Other do you ever get mistaken for another age?


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Honestly, I really do get mistaken for a teenager a lot online because of my personality. I'm 26 years old, but I'm pretty bubbly and kiddish for my age, I definitely act like I'm still around 17-21 years old. I've actually been accused for not being an actual adult on a different roleplay site by a staff member and had to show proof that I am an adult, and they kept apologizing after I showed proof, it was kinda funny XD


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When I was 12, I got hyperthyroidism. I had a full blown beard by age 13 and I was already tall. By 14 I was 6ft+ with a beard. I regularly bought the beers for my buds. No store owner ever asked me for an ID. I also got to make fun of the chads with their flimsy teen boy moustaches. Yeah those 3 hairs on your upper lip look real dandy, Kyle.

Nowadays people are pretty much somewhat accurate.


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Ahh, a lot!

1. Online, in text chat, a lot of the time people assume I'm older! Apparently all you have to do to trick people into thinking you're an adult is to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, lol.
2. When talking (I am an epic console gamer, haha), my voice pitch goes up so I often get mistaken for a 13-y/o boy ;u;
3. In person? Oh boy. That varies. Some people think I'm an adult, and others? Well, one lady thought I was in elementary school. I'm a junior in high school. Sad.


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Online, not really. If I get mistaken for another age, people mostly think I'm older.
In real life?
Eh. Everything from 16 to 20, but rarely ever 23.
But hey, if I still have a younger face in my 50s, like my mother who's regularly mistaken for being in her mid 40s, I don't mind! XD


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All the time bros.
I'm 19 and I get mistaken as a 13 or 13yo boy, bros.
Your homie Dante is forced to ask their parents to buy them cigarettes lol

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I've been told that I act kinda childish sometimes because I'm pretty over energetic and get amused easily. I'm also short. Someone's mistooken me for being 16 before. I'm 24. TmT

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I'm 22. I'm also a skinny 5'7 guy with a baby face and a developmental disorder. People who know me from jobs/shows know I'm an adult, but strangers regularly assume I'm in the somewhere in the 14-17 range.

For examples...
When I went to get my first COVID vaccine, I handed in my registration forms and the woman said "oh, I have some extra questions for you because you're under 18..."
At no point did I indicate verbally or in my forms that I was a minor. And she didn't even ask "are you under 18?" She was literally so confident I was a child that she didn't even think it was a question. I'm not offended; it was actually pretty funny. Just a little confusing.

Because I have ASD, I go through a lot of my day looking anxious/distracted even if I'm not. Several times when I've been out alone at a store or in public, people have come up to me and asked "Are you lost?" with the little knee-bend thing people do when talking to children. That one is more offensive.

On that note, there's also the problem of people treating me like a child even if they know how old I am. That's actually a pretty standard disabled person experience, regardless of what you have or what you can do. People assume that you're immature and can't do things by yourself. It's very frustrating. If I need help, I will ask for help-- don't assume.


Typically, people tend to believe that I'm somewhere in my mid-to-late twenties for whatever reason. Despite my short stature and having an, ahem, young looking face, I always had people thinking I was old as hell even in high school. There were many times when I had random kids ask me to buy them cigarettes or beer, and I'd just have to be like 'dude I'm literally the same age as you??' I suppose it's because I had to get very mature very fast at a younger age, so I had the outward demeanor of an adult from an early time. I distinctly recall a few years ago having my friends be baffled that I wasn't some well-established 25 year old.

It's not really a great thing, though. It's unfortunate to not be able to connect with people your age, but also still be too young to connect with people who are older than you. At 19, I feel like a cranky old woman trapped in a college kid's body. By my thirties, I fully expect to become the embodiment of the one really bitter lady at the retirement home.


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I’ve had this weird thing where people think I’m in a constant state of being in my mid 20’s. Ever since I was 17, people thought I looked 25 or sometimes 20 and this was whenver I was out of school. I remember vividly I was with my dad eating out and he ordered a beer, the waiter brought back two

Doesn’t help that I’m a big guy. I’m like 239 lbs and 5’10 so I guess that kinda gives off the vibe of man in his mid 20’s. Doesn’t help that my mom is 50 and looks and sounds 20 years younger. Is2g I was 13 years old at the time and someone thought my mom was my gf I was so flabbergasted

Omg also when I’m online and stuff people thought I sounded like I was in my mid 20’s. SOmeone even told me I sounded like a middle aged english teacher and I was so confused
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I always get mistaken for being a teenager... I'm literally in my late 20s. Someone once harassed me about whether or not my family owned a store because I looked too young to work there. I don't look young... I'm just short, fat, and chubby in the face pls let me work in peace. :ghostxx:


Years ago, I was at the grocery store. I don't remember the specifics since it was 20 years ago. Anyhow, it was mentioned that I had just graduated. The clerk though high school until it was clarified that it was college.


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All the time. Shitty genes I guess. I always get asked if I'm married or have a kid.
No to the first one,
god I hope not to the second one.


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for reference i’m 16

went to the same restaurant twice. once i got offered a kids menu (12 and under) and once they asked if i wanted to sit at the bar (21+ in US). so to answer your question: yes i do get mistaken for a different age. frequently.

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Aight so I'm 20. But if I grow my beard out, people think I'm older. Meanwhile if I shave, suddenly that age boost I get is entirely overshadowed by my voice and people think I'm like, 16.


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When I was 18, going on 19, a friend introduced me to one of their friends. The day was pretty cool, and I get home and receive a message from my original friends, saying that the person thought it was weird we hang around with a 13 year old. The new person thought I was 13... While I was 18... GODDAMNIT!


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I would always get mistaken for 16 or 18 due to my height 😅.

When I was in school, a lot of teachers couldn’t believe I was around my 20’s and assume I was 18 the whole time until someone asked how old am I 😂.

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I'm in my mid-twenties and I have a beautiful young face when I shave. Whenever I go to buy enegry drinks they always try to ID me to prove my age (you need to be 16 to buy an energy drink where I live) and honestly I'm dreading the day they stop IDing me for them.


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All throughout high school people thought I was a senior... until I was a senior, then I got mistaken for a freshman. How does that even happen?


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in fifth grade, i was always mistaken for being older because i was taller than most of the students in my class. i had a growth spurt quicker and faster than my peers. however, freshman year of high school rolls around and i find out i'm not the tallest in my class. i 'thought' i was average height compared to the girls in my class, but junior year rolls around and everyone is either my height ( five feet, one inch ) or taller than me.

i've gotten so used to being considered "tall' one that i refuse to believe i'm the short. hmpf.
now that i'm in my mid-twenties, i get mistaken for being in my teens.
my relatives and co-workers refuse to believe that i'm older than eighteen. ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ

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