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Fantasy Chosen by the gods, Cursed by the devils: a journey to determine the fate of the world.

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Meta, Super Powers, Supernatural, Zombies


The Flowiest on site
In the land of Yallot humans have fought a losing war against Demonkind since beyond recorded history. Historians know this because they have seen descriptive rock paintings that can roughly be translated to... "Don't trust anyone with horns on their head"
Furthermore over countless years written recounts have been discovered, all alluding to a race of evil called Demons.

Though the demons are powerful humanity to has strength. Creating technology and ways to harness magic in ways demons have never considered possible. With Valor, strength and cunning the armies of man defend their homes to drive back invasions of any sort... But many have fallen under demon rule.

In the kingdom of magic is where our story begins. The forefront of invention, the birthplace of artefacts which became instrumental in fighting the demons and providing a somewhat even playing field. Despite how amazing magic weapons are this isn't why the tale starts here.
It begins here because...
For generations the fortune-tellers of Murcee have been able to predict the future. When a female from the Seer family has a vision it is common knowledge that it is a legitimate situation that will happen. Unless steps are taken to prevent it.
Nevermind the details, "what a Seer says, goes."
That simple saying is why the kingdoms of man began a manhunt.

"A woman blessed by the gods, cursed by the devils shall decide this worlds fate.
With the power to enhance others with the untold magic strength of the gods...
And a demon's smile. Cursed to enchant beings of great power...
This woman will rally a party of legendary figures.
Battle hardened warriors none could make submit,
Talented mages ahead of their time,
Sneaky Monsters of all sorts,
But most chilling is the woman chosen by the gods, is a beacon for Evil itself."

When lady Colette Seer predicted two possible outcomes Murcee sent out bounty hunters, mages, guards and more. "Find the woman chosen by the gods and devils! Find the Cursed smile."
The second thing spread amongst the masses...

"people of legend come to Murcee, a tournament is being held to determine worth. Prizes include magic artefacts, gold, and the opportunity to be known as a legend."
This was much easier to organise, warriors, mages, hunters and more who considered themselves skilled could prove that and win some prizes for the effort. Despite the vague secrecy of said tournament many curious souls of all sorts headed towards Murcee.
Medieval fantasy rp, casual detailed as you wanna be but I expect two paragraphs at least twice a week.
Using soft magic which will mostly be explained in the way of enchanted gear unless you have some special power like "God chosen" or "vampire" "werewolf" etc

Humans have magic but most only have standard magic energy. They learned to infuse magic from other sources into equipment, as in...
One would channel natural energy into a staff enchanted with the blood of a yeti to produce ice magic

(Some exceptions being rumoured cases of humans performing elemental magic without a artefact.
But this is in no way common)

The roles for this I'd like to fill is...

Cursed Smile-
Female with the power to enhance herself but mostly others with great magic power.
Also the target of most people's affection as your smile is cursed and beings of great talent power and evil are naturally drawn and enchanted by this character because devils curse.

basically this person is a crazy good fighter. The type to take on common thugs and criminals 1 to 5 and come out on top barely scratched and laughing.
The type to rush into battle with confidence so radiant even demons get a tad nervous facing this person.

Incredible aim, this person makes robin hood look like a decent amateur at best. You would think their is a crosshair in their eye and the winds on their side for some of the amazing feats this person can pull with a bow and arrow.

Maybe born better then others or maybe it's practice and study but either way this person makes magic look easy and damn impressive. Presumably using various rings, staffs etc. A master of magic and the ingredients needed to enchant artefacts.

Others- x2
Basically some other tropes you can expand upon. Some amazing thief, some sort of brilliant martial artist.
These are most likely gonna be blends of the previous three. For example a Spell-sword won't defeat the warrior in a sword fight or the mage with magic, but using a mix of both he can definitely fuck up the archer.
(In case my shit joke didn't portray what I mean here. Make up your own class/role for a legendary human aha)

A human cursed with demon blood in their veins. Stronger and faster then most humans vampires thrive in the dark of night and hide their pale skin from the sunlight less they burn an die. Vampires have a range of magic abilities depending on what breed they are, but common abilities between all vampires are
The ability to become shrouded by shadows, almost invisible at night.
Conjure ice, throwing a shard of ice or freezing their victims. It is rumoured this is how a vampire walks on water.

A human cursed with demon blood in their veins. Stronger and faster then most humans you probably wouldn't even suspect someone of being a werewolf unless it was a full moon.
A full moon drives any werebeast into a insane frenzy. Losing their mind with the only concern being to feed...

Im not fussed on the genders of each character to much but any time I have tried something similar to this most are turned off unless the main is female. Might be different now but I don't care unless everyone kicks a massive stink about it.
The one chosen and cursed is female, everyone else can be whatever

Any questions an whatnot ask here.

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