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Fantasy Crossing the line 1x1 with Hazbin_Transformers

Kain nodded. "So we take it day by day? See how she does?" He asked, looking at Ryan. "If she starts to revert back, we try this again?" He added. He looked down at Astrid, keeping her as close as he could.
Ryan nodded "it will be a day-by-day situation Kain. We do not know how she will react or how long any of it will last... As i have said before this is uncharted territory." He hummed in thought "she submitted so it is a start, do not treat her any differently, if things worsen let me know."
Kain nodded. "I guess we will head back and I'll be right there with her. If anything changes, we'll come right back" Kain said. He didn't know if this solution would work, but there wasn't much else they could do. "Are you ready to go love? We need to take care of your neck" He said, looking down at Astrid with a smile.
Astrid just nodded softly but looked up at Ryan “I’m sorry about your arm…” She just tiredly curled into his side just lacking that fire to her personality. This whole thing with her wolf had her terrified.

Ryan dipped his head continuing to ignore the blood dripping from arm “I’ll be fine Astrid it’s nothing.”
Kain sighed, this was going to be harder than he thought. "Let's get going" He said. "Thank you Alpha" He nodded his head in respect before turning and leading the way back to the castle.
Kain nodded. “Of course love” He said, picking her up and holding her in his arms. Close to his chest. He continued on his way, bringing them to the castle, nodding to Eric and Jay before heading into their room, setting Astrid on the couch. He walked into the bathroom and grabbed the stuff to clean her neck.
Astrid dozed off pretty quickly after he picked her up and carried her home only beginning to stir when he set her down on the couch. She blinked awake sleepily “Kain..?” She mumbled seeming a little confused by her surroundings
Kain had come back with the cleaning stuff and bandages. "I'm right here love, we're back at the castle, in our room." He said, sitting down beside her on the couch. "I've got to clean your neck okay? It might sting at first but it'll feel better in the end" He said gently.
Astrid just sleepily mumbled a little “okay” before curling up in his side again. She hissed slightly in pain though as he began cleaning the wound and it stung. “It burns…” she whined annoyed trying to l or away sligtjy
Kain sighed, hearing her whine. "I'm sorry love, I know. It's almost done" He whispered, rumbling to try and soothe her. "There, that's done." He said, working on bandaging what he had to. "Alright, its over." He said gently.
Astrid just snuggled into his side more “I want to go to bed… or at least take a nap..” she just curled up already starting to doze before he was even ready for her to try and cuddle.
Kain picked her up gently, seeing her starting to doze off. He brought them to the bed, setting her down before climbing in beside her. He took her into his arms and held her tight. "Sleep love, sleep" He said gently kissing the top of her head.
Astrid just cuddled into his chest and was out cold, well into the next morning with little interest in waking until her stomach growled. She just shifted over with a little whine burying her face in his chest more
Kain had fallen asleep soon after Astrid. He was enjoying that he could cuddle her again at night. The next morning, he heard her stomach growl, in fact it had woken him up. He let out a little chuckle hearing her whine and she buried her face in his chest. "Morning love. Trying to ignore breakfast?" He asked looking down at her in his chest. He placed a kiss on the top of her head gently.
Astrid just mumbled snuggling up tighter and pulled the blanket over her head “I don’t wana.” She groaned tiredly but a few minutes later finally uncurled from his chest and stretched. A small groan leaving her lips as she lay there with a sigh
He let out a small laugh at her actions. He’d missed this so much. Kain saw her finally uncurl from his chest and stretched. “How are you feeling?” He asked gently, his gaze on her. He hoped she had at least gotten some rest.
Astrid yawned “tired but okay.. yesterday was a lot…” both physically and emotionally but she didn’t want to worry him more then he was. She could feel his stress and it made her more anxious but she tried pushing it away
Kain took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He could feel her anxiousness and he knew she could feel his stress. “Let’s get something to eat then come back here and relax today. I know yesterday was a lot.” He said softly, gently running his hand through her hair.
Kain smiled watching as she moved from his side and stood up. He followed suit, standing and stretching. He held his hand out for her. “Ready?” He asked. His smile soft as he looked at her.
Kain waited for her to pull the hoodie on before he led the way, perking up himself. He’d missed Julianne’s cooking and smiled as he entered the dining room. He pulled out Astrid’s chair before sitting down himself.
Kain nodded as he looked at the various breakfast foods, eggs and pancakes, sausages and bacon. He put a good amount on his plate simply for the taste. His eyes traveled over to Astrid, smiling at her before Julianne walked in with a pitcher of water and a pitcher of orange juice. She smiled at the two of them, setting the pitchers down. "It's so nice to see you two again, how are you?" She asked with a soft smile.

"Much better now Julianne. How've you been? Have you been attending the mating meetings like I asked?" Kain said, looking at her. The small flush of her cheeks told him the answer. "I've been busy, your sister wasn't feeling well and it just never seemed to be appropriate to leave. I will attend the next one" She admitted, ducking her head. "Okay. Is my sister okay now?" He asked her. He intended on making sure she went to the next one which was happening in a couple of days. "She's much better, back to her old self. She's gotten bigger too." Julianne told him.

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