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Realistic or Modern City Reborn

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic


Master Of Time
“The People make the city, but the mafia runs the city.“
~ Celo Cortez

The Cortez Family run Los Vegas. They run everything and if something new popes up they are the first to know. Recently they gave been making plans to expand into other cities and some of the big mob bosses oppose. The mafia is now split in half even some of the Cortez’s own dont agree with the plan. The Arguments turn to fights the fights turn into shoot outs and the shootouts turn into war. Peace is something that seens to have disappeared. But after a few years a new organization seems to rise up. Serenity Connections is the name and peace making is their goal. They are in search for new recruits. After years it seems they haven’t made much of a change. The family and the city it seems like is still split in half and it’s still all out war on the streets. New recruits who have entered the organization to make a change soon realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. They soon realize that the company was founded on good intentions but has been corrupted from the inside. The team decides some reluctantly that they have to make a change. Some of the higher ups catch in and send people to stop the group. After all the more misery the more money they make.

My goal for this roleplay is just for a mafia type themed rp. Honestly if want a role as any character like say someone in the Cortez Family or one of the wide eyed recruits. Maybe someone on either half of the war. Whatever you want. I’m always open for suggestions and this will be in workshop until a good amount of people actually join. I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while so I really hope this takes off.​

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