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Disturbances (Star Wars: The Old Republic RP)


Resident Cripple
Oh, sorry, it could also be my own miswording. Essentially, there's a Force wound out there, this is set during the Old Republic age. If left alone it could hurt the people of the galaxy terribly. So it must be dealt with.


Local weirdo
Ooh, my favourite Star Wars era on par with the Clone Wars. Color me interested. I think I'll bring in a variation of my main character from SWTOR itself. If enough people end up interested, this may be fun.
I'm up for this, haven't been a huge starwars buff and never finished KOTOR and have only seen the movies, i guess MOST of my buff is on the clone wars side.. So if you're ok with a partially uneducated person being in the RP, id be interested.


Resident Cripple
You may wanna look up a few things here and there, but know this is like... 3,000 years before clone wars. So multiple Sith and Jedi floating around. Other than that? Most can be figured out with a quick search. Partially uneducated isn't a problem.

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