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Simon Strut

I am not a man, I am a bean.
It was a rather hectic day at the Heartland Institute for Exceptional Beings...

Noah Cameron began the day as he normally did, making breakfast for both the children and Edith Yates. After Breakfast, he spent some hours in the laboratory. Anastasia Kopalski made sure to keep an eye on Noah's vitals from the adjacent laboratory, while she worked on her own projects.

Edith Yates spent her day away from the Institute, making sure everything at her company ran smoothly. In truth, the company would run just fine without her, but her mind would not have been at ease if she did not feel directly in control.

Morgan Haywood flew to the UK in the early hours of the morning, the journey taking roughly an hour, with the sole purpose of tracking down his estranged husband Maxwell Terrence and having him sign divorce papers. After locating him, they got into a heated argument, and Morgan returned to the Institute. Emotionally drained, Morgan spent most of his day in his office, napping and brooding.

Molly Summers had an eventful day. After breakfast, she trained with Simon Han, then went on to tend to some plants in the garden. Afterwards, she greeted newcomers, Bastian Murray and Valmir Xhaferaj. She introduced the duo to the Institute and showed them to their rooms.

Simon spent some time training with Molly, but perhaps not as much time as he thought would have been beneficial for her. After her departure, he continued to train his own powers. Though daily progress was miniscule, he knew that his dedication would pay off in the long run.

Bastian Murray and Valmir Xhaferaj both made their journey via plane to Washington. They became acquainted with each other during the flight. Once they landed, they were picked up by a driver and transported to the Institute. Both of them are still settling in.

Clarence Young spent his day reading and writing in his journal. He also explored the halls of the Institute. Clarence couldn't help but shake feeling alienated at how so many of the students and staff acted as if they were a family, it unsettled him. He then attended a class held by Ernest Cameron on the basics of Mission Control, though he was the only student present.

Alex Yang had an excursion into the nearest town. He occupied himself with exploring, but soon happened upon an old orphanage. The state of the place alarmed him, and the resulting stress may be the cause of the strange headache he experienced afterwards. Promptly returning to the Institute, he informed Molly of his findings to help him decide what to do.

Caleb White's day was almost entirely occupied with his unorthodox method of training. To any normal person, he was doing boring or repetitive activities, but in truth he was honing his powers. He had a very productive day.

Morrigan, strange as she is, spent her day wondering the grounds and watching the students and staff alike. Somehow, she found a sense of enjoyment in this.

Bradley Marston, Mei Hirabayashi and Helen Sparks spent their day working together. Helen and Mei were organising a charity event that takes place every two years, The Falcon Race. Named after a mutant who died during an televised protest in Libya, the Falcon Race is made up of a team of flying mutants from the Institute, Coalition and Academy, who race for charity. Bradley was organising the security for the event.

Akio Milan, Jackson Stone, Harmony and Cecilia were all sent on a mission. They have not been heard back from since.

The rest of the students spent their day attending class, training or preparing for missions.

A prominent thief known only as Jinx attempted to steal a painting. But instead of a painting, she left Paris with a very interesting offer...
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10:30 AM after a day in the lab. Noah had fifteen minutes of calm, quiet, and rushing around like a maniac to prepare for his next class of little demons- sorry, students- to roll in. Today was special though. Today was a bit different from his other lessons.

Today was Supers versus Normies day.

He taped a notecard on each desk, designating “super” or “normie”, with occupations below those. Then, he set up the timeline on his computer, the scale of events based on each student’s choice in any given situation. There were cards for protests, cards for riots, cards to kill and cards to save. This was arguably one of the most uncomfortable lessons he had to teach, but he had to do it. Those who didn’t learn from history were doomed to write it in a different font.

10:44 AM. One minute until all hell broke loose.
Simon walks in, confused at all the notecards on the desks. After a few words from Noah, he figures out the basics of the game and sits down, wondering what his role would be. He flips it up and... Huh. Huh. His face flickers through a series of unreadable emotions.


S-Level Telepath.


At the end phase of each round, before actions resolve, choose one living player. If living, you may discover the action they did this round and their role. You may then choose to kill or spare them. This does not prevent their actions from being executed.
You are automatically aware of all actions being done to you.

Guess he was the Morgan in this game, huh? That was interesting.
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Morrigan sits just off to the side of the desk at the front of the class room, looking at a deck of the spare cards and slowly mouthing the words in silence. Despite being a teaching assistant and instructor herself, it was clear there was a great many gaps in her education, while she could pick things up quickly there were still issues. Turning her head ever so slightly she cast her eyes over Noah with some curiosity, giving a prolonged stare before shifting her attention to the computer. Putting the cards down, her lips would purse slightly before she began making several quick gestures with her hands.

*Students bring chaos?* giving him a questioning look *Hard Lesson mean have high Value*
Walliver Walliver

Simon Strut

I am not a man, I am a bean.
Dr. Morgan J. Haywood
Time: 10:00 AM

Morgan threw off his duvet and fell out of bed. Quite literally. He groaned as he hit the floor. He'd overslept. How very unlike him.

His head still pounded. That was strange. Perhaps his body was giving out again, though it was definitely a few weeks early. The headache made it hard to think straight, and more importantly, hard to keep out everyone's thoughts. Everyone's. Depressed grandmothers, lost children, poverty stricken families. Factory workers, schoolkids, egotistical billionaires. Horny teenagers and deranged psychopaths. They all just blurred into one, deafening drone.

No, thank you!
He stumbled to his feet and opened his wardrobe. Underneath the false bottom, only accessible by someone with telekinesis or a similar power, was a leather bag. He unzipped it and pulled out a needle, syringe and a vial that had no label.

Injecting this stuff was always painful. But it was the easiest option. He drew out some of the liquid from the vial, quickly tapped out any air bubbles and plunged the needle into his forearm, pressing a firm thumb down on the plunger. Almost immediately came relief. His telepathic range shrunk, letting him filter out the unnecessary thoughts from the necessary ones. Even his headache subsided somewhat. Morgan sighed, then looked down at himself.

Clothes. Clothes would certainly help.

Once he had showered and was fully dressed, with a cup of coffee in hand, Morgan left his bedroom and entered his office. Most of the other tutors didn't have the luxury of having their room adjacent to their office, so Morgan was quite thankful for that. He sat down behind his desk and shuffled through his papers and timetables. He'd have to teach Disaster Prevention in the late afternoon. Hopefully some students would actually turn up, unlike the appalling attendance at Ernest's class yesterday. Well, if no one enrolled for his class, at least he'll have more spare time.

Morgan reached out with his mind, checking on the students and staff as he often did, pausing on Ernest for perhaps longer than he should. Then he found Noah.

So what's on today's agenda, Mr. Cameron?

There was a pause before Noah responded. He was always surprised whenever Morgan made telepathic contact with him, but Morgan had assured him time and time again that he would only listen to what Noah said out aloud, and never to his thoughts without permission.

"Social experiment day." Noah said, "Gave Simon your role," he smiled, "hoping he doesn't blow it."

Ah, your favourite moral dilemma. Mind if I attend? I'll stay as quiet as a lamb, promise.

"Not at all. Always helpful to have another teacher around."

Splendid. See you at 10:45.

Morgan cut telepathic contact and got to his feet. Noah was always far too polite for his own good. After what he'd been though... All that torture. Morgan certainly wouldn't be even remotely cordial. In fact, he thought he'd be quite the arsehole.

He made his way down to Noah's classroom, knocked on the door, then entered. Simon and Morrigan were already in attendance. The rest should be arriving soon. With a nod in Noah's direction, Morgan grabbed a chair and took it to the back, where he would sit and watch in silence. Not judging the students choices at all...


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time: around 10:45
place: classroom

Caleb walked calmly into class and sat in his place. after sitting down he noticed something behind his table, carefully he took it and realized it was just a paper with a role wrote into it.

"Normie and unemployed?" he spoke to himself "i guess i have to play the underdog,"


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Anastasia sat down at her seat, eyebrows furrowing in sight of the card. She’d heard vague whispers from older students, but it couldn’t be true, could it? There were rumors of students leaving the class in tears, or storming out in fuming rage. Science upset people occasionally, she knew that, and someone was bound to get worked up over history but- a simple game wasn’t something to cry over. She shrugged, looking over her card. A normie and unemployed, not a great hand. But she could play it well.

Archibald knew this game. He was probably one of few older students that hadn’t experienced it before. It was Supers versus Normies, a somewhat cruel social experiment. They were pitted against each other, forced to make decisions based on their card and their stance as people. He’d heard stories of entire classrooms slaughtered in game, of students that broke down and weren’t heard from for days. He sighed, picking up his card. At least he wasn’t a normie, that would put him in a bad spot. He glanced around the room, wondering if anything horrific would happen to this group.

Edith couldn’t help but worry. Even far away from the Institute, far away from any potential disaster, she worried. This experiment every year in Mutant History, it took its toll on teacher and student alike. Almost every year, the result was the same: a repetition of events that established the Falcon Race, the Celestial memorial, the rise of Super crimes, etc., a perpetuating cycle of violence. History repeating itself. Though Noah never seemed to get bored of it- she couldn’t say if he really enjoyed it or not. But she worried. She worried about the cycle of mistakes, for the fragility of the students’ minds, for Noah and his personal experience of the horrible events. But still she sat, filing paperwork and filling out spreadsheets. There was only so much she could do with just worrying.


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Almost bouncing down the hall chewing gum Catherine could be heard a short distance before she arrived. With the almost rhythmic tapping of boots and low hum of music, the tall girl would crack open the door without looking up from her phone, though she did at least remove her headphones this time. Garbed in a tightly fitting white shirt and Demin overalls she once again looked that bizarre mix of walking off a farm and fashion shoot at the same time as she moved over to take her seat.

Absently flipping her card over she stared at the item for several moments, putting down the phone and ruffling her hair as she tried to make sense of the role before a flash of realisation came to her. "Alright, Seems like i got a Villain who....hey are we supposed to tell people these or is it like a whole poker deal?" eyes flicking to the card "In that case I'm a upstanding constructive member of is completely ethical and all that stuff, Sounds like fun either way" She let out a wide grin for a moment before finally looking around the room and giving a warm wave to several of the other arrivals "Like i try and sell them a great timeshare in Miami or something i think...." seemingly trying to give the card a little more thought before shrugging to herself and turning slightly to take a selfie with the class behind her.
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Simon looks at his card, deep in thought. What was he playing for? That was the actual question in every game. What is your win condition? Well, there was already one default outcome. Was that considered a victory? The Heartland 5 walk away alive, a legacy of superhuman crimes, the celestial memorial... Hm. No. He wanted to do better. Fewer tensions. Minimize violence. Maximize the chances of long-term mutant survival. Okay. He had what he wanted, now, his victory conditions. So what abilities did he have to play to get there?

The young mutant looks at the card again. S-level Telepath.

And he begins to plot.

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