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D&D 5e Game


Level 1 Chaotic Smug Rogue
ye ye, I just like to roll up characters at random so I don't always make the same dudes; and I don't mind playing any class, so I'll let others pick their faves before I decide


Your Friendly Fiendly Neighborhood Facehugger
I'd be interested. I've played a couple Pathfinder campaigns a few years back. I haven't been a part of a campaign online though

Kobe Nathan Wade

Junior Member
Hey I'm interested. I've played in real life, but it was very loose rules and an original plot so I don't know much about standard DnD. I'd like to have a human druid. Are we starting from level one? Looked like there was a little discrepancy there.


Your Friendly Fiendly Neighborhood Facehugger
I'm curious as to which kinds of characters are taken already


Minority of One
If a spot opens up and you'd like a replacement feel free to pm me. I haven't played D&D in years and I've got a hankering to give it another spin.

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