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Fandom Earth-47: A DC Comics Story

Sub Genres
AU, Super Powers


Most Call Me Jack
Welcome to Earth-47. This universe is quite different to the DC universe we know and love. A few key differences have drastic effects on the state of the world. These are detailed below.

In 1995 a ship crash landed just outside of Los Angeles, California. Among the wreckage was a child. The official story was that a Satellite fell from orbit and crashed into a car on the highway early one morning and the boy was the only survivor. Celebrity couple Johnathan and Martha Kent swooped in to adopt the boy who was raised in their lavish home in Beverly Hills. The boy, now named Clark Kent, became a sensation when it was discovered he was unbelievably strong and fast. He used his gift to become a world renowned surfer. He now lives in a mansion of his own, located just down the street from his parents. The US government knows about his true capabilities though...

In 2005 Technology mogul Thomas Wayne left a movie theater with his wife Martha and his young son Bruce. While walking to their car they were accosted by career criminal Joe Chill. Thomas sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder, but he dropped Chill with a strong right hook. Wayne was heralded as a hero and his stock shot up further. This left Bruce as a spoiled trust fund kid. Bruce in the modern day is a college drop out who spends most of his time in Gotham's clubs. His billionaire father is confident that Bruce will never amount to anything.

Diana Prince was discovered by Giovanni Versace in 1979. She became the pinnacle of the fashion world. The Amazon was impossibly beautiful and was coveted by every fashion designer who was worth their salt. The thing that keeps her relevant to this day is the fact that she seemingly never ages. When asked about her age Diana responds that it is rude to ask a lady such a question. Although there are more than a few agencies that know her secrets...

In case you're wondering, that does mean this world has no Justice League. While Metahumans do exist in this world, the absence of a great many of Earth's greatest heroes means that a great many villains haven't risen to challenge them.

That's where you come in. You as a player will be taking the reigns of a DC superhero in the face of an alien threat. Can you come together to form the Justice League without Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman? You can rewrite their backstory however you want, even change their secret identity entirely. You just have to keep the powers the same.

What do you think? This idea have any legs?


Archer of justice
I would be intrested but i think it would be more fun if some of the ocs were dating the canons or canons were intrested in them for some reason of their own.

And secondly as a dc marvel group gm myself i seen that its hard to keep the groups active due to rpers loosing intrest/busy schedules.
But i do wish your group luck and hope you are able to keep it more active then my inactive one

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