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Realistic or Modern Dueling Kingdoms and Arranged Marriage

Jess Buck

For centuries, the Scela Kingdom and the Forella Kingdom have been at odds. Wars upon wars upon wars have been fought between these nations. The most recent kings and queens of these lands have made an agreement. They decided, that once their children were of age, they would get married, unifying these kingdoms into one, thus ending the conflict. The plan was set and when Scela had a baby girl and Forella had a baby boy, they were betrothed. The only problem in this plan was that once the children had grown up, they hated each other. Not only that, but both of them are gay. Of course they haven't come out because they would be practically burned at the stake, but all the same the Prince and Princess have fallen in love with other people and do not wish to be married. What will happen between the Prince and the Princess? And what about their lovers? Will the kingdoms be unified or will they fall into war once again?

So I know this is more fantasy than modern HOWEVER, I've tried putting this interest check in the fantasy genre and there is always at least one person who wants to make cat people or dragon people and that's just not what I'm here for. I also put up an interest check for this a couple weeks ago and I got a good amount of players but I got busy at work and some players disappeared. Either way, we need some more people. This is a casual roleplay. I'm not looking for you to write a novel with every post, but a well thought out character and a sense of humor would be greatly appreciated. There are a lot of character sheets in the character thread but don't worry about those. Just worry about what roles are available.

Realistic/Modern - Arranged Marriage (Characters)
Realistic/Modern - Arranged Marriage (OOC)
Realistic/Modern - Arranged Marriage (Lore/RP Info)

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me to me: hoe you stress me out
This seems interesting, if it’s available I’d prefer a prince role but I also have an idea for a noble son of a scholar or royal advisor.

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