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Futuristic Children of Heartland Reboot (An X-Men Inspired RP)

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  4. Mystery
  5. School
  6. Slice of Life
  7. Super Powers
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crying screaming throwing up rn
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Everyone and their grandmother knows about the Heartland Five: the first “supers” ever known to the public, and public enemy #1. In 2012, the world was shaken by the news that any one of them- regardless of race, gender, or age- could be a mutant of some sort, and not even know it. Political figures across the globe rushed to take a stance on the subject- some pushing for tests to verify these mutations, some arguing for the extermination of anyone displaying any sort of unnatural power. The world was in chaos, riots broke out in the streets, “normie” and “super” alike were slaughtered in the mess of it all.

But, above it all, three people formed the programs that would save them all.

In North America, Philomena Yates established the Institute for Exceptional Beings.

In Europe, Maxwell Terrence established the Coalition for Super-powered Peoples.

In Asia, Yuri Hirabayashi established the Academy of Mutants and Misfits.

These three programs made the promise to help all affected by the mutations and above all maintain the peace between “normie” and “super”, no matter the cost.

The year is 2042. In the thirty years since the Heartland Five made the news, prejudice against supers has more or less subsided. No one has heard from the Coalition in at least a decade, though reports in Europe say all is well with the establishment. There have been whispers of the Institute forming teams of supers to handle crime throughout the world. The Academy still stands, but unexplained student disappearances have tarnished its reputation.

Apart from that, flyers have popped up on lamp poles and store windows all over. You managed to snag one on your way home from- wherever you go during the day.
Okay, so here’s the lowdown on everything:
1. The Heartland Five hit the news in 2012, which was the first the public had ever heard of super-powered individuals outside of comics and games. You will have the option to play one of the Heartland Five if you so choose, but I am being very selective about it.
2. There is a super-power tier system, further separated by power categories and power variations (will be on the Discord, along with other information)
3. This rp will be based around the Institute, which is located in the United States. However, the Coaltion and the Academy will be mentioned heavily and we will probably visit them at some point during the rp.
4. For now, I won’t be allowing more than two characters per player, this may change depending on interest.
5. Discord is a must-have for this rp, as all OOC and plotting will take place there. If you don’t have Discord, don’t comment please! I’d prefer the thread to be unclogged.
6. Posting should be one a week minimum, more frequent would be appreciated!
7. Feel free to ask any questions, I am almost always free and have plenty of answers!
8. Have fun and see ya later!

OOC: Join the Children of Heartland Reboot Discord Server!
IC: will go here
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crying screaming throwing up rn
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Bump! Still open and accepting, looking for staff to balance out the number of students!


Bust :(
I would love to join, though i just need to try and recall my discord details since i havent used it in some time.

Simon Strut

I am not a man, I am a bean.
Open and still accepting!

We have some A-tier, B-tier, C-tier and D-tier mutant slots remaining.

Power Tier Overview—

Most powerful tier, extremely rare. These supers are classified as world destroyers, people who can level entire cities if they so will it. Celestials are the only category confined to this tier.

A-Tier: 1 Spot Left!
Second most powerful tier, rare. Heavy hitters, Superman level supers. Elementals are most commonly A-tiers.

B-Tiers: 1 Spot Left!
Medium power, second most common power tier. Most potential of any of the tiers, known for precision and skill rather than sheer power. Metamorphs and Clairvoyants are most commonly B-tiers.

Second weakest tier, most common tier. Limited powers, but with room to grow. The only tier that can advance a level.

Weakest tier. Limited to animalistic features sometimes accompanied by somewhat heightened senses. Many people are D-tiers and just don’t know.

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