Other do you ever get mistaken for another age?


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Online? Almost never. In real life/physically/in person? Constantly, people keep thinking I am somewhere between 18 and 22, when I am in fact, 27, almost 28, years old. Good genes I guess, so I'll take the compliment :closed eyes open smile:


I can't count the times! It's really funny because people assume that I'm younger. I guess, it's in just the way I dress and talk. I don't mind it though. The only time it's ever bothered me is when people don't trust me even after I showed my ID. Like bruhh, what you want from me?


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Everyone assumes I'm just a mature 14 year old. I'm a senior in highschool who just doesn't know how to dress all the time. x-x

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Actually, the funny thing is that nobody has just been able to guess my age just like that, so they just don't try

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Well, me and my sister. People constantly used to ask us when we were young if we were twins, even though she was a year younger.


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it's simple! have people ever assumed you were younger or older than you really are?
feel free to share any stories! ^^
All the time lol. I am 19 but very short for my age. Once a woman assumed I was 12. Some think I am 15. I've had some classmates in university think I was some kind of child prodigy for attending uni classes. This made me feel proud tbh but I had to explain to them that I was actually older than them. yikes.

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Well, me and my sister. People constantly used to ask us when we were young if we were twins, even though she was a year younger.
Well that's not necessarily the point of it, but I guess it counts
Well then, I guess I'll add that to my statement as well, because my sister is two years older than me, but apparently we look alike or something because when we were not in this covid thing, people would ask us if we were twins quite a bit

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when i was younger, everyone always assumed i was older than i was. up until about middle school, i was considered tall for my age (i just hit my growth spurt earlier than most), and i was in advanced classes where most of the kids were a year or two older than me. i remember one time when i was in 7th grade (12 years old) and a few teachers thought i was a senior (17-18 years old), and that wasn't as uncommon occurrence

but now, people always assume i'm younger than i actually am. i'm actually pretty short (5'3), and my voice still sounds like a 12 year old (ノ ∀ \* ) just a couple weeks ago, my doctor's assistant asked me if my mom was present to answer some questions for my file, because she thought i was a minor


the only time it happens is when I was a kid and old creepy men hit on me lmao. usually people think I'm younger than I actually am (it's the baby face)


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Depends I suppose...

I don't get ID checked at bars ever, but I often get people thinking I'm straight out of high school. It's a little embarrassing.

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In grade 4, I was the oldest in my class since I was almost seven at the time, except people kept thinking I was a grade 2 cause of my hieght.


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All. The. Time. I'm 31, a fully grown human female, but due to my height (or lack there of) and my genetics, I am constantly being called a teenager. The look on the store clerk's face when I pull out my ID is almost worth the irritation.


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It was my 21st birthday and I met some friends at a restaurant they recommended. I had never been there as I was just passing through and they were kind enough to take me out to dinner on my birthday. Well the hostess asks me if I would like the children's menu...apparently I looked like I was 12 not 21 to this lovely lady. I said thank you but today is my 21st birthday and I think that disqualifies me from the children's menu but thank you so much for the compliment. We all had a good laugh about it. Apparently I still don't look like I'm 30 so I guess I'll take younger looking not much I can do about how other's see me...at least I hope I'm not acting that immature who knows.

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yay story time!
Ok so I'm a teacher and am currently 23. When I was doing my student teaching (I was like 20 I think when I did my first one) I was waiting out side the band room for the band director and his class came. This is a middle school, and I believe that was the 6th grade class. They saw me and instantly surrounded me and started welcoming me and it was so sweet. And then one of them asked "So what grade are you in?" and then I realized they thought I was a student!

and this went on for all 2 years I did this. I would get to the school and they would look at me and ask "So why are you checking in? What's your home room?" lol so some how I pass for a middle schooler.


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All the time. Going to the liquor store is hell, I always have the staff breathing down my neck. Like CHILL I am 22 years old.


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All the time. Going to the liquor store is hell, I always have the staff breathing down my neck. Like CHILL I am 22 years old.

SAME. I have to triple check that my ID is in my pocket so I don't have to stand there looking for it cause I always get carded. It makes me so anxious


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Oh yeah. I don't look or sound my age, so everybody usually thinks I'm 14-16 depending on how I'm dressed and who I'm with. Interestingly enough, though, the only time I've ordered a beer while out to eat, I didn't get questioned about it by our server.


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I'd always looked slightly older than I actually am; when I was in middle school, one guy asked me if I was held back a couple of years. I almost never had to show my ID when purchasing adult goods.


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All the time! I've mentioned going out to drinks in conversation and people question it - they think I'm 16-17ish....I'm almost 24. I guess we all look about the same from 17-26. When I wear makeup, I'm almost never mistaken for younger, though.


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Yea, I have and in fact all the time. I am 19 years old and I am 5'0" in height. One time a waitress thought I was 8 years old and gave me a kids menu. But most of the time, people think I am 12. A cashier asked me for my ID when I was trying to purchase a horror movie on DVD once.


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There was this one time a relative of mine I hadn't seen before thought I was in my mid-twenties, when I was nearing 18. Though, to be fair, I was a tad bit scruffy then because I hadn't shaved in about two weeks, and I am taller than average for males in my country.

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