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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // RP Thread


Cassidy "Cas" Wickham || 16 || Initiate || Erudite Transfer

Cassidy was filled with a lot more courage and strength after taking her lull, and the plan she had begun to formulate in her mind was looking greater and greater as she walked, almost skipping to the dorms. Her body felt light as air, her head felt fuzzy and warm and yet still had a crisp edge around everything. Her body tingled like it had been dipped in pop-rocks, but at the same time it wasn't yet painful, although it was very annoying. Her head was thankfully free of migraines, a necessary thing for the plan she had formulated for this evening. She began to hum as she walked to the dorm, eventually popping in her ear phones so that she could listen to some good rock music as she made her way quickly and efficiently. She wanted to prepare her own body for what was to happen, and she wanted to prepare stuff for Griffon as well. She was delighted to find that the Dorm was empty, it was that time of day, where nobody hung out in the dorm unless they were exhausted or very lonely, she continued rocking her head to the music as she walked in and towards her bed, eventually grabbing some clothes and slipping into them without worry of who was around. She decided to wear black jeggings with real pockets, a long sleeve black shirt with a black leather jacket over top. Inside the jacket she made sure to put medical supplies, only light and minimal ones like sanitizing wipes, tiny scissors, bandages and the sort. She also put her last pain meds in it, frustrated that she hadn't grabbed any more. You'll have to grab some after this ordeal, there's no time now. She thought to herself, checking the time again and nodding to herself, although it wasn't yet at the time where they would need to rush, it was slowly ticking by and she knew that soon enough they would need to rush, if Aya and Griffon weren't here soon. She lay down on the bed, having just slipped on her sleek black boots to match her outfit, and closed her eyes, breathing in through her nose and out through her mouth slowly, as if blowing out a candle. She counted the beats with her fingers on her thigh, 1, 2, 3, 4. As her body calmed down she got herself up, and ruffling through Griffon's stuff she laid him out a similar outfit on the bed. All black, warm, and flexible. She needed his body ready to run. She made sure to pop a little notebook in his pocket so that he could write anything down once it got back to him, or she could write stuff for him if she thought he was going to forget. Just as she'd finished laying it down and had just gotten onto the bed again, the doors opened and the familiar sound of people entered the room, not only the familiar sound of people, but specifically Griffon and Aya's charming voices gently bounced around the empty room. Cassidy wasted no time as she popped her head out with a wide smile. "Hi guys! You were quick! Hey Griff I put some clothes on the bed so we could be matching, we need to go though so it would be great if you could get dressed now." She said, walking over and gently squeezing his arm, before letting go as he walked over to grab the clothes and get dressed in the bathroom. As he left, Cas looked at Aya. "Well, I hope you had fun with him all day, seems like you two are really getting along. I expect an announcement at some point." She joked, although even as she joked she felt the tiniest of pains hit her heart, thinking of the fun she used to have flirting with Aya all the time. She could still do that, there was nothing and nobody stopping her, and Griffon wouldn't be mad, he never had been and never would be, but Cas couldn't do that to Griffon, not when he was so happy. He didn't even need to tell her, she could just see in his eyes that he was so happy. Aya was everything to him right now and Cas didn't want to take all of that away from him. She was certain that she was first in his mind, and had no worries about anyone else. She would give up a lot for Griffon and already had, but it was all because he had already done that so many times over for her, he couldn't remember but that didn't matter, she could.

Griffon was clearly uncomfortable as he made his way out of the bathroom in his attire. "Griffon you look so cool! We look adorable matching. Kind of matches with you two Aya, since you and I always wear black it isn't too hard though." She laughed for a moment as Griffon walked over and let her know that he was ready to go. "We will catch you later Aya, see you soon! If anyone asks where we are please just let them know we're on a date. We will have our phones on us!" She said as she waved goodbye to Aya and the two of them walked out of the dorms. The walk was simple, Cas was in a hurry so admittedly she was rushing Griffon on just a little bit. They didn't talk much for that portion of the trip, maybe they were nervous, or maybe they were excited? Griffon spoke up, wanting to clarify the reason for this date, and Cas quickly put a finger ot his lips. Fear trembled up her back for a moment and a shiver covered her body. What if someone was watching or listening for her parents? What if it was her parents? What if... She shook her head, it wasn't safe to talk here, much too risky, too many places for someone to be hiding, too many places for planted microphones. Cassidy walked off again with Griffon close behind her, she walked in front so that he wouldn't try to guess her facial expression, because she was sure that even she wasn't hiding her apprehension all too well. This visit was going to be terrifying. That's why she didn't want Griffon to actually meet the parents, she was scared they would kidnap him, or hurt him, or somehow turn him against her. That's why they had to use her ability, it was the only way for everyone to stay safe. Finally organized in her own mind, Cas began to keep an eye out for little secluded areas that were part of bigger more communal areas. Finally she found one as they were nearing one of the exits and Griffon would have kept going if Cas didn't grab his arm and tugged him in the direction she was in. That's when she got very serious, eyebrows lowering and eyes narrowing, she lifted her hands and began to sign very quickly. "What we are doing tonight is very dangerous, you need to be careful, and that's why I think we need to bodyswap." She signed, watching as Griffon took that suggestion and immediately freaked out, signing back that he wanted to meet his parents, not just see them. Immediately frustration bubbled up within Cas as her plan began to crumble away, and she rubbed the thigh of her jeggings with her thumb, deep in thought it took a few moments for her to figure it out. "Fine, we will swap bodies so you can meet them in my body. I'll watch over the whole thing in yours. Just.. .be careful okay? Don't let mum touch you, don't talk about yourself, or rather Griffon, and pretend to be me. If they think were are both down here they will tear Dauntless apart. Say that Griffon is dead.' She said, watching as Griffon nodded with every word she signed. Eventually Cas, after making sure he knew what was happening and making him sign it back to her, she pulled him close and nuzzled her body into his chest. Warmth flooded her body and she felt a sense of overwhelming peace. Griffon was here. She was here. Everything would, hopefully, be okay. Summoning the energy within her, as if she were about to scream, she felt her entire body tingle and burn, her mind began to feel lighter than air, and her stomach lurched in the spot, making her regret anything she might have eaten that day and hoping Griffon wasn't feeling the same. Grip tightening she finally rele4ased the pressure and felt her body rise up as if it were at the very top of her head, and then suddenly it whooshed down her neck and torso and out through her hands into Griffon's body. Process completed.


Immediate discomfort was evident to Griffon. It was so unusual that Griffon always found that he didn't really find it unpleasant for a while. Cassidy's body felt so good, it was stretched and warmed up from something, he could feel the muscles and joints were unusually active and warm, and he could feel the small amount of sweat she had built up. Arms still around Cas in Griffon's body, he felt an immense amount of pleasure as usual from the physical contact with his sister, even if she was in his body. He could not describe it as missing something, as he couldn't tell what it was like unless he was swapped with Cassidy, and that was happening less frequently now than it ever used to. Finally though the two separated and took a look at each other. Griffon felt like it was looking almost like into a mirror when you looked back at your old body. It was alive and Cas always enjoyed using his body, the size and comfort difference was phenomenal. "Where do I go? What do I do?" He asked, and watched as Cas explained everything to him quietly, no longer using sign language due to needing to go over to the other side. He listened as Cas explained, remembering how strange it was to hear your own voice come out of a different human being, and how strength everyone else wasn't sure who was here at the time. As Cas spoke quickly and effiiently, he remembered the perk of using Cassidy's body. The ability to retain memories, at least until he was back in his. This would be ideal for what was going to happen tonight. He understood Cas even if he didn't know everything. She wanted him to say Griffon was dead because then they wouldn't look for Griffon and he would be safe. He wasn't offended that Cas believed she was more capable than he. He couldn't imagine that to be wrong, she was the most capable person he knew, and family doesn't split. As they walked Griffon had to get used to Cassidy's legs again, walking with a slight wobble as the smaller and lighter limbs and body made him clumsier than usual. It didn't take long for them to reach the end of Dauntless and Cassidy disappeared in moments. Griffon wasn't even sure when and how, as he swung Cassidy's head around, dark hair waving over his eyes foreignly and heart rate feeling different, faster, more severe feeling. He couldn't even feel his own heart beat when he was in his body. He recalled Cassidy saying she was going to watch, but he had wished she would say goodbye. He was getting nervous, and he wasn't sure what the parents were going to be like at all. They could be evil, they could be kind, they could be different than either he or Cas remembers, although he didn't remember anything, and they could be some mix of eve4rything. Griffon continued walking, obediently keeping an eye out around for any people or birds. He didn't actually end up seeing the bird until his foot sagged slightly into the body of a dead pigeon. A little bit of disgust and sadness moved him, and he resisted the urge to pick the body up and move it away. This was the sign Cassidy had said and he needed to follow the sign. She said to stay here.

Griffon stayed, it felt like an hour as he stood there, whereas Cassidy could have told him that it was actually only ten minutes. But out of the darkness two figures appeared as if they'd been there the whole time, and Griffon's mind began to hammer as strong as Cassidy's heart was against her chest right now. Dark brown eyes widened and nimble, sweaty fingers began to grip the jacket's hems. A tall, dark spanish man appeared with a more pale, dark haired female next to him. Griffon was taken aback as he realized the simulation he'd had was right, the woman he'd seen in that sim was his mother. Excitement bubbled up within at the idea that some of his memories were returning and somehow he was actually meeting his parents. A nervous smile planted itself on Cassidy's face, and Griffon swallowed hard through the nerves. He could feel sweat roll down his brow and he wiped it off with an almost surprised look, having forgotten normal bodies sweat so much. "Hi..." He said, listening as Cassidy's voice rang out clearly in the night, and his ears heard it perfectly. He hoped Cas could see him from where she was. The man and woman looked at him. "Cassandra?" They said, surprise just as evident in their voices.
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Griffon & Cas Nerdy. Nerdy. Shay Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1

Aya was simply enjoying herself; it was almost like Christmas Day when spending time with Griffon. His memory often left him not remembering a single thing which was unfortunate though it seemed to be improving lately. However it left some things grand in his mind like trying the coke and burger seeing his reaction brought such a warmth in her she had to cover her face for a moment. She could feel herself blushing lightly mainly due to the pure happiness she felt spending time with Griffon. A cinnamon like taste that was an interesting way to put it yes he was right now that she thought about the way coke tasted. “Though yes the correct word for the well way a coke tastes or how it bubbles in your mouth would be fizzy! It’s certainly an interesting drink, don't you think.”she said, since many drinks don't have a fizzy effect. Aya then went back to her own meal having opted for a grilled chicken salad with french fries on the side. She sat there enjoying her meal while watching Griffon a warm smile on her face then her smile widened. “I’m glad you enjoyed your meal. Of course we can do this more often. We can do it with just ourselves or next time even invite Cas and Fable.”she said knowing how much Griffon cared for his sisters. Then as if she had been manifesting Cas it seemed Griffons phone was ringing. He pulled it out looking at it before quickly showing it was Cas calling him his soft tone of asking if it was okay to answer had her nodding quickly.”Of course.”she said. However it didn’t take long for Cas to be put on speaker and the first words out of her mouth had them both blushing. She was glad her long black hair could cover her face at times as she hid behind it for a moment letting her face cool down from this being called a date. Aya soon looked curious though as Cas brought up a point about Griffon having made plans with her and she hoped he hadn’t forgotten. “It’s okay Griffon sometimes things slip the mind easily.”she said and heard Cas confirm as well. Even Aya and Cas forgot about plans, sometimes needing reminding it must be harder for Griffon who had actual memory issues. Soon Cas hung up with the promise of them making it to her soon. “No problem, I'm glad you enjoyed all the places! I enjoyed them as well and yes we should do it again sometime.”she said with a smile. She thought about it then nodded, needing to head back to the dorms anyways.”Of course!”she said about going with him.

The two of them finished their meals rather quickly thankfully they had already been eating a bit before Cas called so they didn’t have to eat that much faster. It was nice just walking alongside him with their conversation of different art supplies, how the weather would soon be turning different and a few other random things that simply filled the time as they walked. Their pace fast but not enough to bother either of them so they soon found themselves back at the dorms when they couldn’t see Cas outside they headed in seeing her. “You two be careful okay it’s getting dark out also Shush.”she said to Cas as Griffon went to get dressed and she mentioned about waiting for an announcement . When Cas teased her about them always being careful she gave her friend a look then they both ended up laughing. Soon Griffon returned wearing a style of clothes he didn’t often wear but he still looked good. “Have fun!”she said to him as he followed Cas out of the dorm. Once he was gone she headed over to her bed placing her belongings into the space meant for her. She remembered suddenly where she had left a pack of her favorite colored charcoal. In the training room grabbing just her phone she headed back to the facility figuring she could grab them then head back to the dorms. Though thoughts of Shay suddenly filled her mind wondering if the other raven haired woman was doing ok. She had been extremely pale this morning not to mention how she had passed out previously the day before. The thoughts filled her mind until she pulled her phone out deciding to call her. It wouldn't hurt to check on her. However she stopped in her tracks hearing a phone ring and lowered her own phone from her ear while listening. The sound seemed to be coming from the bathroom so she headed that way before carefully opening the door.”Shay?”she called inside wondering if she was really in there.
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Ghost // Male // Age 18 // Officially Unemployed // Erudite to Dauntless

As Ghost tracked Cassidy out of the climbing gym and through the compound, he warred with his conscience. Cassidy strode past the Pit and its mouth-watering aromas of fried-to-a-crisp chicken and fresh-caught shrimp piled high with grits. Then past the Chasm, the bottom of which was obscured by rainbow-speckled clouds of mist, the water’s thrum reverberating up cavernous walls of stone. Ghost recognized the route they were taking; Cassidy was heading back to the initiate barracks. He knew he had no business poking his head in there. He had followed her under the assumption that Cassidy was sneaking away to get high, but now it was clear that her social battery had been drained and she just wanted to be alone. Unless she had plans to smoke with whoever else was inhabiting the barracks at the time, which wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. But then her drug habits were arguably less worrisome if it was a social thing.
Feeling guilty for suspecting her of substance abuse and feeling dirty for invading her privacy, Ghost was just about to turn around and head back to the gym when Cassidy pressed her phone to her ear. He heard the bubbly exclamation of her greeting someone close to her. Ghost frowned. Damn, had Cassidy ditched Bloom and him to go on a date? As she spoke, her voice audible to Ghost but not her individual words, Cassidy’s posture shifted. She stood up a little straighter, walked a little faster. It was clear that she was walking with purpose to some destination. Ghost drew to a stop, conflicted. If he continued following her, it really was spying for selfish ends. Cassidy swung around a corner and out of sight. Urgency sizzled through Ghost. Well hell, I’m already in balls deep now, he sighed in convenient resignation. His mind was made. He wanted to see who Cassidy’s date was, assuming that she was heading directly to a rendezvous with whomever she was speaking to. Ghost hadn’t paid Cassidy much attention throughout initiation before today, so there was no reason that she should prioritize spending time with him, but he still wanted to know whom he’d been passed up for.
If I were her and I knew you were following me, I wouldn’t wanna spend time with your skank ass either, Ghost thought, his critical internal monologue. He took the next corner quickly, apprehensive that Cassidy might have gotten away from him in his moments of indecision. And slammed on the brakes when he saw that she was standing just several arm’s lengths ahead, fumbling with a water bottle. Having neared dangerously close, Ghost made to retreat around the corner—just as Cassidy pulled out a plastic baggie filled with glittering silver powder. Pinching the edges together to create a narrow chute, she dumped the baggie’s entire contents into the water bottle, so that a gurgle of dusty water spilled out of the top.
Ghost’s heart felt like a wasp under a shot glass. He ducked back around the corner, his breath coming in erratic gasps as he pressed his back against the wall. Holy shit, Cassidy wasn’t just getting high on weed. She was tripping out on lull or a similar high-caliber drug. I knew it, Ghost thought shakily, dearly wishing for Cassidy’s sake that it wasn’t true. She’s a junkie too. The addition of that little “too” nudged a dangerous thought into Ghost’s mind. He hadn’t taken a hit of lull since this morning, just after he’d woken, and it hadn’t been as big a hit as he was used to, because his stash was getting low. He’d have to make a point to acquire a new supply tonight. As he waited for Cassidy’s footsteps to resume down the hall, he sent a quick text to Bee, his new plug after Amadine had gotten nabbed last month. Hey sweet B, can ya boi get some takeout tonight? Same spot as usual. Prayer hands emoji. Excellent.
No voices greeted Cassidy upon her arrival to the barracks. Ghost frowned. From the way she’d been hurrying here, she looked as if she were running late. It was possible that her date wasn’t until later in the day. But it was also possible that Cassidy had arrived before him or her. This thought occurred to Ghost just as two cheery voices, one male and one female, rang off the walls, crescendoing as their owners approached. He flung himself behind a tarnished bronze statue of the venerable first leader of Dauntless whose name Ghost couldn’t remember, a barrel-chested man with a face that had eroded into a lopsided lump. Hoping that the two newcomers would enter the barracks rather than walk past them and spot him, he held his breath, sneaking a glance around the statue only when he heard the whoosh! of the automatic barracks door slide open. Aya and Griffon.
Ghost remembered Cassidy letting Griffon’s name slip during her mindless babbling after her fear simulation, and then the guilty look that her face had immediately frozen into. He inwardly swore. He felt like a fool for not having guessed that Griffon was Cassidy’s mystery date. Aya too, Ghost thought, the jealousy that he might have felt toward just one suitor giving way to amusement. If Cassidy was a lull junkie, was she going to push lull on her friends, too? And if so, should Ghost intervene? He realized that reporting them would cause them even more trouble than they were about to get themselves in, so that wasn’t an option. What could he say to convince them that taking lull—unlike milder, less addictive hallucinogens—was legitimately dangerous? Especially when, unbeknownst to the initiates, Ghost knew from experience. Experiences that he engaged in every day. Just yesterday, he would have been obligated by the rules of his job to report Cassidy for witnessing what he had. Whether he actually would have or not was up in the air, but Ghost had no such obligation to ensure Cassidy’s safety now. Yet he wanted to, and he didn’t want to do it by involving anyone who might jeopardize her future in Dauntless.
He waited behind the time-crumbled statue of the Dauntless leader until Aya exited the barracks, strolling back the way she’d come. He waited until it was just Cassidy and Griffon alone in the barracks but not talking to each other, leaving Ghost’s mind to ponder what they were doing. He waited until his legs were cramped from crouching for so long, until his fingers twitched restlessly for a knife to twirl, a deck of cards to shuffle. For a joint to smoke.
Finally, just as Ghost was concluding that Cassidy had fallen into a drug-induced sleep—she’d taken a shit-ton and a half of lull if she had really drunk that whole bottle—she and Griffon emerged from the barracks. Cassidy had changed into sleek, featureless black attire that swathed her body in shadows, the darkness only broken by the blazing red of her eyes. Griffon wore matching clothes. Together, they resembled a pair of cat burglars, like they were trying so hard not to be noticed that they were doing a glaringly conspicuous job of it. Dread sank into Ghost’s stomach like a rock. Oh no, Cassidy. What are you about to get your stoned-shitless self into now? Please don’t tell me we’re robbing a bank, dressed as you are like Thief Number Three in a low-budget heist movie. Not trusting Griffon to supervise the girl he was probably hoping to get some from, Ghost put his head in his hands and breathed. Once, twice. Was he really doing this? What was he about to get himself into?
He waited until Cassidy and Griffon rounded the corner, their shoulders close enough to brush. Ghost had never seen Cassidy comfortable enough with anyone else to initiate physical contact before. Stepping on the throat of his irksome conscience telling him that he couldn’t unsee whatever he was about to see, Ghost stood and pursued the pair of initiates.

Griffon Cassidy || 18 17 || Initiate || Abnegation Transfer

Cassidy fiddled with Griffon's hearing aids while she waited, she could see Griffon in her body was waiting patiently, or seemingly patient, by the dead pigeon. The way he held her body always disturbed her, it wasn't how she liked to view herself, but she was able to handle it because she knew that it showed the difference between her and others. Nobody could hold her body like she could. She for a moment wondered whether she should have told Griffon to be careful with her body due to the drugs she took beforehand, but she doubted he would notice. The things he was going to be feeling would be such a strong mix of emotions and stress and fear that he would likely think that was all there was in there. Plus, their bodies were so insanely different that he might not have noticed even if he were calm. Cassidy had very much enjoyed using her parkour knowledge with Griffon's body. Although hers was much more acrobatic and good for stealth and nimble activities than Griffon's, she knew for a fact, even more than Griffon did, that his body was built to endure. Not only was the lack of pain nerve endings useful for climbing and scrambling over buildings, but he was also just very good at it, he had once been trained for the same things she had been trained for, the difference was his mind had forgotten, but not his body. His brain still held the necessary memories of using his body parts in such ways, but he simply lacked access to visualize the memories in any form. Thus he never really used these skills, which was a shame, Cassidy thought, as she finally finished working the hearing aids perfectly and replaced them in the ears. Suddenly the dull, almost silent world around her was brought back, and she heard everything which such strong clarity and strength that she almost ripped the hearing aids back out, but she quickly gritted her teeth to get over it. She wanted perfect hearing, because she needed to know everything that was going on around her. She needed to know if someone was sneaking up on her, she needed to keep an eye and ear on Griffon, and if she had been followed by any unsavoury parties, or her parents had been as awful as ever and had prepared some kind of stupid ambush then she needed all of her senses at full alert. And in the chance that she and Griffon needed to swap again, she needed him to have this same ability. Thankfully the hearing aids were working wonderfully, and she pulled out Griffon's phone that was in his pocket, she was grateful to see that it was in a call with herself. When she had transferred into Griffon she had called his phone and answered when she was in his body. Then she had turned both phones into recording mode, so that they both recorded whatever they were going to hear in this conversation, interaction. She wasn't about to let Griffon talk to them without her being able to hear him, she needed to make sure they weren't lying to him, weren't tricking him or manipulating him, and she needed evidence, for if anything should happen. She was just as unsure as Griffon was, about what might happen tonight, but she knew her parents more than he did, she remembered them when he did not, and so she was taking no chances. From her hearing aids she heard the sound of shoes on concrete, and using her eyes to check where Griffon stood she saw him using her foot to draw circles on the ground, his hands clasped together and rubbing the skin. She sighed softly, glad that she had muted her phone so that Griffon wouldn't hear anything and her parents wouldn't be able to either; It was clear Griffon was nervous, and she understood, but she hoped he would be able to hold it together well. She had done as much as she could to put things into place to protect her, and although it was straining to be in someone else's body, she had taken enough lull to give her a boost so that she wasn't beginning to be in a terrible amount of exhaustion or pain. She knew that swapping back later would be awful, but she hoped the lull would still be enough in her system to help her get through it. She was grateful for it now, as she watched with anxiety bursting in her heart.

That's when the two of them sauntered out, as Cassidy lay Griffon's body gently down on the rooftop, blending in with the dark of the concrete and being as close to the floor as possible, she narrowed her eyes in disgust at the two of them. Brennon and Lorelei Garner. Rage boiled within Cassidy, and she clenched her jaw and fists as she watched with dark eyes. She could hear their footsteps in her ear, as she had connected the hearing aids to the bluetooth of the phone so she could listen in easily, a trick she'd learned a long time ago that was super useful, not only did it mean she could listen in even if she had to take her eyes off of Griffon or had to go further away, but it meant that she would remember everything a bit better, especially since she was recording it and could listen to it later. The fact was that she had to take as many precautions as she could while in Griffon's body, she couldn't injure it because she knew that the body wouldn't feel it and thus could become very injured or sick due to an injury. She also had to be careful with not exerting too much because Griffon's body can't sweat, and then of course the hardest part, the memory troubles. It had been interesting when she had first started swapping with him after reconnecting at school, she had thought it wouldn't transfer to her because they were different people, different minds, different souls... But his brain was too badly damaged from the injuries that it wasn't just to do with the mind, but with the body. Another reason she hated her parents, for the way they had ruined Griffon's life. How he managed to stay so content and happy was beyond her, she would die if she couldn't remember everything. She wouldn't be able to operate. But Griffon had so much trust, whereas Cassidy did not. She trusted Griffon and only Griffon, at least... in all things. She trusted other people with other things. The silence in her ears began to be awkward, and so she was almost glad when she heard her voice say "hi" as Griffon nervously greeted his parents. Then, a name she hadn't heard in a long time came through, and she shivered as she heard her father speak her old name. Cassandra. Memories flooded into her as she lay there watching, memories of her father calling her name as he needed her, memories of him training her and then beating her when she wasn't living up to his expectations. Memories of him forcing her to work for him, to go out as a child and do those horrible things, to hurt other people, to steal, to vandalize, to manipulate. She remembered hating hearing her name from his lips, hearing how he honeyed her up in front of others only to beat her when she made the tiniest mistake or spoke out or back at him. She still carried the physical scars, but it was the emotional ones that hurt more. He was as good as dead to her, and seeing his face and hearing his voice only solidified that in her mind. Her mother on the other hand was slightly different, although Cassidy held little love for her mother, she had always bonded much better with her than with her father. Whereas Brennon had only seen failure in Cassidy until she had exceeded his expectations, Lorelei had seen almost a copy of herself in Cassidy, and had devoted much time into getting her to study. Whenever she wasn't physically training with Brennon, or doing a job, Lorelei would read to Cassidy, and then when Cassidy was able she would give her books to read, and would force her to give such detailed reviews of the book so she knew she was reading them. Cassidy had read so many books in her lifetime it was a wonder she could remember that much information, but she was grateful for that. At some points it had made her almost enjoy that time, but then she remembered everything else about Lorelei, the cold nature that she showed affection, the way she belittled Griffon, the way she didn't care at all about the wellbeing of Luke when he was in the womb, and when he was out. The fact that she had let him die. Lorelei may have had less evil interactions with Cassidy, but that didn't blind Cassidy to her mother's evil qualities, rather it showed the manipulative and destructive nature of her.

Cas heard as Griffon spoke, and although she wished she could be the one speaking because she would speak much better than he would, she knew it ultimately didn't matter. They hadn't seen her for 6 or 7 years, they didn't know how she spoke or to what level, for all they had known she had been dead, and Griffon too. They were basically strangers now. Why did you want to meet them Griff? This is so bloody dangerous. She thought as she clenched her teeth again, every time her parents looked around she wanted to flinch away, but she knew that would look more suspicious, instead she lay as still as a rock, deciding that it was better to commit to her position than to try to move every time they looked around. Thankfully she was well hidden, it was dark, and she was far enough away that you would have to specifically stare in this position to find her. She listened as her parents asked questions. "What happened? Where have you been? Where's Griffon? Why did you call us here? What do you want?" Every question made Cassidy more nervous as she listened to Griffon reply, just desperately praying that he wouldn't give anything away. But thankfully, because he was in her body, he was having no problem remembering things, and although his answers were not the most steady and prepared, he was saying what she had told him to say, and was avoiding talking about things she'd told him to. She could also see that he had made sure his body wasn't too close to theirs, having stepped back a little bit when they had come closer to look at him, or who they thought was Cassandra. The fake concern in their voices was so easy to hear that Cassidy rolled her eyes, or Griffon's rather, and hoped Griffon could hear it to. She hoped he wouldn't think they were genuine, because she knew they weren't. All they wanted was Cassandra back so they would have another minion in their scheme. She had only known so much of it as a child, but she had listened, she had read, she had figured things out. She knew they were scheming, she knew it had to do with the faction's leaders, and she knew they wanted factionless to be powerful. She may have agreed with them in certain points of their philosophies, but she took offense at the way they tried to do it. Cassidy had no problem with power, she liked power, she also had no problem with offending people, she had a history of using people, and didn't care all that much truly about others. But she wasn't evil, she didn't kill people, she didn't torture them, she didn't seek to destroy others. Use them for her gain and desires? Yes. But she tended to pick people who either deserved to be used, or people who enjoyed it as much as she did, like Randi. Or Ghost. Cassidy's mind sidetracked, almost zoning out to the voices in her ears. Ghost was someone who she assumed would enjoy that type of life, that type of friendship or relationship, and he had certainly sounded as such during their interaction today, but she wondered if that was true to the core. He seemed fun, a lot of fun. She wondered if she missed a chance in flirtation with him today, having been so distracted with what was going to happen. As she thought about that she quickly realized that she had zoned out and had missed a portion of what was being said down below. Shit. She thought to herself as she tried to refocus, being unable to remember anything that was said and now even struggling to remember anything that had been said before that too. As if her brain was suddenly using the lull again for benefits and also frustration she was suddenly aware of her surroundings a lot more than she had been. Her eyes marked another person on the far end of where she was looking. At first concern hit her, but then she remembered her deal with Cheglok. He had promised to get her parents here with minimal information given to them, he had promised that he would have some people watching as well, and that his bar would be a safe haven if she needed escape. Of course everything came with its own price, some of it she had paid, a dirty feeling washing over her as she tried not to think of that, and some of it was to be paid in the future, at their demand. It was a lot to ask for, and yet they enjoyed picking people up for favours, it gave them power, and Cassidy hated it, but she wanted to do this for Griffon's sake. So she tried to figure out if it was Draven or Cheglok, but from this distance she couldn't tell, she could only tell that it was a person who was tracking this same operation like she was, and was specifically over there to be hidden from the view of Brennon, Lorelei and what they would assume is Cassidy.

That wasn't the only person she saw as her eyes distractedly noticed so much around her. A sense of foreboding caused Cassidy to move from her position, still listening through the hearing aids but no longer watching Griffon, she quietly moved around the roof, making sure that nobody was up there with her, and then when she was certain of that she scanned the rooves around her, and then the alley ways. That's when she noticed the familiar figure, one she had just been thinking of, one whom she had been with not too long ago. Cursing her idiocy at letting herself be tracked she felt fear and frustration as she looked at the figure of Ghost. Making sure Griffon's body was still entirely hidden from outside eyes, she watched him with dark eyes. What the hell is he doing here? He followed me didn't he... She thought.

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Avalon mansion.
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Randi and Ajax Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1

Rhysand listened to the plan that Randi had come up with about how they would look for clues in the Avalon mansion. He wondered if it would have been easier to text Briony and see if she could be of help with that situation. Though maybe Briony wouldn’t want everyone to see how upset she was missing her twin it was a very dauntless thing to not want to show weakness. It especially was true from the higher up families and the Avalons were one of the most powerful families around. So he followed Randi swiftly knowing they would need to be quick and not get caught by anyone. It was rather interesting seeing Randi know where a hidden key was to get within the Avalon’s home however he knew Randi was friends with the twins so maybe not that surprising. Rhysand followed her swiftly inside keeping his steps light so as to not make any sounds as it wouldn’t do well to be caught in such a powerful family's home. It seemed to show on his face as Randi was suddenly reassuring him that everything would be ok and where she would be. He couldn’t help but chuckle softly.”Alright I’ll trust you and I’ll take pics of anything that seems suspicious or as a clue.”he said before watching her head off. Once she was out of sight he moved along, starting to look around himself.

This place was massive and very beautiful. His aunt's place was not nearly as nice as this but then again she was on the higher ups charts as well. That’s how she had been able to get Fable’s name changed within a day. It really did well to have power in high places around here. He needed to focus so he began looking around for anything he thought might be of use to help find Blair or give a hint about where she could be. He continued searching around keeping his steps light so as to not alert anyone that might be within. The male felt the inkling of Rafe and Rain on the outer edges of his consciousness knowing they were somewhat aware of the situation. He guessed Rafe was being on the alert in case he needed to step in and he knew Rain felt bad about what happened earlier still. Rhysand ran a hand through his hair ignoring the feelings for now as he heard Randi’s voice and a man. It sounded younger than the twins' father so it must be one of their many brothers. Though as the tone grew heated his money was on it being Ajax as even the twins couldn’t stand him at times. He crept carefully so he could hear more of what was being said and just in case Randi needed him. Of course he knew Randi could handle herself especially against someone like Ajax though it never hurt to be careful. He made it closer, moving so Randi would be able to see a glimpse of him and signal to him if she needed help or for him to do anything. Hell it might be easier if he snuck up behind Ajax and just knocked the man out so of course he stayed hidden enough for now.
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Location: Avalon Mansion

Interactions: Rhys, Ajax, mentions Blair

A flicker of movement towards the top of the stairs caught her eye as Randi glared down at Ajax. Clearly the disturbance had made itself known on the lower level of the house seeing as Rafe was now sneaking up the stairs as silent backup. The blonde was grateful for the gesture that he was willing to jump into the fight if needed but she wouldn’t want Rafe to get into trouble. Ajax was a piece of shit but he held a certain amount of sway that could make life difficult for others. Randi would prefer that malice be directed her way rather than Rafes when she had been the one to drag him all the way out here. Keeping an eye on the young man who was sprawled on the ground before her, the blonde felt little to no sympathy for him, a rare thing for Randi. A single hand clutching his nose as Ajax did his best to prop himself up using the other hand. His pale gaze burned with hatred as he spat at her feet, clearly determined to show just how much respect he lacked for the young woman. “You broke my nose you bitch!” Ajax growled and looked like he was about to lunge at her like some feral animal.

Randi did not flinch or drop his gaze for even a second as he seethed. Not when he spat at her, and certainly no when he spoke. “Let’s just say I did you a favor. Now you have a face to match your shitty attitude.” Randi replied with a smooth tone that sparked with the flames of rage boiling within her. “Now do us both a favor and listen closely this time. Have you seen or heard anything of Blair?” Her tone remained calm but the platinum blonde's jade gaze was made of fire as she kept her eyes locked onto Ajax. “And don’t lie, you know how much I hate lies.” She added as she loomed over him, her stance unwavering even as he finally began to get to his feet. If he did anything to her she would fight back and she knew with Rafe watching from the other direction that Ajax was outnumbered. Besides, even if it was reckless Randi couldn’t help but feel that she didn’t have much left to lose. She had lost the only family she had left, she had lost her home, she would not lose Blair too.

“I haven’t seen her, you psychopath.” Ajax snarled at her though his tone did nothing to intimidate her. He opened his mouth like he was about to add some horrible comment similar to his prior statements but clearly thought better of it as Randi fixed him with a firm glare, almost begging him to finish his thoughts out loud. She didn’t care what others thought of her, she had been trash in the eyes of so many due to her lifestyle and the rumors spread about her ever since she was small. But she would not permit Ajax to speak ill of Blair in front of her, not when Blair wasn’t there to defend herself.

“Fine.” Randi huffed after a long moment. “Come on Rafe, we will look around then we will leave. If Ajax has a problem with that he can take it up with someone who cares.” She stated firmly as she nodded for Rafe to join her. It would be better for the two of them to stick together at this point. Turning abruptly away from Ajax, Randi waved for Rafe to join her as she entered Blair’s bedroom to begin her search. The duo searched high and low in as much of the house as they could access but in the end had come up empty. Ajax of course had retreated into his room which Randi was grateful for but it didn’t make her feel that much better when they had nothing to show for their hours of detective work. “Shit Blair, where could you have gone?” Randi sighed as she placed a file back onto the cushion of a chair in the study before turning to look at Rafe. “Anything over there?”

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Briony Avalon
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Briony had caught the bracelet easily looking over his name on the small plastic hospital band. She nodded some knowing full well that he wouldn’t want to talk about whatever it was in public. He definitely wouldn’t want to talk about being hurt in front of Phillip so she didn’t push him to. When he joked about interrupting their date she rolled her eyes as both herself and Phillip instantly said it wasn’t a date. She let Phillip introduce himself more and about how he was now part of the instructors crew. “Come on and join us and you can get yourself something new to wear.”she said, eying his outfit which seemed like it did need to be replaced soon. Once he agreed to join them she relaxed a little, something seemed off about Maverick and she didn’t really want to leave him alone right now. So she was glad when he decided to join them as they started heading into stores it was easy chatting with Phillip as they let Mav just listen in. Her gaze flicked to him a little worried but she could always talk with him later alone from everyone else to make sure he was really ok. They soon made it to one of the clothing stores her gaze looking around debating on what to try on. She heard Phillip and looked over only to snort with laughter at his choice.

“Well it will certainly make you stand out.”Briony said, letting her eyes take in the full effect of the paint splatter outfit. She shook her head thinking it suited him in some way. Though suddenly it was her turn to try on an outfit. She raised an eyebrow at the choice.”Well ok.”she said with a small laugh before going and trying on said outfit. When she came back out she flushed a bright pink when Phillip told her to strike a pose. She did however part of her felt embarrassed having Maverick watching her striking said pose in an outfit she usually wouldn’t wear. However it seemed like Philip had also picked an outfit out for Maverick to try on. So she watched for a moment before waiting for him to come back out with it on. When he did she couldn’t help but give a playful wolf whistle.”Looking good Mav! Maybe we should all buy our outfits.”she said amused. Briony stopped to look at her phone.”Oh shit it’s almost time for me to meet up with the others. “She said before typing up some quick texts. “Get your ass to the bar or else ~”She sent to Chris first. Next a quick message was sent to Aubrey. “See you soon! I’m heading to the bar now.”she sent before looking back at the others. “I would invite you two. However I’m pretty sure neither of you want to hang out with Chris and Aubrey.”Bri said of course Phillip loved his brother but hanging out at a bar with your younger brother wasn’t always fun. She also knew Maverick hated Chris so there was that as well.

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Maverick Maddox// Instructor// 18 Years Old// Dauntless Born
Interacting with: Briony Wolfiee Wolfiee and Phillip Nerdy. Nerdy.
The normalcy of it all felt strangely comforting. Being here with Briony and Phillip as if he hadn’t just been rotting in a hospital bed a few hours ago… It was nice. Maverick was content to mostly sit and listen to their conversation, not feeling any particular need to stick his nose where it didn’t belong. As Phillip and Briony looked around the store for unique outfits and statement pieces, Maverick trailed his fingers along a rack of dark colored working boots, very similar to the ones currently falling apart on his feet. The smell of new leather and fresh linen was everywhere, and Maverick found himself trying to remember the last time he had actually bought any clothing. Most of the items he owned now were hand me downs from Caspian or stolen from the lost and found. He did have one leather jacket at home that he was particularly fond of, but his collection of black and gray shirts took up a majority of his wardrobe.

After finally selecting a pair of boots in his size, he couldn’t help but overhear Phillip talking about the other instructors. Admittedly, he was a bit shocked to hear that Ghost had been fired. He would have to inquire into those circumstances the next time he saw his involuntary roommate, although he wasn’t entirely sure when that would be. Ghost and Maverick did a stellar job of avoiding each other as much as two roommates could. He followed the pair around carrying the boots he intended to buy in his left hand, the color draining from his face when Phillip suggested that he try on a blue suit that looked like it came straight from Erudite. Maverick was not the type of man one would normally see dressed up in anything fancy or colorful. He preferred his muted tones and comfortable work clothes. But alas, Phillip and Briony both insisted that he join in on their little fashion show. “Alright give it here” Maverick sighed, reaching for the suit and disappearing into one of the dressing rooms to fiddle with the ridiculous amount of buttons and zippers on the fabric.

When Maverick finally emerged from the dressing room he looked immaculately uncomfortable. Afraid to move or inhale too sharply lest his muscles tear through the fabric of the formal attire. However, as uncomfortable as he was… he had to admit, he looked… surprisingly good. “I know I know… I clean up nice.” he winked at both Briony and Phillip, giving them a smoldering look and running his fingers through his hair as if he were some kind of male model, before chuckling with laughter and unbuttoning the suit. “If you ask me I think I could’ve rocked the paint splatter outfit better than Phillip.” he grinned, finally starting to feel like his normal self again. The pain in his chest had started to dim, and he was sure once he got some decent rest and some food in his stomach he’d feel less tired and worn down. His ears perked up when Briony explained that she was going to meet up with a few of her friends, including Christian Parks… her twin sisters now ex-boyfriend and he couldn’t help but tense.

After changing back into his clothes and tossing some cash onto the counter to pay for his new boots, Maverick made his way back over to the pair, still in the process of tugging off his old boots. He debated keeping them for a moment, but wasn’t sure what he would do with a pair of worn out boots anyways, deciding to toss them in the trash. He bent down to tie up his new boots, “you sure Christian is the best company to keep, Bri?” he mumbled, low enough that Phillip wouldn’t hear but loud enough that his point would be made to her. It was no secret that Maverick didn't care for Christian Parks, especially after he had to step in to break up a fight with the initiate which resulted in him injuring Blair. Maverick had a sneaking suspicion that that hadn't been the first time Christian had injured Blair, but he had kept those assumptions to himself. Now though, he suspected Briony was going to get herself put in the same position, and he bristled like a protective older brother.

Ghost // Male // Age 18 // Officially Unemployed // Erudite to Dauntless

Ghost followed Cassidy and Griffon out of the Dauntless compound. Beyond the perfectly manicured lawns and white picket fences of the Dauntless elite, to streets where stop signs were bent at forty-five degree angles, rusted chain links leered like a mouth with teeth bared, and litter-strewn mulch blanketed sidewalks. It was the kind of neighborhood that Ghost would feel naked venturing into without a hair-trigger pistol or long knife, both of which he fortunately had. It was the kind of neighborhood that he’d spent his early adolescence in after his parents had died and their felonious fortune had been confiscated before he could inherit it.
There were several possibilities why two initiates had come all the way out here, but none of them were legal. Ghost’s first suspicion—from experience—was a drug deal. His second was edgy but ultimately harmless hoodlum activities: vandalism, spray-painting, slashing tires for fun. If these were his only conjectures to Cassidy and Griffon’s intentions, he would have confronted them and ordered them back to the compound immediately. But there was a third possibility—far-fetched as it was—that stayed his hand. He didn’t even have quite the words to express what he thought Cassidy and Griffon might be up to, but that was half the point. He had never expected to encounter Anika Vex, ordinary initiate until she wasn’t, in an Erudite chemical plant a week and a half ago, that day when the memory serum had failed to work on Obadiah Parks and he and Fable had had to scramble to get a new one. And then he never would have expected her to attack him, as if Anika’s presence in the factory was a classified secret that she couldn’t let Ghost escape with.
He knew the possibility of Cassidy and Griffon’s shady excursion being connected to Anika’s even shadier excursion dangled by the thinnest of threads, but Ghost couldn’t expect to learn that which he wasn’t supposed to know through polite inquiry and small talk. Sometimes you have to take an advantage by force to get ahead in the world. He lurked a generous distance behind Cassidy and Griffon, which was necessary as they entered more and more abandoned territories. He ducked behind dumpsters and crumbling stone foundations, using the black mirror of his phone screen to catch flashes of the only two moving human beings in the urban no-man’s-land. Overhead, the light guttered and died as a behemoth of a cloud rolled in front of the sun, threatening thunderstorms like a grim premonition of doom.
If the pair of initiates exchanged words, he was too far away to hear it. So Ghost was at a loss for context when Griffon, without pausing or changing his pace, veered away from Cassidy as smoothly as if it were a choreographed sequence. Cassidy barely glanced in his direction as he did so, continuing along her original course. Ghost faltered to a stop. Was this an intentional trick so that he couldn’t follow them both? But that would require them knowing of his presence, which neither initiate was supposed to. And if they did… Would Ghost be walking into some kind of trap by going further?
An ember of stubbornness burned through him. I’m not afraid of two kids who’ve been in the warrior faction for a grand total of a month, he thought bitterly. Refusing to let himself be intimidated, Ghost locked eyes on the long-legged black smudge that was Cassidy. He had originally come out here to ensure her safety, after all. Cassidy Wickham, who bantered playfully during races and smoked up before fear simulations. Griffon he’d spoken maybe two words to and frankly didn’t give two shits about. Unless Griffon’s existence prevents Cassidy from noticing me, Ghost thought with a slightly psychotic smirk. Then I care a lot about ole Griffiti. With the best intentions, of course.
He tried to keep both Cassidy and Griffon within his field of vision for as long as possible, at least until Griffon waltzed behind a convenience store missing one of the letters in its name. Ghost was fixated on a tattered-looking pedestrian who had stumbled onto the street, a balding woman with saggy jowls muttering unintelligibly to herself, when a flash of motion made his gaze return to Cassidy. She had snagged her foot, and after catching herself and turning halfway around to glare at whatever she’d tripped on, she simply stopped. On a corner of cracked sidewalk where the adjacent lamppost was a hunk of twisted metal. Her foot tapping in little anxious flutters. She appeared to be waiting for something… or someone. Silhouetted against the roiling clouds, her hair whipping in the wind of the oncoming storm, Cassidy resembled some avenging spirit in a cautionary tale.
And then, as if it were something out of an Edgar Allan Poe story or a Batman comic, a vein of lightning forked through the sky instants before the world flashed white. Thunder cracked. And then, when the unearthly light receded, a man and woman were exiting the dilapidated convenience store, heedless of the stifling humidity that was soon to break. With her hair blown back from her shoulders, the female figure bore such a striking resemblance to Cassidy that Ghost did a double take. Or rather, Cassidy resembled her, because upon closer inspection, this woman was the initiate’s senior. As if hearing Ghost’s thoughts, the woman’s head snapped in his direction. He threw himself behind a thick-trunked tree, his heart taking off like a spooked horse. Ghost wasn’t afraid of Cassidy and Griffon, but he didn’t know who the hell this mysterious middle-aged couple was, and why they were rendezvousing with an initiate in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. He seriously hoped that the physical resemblance to Cassidy was legitimate, and the semi-darkness and distance weren’t just playing tricks on his eyes. Hopefully, the woman was a mother or older sister, and Cassidy didn’t need to check into the psych ward due to her stranger danger meter being horribly out of whack.
Ghost could hear voices, but over the whistling of the wind, he wasn’t close enough to hear words. And he hadn’t followed Cassidy and Griffon for several miles just to let it end here in a tangle of half-baked theories and questions. Keeping to the shadows, he tiptoed out from behind the tree and edged toward the narrow alley formed between two fast food establishments. The ground was a minefield of black trash bags with the contents pulling at their seams, broken glass bottles, mops and buckets, dented beer kegs, and stamped-out cigarettes. Ghost’s lip curled at the nauseating smell, but if he strained, he could hear what Cassidy and—
A flicker of motion emerged from behind a trash can. Ghost pivoted like a dagger on its point, one hand reaching for the Beretta at his belt. One shadow detached itself from the others and raced along the cluttered ground with inhuman agility. Ghost reeled backward, adrenaline pumping through him. His hip bumped into a heavy aluminum can, which he barely registered as the furry shape shot between his legs, mewling indignantly. It was a menace, a piece of darkness come to life, a killer with a knife and— It was a cat. An orange and white one bolting out of the alley, its scruff bristling.
Although the danger had been averted, the damage had been done. The trashcan teetered dangerously in the wake of Ghost’s collision with it. He felt like he was watching the world come crashing down in slow motion, seeing the trajectory of the trash can falling before it happened. But he was helpless to stop it as a wooden beam caught him behind the ankles and sent him fighting for balance. The half-full trash can toppled to the ground with an explosion of sound, bouncing upward slightly and thudding twice more before rolling to a stop at Ghost’s boot. Its aromatic contents spilled across the alleyway, creating an obstacle course. The voices outside the convenience store cut off abruptly. In the sudden silence, Ghost heard his heartbeat in his throat and tasted fear like metal in his mouth.

Charlotte "Charlie" Stark || 20 || Medic || Dauntlessborn

Charlie listened to Vex as she bound her wrist up tightly but not too tightly as to cut blood flow, truly a masterful bind. She listened with empathy and compassion as she heard about the boisterous girl, and she imagined it clearly as if she were seeing it herself. Little Vex, running around chaotically as if to emulate the guards she saw, having to be patched up lovingly by her uncle. It was a beautiful fantasy that Charlie had wished for, not for herself but for Aubrey, it was the fantasy she had tried to create for Aubrey, and the lie she had managed to maintain for most of Aubrey's life. But it had all eventually come crashing down on her, and the little girl who had once been her affectionate and loving sister was now a horror driven girl with an alcohol problem and who avoided her like the plague. Worry gnawed at Charlie as always, but at the same time came pain, hurt and frustration; Anger. Although she had lied to Aubrey all her life it had been for her good, and although she could see why Aubrey had started out trying to work for Jeremy for Charlie's good, there were too many things that had been said to Aubrey to tell her that she was wrong. Yet Aubrey had persisted, and Charlie wondered if it had been primarily to do with Jeremy offering her such a strong career option, and now she wondered whether Aubrey would still take it. Technically she'd done her job as requested by the Dauntless leader, and had done it well. She shook her head as she tried to zero in on the conversation she was having with Vex. "I'm glad you had such supportive family members, I'm sorry about your uncle though, I hope you feel a part of him as you're here in Dauntless." She said with sadness lacing her voice. She watched as Vex smiled at her, a soft smile that shone through her eyes. Charlie felt almost uncomfortable by that smile, by those eyes, but there was no good reason for that, and she chided herself inwardly for even thinking those thoughts, Vex had just shared with her, and she was going to respect that. Everything about Vex had only shown her to be a lovely, sweet, charming girl. As the two finished their interaction, Vex mentioned needing to leave, and Charlie nodded. "Well be safe, thank you again for helping me." She said. She waited till Vex had left before testing out her wrist. Even with the bindings around it she winced painfully each time she used it even in the smallest movement; it was broken. That wasn't good. Let's hope you don't need to do any life saving procedures today. She thought to herself as she finished cleaning her infirmary and eventually sat on her office chair for a moment, before turning to her desk to write. There were things she hadn't yet written down, things about training, people's progress, injuries and supplies used, everything. It was always good to keep a written accord of everything so that you could find it if you needed. Once she was finished with that though she pulled out a couple of books for her own personal reading. A French novel, Les Miserables, although reading it in French, having already read it in English. It made reading slower, but helped her in learning a new language. Another book she had was on heart conditions, one that she had been reading with her heart set on helping Caspian, it had since gone unread after his death. Lastly there was a book on drug addictions, the causes, symptoms and treatments for them. There were too many people who had drug addictions and conditions because of that.

Charlie read for a little while, but soon she became twitchy and nervous. Every sound in her infirmary sounded like a person walking, every tiny sound caused her to jump and spin around to check if someone was in the room. Her heart rate was increased, her chest almost painful because of that, and her head felt dizzy from the stress and pressure. Eventually she couldn't handle it, not even with earphones in, and she pulled out her phone, looking at the contacts in there she hovered her finger between Bloom and Ghost. Although she wanted to see Ghost, as she hadn't really seen him properly since this morning, she was also still feeling a bit nervous about how their experiences had been that night. Plus, she wasn't sure if she should mention Jeremy yet. Her finger finally tapped on Bloom's name and picture, and she opened her messenger to send a quick text. "Hey Bloom, I'm really bored and am feeling a bit lonely. Are you free? Could I come join you with whatever you're doing?" She sent. As she waited for a reply, she flicked through her old messages and pictures. They were mostly pictures of Darcy, and occasionally a picture of Ghost would be in there, same with others like Bloom and Phillip. She looked at once picture of Ghost with a smile, a warm excitement bubbled in her chest as she looked at him. How is he actually my boyfriend? She thought with a smile and a blush, it was bizarre to think that it was true, and she felt very special and happy, more than she could express at times. She had no idea how she would have dealt with the death of Caspian if Ghost hadn't been with her in that time, of course she relied on Bloom too, she knew she couldn't have coped without Bloom, or Sasha. But Ghost had helped in such a unique way, a way that only a male could have done. Caspian had been one of her only male friends, and had been the only male whom she'd had somewhat consensual romantic relations with. Thus when he died, she felt like so many pieces of her had died with him, so many firsts, so many memories, and... things even she didn't want to think about and blocked from her memory, but still mattered. With Ghost, she felt like those parts hadn't died but had simply moved on, lived on in different ways. Ghost made her feel much more like a woman than Caspian ever had, yet she wished nothing more than for Caspian to come back. She knew that was impossible, one could not raise the dead, but she wished it anyway. Sighing softly she was just about to put her phone away when she got a reply, Bloom of course said she could join her, and told her where she was. The rock climbing place? Charlie had tried a few times but it wasn't quite her favourite activity. "I'll see you soon." She said with a smiley face. She quickly went to turn the lights off in the infirmary before she remembered to grab her bag. Not only was it filled with first aid equipment that she always liked to keep on hand, but it also had Ghost's gun. The one he'd given to her to keep as her protection. Shame covered her as she recalled Jeremy today, and how she could have maybe done something if she'd... No.. even with the gun today she couldn't have done anything, he was too smart, had kept her in the public eye. But she would keep the gun. If it came to it, she would shoot him.

Charlie took a deep breath and finally exited the infirmary. Immediately she was ill at ease. Even though this area was not somewhere she would expect Jeremy to be, she knew it was somewhere that he would expect her to be. Tense in all ways inside and out, she began to briskly walk in the direction of the rock climbing place. Tight fists clenched her bag, nails dug into skin, jaw clenched so hard it was cramping, eyes wide and dry, head pounding, heart pounding, skin on fire, mouth dry, breathing rapidly through her nose. It was a miracle she wasn't inducing a panic attack or a flash back. The world around her felt like an ice prison, cold and echoing, her footsteps sounded like gun shots, loud. Everything within her prayed that Jeremy would not be around here, that he would not be near, everything in her prayed that she would get to the place quickly, that she would not have to be alone any longer today. Charlie had to walk alone for at least ten minutes, and most of that time there was not another single soul around. This was the training district, so usually initiates would be around, but charlie had not seen many while she walked, and she was glad but also even more frightened. As she got into the middle of the Dauntless compound she began to breathe slightly easier, seeing that there were more people about, going shopping, tattooing, eating, it was busier now than it had been before. She looked around for a moment, taking a slight break to catch her breath, being out of breath from the panic and stress that was flowing through her petite body. Dark eyes scanned the room, always on the lookout for the mountain that was her father, but thankfully he was nowhere in sight, which meant he wasn't here. He couldn't exactly hide. She was only slightly relieved, knowing that he could truly be anywhere, but only having a slight amount of comfort at not seeing him. As she stood there it was like a glowing light when she noticed familiar faces exiting a nearby mall. As if her feet started walking without her meaning to she stumbled and rushed over to them. At first she thought it was Briony with some friends, but as she got closer she could no longer see Briony, but she did see Phillip, Maverick and Honey. Surprise jolted her as she stopped in front of them, watching as they both turned to look at her, Honey bounding up for scratchees on her head. "Hi... I... saw you from afar and wanted to say hi. Are you okay Mav?" Charlie asked, having not been able to see him much since the funeral. He shrugged, and answered vaguely. She nodded, hands still on Honey's head, comfort coming from that position. "I was... just on my way to go see Bloom, if you two wanted to join me?" She asked, hope shining in her eyes. If she walked with them she would be safe. She would be safe. Safe.

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Phillip Parks || 19 || Soldier/Trainer || Dauntlessborn

Phillip felt more and more uncomfortable hanging out with Maverick and Briony. He loved hanging out with Briony, and usually he felt so comfortable it was awkward for everyone else. But Maverick threw his vibe off, he was so... morose that Phillip often felt like his energy got more depleted as he stood near the hunk of a man. It wasn't that he didn't like Maverick at all, honestly he thought the man was very good looking, seemed like he had potential for fun, and yet Phillip himself had not seen it. Maybe it was Caspian's death that had spiraled Maverick into this place, or maybe he was just in a dark place regardless... or maybe he really was this kind of person, but Phillip felt every inch of himself want to go and do something else with someone else, or at least with Briony and not Maverick. Not wanting to be rude or to just ditch he stayed with, that was until Briony mentioned she was going out. A sigh left his lips as she mentioned she was going to hang out with Chris and Aubrey, although Phillip loved those two he had no desire to watch them all get drunk together. "Yeah you're right, I don't wanna hang out with a bunch of kids anyway. Be safe though and don't do anything I wouldn't do." He said, wiggling his eyebrows at Briony and trying to rub her head in a teasing way. He saw that Maverick wasn't joking quite as much, also saying he wouldn't join, but pulling Briony aside to say something to her. Phillip ignored them for the most part, giving Honey some treats from his pocket and using the time that Maverick was talking to Briony to go and buy the paint splattered outfit. It would be good fun for parties and worst came to worst it would be fun pajamas. As he sauntered back to where he had left Briony and Maverick, he found only the tall hunk standing there, with the beautiful blonde nowhere in sight. Phillip needn't have asked where Briony had gone, as Maverick answered before he could ask, saying she'd already gone off for her fun. Phillip nodded his head, his dark curls bouncing upon his neck and past his ears. "Right, well... I guess we can part ways too now." He said, although they both walked to the exit of the store together, since they were nearby the exit.

No sooner had they gotten rid of Briony, to both of their dismay, when another woman walked into their company. A familiarly petite and dark skinned female pattered up to the two men, her dark hair rolling over her shoulders and her wide eyes open and hopeful. Charlie stood there, a smile on her face and yet fear in her eyes. Phillip watched as she petted Honey as if she were scared she was going to disappear, and he immediately felt bristles on his neck, looking around to see if anyone had been chasing or following the gentle medic. But maybe he was just imagining it, as he saw Charlie stand up and speak to the two of them. "Well I do love going to see Bloom, and your company is not to be denied either." Phillip said with a flourishing bow, getting a slight chuckle from Charlie's mouth. They both turned to see what Maverick would do. Whether he truly wanted to, or had nothing better to do, Maverick agreed to tag along, and the three of them made their way towards the rock climbing area in Dauntless. Phillip had gone rock climbing a few times with Bloom, but he had not become nearly as experienced as she. He was a good physique for it, but he lacked the incredible resolve that Bloom and so many others had. He enjoyed the easier and more colourful walls, rather than the bare ones that only were beatable by insane skill. As they walked Phillip stood close to Charlie. "So... is Maverick technically still a trainer? I don't know what happens when trainers go off and just turn back up again." He said. Charlie nodded along, obviously quite surprised to having seen Maverick. She answered back to Phillip that it would be good to have him, no matter what the reality would be. "You're right. With Ghost off it is not ideal to just have you, me and Bloom, plus Mav seems like he'd probably be a good trainer." He said, whistling slightly at the muscular build that Maverick had. He bent down lower to Charlie's ear. "You got a bit nervous when you saw him, are you going out with him?" He asked. Charlie was so shocked she almost tripped him over in her stopping, and quickly shot him an embarrassed look, her face red, but also clearly telling him no. He wasn't sure what to believe, obviously something about Mav made her uncomfortable as well, or maybe he was reading into everything way too much. Just like how he figured Briony didn't want him to go to her bar time with Chris and Aubrey, rather than him not wanting to go. He probably would have had just the same amount of fun, however... He wondered. Briony and Chris, would that ever be a thing? He couldn't complain if so, but also... Chris had been with Blair for most of initiation now, and had only just broken up, so to get with him now would be ballsy.

Charlie didn't talk too much, Phillip got the idea that she was more just happy to have male company around her. As a smaller woman she was prone to having people come at her more than he or Maverick would have. He highly doubted that Charlie would be able to protect herself should an attack happen. But with two men with her she was safe and could walk without fear or panic. It wasn't a particularly long walk, but it was mostly boring, due to the quiet conversations and the strange tension in the air. Phillip was over the moon when they finally reached the place, and they all entered. Phillip looked around him, enjoying the bright colours that he could see in the beginners area, but that wasn't where Bloom would be. He sighed as they went further away from the kids colourful section and closer to the harder more professional areas. That was when they bumped into two more faces. Bloom was there, doing a wall already, and there also was Lainey. Phillip at first didn't even notice Lainey, he had his eyes glued up at Bloom, quite happily enjoying the view. He only realised Lainey was there when Charlie said hi. "Lainey, I don't think we've properly met. I'm Phillip." He said with a warm smile and a charming wink. He shook her hand, giving it a little squeeze for a moment. She was a nice looking girl as well, although, Phillip had to remind himself that he had made a personal deal with himself to uphold the "No sleeping with initiates " rule. He had just gotten this job, and it was far better than his normal job, so he didn't want to lose it in his first week. As Charlie spoke with Lainey, or maybe Maverick was too, Phillip watched Bloom with awe, enjoying how her body moved so well, how everything worked together, and how she just made those massive and incredibly difficult walls look like child's play. As she finally made her way down and caught eyes with Phillip she smiled and trotted over. "You're so good at those walls" He said with a grin. "Bit out of left field but do you have plans tonight?" He asked, walking with her back towards the others, though slowing down so she could answer.

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Location: Rock Climbing Gym

Interactions: Lainey, Charlie

The climb had been exhilarating and the exact thing Bloom needed at the moment. Even when she made it to the top of the wall and looked down to see Ghost and Cas departing she was on too much of climbing high to take offense. She had already figured that the start of her climb would be the end of their little get-together for the day so as Ghost slipped out the door behind Cas, Bloom simply began to make her way down from the top of the wall. Her descent was a mixture of scaling back down and letting the ropes lower her depending on what she felt in the moment. Sooner than she would have liked her feet hit the floor and she was back on level ground in front of the beastly wall she had just conquered. Unclipping her harness the long-legged brunette was just stepping out of the rig when a familiar voice sounded behind her. “Lainey! Hi!” She greeted with genuine warmth threading her tone. “I wasn’t expecting to find you here. Do you climb?” Bloom inquired, growing more and more excited at the idea that another initiate would be into rock climbing. The next few minutes consisted of pleasant conversation in which Bloom learned Lainey hadn’t done much climbing and Bloom shared some tips and tricks with her, much like she had with Ghost. “Would you want to give it a try? I can set you up on one of the easier walls.” The brunette and scarlet-haired instructor offered, her gaze warm and inviting. When Lainey made a comment about not wanting to be dropped Bloom smiled playfully and gave her a jokingly offended look, “I promise I will never drop you.”

It didn’t take too long to find a nice beginner wall for Lainey to start on. It wasn’t a kid's wall by far but was an easy climb for most to get a feel for the sport with. Like any wall, there were more difficult paths one could take or accidentally stumble upon. The latter seemed to be the case for Lainey as she started off her climb strong but soon found herself facing gaps she hadn’t seen initially. From the ground floor where Bloom stood manning the ropes, it was easier to see the next move than from the younger girls' vantage point. Wanting to give Lainey a chance to figure it out for herself Bloom remained quiet until it seemed her help was truly needed. “Lainey! There’s a rock just to your left!” She called up to the girl on the wall. “Lift your knee a bit higher and you’ll feel it jutting out!” Her pale green gaze watched with a shimmer of pride as the young woman above her found her footing and continued her climb. “Perfect job Lainey.” Bloom whispered to herself as she delighted in the sight of the young woman's accomplishments. Once Lainey reached the top of the wall Bloom waited for a thumbs up and began to carefully lower her back to the ground. “So how was it?” Bloom smiled as the young woman touched back down to earth. She listened with an amusement painted upon her features as Lainey answered and continued on about how heights had never bothered her. When the question about Dauntless boys came up the brunette instructor couldn’t help but chuckle. “A good place to start is by bringing up key things all Dauntless guys love.” She began, her words slightly joking but with a hint of truth. “Such as food and dogs. Usually, if you mention one of those you have them wrapped around your finger in a pinch. Some of my favorite hookups came from a well-cooked meal on my part.” She admitted and knew it might be considered oversharing but she wasn’t on the clock right now and honestly was certain Lainey had heard worse after this much time spent in Dauntless.

The sudden buzz of her phone in the side pocket of her climbing leggings gripped Bloom’s attention like a talon. Bloom instantly pulled her phone out, apologizing to Lainey as she did so, and saw a text from Charlie. “Hey Lainey, you are more than willing to stick around and hang out with me if you’d like. Charlie is gonna be heading this way too so we could make it our own little party?” She suggested as she shot her best friend a quick text back telling her to of course join her and informing her that she was currently at the rock climbing gym. “If you have plans with a boy though don’t let me stand in your way.” She added with a cheeky wink to the initiate.

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Blair Avalon // 17 // Dauntless Born // Initiate // Divergent
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Blair wanted to crawl inside of a shell when Aubrey responded, shrinking away from her ever so slightly, but she knew the other blonde was right. Blair’s world might have been crumbling to dust in her hands, but that didn’t give her the right to just disappear. Blair was lucky enough to have a precious few who truly cared about her in this world, and as much as it pained her, she knew a majority of them had probably lost their minds looking for her. Her heart began to ache all over again at the mention of Finn. She could scarcely keep her lip from trembling as she shook her head softly, knowing she must have been shredding whatever small remnant of hope Aubrey had been hanging on to as she practically whispered, “No… I didn’t see him Aubrey, I’m sorry.” There was a time when Aubrey and Blair had been much closer, a time when they knew each other's darkest secrets, and hushed whispers about Finn and Christian had taken up a majority of their time, but everything felt so different now. The girls had grown apart, only to be reunited now in the lingering solace of a shared heartbreak.

The mention of food made her stomach growl embarrassingly loud. Blair hadn’t eaten in far too long, not due to lack of opportunity… but lack of appetite. She had been plagued with nausea and disinterested in just about everything, but for some reason, the smell of the pastry Aubrey handed her made her salivate. She was so hungry that she was sure she could finish all five pastries by herself, but instead she just nibbled at the Amity pastry. Garlic and Herb, Aubrey had been right. Almost immediately after the food touched her tongue, her stomach began to churn itself into a knot, her face paling as nausea took over. Blair swallowed hard, forcing herself to get something in her stomach, absolutely refusing to make a scene. Not now, not when she had just returned. Not when - Blair nearly choked on the last bit of food that was in her mouth as she processed Aubrey’s words, which echoed around in her mind like a ping pong ball bouncing on cement. “Ghost was fired?” She paused, the second part of the sentence settling in. Blair’s initiation score had likely tanked due to all her absences, and she had no one to blame but herself.

For a moment, she began to wonder if she would even still be able to boost her score enough to salvage a spot in dauntless. Had she really gone through all of this just to wind up factionless anyways? She became so lost in her own thoughts of a factionless life that she barely even noticed when Aubrey stood, checking her phone and explaining that she had to leave, she had plans with Briony… and Chris. Her heart simultaneously sped up and sunk into her stomach like a rock, and all she could do was shake her head softly. “I… I can’t. I'm sorry, Aubrey.” She looked down at her hands, laced together in her lap, almost ashamed of the fact that she couldn’t bear to see Christian doing just fine without her. Aubrey seemed slightly disheartened, but nodded in understanding. Just as the other blonde was about to leave, Blair grabbed onto her wrist gently. “Aubrey… do me a favor? Don’t tell them I’m back just yet… I need to talk to them myself.” Blair’s expression was glim and stonelike, a shell of the fiery blonde that had once lived there. Aubrey nodded before she left the pair, and for a moment, Blair debated what to say to Thorn as they watched Aubrey’s bouncing blonde hair disappear into the distance.

Soon enough, her stomach growled loudly again, only this time it wasn’t from hunger. “Thorn, do you think we could get some water?” she asked, rising to her feet unsteadily, a sudden urgency in her voice. Her ears were pounding, her heart thumping loudly in her chest as she began to feel that all too familiar nausea creeping its way up her esophagus. She was going to be sick. Thorn had nodded, all too eager to help, and Blair couldn’t have been more thankful to see him rush away for water. Almost instantly, Blair ran in the opposite direction, her feet carrying her towards the nearest bathroom. There was barely enough time for the door to close behind her as she hunched over the toilet, hastily pulling her hair out of her face as she retched up whatever bits of the amity pastry she had been able to keep down. Tears pricked at her eyes, and for some reason she found Dr. Munro’s voice echoing in her head. ‘Blair, I’m afraid we’re going to have to stop the treatment… there was a certain abnormality in your blood test… we can’t be sure.’ She collapsed against the cold tile wall of the bathroom, pulling her knees into her chest as she whimpered softly.

Blair felt warm hands on her shoulders, pulling her from the bathroom wall so that she was propped up against a warm, solid body. She was shivering, and instinctively nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck, not even fully aware that it was Thorn who had come to find her, water in his hand. He pressed the plastic cup to her lips and Blair took small sips, knowing if she chugged it the way she wanted to it would only come back up. The cool water trickled down her throat, and the world came back into clarity. “Thorn, you don’t need to see this. I’m so sorry” She hunched against the wall again, embarrassed and exhausted. “... I don’t know what’s going on with me…” She trailed off, one hand pressed against her forehead, the other still latching onto the brunette for some sort of support to keep her from falling over.​

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