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Fandom [Danganronpa] Murderbear anyone?? [FxF only]

Sub Genres
Anime, Horror, LGTBQ, Romance, School


"I-buki Mio-da~!"
So 👏 Danganronpa. Great game. Fills me up with hope. And despair. So much despair. But also so much hope (I swear, someone is gonna make a comment on this, probably some Nagito kinnie, saying something about me saying hope. And I will hurl a hope speech at you back if you're that person, cause I'm a Nagito kinnie as well. #Hope? #Hope 👌👌). I've been in the Danganronpa fandom for-??? I dunno, like- 5-6 years-? I know it was around when the first game was out, I was a teenager at the time.

And you know what I've always wanted to do in the Danganronpa fandom?

Roleplay the hecc out of it

So what am I doing?

Finding people to roleplay the hecc out of it with!

♡~About Me~♡
My name, is low key boring. Plain. A genetic freaking name. Lily. Yep, you can face palm now. You were probably expecting something cool like Rodriqué or Aurora, the type of name that rolls of the tongue.

But nope.

You get a Lily (make a Lily's garden reference I dare you 😤😂).

20 years old! Havin' the time of my life! Woooo!

Please, don't be disappointed in me but- I draw manga. Whether it's dirty fan manga or professional manga that animes are based on is up for your interpretation.

Cause if I tell you which I draw, you'll be even more dissapointed in me.

So, I've been misgendered before. I am a female. Not a guy, or a nonbinary, or a transgender. I'm just a girl! And I don't give a crap about gender labeling! Except when people call me a dude like- Bruh just because I'm more out going than most women my age (most not all) does not make me a guy! Like dang!

♡~Roleplay info and requirments (I swear, please read before reaching out to me)~♡
Writing style
So, if I had to guess how much I write, it mostly depends on my partener. The minimum I write is 100 words, the maximum I write is around 1.5k. It also depends on how much narration/dialogue is happening, and how many characters are interacting.

Gender pairings
Female x Female only! This could change in the future

So, I'm not too crazy on OCs, but I will use them! Though I much prefer Canon x Canon.

Doubling, tripling, quadrupling, etc., is fine by me!

Please, please just help me plot. It drives me absolutely insane when people don't help me plot. I bring ideas, you bring ideas, we collaborate, not that hard, is it?

Canon x Canon (I can take either person for all of these!)

Tenko x Mikan
Maki x Mukuro
Tenko x Himiko
Mukuro x Peko
Touko x Kyouko
Maki x Peko
Celestia x Kyouko
Kaede x Ibuki
Kirumi x Tenko
Angie x Kaede
Sakura x Peko
Mikan x Junko
Aoi x Sakura
Ibuki x Sonia
Angie x Kirumi
Maki x Kaede
Sonia x Chiaki
Sonia x Celestia
Chiaki x Ibuki
Ibuki x Mikan
Kaede x Kirumi

Canon x OC
Play for me: Depends on my OC! Send me the list of canons you can play as and I'll pick which OC I'll use for which Canon you'll be playing

I can play for you: Touko Fukawa, Kyouko Kirigiri, Celestia Ludenberg, Aoi Asahina, Sakura Ogami, Junko Enoshima, Mukuro Ikusaba, Sonia Nevermind, Chiaki Nanami, Mikan Tsumiki, Hiyoko Saionji, Ibuki Mioda, Kaede Akamatsu, Kirumi Toujo, Angie Yonaga, Maki Harukawa

Please comment down below or DM me for a roleplay!

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