Other do you ever get mistaken for another age?


oh? are you approaching me?
it's simple! have people ever assumed you were younger or older than you really are?
feel free to share any stories! ^^

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lol so so many times. i'm 21 years old, but i get mistaken for a teenager constantly because i'm short and have a baby face. a few examples:

before quarantine, back when school was still goin here, my little sister broke her wrist. i'm her primary contact at school since my parents work all day. i took her to school early one morning to make arrangements with her teachers for her notes and assignments since her dominant hand was in a cast. when i talked to the secretary at the desk, she said "and who are you? one of her friends? make sure you both get to class on time." like πŸ™ƒ ma'am i am a grown ass adult

i turned 21 back in july which means i can buy alcohol now. both times i've bought liquor at walmart, they triple checked my ID. a lady even accosted me, thinking i was a teenager with a fake ID scoring booze. it was ridiculous


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Yeah. Definitely. I'm 19 but I get confused as being 13 or whatever. It's gotten to the point where the fam and I make a game of it where we'll ask someone how old they think I am lol. The youngest guess I've gotten is 12. I have a rather young face and I'm short too so you can see why.

I once had a middle school bus driver last year yell out of her window asking if I was waiting for the school bus. I was waiting for the public bus to go to my college campus at the time lmfao.


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Usually people think I'm younger.
There was a store where I bought food and stuff and got alcohol sometimes. Until I became a regular and cashiers remembered me they checked my ID every time. Lol

Which is funny because I don't look like a child at all. But so far no one who saw me could guess my age right, always assumed I'm younger.


well, let's see... i'm 27 years old, five foot tall, very small build, have short hair, and am extremely hyperactive... yes, people think that i am still a teenager and i have to hear about it all. the. time.

i don't drink, so any funny stories regarding me getting carded are practically obsolete.

my favorite age-related story is this:
when i first started working my current job (around may of last year), everyone automatically assumed that i was a Baby, and that i was likely somewhere between the age of 18-20 (at most). my direct supervisor, without asking my age, thought that he was older than me and kept bragging that he was now the third oldest of the younger gen on our line (at the time, another guy was 21, the supervisor was 23, and there was a 26 y.o. and a 28 y.o. as well-- everyone else was 40+). someone interrupted him to tell him that he actually wasn't, and that i was also older than Kris (the other 26 y.o., whom i was older than by eight days-- he is at least a foot taller than me, very buff, super masculine manly-man), therefore making me the 2nd oldest of the younger gen.
needless to say, the supervisor was crushed and i've never let him live it down.
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I have dark hair, I like having a beard and a combination of sleeping habits and my general face makes me look really somber, which led a lot of people to take to be older than I really am. One example I love recounting of this was one time when I let my beard grow longer because I was on a week-long vacation with my family. As we got through the metal detector in the airport and I was picking up my stuff, a guard approached me and poked me in the shoulder. I turned to him, he points at my brother (who's 3 years younger than me) and asked:

"Is that your son?"


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online, people used to always think I was older because of the way I communicate through text. IRL, people always think I'm younger.


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Ya. I'm 5'3" and baby faced as well. I started a new job on my 21st birthday and despite it being like, starting at 9 or 10am and going on throughout the day, some of my coworkers thought I was in highshcool?? When I was ~18 someone thought I was 14. Wild.


When I was young, people always used to think I was older than I was. I was the designated under-age alcohol buying person for all my friends. When I was 19 I had a guy guess my age as 25 and when I said he was six years out he was like "you're 31??!!"

Strangely when I got older people started to think I was a lot younger. So I had a woman at a bus stop ask me if I was "on my way to school" in a patronising voice when I was over 30. (And we don't call college/university "school" here either, she meant literal school.) And also I have been IDed for alcohol when over 30 as well (legal drinking age is 18, go figure). Also had a lot of people assume I was younger than them when I was much older than them.

At the moment I think I probably look my age as my crappy health has taken a toll on my appearance. But age is such a weird thing. I found out a friend of mine was 55 when I thought she was around 40. Unless people dress/act stereotypically by their age, like oop I'm approaching 35 bring out the twin-set and pearls and put away the jeans and t-shirts, it's really really hard to tell.


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People have always assumed I'm older than I actually am, because of my general maturity, as well as above-average intelligence and wisdom far beyond my years. (Not boasting, people have actually said this so many times I accept it as fact.)

One time in particular I remember, I was in the car with my dad going on-base (we lived on a military base) and the officer working the barrier asked how old I was. He non-jokingly guessed high school (I believe he said 16). I was 12.

People are always surprised when I tell them my actual age, it's always younger than they expected lol. All my friends are a year or so older than me but I also started school a bit early so eh makes sense ig


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Yes, all the time. They assume I'm 16 or 17, somewhere around there. I'm 29.

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Online people generally guess pretty close, I'm 23.

Irl, I'm 5 foot nothing, babyfaced and don't buy alcohol anymore bc nobody thinks my ID is REAL and it's a hassle.


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I am often mistaken for older than I am due to my maturity!
I also look and act older than 20, so that does not help lol


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definitely! my shorter stature is a contributor for sure. there was one time when my younger brother got mistaken as my older brother when i went to visit him in school. it was kinda cute 'cause all his friends were like, "i didn't know he had a younger sister!" *surprised pikachu face*

it's strange because among my friends, i'm the one that they consider the "responsible" one and "wise" one beyond my years. so i guess, i'm a little bit of a paradox. i look like a high schooler, but i give advice like an old sage. lol.


When I was a senior in high school, someone asked if I went to the middle school or the junior high.

On my eighteenth birthday, someone told me they thought I was twelve.

So, to answer your question: Yes, yes I do.

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Yes, people often think that I am older than I actually am. I mean, I don't blame them, I do look older for my age regarding that I am 5'5.


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In 15 days I turn 16.

People have mistaken me for as young as 11

Honestly this I can see. I work with jr./elementry and honestly I can't tell how old most kids are. I'm like "really you're in gr 9?" like some kids look like they're older and others look so young, it's hard to tell so like that difference doesn't surprise me . . . I thought one kid was in gr.2/3 and he was in gr.6 so like . . . I dunno bruh easy mistake! XD


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Honestly this I can see. I work with jr./elementry and honestly I can't tell how old most kids are. I'm like "really you're in gr 9?" like some kids look like they're older and others look so young, it's hard to tell so like that difference doesn't surprise me . . . I thought one kid was in gr.2/3 and he was in gr.6 so like . . . I dunno bruh easy mistake! XD
I wouldn't have minded but I've gone through puberty. I got the assets. I don't look 11 but people go 'short? that's a child'

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A few things to know beforehand:

β€’ I have two older sisters (9 & 11 years my senior)
β€’ I usually have facial hair and rarely have gone clean shaven. (I look like a 12 year old I’m told when I do) also keep hoping my sides would grow in better and get that real beard going.

Anyways, I often am mistaken for being the older brother of my two sisters despite being a fair bit younger and some of these people having worked with both myself and my oldest sister long enough to know. So I’ve learned at 28 (actually when I was younger) I still either look like I’m in my late thirties/early forties or a kid pending on whether I’ve shaved or not to some folks I’ve met in previous years.

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