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Multiple Settings dumb original plots and pairings found inside!

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hi there!

So I’ve finally decided to make an original plots/pairings thread! It’ll probably be a constant work in progress, and will definitely shift and update from time to time, (my interests for original can vary GREATLY) I’ll probably shove some more detailed works in here, I do have a few original worlds in mind. But like always, lets get the rules out of the way!

I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, so:

- I am 18 years old, so please, nobody younger than 16, I won’t quiz your age, but it makes me uncomfortable to rp with those much younger in years!

- No one liners! It kills my flow immediately!

- I am a semi-advanced writer, usually able to produce round 600 word replies, but I don’t expect that much from you, try your best to match my length, and I’ll do the same! Quality over quantity,

- I don’t mind the odd mistake here and there, (I am extremely prone to the rogue thumb slip myself) I won’t hound you, so long as your replies are legible I’m golden!

- As per site rules, absolutely no NSFW,

- (Hate to put this out there but I have had quite nasty experiences with this) I have medically diagnosed anxiety and depression, and can sometimes forget or neglect replying due to this, or I can merely forget! Please poke me Nicely If you’re waiting on a reply, I’m only human ^^

- As for reply time, I literally have no problem with you taking your time, I won’t poke, so don’t worry if you want to drop as well! But understand that (outside of quarantine) I have two jobs, so my reply time can vary from time to time, I’ll try and let you know, on average I aspire to reply at least once every day for now, but usually it’d be at minimum a reply once every two or three days.

- I am ghost friendly, but i am also capable of ghosting. I try not to but it’s hard, my social anxiety makes it hard to confess when i’m uninterested.

- I can rp on site or over discord or docs! Just let me know what you prefer!

This is just about how I prefer to write, and other things I feel I should mention!

- I am most experienced with M/F pairings, and most likely would like to play M/F on my end, however, that doesn’t mean you are restricted to that! I’m open to any and all pairings!!

- Doubling is fun and i’m always down! But I am just happy to throw in a bunch of characters and see what sticks!

- I can use both realistic or art faceclaims, but let me know if you have a preference!

- On the topic of face claims, if you have any you would like me to use, let me know! I don’t often do this on my end, but I can from time to time.
- I prefer to write in third person, since they are characters, and not myself! I find first person a little odd, sorry!

- I love love love OOC! It doubles the fun, and I adore making stupid memes, crappy art and fan girl over our ocs! Bring me your children and let me love them!!!!!

- That being said, I would like you to show just as much interest in my ocs as i do yours!! Hard to explain but I know people understand this feeling! So let’s be nice!!

- If I make art of your character, please please ask for permission before you use it for anything outside of ooc! I’ve had people use my drawings for bios, and some even trace them!! Let me know! I don’t charge, I’ll say yes 99% of the time, I just would like credit!! ^^

- I am capable of delving into darker subjects, (as per site rules) but I’m also into silly, fluffy, dumb stuff just as much; the duality of man

- Stories don’t have to take place concurrently, so we can always separate the times, universes, etc!

- I prefer a sloooooooow burn romance, and thus most of my rps are set to be long term, it doesn’t have to be the same on your end, but I love to see my characters either develop or establish their friendship, go through the feels, then develop their relationship too!!

a little bit cheeky of me but to let me know you’ve read these things, answer: ‘what’s your favourite movie‘ in pms!

Okay so now for the fun part! Pairings and ideas!

★ : Craving
㊀ : Not interested atm
♫ : I have an idea for this!
<3 : I have a character for

Down and out ★ ♫ <3
[ A modern drama style role play, quite slice of life and character driven, plots focus around the characters ]
A once promising young student now finds herself stuck in a seemingly bottomless void, meandering through classes and barely scraping by, she simply just doesn’t care for her studies, her social life, her anything really. This attitude leads to a confrontation with her professor about her lazy attitude, though she treats this as a simple slap on the wrist. He didn’t understand, of course he didn’t, he had his life together, a job, probably a partner, tons of friends who he probably played poker or something with, god, how could someone who had everything together understand someone who was just strewn like that?
Except this particular professor didn’t really have anything together at all. Meandering too, outside of his job he really didn’t have anything either, and if you was to ask him if he had a grip on life at all? He’d laugh in your damn face.
This is essentially a story about two unlikely people finding common ground, and building a friendship from there. This has potential to be expanded on with many characters and can be explored in many different ways!

(more to be added soon)​

The Aulthaus invitation. ♫<3
[ A historical horror and mystery rp inspired by the likes of the witches house and mad father, for anyone who remembers those lol ]
Set around the mid to late 1800s in a small yet quiet suburb just outside of London. This area is notably upper class, being home to three major houses, the Edmunds house, the Knightsbridge house, and the Althaus house. Whilst all three are major players in the wealthier class, the Aulthaus family had been rather recluse for quite a while. This was until a bold and extremely unexpected invitation was extended to 13 major houses in the UK for a dinner party celebration.
Hearing about this, a young thief decides to slip in, posing as a guest himself. Things immediately seem off upon arrival, the house is dim and dusty, the interior seems to be decaying almost, things just aren’t right.
The thief breaks off from the group, slipping down corridors that also have this decayed and peeling away. Strangely, all doors seem to be locked, and after a while of walking, it feels as though he’s been going in circles, he finally comes across one room that happens to be unlocked. In there he discovers a young girl, sitting away and hiding. The meeting is brief and blurred, as before long a body with just a torso, no lower legs comes crawling from the fireplace.
I mostly have direction for the plot in this, so not much needs to come from your end, but there is potential for other guests to team up with the two, and feel free to suggest and bring in disgustingly frightening horrors for them to escape!

Astral Heroines
[ A magical girl theme which I would like to push into the darker side, with actual stakes and conflict, all of that jazz, but still some quieter moments too. Their powers would be based off of the Astrology signs ]
Since ancient times, the ancient legend of the Astral Heroines has been passed down through many civilisations in space. They were said to be a group of twelve fierce deity women who used their unique powers to protect the universe and their Queen, Andromeda, from harm. However, a terrible tragedy occurred that caused the fall of their home planet, and the civilisation (known as the Stelnatus) including the twelve heroines and their divine Queen.
Some believe the story is a complete myth, a fabrication of time told at the bedside of children, others buy into the myth, though only a few have encouraged the belief that spirits of the heroines will be reborn.
This is set on earth, though the location can be tweaked anywhere in the world, no main character or heroine, all have strengths and weaknesses, feel free to design your own inspired character, and get creative with their abilities!
Popular + Social Delinquent
Teacher/Professor + Student ♫
Underachiever + Underachiever
Lawyer + Client
Defence Lawyer + Prosecution Lawyer
Veteran + Volunteer
Professor + Nursery teacher
Club singer + Patron
Teacher + Teacher
Nun + Ex convict
Intern + Boss
Addict + Stripper

(more to be added soon!)​
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