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Fantasy Dive into the Depths With Me!

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Little flower
Hello! I apologize if the title seems awkward but I didn't really know what to call this thread so....here we go! But first, some things you should know about me:

~ I am 23 years of age and would prefer my partners to be 18+. I have nothing against the younger ones on here, it's just a personal preference.

~ I can play MxF, MxM or FxF. With MxF, I prefer to play the female.

~ I can write anywhere from 2-7 paragraphs, just depends how inspired I feel. I do not expect my partner to match my length, I just ask for a minimum of a good-sized paragraph.

~ I am in college, so I am free after 1:50pm CST and I understand, we all have lives outside of this website, so I don't expect my partners to reply right away. All I ask is that you let me know if you're going to be away for a while and I'l do the same.

~ I really enjoy romance in my roleplays but I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea, so just let me know if you want to keep the relationships platonic.

Now onto what you all came here for!

World Information: Predominantly covered by water, the planet cycles between fair weather and chaotic storms that send tall waves racing across the oceans. Pockets of islands can be found dotting the surface of the planet, filled with lush forests and wildlife; though not everything is what it seems. Life under the ocean's surface is vibrant and covered with colorful fauna and flora. Fissures can be discovered along the ocean's floor and shelf and if mined correctly, valuable ore can be uncovered.

~ Sachem: The chief of the clan, Sachem's are only ever male. It is a position through birthright that passes down to the firstborn son.

~ Guardians: They carry out the Sachem's orders and are responsible for the laws within the city itself. They enact punishments and executions.

~ Warriors: Comprised of only males, they safeguard the city and its inhabitants. They are responsible for fighting away potential threats.

~ Keepers: There are some males of the species that are not as large or as strong. These are assigned to be Keepers. They help females in childbirth and in the case of an emergency, stay with the females in the last line of defense.

~ Bearers: The females of the species, they are protected fiercely.

Species Name: Gaeffea (Plural) | Gaeffi (Singular)

Species Information: The males of her species are predominantly more aggressive than the females. Warriors and leaders, they protect the clan with a viciousness that rivals that of a swarm of piranhas. At least twice as big as the females, the males are equipped with a type of poison they can inject into their victims with one bite that paralyzes them. Their first instinct is to protect their females and if they discover a female in distress, it sends them into such a frenzy that they charge their target with an intent to kill. But the females are not docile all the time. They can display such a display of viciousness it sends the males of their kind cowering away. A pregnant female or one with young are to never be provoked unless one wants their eyes clawed from their face. Underwater, the species communicate through a series of chirps, clicks, and warbles. But out of the water, they have a grasp of the spoken language.

Character Name: Kaira

Her form resembles that of a human, with willowy arms and legs that look too fragile for swimming. But built for swimming they are. Webbing links between her fingers and toes, aiding in gliding through the water soundlessly. Retractable claws tip each finger, wicked sharp and perfect for tearing into or useful in climbing up rocks. Her legs are long and slender, with fins on the outside of each calf. Her skin is white in color with hues of green and blue shimmering the length of her body. Patches of scales can be found on her hips, thighs and along her back. Her eyes are wide and lacking a pupil, colored a shimmering blue, much like that of her body. They shine eerie when exposed to light at a certain angle and a second eyelid lies behind the outer eyelid, to help protect her eyes from debris and the eye itself from drying out when on the surface. Out of the water or in it, she is agile and quick on her feet. The soles are tough so she could walk across rocks without batting an eye. Resting inside her mouth is a set of sharpened teeth. There is also a second set that pops down when provoked, curving inward like a shark. The perfect instrument for latching onto prey and dragging it down into the dark depths. Equipped with both a set of gills and a set of lungs, her gills seal shut when she breaches the surface and oxygen filters through her lungs instead.

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