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Multiple Settings Dani's role-play search!

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Hi! I'm finally free and back from my Hiatus, which means I'm finally wanting to hop into some RP...Yay!

My name is Dani, and I live in Australia (AEST). I'm a 17 year old student, meaning I have school Monday to Friday, which will limit when I can reply- but it shouldn't hinder my OOC chat too much, which I love to do!. I have roughly about 5/6 years of RP under my belt (Yes, I started when I was 11, and yes, I avoid looking to what i did to avoid cringing back into my own skin...). The lengths of my posts vary, from 500 words, to 1500 if the reply I'm given lets me! I basically try and mirror my partners reply. I play any gender, and I love to do some LGTB pairings(FXF MXF), as well as play multiple characters!P.S , If I ever just, vanish , don't be afraid to poke and stab at me a bit- there's no issue with it, a lot of the time I need it. And if I cant reply I'll tell you unless I'm like, dying.

I am very open to all options, so, if something that you want to do isn't here, just ask~!

For fandoms, I'm quite happy to do OC x Cannon, but, i'd rather play OC as i sometimes struggle playing other characters.

Princess X Prince/Princess (Arranged/ Not)
Knight X Prince/Princess
Human X Angel / Fallen
Human X Demon
Human X Supernatural/Mythological being
Angel X Demon
Gang member X Civilian
Soldier X Non-solider
Royalty X Civilian
Police X Criminal
Hunter X Supernatural being
Good student X Bad student
Rebel X Goodie too-shoes
Cyborg X Human
Superhero X Villain/Civilian

Harry potter
Dragon age
High school... With a twist?
Viking era
Victorian era
Maze Runner
Ghost hunting
Zombie Apocalypse

-The safezone
Its 2039 and the virus has overtaken the wasteland of Colorado, Aspin. It has been 20 years since the virus came alive, eating away almost 2/3rds of humanity, but , a secluded area between the mountains, is where one of the few official safe-zone resides. A place with tall, built walls, soldiers and guards roaming about and patrol cars regularly circling the perimeter to make sure that the citizens inside the walls are safe. Inside the walls are whole communities of people that function well, living in old houses, and newly built 'apartments'. Between the streets, stalls and stores are weaved through. At each entry or exit of the walls, there are a small squadron of modified cars, lookout post, and a shack for guards or soldiers to sleep in. Outside of these walls though, are bands of survivors, and barbarians. Some bandit groups aim to cause havoc, kidnapping people, turning them into slaves, wreaking havoc and trying to have 'fun', all while managing to survive. Unlike these bandit group, survivor groups go around, scavenging and getting help from the safe zones, or other larger factions. Larger groups (Such as *The Prugatory) have their own 'territories' and outposts in the mountains and rocky terrain of Aspin. Although they function much like any other bandit group, they have a mutual agreement with the Safe Zones, both managing to benefit each other.

Dr Orion Reyes and his children
A large, fortified mansion riddled with guards, caretakers and.. Scientists. Inside the house, Many gifted teenagers and children are housed, stolen and adopted from their parents in order to be trained properly for their abilities, and used as weapons or to be used to save cities from dire situations. (Still needs development!)

The kingdom of Stiagal.

The Kingdom of Stiagal; A vast, enchanted forest that many envy. It holds no ruler,yet, peace and harmony reign free and deep in the soils and waters of the land. Many extraordinary creatures call this place home, nestling by colourful flowers that bloomed almost all year long and large mountains with clear blue lakes by their bases. It's a place where many believe treasures are hidden, so much so that they risk their lives to try and pass the large ,stone pillars, with faces that stare at outsiders with disapproval. Many don't make it past the pillars; and other barely get to see the pillars without being warned by townspeople to turn back. The birds, bees, fairies and creatures alike share a special connection to the land, as well as the old temples that stand in the ground, vacant in nature yet still alive with the spirit of Stiagal and its inhabitants

The search for the Lost City

A group of keen, Adrenalin thirsty adventurers are on the search for Atlantis and after extensive research, gather coordinates off the coast of Sicily that are very promising. Their expedition begins in the water yet continues in a different dimension after they get sucked up in a vortex, taking the members and their boat. Will they be able to find each other after being separated?Or survive the different landscapes and different magical creatures that roam the new world? (Of course this is pretty bare, does need some more improvement and what not but its def something we can change and work on.)
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Heya, if you are still looking for partners I would love to work out something for the Human x Demon pairing or the Hunter x Supernatural Being pairing.


"You’re mine." He said. “That’s hot.” She laughed.
I might have a small idea for a Hunter x Supernatural Being plot, if you’re up for it?

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