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Create a RP that the avatar above you would hate


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Note taker at an accounting conference discussing whether the formula for calculating depreciation should be adjusted.


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A RP where PETA manages to buy the Pokemon franchise from Nintendo and turn it into an anti-animal cruelty progranda machine. Since your avatar is wearing a skinned Pikachu jacket, you are hunted down by PETA's brand new swat team to be eliminated. Pokemon becomes a boring franchise without the fighting and it dies off.


evil cringe ass nae nae baby
a onceler roleplay
one of the ones where every character is the onceler wearing a different hat
it also takes place in the amazon


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(But I love all ddlc rp's-) A place where jokes are nonexistent and nobody ever smiles or nothing like that


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(I like your avatar! Super cool! =D )

A role play where you play a transfer student in an Amish school and live with a classmate’s family - and all their issues about modernity.


Queen of Plot Twists
(Oh, so my real life then? XD I like your avatar too! It’s really cute!)

A role play where there is no night-time, only blinding sunlight...and no magic.


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(:0 Thank you!)

How dare you take away my neverending love for galaxies and magic >:(.

Assuming your avatar is Pokemon...which it may be, because the girl looks like May-

A world where the only available Pokemon is Magikarp.

(Which would be a nightmare regardless, lol.)

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