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Create a RP that the avatar above you would hate


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Come up with a RP idea that the avatar above you would hate to take part in.

Example of a RP that my own avatar would hate:

The year is 1776 and the founding fathers get together to write the American constitution.

Another example: Suppose the avatar for the person above you is a flying horse. You create a RP that a flying horse would hate, such as:

Buried treasure lies at the bottom of the ocean in shark infested waters. Swim down to retrieve it.


Official Pikachu Mascot
You volunteer at a retirement home where you teach seniors to knit. (You cannot stab yourself with the needle to get out of it)


You are a dude who has to stare at his face in the mirror the whole game. If you're in dim light, you'll actually hallucinate. Look it up!


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You’re a delicate naive princess who is chased by many many princes but is too ignorant to see they all love her


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
You are trapped in a tunnel in the sky that continually forces you to ascend.


Life is a glitch, and we are bugs in the system
bloody hell, swift...

one where there's no action (as in the whole thing is boring)


Life is a glitch, and we are bugs in the system
I hate the overwatch team, I'd rather stick with talon
An angelic role play

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