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Curse of Strahd

Dice System
D&D 5e


Like the Moon, part of him was always hidden away.
"We should not be going upstairs at all," Setesh argues, looking around with the aid of his natural darkvision and the small light. "The life - or unlife - is downstairs. There must be a way to get there, even if it's not immediately visible. Look for all movable objects, anything that can be pressed or turned, try to find where the walls and floors sound hollow." He trusts his snake, whom he had scooped up as soon as they entered, to pinpoint the location of hostile creatures without a fault. If Akasha hasn't found out a way to the cellar, or whatever lay underneath the floor, it meant it wasn't currently accessible, but it had to be there.

"Most importantly," he warns, "we shouldn't ever go anywhere alone. That's how people go missing here. Come with me," he gestures for Arala, because the new guy who claimed to be a healer has just entered a room unaccompanied by anyone. Soon, Setesh finds himself in what looks to be a hunter's hut hidden inside a mansion that could be quite cozy if it was not haunted. "Well, let's start here then," he thinks aloud and moves towards the first stuffed wolf, then the second. After that, he intends to check the fireplace. Quite often, secret passages can be opened by lifting a statue or twisting a paw here and there. Admittedly, his mind is rather fixed on the idea of finding a way to get downstairs, but he does stop to compare the stuffed wolves to those creatures they'd met earlier in the forest.

DICE ROLL: 16 + 2 = 18

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"Let's not go alone, or at least without light," she calls out to Ozil.

She pulls out another torch, touches it to her currently lit one, and follows after Setesh and him both. She walks in a little further ahead, offering the cleric the second torch. While the two men investigate the room, Arala keeps an eye and ear out for any enemies (or signs of danger).

(Perception: 4, a natty one. 🙃)


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Having no magic sensed on her Radar, Remielle nods her agreement. To go alone was suicide. That said, she begins upturning the rug on the floor and looking around, trying to make sure this room was compltly free of secrets before being willing to move on.


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Arala’s torch throws dancing shadows across the mounted wolf heads above the fireplace. With light in here, you all can see the a layer of dust that has settled on everything in the room.

Arala, you aren’t seeing anything that looks like at threat. Nothing other than dusty furniture and mounted heads.

Setesh, your investigation doesn’t turn up much. But you do find some things in the cabinets along the walls. You find a heavy crossbow, a light crossbow, a hand crossbow, and 20 bolts for each weapon in the east cabinet. In the north cabinet, you find a small box containing a deck of playing cards and an assortment of wine glasses.

Remielle, you pull up the rug, but find nothing but old floorboards.

You all find nothing else in this room.

What do you do now?

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Bram couldn't help but check out Remielle from behind as she looked under a rug. He could have sworn he saw smirks on Arala and Setesh's faces from the corner of his eye, those assholes. Its not his fault that one of their new companions was a an alluring older woman. Bram pinched the bridge of his nose and pondered what a Blood Hunter would do in this situation. Taking a deep breath and slapping his cheeks, Bram tried to focus. Wandering into the next room and getting low to the ground. Bram tried to use his Blood Hunter training to see what kind of creepy crawly or spooky specter they may be dealing with. He attempted a Hunters Bane method of tracking to see if the presence in this house fell under certain categories.

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