Unfortunately, I don't double cause I just can't get into playing a canon character. Plus trying to juggle and actively develop and keep 4 characters relevant rather than just 2 throughout an ENTIRE long term plot is a massive pain, among other significant reasons. So if you don't want to play a canon without doubling it can stay either OCxOC or we can just not do romance. Makes no real difference to me.

Post Length Stuff
Right, so, I tend to write between 2 to 5+ paragraphs depending on what's going on in a scene and the only time I take 1 paragraph or less is when things within a scene have calmed down, like back and forth chatter and slice of life junk. I'd prefer if my partner did the same.
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