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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // RP Thread

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Blair Avalon // Female // Age 16 // Dauntless Born Initiate // Divergent
Interacting With: Ghost Knave Knave

Blair had kept her mouth shut when Ghost had chosen to ridicule her outfit. She hadn’t felt the need to defend herself against someone who had worn a trench coat to a potential kidnapping. But she was thankful for her choice in fashion now as she paced into Washington Park. Her black boots made it easier to trek through the overgrown thicket of the forest “paths,” if you could even call them that. It seemed these routes were more often used by animals than people. She had to consciously remind herself to breath, she had been holding her breath in fear that the quietest snap of a twig under a misplaced foot would give away her position. As she neared her designated meeting spot with Obadiah, the hairs on the back of her neck began to prickle, a dangerous cocktail of adrenaline and anxiety pumping through her veins. He would be here soon, very soon. He may have been looming nearby at this very moment for all she knew.

How many times had she had conversations with Mr. Parks? Eaten at his dinner table? Slept in his house? Yet this time was so poignantly different, so much more was on the line and she had grown to understand that while Christian’s father may have seemed like a stand up man, he had more secrets to keep than an ancient, cursed tomb. Normally, Blair would’ve wanted to lean her back against the massive tree that stood so close by. But she was well aware that Ghost needed a high vantage point, she needed to be close enough to the tree to provide her accomplice with a clear line of sight while still being far enough away that any rustling in the trees wouldn’t provoke Obadiah’s suspicion. As she paced around in approximately a 6 foot radius, she heard the sound of relaxed and heavy footsteps, her breath caught in her chest as she froze. Before she could turn to greet her guest, his familiar deep and leathery voice cut through the air, “Blair, always a pleasure.”

“Mr. Parks!” Blair whirled around, a pleasant but subtle smile painted on her lips as she forced herself to remain composed. An unwelcome heat made its presence known on her cheeks as she flushed with nerves. “I’m glad you could make it.” Her voice took on that sweet and charming bell like ring, a voice that said ‘I’m just the sweet girl next door, you can trust me.’ and trust her he did. “I can always make time for a future Parks.” He grinned. A future Parks. The words stung, Obadiah hinting at a future that Blair so desperately wanted but knew she could never have. Christians prognosis had been bleak at best, death had pretty much been promised and her time with the love of her life was dwindling by the day. She should’ve been with Chris right now, not out on these stupid schemes with Ghost. She should’ve been savoring every last second she could get with Christian before… before… get it together, Blair.

She swallowed thickly, dragging her mind back to reality as she tried to think of something to say, and that was when she smelled it. The scent of some sort of artificial sweetness was dancing through the air, an attempt to mimic some sort of fruit perhaps? The more she smelled of it, the more familiar it seemed. When her brain was finally able to match the smell with a memory, she wasn’t sure how she managed not to let her eyes roll towards the sky as she mentally screamed at Ghost. He was vaping at a time like this?! What sort of an idiot was he? Not ten minutes ago he had been preaching about the seriousness and importance of this mission yet here he was, getting high in a tree. She could kill him! That was, if Obadiah didn’t kill the both of them first. “I believe you had something to tell me, my dear?” The blonde girl quickly snapped her attention back towards Parks, banishing all thoughts of Christian and Ghost from her mind. Focus, come on Blair. “Yes actually… Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin.”


The last three minutes replayed in Blair’s mind on a dizzying loop. Ghost and Obadiah had been grappling for control of the gun as Blair had stood there frozen in place. She hadn’t frozen out of fear, in reality, she had been trying to harness whatever supernatural telekinetic powers she possessed to pull the gun towards Ghost. But the more she tried to bend these new skills to her will, the more they seemed to falter, which only added to her frustration. When she had finally gotten control of the gun she had only a split second to decide what to do with it. She had originally planned on tossing the weapon to Ghost, but when Parks had lunged for her those ocean eyes of hers had gone wide with shock and before she knew what she was doing the pink dart had buried itself into her opponents skin.

Of course, for the majority of that little skirmish both Blair and Ghost had been running on adrenaline. Now, as Blair and her partner struggled to carry Obadiah’s unconscious body back towards the car she was sourly reminded of her lack of physical strength. How much had she been relying on Christian to do all the literal heavy lifting? Ghosts arms were laced under Obadiah’s shoulders as Blair struggled with his lower half. His legs were surprisingly muscular and unfortunately heavy. She couldn’t believe that their exhausted huffs and puffs of exertion didn’t draw any attention from potential passers by. As the pair struggled with the dead weight of Obadiah’s body, Blair grimaced when she heard a solid THUNK as Ghost dropped the upper half of their captives body. She glared daggers at him, her voice laced annoyance as she sighed “Let’s hope that doesn’t bruise…” she huffed.

Ghost made some excuse about how he had been stuck with the heavier side, but Blair wasn’t entirely paying attention. Her limbs were aching, the old bruises acquainting themselves with the new ones in beautifully violent blossoms of blue and purple on her skin. She absent mindedly began pulling her long blonde hair out of her face, putting it into a loose braid so that it wouldn’t bother her for the remainder of their mission. When she finally let her eyes land back on Ghost, he had managed to get the doors to the Valor opened, now for the fun part. Blair dreaded having to pick up the legs of their captive again, but she didn’t have a choice. With a disdainful look, she bent down to pick up his legs and help Ghost get him into the trunk. Their movements were clumsy, and Parks would wake up with more than a few cuts and bruises from his time spent unconscious. With one final grunt, they were able to roll him over securely in the trunk and Blair let her arms rest on her knees as she struggled to catch her breath. “I think… when this is over…” she panted in between her words, “maybe you and I should work on lifting weights.” She wiped her brow of any sweat before heading towards the front of the car.

Blair cocked an eyebrow at Ghost when she realized they were both heading for the drivers side door and folded her arms as she stood in his way, daring Ghost to explain why he should be the driver and her the passenger. “I did not just go through all of that to die in a car accident, Ghost. Passenger seat.” She pointed a finger towards the other side of the car in a mannerism that did not resemble that of an initiate speaking to her instructor. But she wasn’t going to budge on this one. Blair’s older brothers had taught her how to drive when they had high jacked multiple speeders from around the dauntless complex. She may not have been as skilled as an erudite chauffeur, but she was a hell of a lot better than Ghost. As she slid into the drivers seat, she settled her gaze on Ghost expectantly as he rather unhappily got into the passenger seat. He returned her gaze and for a moment, oceans mixed with amber honey in a fiery blaze. “Seat belt.” Blair finally said, breaking the silence as an exasperated Ghost jerked the seat belt into position disdainfully. It only then occurred to her that the third passenger, the one in the trunk to be exact, would be royally screwed if they ended up in a situation in which their seat belts were needed. All the more reason she should be the one driving and not Ghost. Without another word, Blair maneuvered the steering wheel in a singular fluid movement, and the beat up old valor took off silently in the direction of Fable Morvo.​
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Maverick Maddox // Male// 18// Dauntless Born // Instructor
Interacting With: Aubrey Nerdy. Nerdy.

Maverick had always found it easy to disappear in a sea of black clothing. He had spent so much of his life hiding away from those that knew him while remaining just under their noses. Blending into the shadows came back to him as easy as breathing. He knew, as Caspian's brother and next of kin, he should've been up towards the front. He should've been mingling with distant relatives and acquaintances, accepting their condolences as he shed tears of his own. But Maverick was numb, and had decided he wanted to stay invisible for a while longer. He remained hidden in a back corner, away from any prying eyes. He had managed to pull together a decent outfit, a black suit and tie that he had found in Caspian's closet. It pained Maverick how well the suit fit him, he had always lived in his brothers shadow... was he now condemned to live the rest of his existence as only a shadow of the great Caspian Maddox? The lesser brother? The lesser man? He hadn't realized how tightly he had been clenching his hands until his nails nearly drew blood from his palms. With a hiss of breath, Maverick forced himself to flex his hands, relaxing his grip as he searched the crowd of mourners for a familiar face.

Most of the guests at his brothers funeral seemed to be friends of Caspian, people Maverick had never met before, a constant reminder of just how much of his brother's life he had missed while he was hiding from his sins. A few higher ranking dauntless members had made an appearance, but Maverick stayed the hell away from them. He didn't need them asking him any questions about Caspian's death, or about the fire and how Maverick had miraculously survived. He didn't have any acceptable answers to give anyone right now, so he simply shoved his hands in his pockets, steering clear of the casket where Caspian's body laid. He had already said his goodbyes to Caspian when the ambulance had arrived. How long had he spent with his brothers body, accepting his death alone on the floor of their apartment before he had worked up the courage to call the authorities. Maverick was convinced that most of his grieving had already been done, he didn't need to see Caspian's body now that the undertaker had made it look all shiny and new again. It was just a corpse in that casket, nothing more and nothing less. Caspian was gone, and Maverick had come to accept that, all that was left now was the guilt... and the anger.

He had been standing with his back propped against the wall, scanning through the faces of all those who claimed to love Caspian. It wasn't until he caught a flash of blonde hair out of the corner of his hair the Maverick even dared to look up. He didn't want his lack of tears to raise any unwarranted suspicions. He refused to grieve in a way that was acceptable to others merely to keep up appearances. His brother was dead, and he would handle that however he damn pleased. The sight of Aubrey Stark, however, was a welcome distraction. The initiate was one of a few that he had seen today, and he couldn't help but wonder where her older sister was. Charlie and Caspian had been close hadn't they? Maverick assumed that the medic was either on her way, or was already here and he just hadn't seen her amongst the sea of faces. Regardless, he left his perch on the back wall and made his way over to the weepy eyed blonde who was sitting down in one of the chairs closest towards the aisle. He moved silently, and when he finally sat down next to Aubrey he didn't utter a word. He didn't feel the need to break the silence. They both knew why they were here and they both understood and appreciated the shitty circumstances that had prompted such a gathering. No need to point it out.

Still, Aubrey's presence was oddly comforting. She was one of the few familiar faces here. He fondly remembered Aubrey running around with him and Caspian when they had been children. The Stark family and the Maddox family had been quite close, more than a few times Maverick's parents had invited Charlie and Aubrey over for dinner. She was someone who knew Caspian, she had been present for all the years that Maverick had missed. A pang of sadness blossomed in his chest as he realized there was a very real chance Aubrey knew Caspian better than Maverick did. Maverick had only become reacquainted with his brother a couple of weeks ago, but Aubrey and Charlie had been there through it all. "He was ... He was good, wasn't he?" It was an honest question, one that he hoped Aubrey had the answer to. Aubrey looked up at him with teary eyes, and for a moment Maverick thought perhaps he shouldn't have said anything at all. "I mean... he was a good person?" Maverick hoped the answer was yes, but as Aubrey stared at him he quite honestly had no idea how she would answer. He silently shoved his hands in his pockets and was reminded that he still had Caspian's phone. The beat up cellphone was still in his pocket despite the fact that Maverick hadn't been able to bring himself to go through it. What good would it do to know the secrets of the dead?​


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Mood: Concerned

Location: Aubrey's House

Interactions: Aubrey

Caspian was dead and Charlie was a suspect. The idea that such an event could happen and that Charlie of all people could possibly be to blame didn’t sit right with Thorn. Charlie was sweet, she was kind, she was gentle and loving. Yes, she may be Dauntless but Thorn couldn’t see her murdering someone in cold blood. No matter how many people might believe she has some level of guilt Thorn knew he would never be convinced. He silently prayed that others would feel the same and see the young medic for the person she was rather than whoever the authorities were making her out to be. Charlie wasn’t some murderous monster, no, she was a thoughtful and brave young woman who had clearly been through a hard time and was still doing her best to come out stronger on the other side of it.

As Thorn thought about the scene, he had witnessed in the café his blood roared in his ears with worry. He had been told to leave but he should have stayed, he should have made sure Charlie was treated fairly. Sure, there wasn’t much he could really do but he could have been her witness, he could have provided a distraction for her to get away. In her weakened state though he knew deep down she wouldn’t have gotten far even if he had provided a distraction. She had been so shaky since seeing his fear simulation, her panic attack having taken a lot out of her. Thus, another reason he didn’t believe she would ever do such a thing.

The young freckled boys mind returned to the crime that had been committed and instantly his heart ached for all those who held Caspian dear. He was certain that by now Mav would have found out and Thorn had no Earthly idea how the instructor would react to his brother’s death. Caspian was a legend among the young members of Dauntless. So many initiates and aspiring initiates looked up to him.

One face, in particular, stuck out in Thorn’s mind as he remembered those who thought highly of Caspian. “Aubrey.” He gasped softly and realized that she might be dealing with this loss all alone. He might not be able to be at Charlie’s side to comfort her right now but Thorn knew he could certainly be there for Aubrey, even if they weren’t that close. No one should have to deal with their loss alone and if Thorn had anything to do with it, he would make sure Aubrey had someone there with her.

Rushing through the streets of the Dauntless compound Thorn did his best to remember where exactly Aubrey lived. He had been there a time or two for a few get-togethers though he knew he hadn’t really fit in. The two of them were at such different ends of the spectrum but none of that mattered right now, all Thorn cared about was making sure the young blonde was supported at a time like this. As he made his way quickly down the street, he passed a small vendor selling little bouquets of flowers and quickly grabbed two before handing the vendor some money. “Thanks.” He nodded as he turned and rushed off again.

A few minutes later Thorn was ascending the steps to the front door of Aubrey’s house, a bit out of breath and with the two bouquets of flowers missing a few petals from the rush. For a moment the young man hesitated, not wanting to appear intrusive by just showing up. Taking a breath, he shook his head and reminded himself that he was here for Aubrey because he couldn’t be sure that Charlie had made her way home yet or that Finn was around. If she didn’t need him here, he would leave, but he had to be sure first. With that, the young man reached up and knocked on the door. “Hey…Aubrey?” He called just loud enough that she would hopefully hear. “I…uh…It’s Thorn.” He added as he realized she might not recognize his voice. “I wanted to…well…I heard what happened and I wanted to check in on you. Do you need anything? Is there anything I can do?” He asked through the door, not knowing if she was even there to hear him.

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Ghost // Male // Age 18 // Training Instructor // Erudite to Dauntless

The journey back to the car—with one-seventy pounds of dead weight hanging between Blair and Ghost, the July sun beating down on them, and each hornet sting throbbing in time with his pulse—was a harrowing one. Several times he and Blair would hear the crunch of grass or lighthearted chatter of approaching passerby, a silent agreement would pass between them, and with Parks’s body in tow they flattened themselves down into the nearest gully or pressed themselves up against a thick tree trunk. Ghost’s heart hammered so hard during these intervals that it was a small miracle the joggers and dog-walkers didn’t hear it and were immediately alerted to his and Blair’s illegal shenanigans. He marveled at how easy this trek through the woods had been the first time around in comparison, when the sum of his discomforts was the weight of the tranquilizer gun smacking between his shoulder blades with every other step.
When Ghost and Blair arrived at the Valor, their faces were flushed and damp with exertion, chests straining for breath amid the soupy humidity. Ghost’s lips were parched and his saliva hot and sticky, and he kicked himself for forgetting to pack cold drinks amid their heist equipment. It was a small comfort that Blair appeared equally winded. For some reason, this surprised Ghost, just as having beaten her during their rooftop duel yesterday morning surprised him. He wasn’t sure when or why he had come to think of her as invincible, whether it was a result of her having been born and raised in Dauntless where girls were taught to exude toughness, or her mystifying ability to move things with her mind. But apparently that ability doesn’t extend to moving people, Ghost thought sourly, as he slammed the trunk closed with Parks’s ridiculously heavy body inside.
Blair spoke, her words coming in gradual, labored puffs of breath as she proposed they lift weights together sometime in the future. Was she joking with him? Or she was just absently reassuring herself that there would still be a future in store for them after this heist was over, other than the inside of a prison cell. The corners of Ghost’s mouth lifted into a pirate’s smile, and he side-eyed her speculatively. “Blair Avalon,” he said slowly, “do I detect an invitation to go on a date? And here, if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought you despised me.” Within a heartbeat, Blair’s expression transformed into one of murderous intent, and Ghost prepared to leap out of the way of an incoming blow but none was forthcoming.
Instead of replying, Blair abruptly whirled around, her long hair flaring out and nearly whipping Ghost across the face. She stalked around the side of the car. He let out a wordless cry of protest when he saw she was going for the driver’s-side door and lunged after her. Blair swung back toward him and planted her feet, immovable. She challenged him to give her one good reason why he should be driving after he’d nearly veered into a lamppost the first time. Her tone was a bowstring drawing back a poison-tipped arrow, yet Ghost answered anyway, despite knowing the question was largely rhetorical. “Well,” he replied, straightening his lapels self-importantly, “I would say that I’m the older, more responsible one, but I think we both know that’s only half true. For the record, I am a very mature fifteen-year-old.” Nonetheless, without further argument, he acquiesced and rounded the hood of the car, sliding into the passenger seat. If Blair wanted to drive, that suited him just fine. When Ghost closed the door behind himself, he already had one hand closed on his vape pen.
“But I get to pick the music,” he declared, flicking on the radio before Blair could fight him. Jazz music skipped to country and then to a jiggy hip-hop remix about vandalizing neighborhoods and collecting illicit payments. Hip-hop wasn’t usually Ghost’s genre of choice, but somehow classical music seemed incongruous when he and Blair had an enemy tied up in the back of a stolen car. As Blair finished adjusting the seat and mirrors and pulled out of the ravine in which they’d been parked, Ghost clicked his tongue in mock reproach. “I’m an expert shot, a criminal mastermind, one hell of a cardsharp, and a snappy dresser, yet here you are criticizing me for not being a world-class chauffeur, too. You’re a picky girl.” He raised the vape to his lips and took a drag, the end of the cylinder lighting up white-blue in the windshield. Blair cut a glance to him and immediately protested, leaning over the gear shift to make a snatch for the pen. Ghost transferred it to his right hand and held it out of her reach as the car took a dangerous swerve. “Better focus on your driving. If you actually crash when I almost crashed, you’ll prove that I was the superior driver all along.”
With a growl of resignation, Blair gave up trying to wrest the vape from him. Ghost released the breath that he’d been holding. She’d been grabbing a lot of things but the vape wasn’t one of them, and while Ghost wasn’t entirely against the contact, his neck and shoulder were still sore from the antagonistic encounters with both the hornet and Obadiah Parks. Blair skirted around the pond and then took a left, heading for the location in which they’d split up from Fable Morvo. Seeing as Parks’s bodyguard hadn’t come running at the first sounds of a struggle, either Fable had successfully taken him out, or he was busy arranging the arrest of a suspicious young woman with fake bloodstains that were really just water. Ghost had to hand it to the Abnegation girl; he knew that, as an initiate, he wouldn’t have stood half a chance against a professional bodyguard in a fight, even with the element of surprise on his side. And if he were being completely honest, his present self probably wouldn’t have fared much better.
He took another hit of cannabis until a film formed around his senses, pleasantly blurring the world. Ghost’s thoughts grew conspicuously loud in his head, jockeying for his attention. “Which would you rather be, a werewolf or a unicorn?” he suddenly blurted out, looking over at Blair to gauge her reaction. In profile, her nose formed a gentle slope, and her eyebrow was a shade darker than her champagne hair. She was irrefutably pretty. That eyebrow scrunched with a small scowl as Blair responded a werewolf, obviously. “Why’s that?” Ghost asked, returning the vape pen to his pocket. She hesitated before answering. Then, with visible reluctance, as if she were afraid that Ghost might ridicule her, Blair finally spoke. Because werewolves have no control over their powers. And because they have multiple identities living in one body—not that she expected Ghost to understand that, she added hastily.
“No, that makes perfect sense,” he said, sobering. He turned his gaze away from her and had started pensively staring out the window when she unexpectedly turned the question back on him. “What?” he asked, caught off guard. Blair snorted at his absentminded reply, but instead of feeling self-conscious, Ghost felt absurdly flattered that she had taken enough interest in his thoughts to return the question. “A unicorn—obviously.” He imitated the decisive authority of her answer. “Because, for starters, the unicorn is the purest of all creatures. No one would dare kill it, because the perpetrator would be forever cursed with a fate worse than death. If that’s not a good safeguard against predation, then I don’t know what is.” Ghost gave a significant pause and ran a hand down his leather coat and double-breasted silk shirt. “Plus, if I were a werewolf, my clothes would be torn to shreds every time I shift into wolf form. That’s a massive financial liability.” He smiled wickedly. “And an equally massive inconvenience when I shift back.”
Ghost watched Blair attentively and saw the exact moment when she registered the joke, her eyes swelling with such shock it was almost horror. He cackled with laughter while Blair shook her head, as if thinking that boys were deeply disgusting. She eased the Valor to a stop, and Ghost glanced back out the windshield in surprise to see Fable Morvo. Her pomegranate ringlets hung forward and obscured her face as she looked down at the limp, black-clad body of a burly man at her feet. Alarm fired through Ghost, and he surveyed up and down the path, scanning for potential witnesses, but there was no one within a half-mile radius. While he and Blair had been busy subduing Obadiah Parks, Fable must have caused some kind of commotion or scene to clear people out of this part of the park. Somehow, Ghost didn’t want to know and desperately wanted to know what had happened both at once.
Fable continued staring at the body; she didn’t seem to notice Blair and Ghost’s arrival. Exchanging a worried look with his accomplice, Ghost unbuckled his seatbelt, swung the door open, and climbed out of the car. A warm breeze flattened the fabric of his shirt against the small of his back, where sweat made it stick. The decrepit vehicle’s air conditioner was busted, and despite its interior being stiflingly hot, he and Blair didn’t dare drive with the windows down for fear of Parks suddenly waking up and screaming for help. “Hey, Fable, looks like you did a great job!” Ghost called as he approached. “Now why don’t you hop in the backseat while I put the finishing touch on Stapes, and then we’ll get the hell out of here.” He crouched over Obadiah’s downed bodyguard and produced a small syringe filled with memory serum. Ghost jabbed it into the man’s neck and depressed the plunger, barely eliciting a stir from Stapes. Fable had gotten him good, indeed. “By the way, I never doubted you for a second,” Ghost said encouragingly, craning his neck up at Fable. She wasn’t a tall girl, but in that moment she stood so strong and bright, it was like staring into the sun.
Fable immediately called him out on his bullshit. She glowered down at him menacingly, daring him to deny it. “Oh yeah, it absolutely was,” Ghost agreed cheerily, remembering the cold certainty he’d felt while sitting in the tree that Fable would be the weakest link who ruined the plan and got them all arrested. “One hundred percent. But look at it this way: Now that I’m impressed with your ability, I’ll give you bigger responsibilities in the future and expect you to handle them with equal success. And then should you fail, I’ll be really disappointed. So don’t mess up.” He said this all with a sunny smile as he finished dragging Stapes behind some dense shrubbery, where the unconscious body was less likely to be seen by the casual observer. Ghost bounced easily to his feet. Memory serum wasn’t an exact science, but the memory they wanted to erase from Stapes’s brain was brief and recent enough that Ghost didn’t doubt the serum would do its job. If anything, it might take a little too much from the man’s memory, so Ghost had lowered the dose marginally; it would be equally suspicious if Stapes woke up and suddenly forgot a critical part of his identity or duties.
Without waiting to see if Fable would follow, he turned and headed back to where Blair was cautiously watching the exchange from behind the windshield of the Valor. Ghost reclaimed the passenger seat, unconcerned about Fable sitting in the seat immediately in front of Parks. He and Blair had already searched their captive for weapons and disarmed him, so even if he woke up and somehow managed to break free of his bonds, however improbable, Fable was in no imminent danger of being shot or stabbed. “Six Thirty-Seven Little Hammer Lane,” Ghost told Blair. When she looked at him questioningly, he elaborated, “It’s a unit of an abandoned rowhouse in Baneberry—a neighborhood mostly taken over by Factionless—and it’s also where we’re going to interrogate your future father-in-law. No one will interrupt us there.” Blair shot Ghost a lethal look and opened her mouth to retort, but just then Fable opened the door to the backseat and clambered inside. Rather than drag a near stranger into their private conflict, Blair guided the car back onto the asphalt and then peeled off for the seedier side of the city again, the Valor fleeing back in the direction it had come from like a rat scurrying for the shelter of a sewer.



Charlotte "Charlie" Stark || 20 || Medic || Dauntlessborn

Charlotte took a moment to breathe before responding to Bloom. Her voice quivered like the wind, and it took all of her self-control to not openly sob at how her day had turned out. Nothing seemed to go right for her, not now, not ever. It would not have surprised her if her father had turned up and taken her out back to beat her up, or worse, but thankfully that was not an addition to her day, instead, she held the phone close to her ear, pressing it so close that it warmed her temple, and tried to speak sensibly. "I'm up Gorse lane, but I'm on my way to you." She glanced behind her and sucked in a breath as her mind played tricks on her, showing every shadow to be Noah and Harrison following her, or Caspian's corpse, or Jeremy... "Please don't hang up, I think I'm safe but I wouldn't mind the security." She finished, and heard as Bloom insisted that she would stay on her phone and would make her way to Charlie so that they could meet half way, Charlie breathed a sigh of relief and quickened her pace. She couldn't help but think this must be a simulation, everything that was happening was surely something she feared, but she could think clearly, she could remember exactly how she got here today and knew deep down that this was no dream and no simulation. This was reality, as shitty and terrifying as reality could be. She knew that soon enough she would need to console herself and go to Caspian's funeral, she wouldn't have missed it for the world, but she was too scared, too shocked and too broken to do that. She thought back to how nice it had been to go to the cafe with Thorn, and how that date had ended so poorly, and only gotten worse. She wished she could be b ack there now, or even that Thorn would be here now, the sturdy young man had always been a sense of security for Charlie, even through their 4 year age gap. Charlie had never felt shy or awkward to hang out and enjoy the presence of those that were Aubrey's age, as she herself had not grown up with friends in Dauntless her own age, besides Caspian, Harper and Phillip. So Thorn had always been close to her, and they'd always gotten along swell, so Charlie wished he had stayed with her after the cafe, but knew that it was good that he had left, he shouldn't have had to deal with the stuff she was dealing with. He shouldn't even be dealing with the things he was dealing with, but Charlie knew that she had no power to change that.

Charlie finally saw Blooms dark hair from a distance, and felt her heart skip in anticipation for seeing her, only to drop as she noticed that Bloom was not alone. Charlie froze, her mouth drying as she tried to think of what she could do, her eyes scanned the boy quickly and it was easy to tell who it was, Jake. But she was not in the mood for Jake's delightful personality, although she usually found it adorable and sweet, if not a little obnoxious, she knew that her body, mind and emotions were so near empty that she could break down at the slightest touch, and she doubted that Jake had the ability to be gentle, with words or physique. However, she would not push him away or be rude, she just needed another plan to stop herself from breaking down quickly. Bloom rushed over to Charlie, and asked her what was wrong, obviously noting the red eyes and distraught look, not to mention Charlie had started to shiver as if she were cold, the shock of everything having seeped into her body and now coming out like she was cold and scared. Charlie could see Jake was right beside Bloom, also looking concerned, dear thing, and Charlie couldn't think of another way to talk to Bloom alone without doing something she almost never did. Charlie bit her lip and wrapped her arms around the female, obviously giving her a fright, as Bloom knew Charlie well enough to know that she never did that. Bloom adapted quickly and hugged Charlie back, as Charlie whispered quietly to her in order to try and give her some information quietly. "I can't talk with Jake here, but I will tell you later... I might be in some trouble." She said, her voice soft and quiet, and watching as Bloom nodded, her hands wrapped around Charlie lovingly and a gentle pat on her back informed Charlie that Bloom had heard her and understood. Charlie stepped back and tried to smile at Jake before resigning to not smile, her body unable to do that in the moment. "Caspian's dead. His... his funeral is beginning soon. Would you come with me Bloom? I don't think I can go alone, you know how much Caspian meant to me, I... I need you." She said softly, and watched as Bloom's eyes showed a range of emotions at all the information. Jake's too.

Charlie looked at Jake. "I'm sorry Jake I didn't mean to steal Bloom off of you, I wouldn't have called her if I'd known she had company." Charlie would have invited Jake were it anything other than Caspian's funeral that she was about to attend. But she knew that the boys energy would only cause her to break down more than she already was. He was a lovely boy and someone she thought had good potential, but right now, Charlie needed Blooms quiet and gentle support, rather than Jake's boyish and puppy like joy. She turned to Bloom. "I need to go and get some things, and get ready, I can meet you at the ceremony." She declared, and watched as Bloom agreed to her terms, though she could tell Bloom was worried and didn't want to watch Charlie leave at all, nor did she want her to go without having told her what had happened. But Charlie knew that Bloom would be patient and would speak with her later; she waved goodbye to the two and turned around, suppressing a sob in her throat she began the walk to Caspian's apartment. It wasn't a long walk, or maybe it was, Charlie's mind was not on her surroundings and she arrived at the apartment almost as if she had teleported there. She was aware that both Maverick and Ghost lived at the apartment, but she had a gut feeling that neither would be there, and when she tried her key in the lock, it opened and she was greeted with dark silence. She mustered a weak "hello" but was only met with more silence, which showed that her thoughts had been correct. She turned a light on and immediately she felt a tear trickle down her cheek as the empty apartment greeted her, and not Caspian. She walked through numbly like a Ghost, unaware of the tears that streaked down her face, and softly opened Caspian's door. It had obviously been searched and used for investigation, as there was tape and a strangely clean mess in the room, but Charlie wasn't so worried, nor was she able to be, her mind so numb at this point as to not work. Her fingerprints would be all over this room anyway, she had lived her for a couple days when her father had been beating her so bad. She went to the wardrobe, ducking under some tape that had been erected there, and rifled through the clothes in order to find the things she was looking for. Eventually she found the two items she desired. One was a black leather jacket with a beautiful fiery phoenix on the back, almost a perfect replica of the tattoos that both Charlie and Caspian shared, the other item of clothing was a soft dark grey sweater that Caspian had always given Charlie when she was cold. It was way too large for her and had holes and ripped hems, but it smelled like Caspian and Charlie loved it. She took both the items from the wardrobe and exited the room and the apartment. Making her way to the ceremony.


Charlie sat near the front of the room, but not so near the front as to be easily seen by everyone. She wore her black dress that she'd been wearing all day, but now had a specific black leather jacket on that Caspian had given to Alice so long ago. It was too big for Charlie, so big that she was able to wear it over the grey sweater as well, but she felt some comfort in wearing it, even if it reminded her of the fact that both Alice and Caspian were now dead. Bloom sat beside her, but neither spoke, they listened and grieved, but there were no words that could express exactly what any one person was feeling. She wanted to go see Caspian, she regretted the last time she had, yes he had been drunk and trying to touch her, but she shouldn't have gone away from him, maybe if she had stayed he would still be alive, or maybe she would be dead with him. She inwardly scolded herself for her selfishness at leaving him there when he was so drunkenly incapacitated. It was her fault, that much was true in her mind, even if she hadn't killed him herself like the investigators were saying. Her face pale and her skin cold, she sat there numbly until the ceremony had finished, almost watching it through a haze of disbelief. If Bloom spoke to her, the medic didn't hear, and if she heard, she couldn't discern any words from the mumbles. Her eyes had wept as much as possible before the ceremony had begun, so the medic had not dropped a single tear in the funeral, but her eyes showed the history of crying that today had brought out. Her face tired and forlorn, she finally arose once people were leaving, drinking, eating and talking, and slowly walked to Caspian's casket. She stopped before she could see his face, and felt her heart jump into her throat. She wavered on the spot, as if she would faint or fall over, and she was numbly aware that Bloom stabilized her, having walked up with her. Charlie steadied herself, and walked forward, Caspian's face coming into view inside the casket, pale and very assuredly dead. Charlie let out an almost incomprehensible moan of sorrow, so quiet that she herself did not hear it, as she walked as close as possible, her hand reaching out to hover over Caspian's features. She resisted touching him, unsure that she wanted to feel his cold skin, his eyes closed and his hear finely combed, makeup placed on him so that he looked alive, Charlie wished he could just wake up, joke around and join her for the day. But no, that was not to be.

Just like they had not meant to be. Her visions of marrying Caspian as a youngster, of raising a family with him, someone who could likely protect her from Jeremy... Charlie had had to let those dreams go when she had seen Caspian's love for Alice, and reciprocation that Alice had back. Charlie had not loved Caspian like Alice had, but she had loved him in her own way, deeply and purely. He may have taken her innocence from her, but she had forgiven him. Then in the end, Alice had died, and although Charlie had never felt any relief that Caspian was single, she had wondered if there had been any chance of the two rekindling their relationship, but it was clear that after his relationship with Alice, Caspian had realized who it was that he loved, and what he liked, and it had not been Charlie. But that was okay, or at least that's what Charlie told herself, she was his best friend, and he called her family. She took off the leather jacket, gently laying it over Caspian's body, like a blanket, and leaned forward to kiss him softly on the forehead, one last time. Her heart wrenched at this feeling and she had to move away quickly as her body became too light and faint to be trusted. Bloom took command and led Charlie back to a chair, helping her sit down and making sure she was okay. Charlie again hardly said a word and hardly acknowledged her best friends presence. Shock had fully wrought her like a train wreck, and now she sat there morose and frozen in time. It wasn't until Bloom had repeated her name a number of times that Charlie looked up at the man who stood in front of her. Or rather it was a number of people, Charlie saw that it was Asher, Phillip, Jacob and Oscar, with their respective partners and children. They came to check how she was, everyone who was close to Charlie having known how close she was to Caspian. Charlie managed to smile a weak smile of gratefulness at their concern, and she wished them her condolences as well. Once they had all left, Phillip having stayed a little longer to chat with Bloom and try to chat with Charlie, another person came over and sat beside Charlie.
"I don't mean to intrude now, Miss Stark, but there is the matter of Caspian's will." Charlie looked at him mutely. "It is instated entirely to you." Charlie blinked in surprise. "What?" She asked dumbly, and listened as the man repeated himself. He gave her a piece of paper and Charlie looked at it, reading it herself to see that it was indeed Caspian's official will, and that she was, indeed, the only person named to get any inheritance of his, life insurance and possessions. Of course Aubrey and Sasha were labeled too, but it was entitled to Charlie herself.

It was at this point that Charlie became too dizzy to even keep herself upright, and she sank against the chair, her head falling into her hands which were now only able to catch it by her elbows on her knees. Again she was briefly aware of Bloom's presence, but the medic was so shocked and upset to truly respond to anything she might say.

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Aubrey Amber Stark || 16 || Initiate || Dauntlessborn

Aubrey had spent the majority of the day after simulations in her room trying to come to terms with the fact that Caspian was dead. She had never imagined that someone like Caspian could die, he was so mighty and so strong and so immmovable, her role model and inspiration, her mentor and her adoration. There was nothing that Caspian didn't embody for Aubrey, he even had a high ranking position in Dauntless, although Aubrey had always aspired for higher, she had admired Caspian's position nonetheless, and had thought that one day it would be fun to be a Dauntless trainer just like he was. She had been sad when he had disappeared from training, but never in her life had she supposed that he would die. The world needed Caspian in it, that's how Aubrey saw it anyway, and now the world, for the moment, was no more. She screamed in pain as she began to throw some of her own possessions against the wall in anger, some things bouncing off, some shattering. Damn life and it's ways of ruining things. Aubrey couldn't handle the emotions, reaching into her side desk for her stash of throwing knives and darts, she began to aggressively throw them into her wall, each one making a solid thunk and leaving a large slice in the walls. Of course Aubrey knew this was an immature way of dealing with this but the pain was too much to bear and this wasn't really hurting anyone. The only time she stopped was when her mother came in, and Aubrey watched as Sasha looked at the wall littered in knives, darts and holes, and said nothing, simply telling Aubrey that Caspian's funeral was soon, and Sasha had to leave now, so Aubrey could come now or later. Aubrey told her mother that she would go later, and Sasha left without another word. Aubrey went back to throwing her knives, eventually stopping when as she had finished another round of throwing the knives, she realized she could hear a voice at the door. Hoping it to be Finn, she rushed to answer it, only to stop as she heard the voice introduce itself as Thorn.

Aubrey wasn't upset that it was Thorn who had come checking on her, but her heart ached for the fact that Finn hadn't, however, Aubrey stiffened her back and walked up to the door, opening it and seeing Thorn holding two bouquet's.
"Hi Thorn." She said quietly, watching as he repeated what he had already said in order that Aubrey heard the entirety of it. He had come to check on her? Knowing that she would be upset by this. Aubrey felt a small stab of pain at the idea that it was evident that she would be weakened and hurt at Caspian's death, but she simply ignored it, this wasn't the weakness that she avoided, this would make her stronger somehow. Aubrey nodded at Thorn's words, and when he offered the bouquet she accepted, bringing it to her nose and smelling it, breathing in a bit too much and sneezing. She giggled slightly at the sneeze, sniffling as her nose began to run. She invited Thorn inside, and searched for a vase to hold the two bouquet's, eventually using some jars as she was unsure where her mother kept the vases. Thorn wasn't very vocal, and Aubrey wasn't either, an unusual time for Aubrey, who was usually a chatterbox and never shut up. She wondered about Thorn's offer, and knew there was only one thing she wanted him to do. "You could come to the funeral with me? I don't want to go alone." She said, watching as Thorn readily agreed. Aubrey smiled slightly at that, a small genuine but sad smile that was unusual on her usually joyful features. "I'll just put a jacket on." She said, and went to her room, eventually returning with a long black jacket that fell to her knees. She exited the house with Thorn, and walked beside him. Eventually, Aubrey couldn't bear the emptiness she felt, and she stepped closer, linking her arm through Thorn's, not brave enough to just hold his hand like she would with Finn. They didn't speak much, Thorn asked where Charlie was, and Aubrey answered that she didn't know, Charlie had simply rang her about Caspian's death, and hadn't been home, she assumed she'd gone straight to the funeral.

Aubrey felt inclined to speak, hating the silence that sat in the air between them. "Did you know Charlie and Caspian used to date? When their initiation started, they dated for a while, apparently it didn't work out because they never ended up together after initiation, but I always hoped that she would marry him, I always wanted him to be my brother. He kinda already was anyway, he trained me like family, but it wasn't the same, you know?" She began to ramble, "Now Caspian won't ever get to even go to Charlie's wedding when she gets married, or if, I guess, do people even care about wedding's anymore? I mean I don't even remember the last wedding I went to, but maybe Charlie will get married, apparently she has some sort of boyfriend, mom said that they're coming for dinner tomorrow night and Finn and I were..." Aubrey gritted her teeth shut as she realized how much she just said. "Sh*t, I wasn't meant to say that, apparently it's a secret. Plus... Finn isn't even responding to my calls so he can't even help me catch.. I mean.. find..." Aubrey began to awkwardly stutter as she tried to catch her tongue mid conversation, having never really trained in keeping her mouth shut, she was naturally not very good at it. Thorn seemed concerned though, and Aubrey realized that if Finn wasn't going to be at the dinner tomorrow night, then maybe she could count on Thorn? Aubrey looked at Thorn with intention and stopped walking. "You care for Charlie right? I mean who doesn't... but what if I told you..." Aubrey began to whisper, leaning closer to Thorn. "What if I told you that someone is hurting her? Apparently... I got told that it was her lover. And as luck would have it, he's coming for dinner tomorrow night, I have orders to alert leadership about this, but originally I was going to have Finn back me up so if things went south we could protect Charlie. But you care for Charlie just as much as Finn does right? You could come, do you want to come? We can save Charlie together." Aubrey watched as Thorn heard her and his face changed in many emotions as he listened to her, she wasn't sure if he would say yes, and she was definitely sure that she shouldn't have told him, but it was too late now. They continued walking as THorn continued to think about it. But Aubrey was almost certain that he would say yes, even if he needed to ask a lot of questions to get there, she could see the protective instinct in his eyes. They continued walking to the funeral, and each step closer Aubrey got chattier and chattier, until they actually got there, and then as if a switch had been flicked, she went silent.


Aubrey had sat nearer the back than the front, not daring to be anywhere near Caspian's corpse. The idea of seeing him, not alive, was sickening and Aubrey felt like throwing up what little food she had in her stomach just thinking about it. Instead, she sat far enough away to only barely see the casket itself, and she sat with Thorn. The blonde girl was dead silent, and her hand had finally braved its way into holding Thorn's hand, regardless of whether that was something he was comfortable with or not. Aubrey had never been shy about physical touch or friendly intimacy, unlike Charlie, so she wasn't shy or awkward about doing something like that. Usually it would be with Finn, but given the fact he wasn't with her, she had no worried about doing it with Thorn. The funeral was like a weird party that nobody wanted to be at, it had drinks and food and people doing speeches and saying things, but instead of a party boy to soak in all the praise and fun, Caspian lay dead and unmoving, gone to the world. Aubrey hated it, and she hoped that it would end soon so she could leave. However, she was saved from her hatred as a body moved to sit beside her, and she glanced quickly, heart beat increasing, only to calm down as she noticed that it was Maverick. Aubrey sighed in relief as the older boy sat beside her and gave a level of comfort she hadn't known was possible. She had been close friends with Maverick when they were little, and when he had disappeared she had almost become his substitute for Caspian, a younger sibling for him to dote on, train and scold. Aubrey had missed Maverick deeply when he had left, but he had come back an entirely different person, and she struggled to relate to him now, almost seeming like a child in his eyes, which caused her pain. They had been equals once, yet now it seemed like they weren't. However, at this moment, his presence gave her a huge sense of comfort.

His words surprised her, and the realization hit her that Maverick had missed such a huge portion of his brothers life. She didn't know at first how to process, and then answer, Mavericks question. Her hand squeezed Thorn's as she let go in order to rub her legs for comfort. "He was the best person." Aubrey quietly said in reply, knowing no other way of describing Caspian's person to Maverick. "He trained me almost every weekend, he was like my older brother, he spoiled me stupid and always looked out for Charlie and me." She added, deciding that if Maverick wanted to ask about him that he wanted to know about him. "I don't think I will ever respect someone as much as I respected him." She finished, unable to continue talking about him without the urge to cry. She clamped her jaw shut, breathing sharply through her nose as she stared at the back wall, wishing this funeral would be over and she could forget about it. Her eyes scanned over to the bar and her desire for a drink began to spike, it wasn't unusual to drink or get drunk at a funeral, Dauntless was funny like that. "I need a drink." She said, and moved off of the chair to go over and get something. She ended up ordering three drinks, one for her, Mav and Thorn. But she wasn't sure they would want it. She carried them back, sitting down beside the boys and offering them. "If you don't want them, I do." She said, already beginning to drink the one she held, hoping each sip would send her away from this living nightmare.

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Christian "Chris" Parks || 16 || Initiate || Dauntlessborn

Christian had become quite bored over the time he had spent this day, sure it had been good fun to go zip-lining with people, but he had to admit that what his mind was really on was his girlfriend; Blair. She was so missing from his life right this moment, he knew she was struggling with Ajax, and he knew she struggled with her Divergency, no wonder he only added to her struggles with his imminent death. His mind wondered to Ghost, as he walked back home from the sweaty self-training he had just done, Ghost had given him drugs to begin with, and then had kept them from him only to give him a dose so large that he had become deathly addicted? Christian shook his head, confused, that was so convoluded and complicated that he couldn't wrap his head around it, and wished he could just be done with Ghost. Unfortunately the short white bastard's presence was all too common in the tall Dauntless boy's life, being a trainer and an initiate, both had to interact with each other on a daily basis, sometimes much too close for comfort. Christian knew that he wanted to hurt Ghost, badly, but also knew he would likely get kicked out of Dauntless if he did. Christian sighed, rubbing his dark blonde hair as he entered his house, making a bee-line to his shower and having a cold, relaxing rinse. While there, once he had finished his thoughtful shower, he noticed that all of his family, minus his father (and mother, of course) had congressed in the lounge, all dressed in black - not unusual - and as if they were about to go. Even his nieces were there, and Christian gave a gentle but weak smile as they ran up to him and gave him tight hugs, climbing up him like the tree they believed him to be. "What's going on?" Christian asked, confused about the family reunion that he hadn't been invited to. It was soon made clear to him what had happened, Caspian had died and his funeral was today. Chris was surprised that a funeral would happen so quickly when most people hadn't even heard of his death. Christian himself didn't know Caspian well, he really only knew him through his older siblings and through Aubrey, but after some convincing from Terra and Felicia, Christian agreed to go. Before they left for the funeral though, Christian having dressed in an all black suit that fit him a bit too tight, Terra gave him his prescribed medication. "Oh I don't..." He tried to tell her that he wasn't always taking that anymore, but they were in a hurry and he simply took it to be obedient and quiet. He dreaded the numbness it would bring about, the emptiness and the lack of all feeling.


Christian sat, his blue eyes unusually grey as they stared at the droning people who spoke of Caspian. Although he sat there with his family near the front, he admitted that he wasn't really listening to the people or the event in general, nor was he thinking of much, in fact, after a few minutes, 15 at the most, Christian had slowly slipped back into the old ways of his Anger restricting medication. He felt little to nothing, no sadness, or rage, or love, or anything. He sat there quiet and obedient, terribly bored and wishing he could just leave. He didn't know Caspian well personally, he only came for his family, they asked him, and he would leave when it was done. He had noticed others at the funeral, Thorn, Charlie, Bloom, Aubrey and of course Maverick, but he had no desire to go talk to them or interact. As the service wrapped up he followed his siblings like a robot, not saying or doing anything except shadowing them. It wasn't until Asher told him he could leave that he realized that it was over and he could, indeed, leave. He said no words to anyone, but left, his mind an empty tomb of a place, as the old medications that so often used to live in his body caused him to reminisce these feelings physically again. He occasionally thought of Blair now, but he was not concerned, she told him to stay out of what she was doing, so that's exactly what he was doing. In fact, to stay to her wishes, he decided to take a very different route, one that avoided Blair's house entirely. This route was not one that Christian traveled often, but the Parks boy had been down most streets of Dauntless, so he wasn't surprised at all when he looked up to recognize Shayla's apartment above him, and lo and behold Shay stood there looking down at him. He said no words, but waited, and soon enough the girl waved him up.

Christian knocked on her door and waited for her to open up, she did, and he entered her neat apartment, immediately feeling a simple warmth in his body. The outside air had been warm but held that little bit of wind on it, this room was warm, and yet cozy, it made Christian feel almost sleepy. "Hi Shay." He said softly, his voice dead and uninterested. He wasn't aware of his change of voice, but it was almost always evident to those that knew him, especially those that had known him recently, since he had transferred to using Lull (not that anyone knew the specifics), his personality had changed from this grey and dead person to a genuine character. Now though, it was as if that had all gone, and it was back to the same old grey Christian that Indira had always loved. Christian sat down on Shay's couch, immediately sneezing as the cat hair that sat around her house caused him to have an allergic reaction, he was allergic to cats; badly enough that he reacted fairly quickly, but it was a mild allergy, similar to hay-fever, and he had never let that stop him from doing things with people who had cats. In fact he rather liked cats, and would have his own if he had not been allergic. He sighed, as he leaned back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling. Shay asked him what he was doing here, and he shrugged. "Caspian's funeral. Family dragged me to it." He said with another shrug, not that the funeral had been unpleasant but just a little boring. He was sure that it was very sad, most people had been crying or making a scene of themselves, but Christian didn't have any capacity to care right now, which was one of the reasons he and Shay got along. He had never noticed before that Shay's friends had all stopped hanging out with her, nor had he noticed that he was the one exception, and he was not even very close to her. But he didn't care, Shay was Shay and he felt comfort in the presence of people he knew.

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Cassidy "Cassie" Wickham || 16 || Initiate || Erudite Transfer

Cas was not quick enough to resist Randi's friendly way of inviting her in, and she simply had to adapt quickly, walking into the infirmary and passing Maverick - who was walking out - as she did. Randi seemed almost upset that Maverick was going, and Cas had a sinking feeling that she had just walked in on something intimate and had interrupted it. She didn't care about people's relationships, but she didn't want to make enemies or make unnecessary mistakes. Yet if Randi was annoyed at Cas, she had yet to make that clear, as the attractive blonde was quick to offer her help. Cas spoke little, on the one hand it was because she wasn't sure quite how to respond to Randi through all of this, but also her lack of speech could be boiled down to the intense migraine that was happening in her body. It had started as an intense headache, with a slight aura and trouble with... well... everything. Now? Cas was struggling to comprehend Randi through the noise in her head, and her body was wanting her to shut down, to pass out. Cas took a few deep breaths, and shakily smiled at Randi. "I just need some pain meds, I have a migraine." She managed to say without stuttering or mumbling, and inwardly praised herself for that. She glanced at Randi through the pain in her body, and noticed that the blonde had been in here for a legitimate reason also, as it looked like she had taken a rather large wound from something, recently. Cas was deathly curious, but her own ailments were more important in the moment that those of Brandish Rose. Not because she felt no sympathy or empathy, instead it was merely because as the time ticked Cas was having less and less control on herself. If Griffon had been here and they had been alone, this would be when she would curl up in his arms and let him rock her, while the pain meds set in. Since he wasn't here, Cas electd that an unhealthy dose of pain meds would do the trick.

As if by a miracle, Randi produced the exact pain meds that Cas needed, having looked over by Charlie's supplies. Cas barely managed to get out a thank you as she took a triple dose of the recommended intake. She knew that by doing so she would likely have other symptoms that were unpleasant. But given that because of her faulty genetics she felt pain on a level unrealized by most others, she felt the risk was worth it, and would rather unpleasant symptoms than painful ones. As she sat down on the same bed that not two minutes ago Randi had been sitting on, she was mutely aware of Randi wanting to look at her arm. Cas tried to resist her, but when she saw that Randi was quite insistent on looking at the cut, she decided to let her do so, and watched her with perceptive brown eyes. Every touch around the cut was like another knife plunging into her arm, and Cas struggled not to screech at each touch that Randi made, this was only heightened as Randi decided to go full medic on her and begin cleaning it with alcohol wipes. At this, Cas screamed for a split second, before grabbing the wipes from Randi with a shaky hand. "S-Sorry.... that really stung... can you please just use water? I'll have it sanitized later when the pain meds kick in." She tried to explain lightly, hoping that Randi wouldn't ask too many questions. It wasn't like her condition was a secret, similar to Griffon's, but she didn't like to scream about what was wrong with her, just like she felt it silly to boast about what was right about her. So instead, she sat there, and tried to focus on the pain in her head and body, and the thumping sounds her head and heart made, as Randi helpfully cleaned the wound - which wasn't particularly bad, but realistically quite painful - and then bandaged it up gently. Once she was done, Cas managed to smile, as the pain relief finally began to kick in and her boy was able to do the things she wanted it to. "Thank you." Cas said, as Randi apparently decided to sit on the bed with her.

The girls sat in silence for a bit, and Cas was surprised at the fact that Randi was so decidedly nice and helpful. Out of all the people in the initiation, Randi would not have been the person she'd assume to have any Amity or Abnegation qualities, as she would have pegged her as a bonifide Dauntless. Could she be Divergent? Like me? Cas thought to herself, eventually deciding that it was safer to believe that nobody but her was. The statistics would have her believe that only one or two people per initiation would be Divergent, but it was never certain how many were able to hide it. She had managed to get through initiation so far without anyone noticing, thanks to her own research, her upbringing and the kindness of her aptitude test taker. No, it was safer to assume that Randi was just being a team player here. Cas was just about to muster the strength and bravery to ask Randi what she was doing in the infirmary, when Randi beat her to the chase, and asked her how she got her cut. "Zip-lining. First time, didn't dodge a window very well." Cas replied, and watched as Randi did a knowing nod. Remembering that it was indeed glass that had sliced her arm, Cas knew that there could very well be glass still inside it, but she wouldn't have anyone get it out without either putting herself to sleep (which wasn't going to happen) or fully numbing her arm. She would have to talk to Griffon or Charlie later about it. "And you? I assume you don't just come to the infirmary to hang out with instructors. You look like you've had a fun time yourself." She teased lightly, trying a bit of sarcasm, unsure if Randi was the type to bite or not. From what she had seen and observed, Randi was quite a player, she liked sarcasm, fun, games and flirting. Cas could enjoy that and mimic it wonderfully, and if she had to admit it, she enjoyed it.

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    5. Horror
    6. Magical
    7. Multiverse
    8. Mystery
    9. Pokemon
    10. Realistic
    11. Romance
    12. School
    13. Star Wars
    14. Super Powers
    15. Supernatural
  • Sub Genres:
    1. Adventure
    2. LGTBQ
    3. Mystery
  • Sub Genres:
    1. Action
    2. Adventure
    3. Anime
    4. Dystopian
    5. Horror
    6. Mystery
    7. Platonic
    8. Realistic
    9. Romance
    10. School
    11. Slice of Life
    12. Super Powers
    13. Supernatural
    14. Zombies