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Fandom CLOSED Looking for Peter Parker!!

Hey all! With the PS4 Spiderman game and the new Venom movie, I'm in the Spidey vibe~
So I'm interested in roleplaying in this world!
I am planning on playing as MJ with some of these situations:

  • Symbiote (Either Peter Parker, MJ, or both. My preference because I like dark angst stories)
  • PS4 world and time (Watched several gameplays so pretty knowledgeable)
  • Other suggestions/ interest is open as well!

Quick requests/ rules:
I'd prefer no one-liners. I believe it's hard to get your ideas through with just one line.
Grammar and spelling: I'm no Grammar Nazi, but it's hard to understand if things are jumbled up if you know what I mean.
And OOC chats are totally welcome! I want to get to know who I'm roleplaying so we can have a fun time making stories together!


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