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Fantasy Crossfire: Origins


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Stonefield City is a peaceful urban town. Always has been, according to the townsfolk. That's a lie though.

Ten years back, the town was a mess. Ordinary crime was rampant, but there was also supernatural crime that seemingly thwarted the laws of nature.
It was all because of the Lab. Back when the city was nothing more than a small township, a group of unwilling scientists had been dispatched by a seemingly government run organisation. It was a highly confidential project, the details of which are unknown to this day. What is known is that the project was a failure. And the substances created were discarded. Just not properly.

The scientists were in a hurry to return to their homes and didn't bother with detoxifying the substances, simply throwing it near the city's largest lake, The Red-Moon Lake.

Fifteen years ago, a pharmaceutical company discovered a certain chemical in the sap of a plant, that had a calming effect. It was unusual because it didn't seem to have any side effects, and didn't prove to be addictive at all. This plant grew exclusively by the Red Moon Lake. Packaged as little tablets, the drug was sold to much if the townsfolk, especially to students. But the tablets didn't have the same calming effect on all of them.
For some, they acted as ability enhancers. Just to a small extent. For a rarer few they became magic tablets... Enhancing their abilities to such an extent, that it violated the laws of physics. These became the Gifted.

Most of them engaged in crime, making the city a living nightmare, but not all. There were few, very few who saw the threat of their gifts. They saw everything as it was and realised how wrong it all was. They assembled together, five heroes, and made it their mission to cleans the city of the gifted. And they did.

After much turmoil, the city was swept clean of the toxic substance, and peace was declared. Each of the five heroes renounced their powers. The last of which was Meta. He had the ability to manipulate the minds of people. He used up all his powers to erase the minds of all the townsfolk, sacrificing himself in the process. His sacrifice, so great, was forgotten by all but his four teammates.

Today, ten years later, the Gifted have reappeared... What will you do?

[Looking for someone who can create multiple characters, and also help with story progress. Age, gender and stuff doesn't really matter, but 18+ is preferred. ]

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