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Fandom Dragon Age RP?

Rusty of Shackleford

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Hello everyone! So I recently got into Dragon Age, and I'm really craving it at the moment! I own all of the games (though none of the DLC,) and have beaten Origins and Inquisition. The plot I'm looking for is very particular. I'm looking for someone to play as Leliana, a female Cousland, and Josephine (later on.) Basically, it would be an AU where the Cousland Warden is not the only one recruited. Instead, they have a twin brother, my character, who was taken away at a young age due to being a mage. He is recruited by Duncan as well, and the two siblings reunite at Ostagar. Then we follow the story of the game, with my Warden romancing Leliana. I'm willing to play Alistair, and maybe Zevran (not sure about Zev, though. Not very familiar with him.) Then we would keep on after Origins, with our characters getting involved with the Inquisition, hence why I would like you to play Josephine, as I will be the Inquistor romancing her. But yeah! I do only do MxF, so keep that in mind. Post here or PM me if interested!
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