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Dead Planet (Main)

Dice System


Maelstrom Engineer
619687bbed759.jpgChapter 1: Deliverance

Dr. Miku Kobato and Beep have both spent weeks aboard the research vessel RV-134 Condor. The ship is physically average in size for its class, but carries a skeleton research crew. Despite having full facilities and compliments for around 100 personnel or so, due to cost, the Energence Corporation has only staffed the Condor with 15 individuals. Most of those are the Science Team.

Dr. Kobato heads that Science Team, a first for her. This mission is of low importance and even lower risk, so the Corporation’s decision to send someone with little experience—and skimpy pay—was an easy one. She was assigned Beep for the duration of the mission as a way to offset any experience or training gaps she may have (and to keep a sharp eye on her).

The Condor is currently on it’s way back to the team’s home station, Remote Site 21-T located inside a heavily guarded Energence Corporation DMZ in the Rim. With two more weeks to go, the staff are anxious to get home after completing a long

Miku and Beep sit in Miku’s office, running down reports and figures from the samples brought aboard the ship during the mission.

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The android's sharp eyes are the result of decades of fine-tuned engineering. It was the first of its particular make and model to have given itself a name. Beep: The first noise It was able to process upon being booted. Like a newborn human latching on to it's mother's voice, unable to understand the meaning behind the words, yet nonetheless recognizing their significance.

--Doctor, Beep has finished analyzing the organic matter. Several heretofore unprocessed organisms have been taxonomically classified. The data is stored in these logs.

The android spreads the logs out across Dr. Kobato's desk, as well as a pamphlet It has tucked under the thick stack of data. It does not acknowledge this.

--It is proud of what the research team has accomplished thus far. The samples have been the source of ample opportunity to develop It's biological and chemical skills. Soon It will understand the origins of consciousness.

(It would not.)

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The doctor stood at the large, floor-to-ceiling window that dominated one of the walls of her office. A sigh quietly escaped her lips as her dark brown eyes fixated on the vast emptiness of space. Every night she stood there, trying to will the excitement she had initially felt to return to her. Sadly, it always seemed to be in vain. Miku had quickly come to understand how unexciting and unimportant her assigned mission was and, despite the reassurances she received from her father during their weekly email dumps, she could never seem to rekindle that fire. One thing her father had always tried to change about Miku was the nuclear amount of ambition she had and the uneasiness she would feel when she didn't seem to fulfill that desire. Ambition is a great thing, her dad would always tell her, but it's unhealthy to hate the mundane parts of life and only chase the big moments. You need to appreciate every part of life. Miku never realized how bad her need for excitement was until halfway through her mission aboard The Condor. The glass of red wine she had in her right hand seemed to meet her blood-red lips with a mind of its own. Miku relished the warmth as it flowed down her throat before a rustling sound reminded her that she wasn't alone. Miku barely paid attention to the Android as she walked to her desk and glanced over the papers that were spread there.

"Oh Beep, where are my manners?" Miku twisted her body around and grabbed a glass from the wooden cabinet behind her. She set the glass down in front of the Android and grabbed a flask of engine oil she kept in one of her drawers. The viscous liquid flowed into the glass and Miku gave a big smile. "I hope you don't mind it neat!"

Miku almost maintained her straight face, but the buzz was too strong. She let out a loud, slightly obnoxious laugh before taking another drink of her wine. "Oh goddamn, I'm too funny." When she settled down, she turned her gaze back toward the window. "We did a good job out here, Beep. I'm just ready to be back, you know? I miss petting my dog-" Miku leaned back and stared at the ceiling with hooded eyes. "-and I miss my dad. More than anything though..." She almost said, I miss feeling like I'm doing something important, but thought better of it. Beep seemed to take a lot of pride in the work that they had done and Miku didn't want to offend the Android.

"Oh well, it doesn't matter. Only two more weeks and we'll be back!" A huge smile returned to her face as Miku tilted her head towards the glass of oil. "Now let's drink!"
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Beep's advanced android intelligence often falls short when it comes to working with humans. Its operating protocol has thus far been strictly objectives-based, but the human team aboard the RV-134 Condor continues to present obstacles to Its operation, such as figurative speech, ironic humor and cultural pleasantries. Beep stares at the glass of engine oil. It does not understand the neatness of liquid.

The Doctor, It is aware, has an increased BAC and is attempting to maintain composure. She comments on her humor, her dog, her father...she does not acknowledge the data logs, or the pamphlet beneath them.

--Doctor, Beep is curious about the state of your mental fortitude. Your Sanity is stable; why do you impair yourself with alcohol? There is no festivity to your demeanor, yet you jest. Shall It order a psychiatric evaluation to accompany the debrief upon return to Remote Site 21-T?


Maelstrom Engineer
After another full cycle (24 hours), the Condor moves into position for its final jump and its last week of Thruster travel.

At the designated time, when the ship is secure, the crew enter their cryosleep pods while Ballas, the bridge Android, readies the Jump Drive. When all crew settles and all pods are sealed, Ballas initiates the jump.


Dr. Kobato suddenly wakes to the cool cryo-gel draining away and the hiss of her cryo pod opening. When her hearing returns, she hears the alarm klaxon going off. As her vision clears, the room is bathed in flashing red alert lights.

Across from the cryo pods, BEEP reactivates as part of the ships automated protocols.

Both BEEP and Miku find the rest of the cryo pods opening for the crew. They, too, are groggily rolling out of their chambers and stretching. Captain Parker rolls his girth out of his pod and puts his chewed up cigar back in his mouth.

“The hell is going on!?” he demands to no one in particular. He moves to the comm unit on the wall. “Ballas? Status! And turn the alert off!”

The alert klaxons stop and the red lights stop flashing. “There has been a Jump Drive malfunction,” Ballas’ voice crackles through the comm unit. “We have exited hyperspace early, Captain. I think it would be wise to assemble all crew on the bridge. Sensors are picking up several anomalies and the ship is reading several issues.”

Captain Parker grunts. “We’ll be there.” He wheels to the rest of the crew waking. “Get some damn clothes and get to the bridge. I have a feeling we have a lot of work ahead of us.” He heads for his cabin and then the bridge.

The rest of the crew murmur and groan as they wake and climb out of their own pods.

  • 1 Captain
    • James Parker
  • 1 First Mate
    • Riage Binson
  • 2 Engineers
    • Kathrie Pery
    • Keith Storra
  • 1 General Maintenance
    • Bobby Kern
  • 1 Mess officer
    • Pam Brisson
  • 2 Bridge Crew
    • Jana Brodra
    • Atther Grighte
  • 2 Security Officers
    • Markev Ramill
    • Doria Risimm
  • 6 Scientists
    • Don Lopark
    • Christopher Rodre
    • Dene Ryante
    • Catherine Lewis
    • Katie Whelly
    • Mary Amez

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