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hello everyone!! i'm art, 20, she/her pronouns. with only a few weeks of summer break remaining, i want to use it writing with what time i have left ๐Ÿ˜” i like to write ~400-500 words per reply, and i strictly write fxf / sapphic pairings! to the right i've listed a number of ideas i'd be interested in writing.

please pm me if anything interests you!

about you

there's not too much that i'm asking for in a rp partner. i just want someone who's 18+ and eager when it comes to plotting and ooc communication! a lot of my muse comes from headcanons and just going back and forth on ideas. i'm quite chatty when i'm comfortable and love people who are the same. also, patience! i will never rush you for a response and prefer someone who is the same.

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rule one
please be 18+.

rule two
i'm unserious ooc. what's the point in writing if you can't have fun with it? i like to talk to my rp partners, send memes and tiktoks that remind me of our characters, headcanon, make pinterest boards, playlists, etc. if you aren't the type who likes headcanons and heavy ooc discussion about characters, i'll be honest and say i probably won't be interested.

rule three
i prefer to communicate over on discord. it's just where i respond the fastest, but if you prefer to speak in dms, i can work with that too.

rule four
i like people who are able to write a similar amount that i do. one-liners kill my muse and sometimes i feel the urge to yap. yap with me!

rule five
i can work with realistic faceclaims or animanga / manhwa / art. i'm not too picky.

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#multiple pairings


i've been watching house of the dragon (season 1) and now the brainrot is getting to me. i'd love to write a pairing that has a similar dynamic to alicent and rhaenyra with ocs except they're lesbians.

so think... princess who is deemed the next heir because there are no sons (for whatever reason). kingdom doubts having a woman on the throne, and there's internal drama with the family over who should really be heir. childhood friend who's the daughter of the king's advisor (or some other role that keeps them close like a handmaiden), has full faith in the princess and their ability to be queen.

or we could go with knight x princess/queen. i honestly don't care too much, i just want fantasy lesbians.

bonus points if we can throw in dragon (riders) to make it fun. we can worldbuild something of our own so it's not too much like game of thrones, but i really love the political drama and all the houses fighting for the throne.



#multiple pairings


i saw one too many photos that were like this and now i want to write something within the wuxia genre. i'll be honest and say that i'm quite new to writting settings like these but still very eager to. i'd love something with a sort of secrecy theme, where girls obviously really love each other but there's some sort of forbidden aspect to it. maybe low fantasy included?? stuff with dragons?? spirits/demons?? though i'd want people to remain human/humanoid in terms of race. idk i don't have too many actual plot ideas but i think it could be fun with some classic pairings. princess x bodyguard. princess x pirate. whatever can fit into our plot, really.

red as blood




this is kind of niche but i've been wanting to write something that's similar to the kdrama the glory. preferably in a korean setting given how extreme bullying can be there and how little is actually done about it/relatively small the consequences are. this would need a lot of workshopping and plotting because i don't have a particular plot but i'm thinking two women who are now in their late twenties that have like. a very strange sense of companionship/trauma bond. they haven't interacted with each other in years, but in the past they were very familiar because they'd get harrassed/bullied by the same group of people. and i'm talking extreme harrassment.

anyway fast wordward to the future... their bullies get to live scoff free in the world with their happy lives despite how terrible they are. something happens to bring the two women back together. maybe one of their former bullies is announced as the new ceo for some big corporation? one of them ends up seeking the other out. and they don't just want to expose their bullies' past behavior, they want to completely ruin their lives.

think: ruining their former bullies' marriage/relationships. completely destroying their reputation. blackmail as a form of revenge. very dark gray morality and writing characters who are twisted but with justification (on our ocs' part).

forever mine




again i have no specific plot idea here but i just want something that has the vibes of a kdrama. very romanticized, very cute, but also with room for drama and angst. so basically krp? modern setting, probably characters in their early twenties. sort of coming of age vibes in some cases, maybe not.

i really want to write some ride or die best friends who are super adorable when they're with each other. nobody doubts how close they are and they other friend is the most important thing to them. people see them and think they're going to be friends forever but there's definitely a feeling beyond friendship that they can't really displace.

first option: something with the vibes of soljiwan from nevertheless? sunshine and the rain. black cat with the orange. best friends who are in some university together. maybe an art school if we want things to be fun with competitions and events? maybe one of them gets a partner and that causes a small rift because the other is bothered by the partner. they don't really know why they are bugged though (it's because they've always been in love with the other, obv)

second option: rekindled friends? maybe they were super close, and then one moved away. they could've tried to keep in touch and lost connection somehow. maybe one always said they wanted to go to xxx dream school, and the other applied hoping they could run into their long lost friend. anyway, some chance encounter happens and they end up running into each other.

option three: a band plot. where they were best friends who started a band while they were in high school with their friends. one of them always had a massive crush on the other, but they wiped the feelings away for the sake of the band. in the future they end up making it big and have a loyal fanbase. people kind of ship the two together because of how close they are. the crush and feelings kind of rekindle/always linger, and some jealousy ensues when the other has to pick up a fake pr relationship. even though it's fake.

I don't give you what you need, yeah I don't give a shit, no love, no golden prince I don't need that twisted love Love story yo, burn it down, lock, lock and load

I don't give you what you need, yeah I don't give a shit, no love, no golden prince I don't need that twisted love Love story yo, burn it down, lock, lock and load

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updated + little bump before i have to get some work done!! โ™ก

( if anyone who has sent me a pm recently sees this, i am not ignoring you and will get back to you soon! )

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