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Realistic or Modern Character Creation & Sheet

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Character Creation Information


SMALLB.png Character Creation

Before you start creating a character, please understand that while this setting is fairly open in terms of allowing creative characters, there are still limitations in order to keep characters from being overpowered. This isn’t to say your character can’t be powerful, but they must be powerful within reason.

Characters are all subject to be reviewed and may require changes before being accepted into the RP.

Note: You can have your allotted abilities placed where you wish. Your character can now either focus/specialized in magic, physical, or balance them both.

If I rate your post with a cookie/heart it's accepted.

  • Characters must be at least physically and mentally 21 years of age.
  • Characters are agents. No agency is going to accept someone who is mentally unstable or without basic combat skill.
  • Characters cannot be a 'ruler' type character (king, queen, etc), but they can be nobles.
  • Characters must be a 'rookie' in the agency (except v1 members).
  • You can move around your abilities as long as you do not exceed the total allowed for your rank.
  • Characters cannot have certain powers due to the over-powered nature of them.
    • Omniscient
    • Omnipotent
    • Precognition
    • Mind Control
    • Warping Reality
    • Invulnerability
    • Intangibility
    • Magic Immunity
    • Magic Nullification
    • Time Manipulation
    • True Immortality
    • Weather Manipulation
    • Power Copying
    • One-hit Kill
    • Infinites (Ammo, Mana, Endurance, etc)
  • Some powers are restricted due to possible abuse.
    These are powers that are an option, but due to their potential to be abused, they are restricted. Characters who have these powers and abuse them may have them removed at the GM's discretion. If you opt for these listed here, they will need to be restricted greatly in how they are used and what they can do exactly.
    • Matter Manipulation
    • Teleportation
    • Shapeshifting (Non-Shifter Race)
    • Super Speed
    • Telepathy
    • Regen
  • Unapproved characteristics.
    This is a small list, but needed as some characteristics will not be allowed.

    If a race or creature is:
    • An unreasonable size (example; the size of a 4 story building)
    • Inherently ‘evil’
    • Are a deity or god-like

    Then it is best to avoid making them as they will more than likely be declined.
  • Hybrids are not allowed.
    Hybrids are beings that would be born as the offspring of two supernatural races. This means that characters cannot be half-vampire/half-elf, half-shifter/half-demon, etc. Why are hybrids like this not allowed?
    • It’s a cheap way to try and make overly powerful characters.
    • It complicates the character age system.
    • There are those who would try and throw in every single race possible into their character’s lineage.
    • It’s a slippery slope down Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu lane.
    Now, before you consider asking questions about this because you are interested in creating a hybrid character, let me stop you. The answer is an automatic no. Yes, technically hybrids could exist, but they are not going to be allowed as a playable character. This is not open for debate.
  • Please only post your finished CS.
  • Face claims should be illustrated.
  • Magical items and curses do exist in this world and you are free to inquire with the GM what would and wouldn't be allowed for your character.

Contradictory Lore
Due to players being able to create their own races and racial lore, in order to avoid lore conflict should players have a similar race the player who created the racial lore first is considered the canon lore. This means that once a custom race and lore has been established and accepted, any other players wanting a similar race or to be of the same race must go off the original lore.

Playable Races & Lore
You can review the following listed links to read more about the playable races and their lore. In addition to this, an agent always has the option to play as a human or their own custom race.

Have questions?
There is a FAQ. Also please seek assistance on the Discord Server.
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Character Sheet


Last Name, First Name

Alias: (Optional)
Physical Age:
True Age:
Rank: D

Personality aspects here. Aspects are simplified traits. Example: Sucker for a pretty face, protective of friends, no fucks given to danger, if it's shiny I want it. Remember that personality is not backstory.

Magical Abilities

Ability One
Expanded Information Here
Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here
Physical Abilities & Skills

Ability One
Expanded Information Here
Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here
Additional Weakness/Limitations
(Optional. Add/Remove as needed.)

Expanded Information Here

Expanded Information Here

Expanded Information Here
(You can add more slots if you wish. This section meant for weapons, tools, and gear your character uses. Weight is a factor so don't overburden yourself. Also you can remove the text in the parentheses.)

Write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's background. Things you can include can answer questions like:
  • Why did they become an agent of SMITED? Remember to not assume control of the agency!
  • How do they feel about the supernatural world being made public knowledge?
  • What do they want to achieve as an agent?

[bg=#313131][bg=transparent;max-width:600px;margin:auto;][COLOR=#e6e6e6][font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:40px;padding:0;][color=#228fbd]●[/color] Last Name, First Name[/bg][/font]
[row][column=span4][img]https://via.placeholder.com/300x300[/img][/column][column=span4][b]Alias[/b]: (Optional)
[b]Physical Age[/b]: 
[b]True Age[/b]: 
[b]Rank[/b]: D[/column][/row][justify]
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;][color=#228fbd]❶[/color] Personality[/bg][/font]Personality aspects here. Aspects are simplified traits. Example: Sucker for a pretty face, protective of friends, no fucks given to danger, if it's shiny I want it. Remember that personality is not backstory.

[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;][color=#228fbd]❷[/color] Magical Abilities[/bg][/font]
[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability One
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;][color=#228fbd]❸[/color] Physical Abilities & Skills[/bg][/font]
[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability One
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;][color=#228fbd]❹[/color] Additional Weakness/Limitations[/bg][/font](Optional.  Add/Remove as needed.)

[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 
Expanded Information Here
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;][color=#228fbd]❺[/color] Inventory[/bg][/font](You can add more slots if you wish. This section meant for weapons, tools, and gear your character uses. Weight is a factor so don't overburden yourself. Also you can remove the text in the parentheses.)

[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 

[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;][color=#228fbd]❻[/color] Backstory[/bg][/font]Write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's background.  Things you can include can answer questions like:
[list][*]Why did they become an agent of SMITED?  Remember to not assume control of the agency!
[*]How do they feel about the supernatural world being made public knowledge?
[*]What do they want to achieve as an agent?[/list]

[bg=transparent;max-width:600px;margin:auto;color:currentcolor;][font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:40px;padding:0;color:currentcolor;][color=#228fbd]●[/color] Last Name, First Name[/bg][/font]
[row][column=span4][img]https://via.placeholder.com/300x300[/img][/column][column=span4][b]Alias[/b]: (Optional)
[b]Physical Age[/b]: 
[b]True Age[/b]: 
[b]Rank[/b]: D[/column][/row][justify]
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;color:currentcolor;][color=#228fbd]❶[/color] Personality[/bg][/font]Personality aspects here. Aspects are simplified traits. Example: Sucker for a pretty face, protective of friends, no fucks given to danger, if it's shiny I want it. Remember that personality is not backstory.

[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;color:currentcolor;][color=#228fbd]❷[/color] Magical Abilities[/bg][/font]
[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability One
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;color:currentcolor;][color=#228fbd]❸[/color] Physical Abilities & Skills[/bg][/font]
[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability One
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;color:currentcolor;][color=#228fbd]❹[/color] Additional Weakness/Limitations[/bg][/font](Optional.  Add/Remove as needed.)

[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 
Expanded Information Here
[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;color:currentcolor;][color=#228fbd]❺[/color] Inventory[/bg][/font](You can add more slots if you wish. This section meant for weapons, tools, and gear your character uses. Weight is a factor so don't overburden yourself. Also you can remove the text in the parentheses.)

[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] 

[font=PT Sans Narrow][bg=transparent;font-size:30px;padding:0;color:currentcolor;][color=#228fbd]❻[/color] Backstory[/bg][/font]Write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's background.  Things you can include can answer questions like:
[list][*]Why did they become an agent of SMITED?  Remember to not assume control of the agency!
[*]How do they feel about the supernatural world being made public knowledge?
[*]What do they want to achieve as an agent?[/list]
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Caldweil, Felicia

Alias: Fe (Fee)
Physical Age: 22
True Age: 22
Race: Human (Esper)
Esper's are quite similar to Magicians being very much human in appearance and how they age. An esper is born from two humans in which their child inherates the right genetics in which their power can manifest. The esper's origin isn't completely known having suspected of some unknown species entwining with the genetic make-up of mankind. While appearing normal, an Esper's eyes will be an off color from normal. When their powers manifest their eyes glow a strange color and a particular aura forms around them often changing the color appearance of their hair and various other effects with the color unique to each Esper.
Gender: Female
Rank: D

Felicia comes off emotionless due to the need to suppress her feelings to control her powers. Her lack of expression can make what she says often come off as sarcasm or lacking any care. Felicia does like to occasionally tell a joke coming off as dry humor due to her restraint of showing emotions. She enjoys the company of others over being left alone. She has an innate curiosity about the world around her enjoying seeing new sights. She lacks much self confidence making her very skittish about using her own abilities without restraint. While she enjoys being connected with others she is fearful she might accidentally hurt someone she is near, often making her avoid the idea of finding.

Magical Abilities

Felicia has the ability to lift physical objects and move them around without touch. Her ability manifests visibly as a dim red and orange glow around the object. She is able to manipulate the objects in any direction she so chooses.​
Psychokinesis Limitations​
The power itself is difficult to control requiring both for Felicia to maintain focus as well as being emotionally calm in order to properly use her ability. Should she lose control her power can quickly escalate making objects she picked up move erratically or unintentionally draw other objects up unintentionally. This lack of control can go so far as unintentionally damaging the object being held up often times in that case crushing it. Felicia primarily limits her abilities through special restraints on her in order to help further limit her abilities to a greater extent in order for her to better maintain control even while being focused or emotionally stable. She is limited on the Weight of objects she can lift up, only able to pick up objects weighing up to roughly 495kg​

Psychokinetic Flight​
Utilizing her Psychokinesis and applying it to herself, she is able to effectively levitate in the air. This levitation combined with manipulating it with her powers allows her to achieve flight. Unlike other forms of flight the ability itself doesn't rely upon wings or other means to control her direction giving her great control in the way she is able to move.​
Psychokinetic Flight Limitations​
While given great versatility in her movement not relying or wings or other means to fly, her flight requires the use of her abilities in order to properly control. Should her emotions become erratic or or she loose control it can causing her to lose control over herself. She lacks the speed of others when it comes to her flight, and while effective at controlling herself she does require a constant use of energy to fly unable to simple glide or use physics to her benefit to gain speed.​

Psychokinetic Crush​
While having control over an object, rather then attempting to move the object around Felicia can instead attempt to compress the object into a smaller space. The act of crushing an object generally involves Felicia more directly focusing on a object using her hand in order to direct the motion closing her hand into a fist as the object is compressed. She is able to use Crush without utilizing a hand gesture, though it is something she isn't fully adjusted to do and more so does it unintentionally in moments where she might be more emotionally unstable.​
Psychokinetic Crush Limitations​
While her Psychokinesis can allow her to pick up heavier objects with general ease more so limited by the size of said object, her ability to crush an object relies upon the over-all strength of such an object. A more durable object will be much more difficult to crush requiring more energy put in to be able to crush it. Objects that might already be very dense can be difficult if not impossible for Felicia to crush down to a further point. Living beings have a natural ability to resist the effect. Not quite adjusted to the motion she requires the use of a hand gesture in order to use the power. She tends to unintentionally use this power while not emotionally stable making it a potential danger should she be holding an object she doesn't' want to crush in the first place.​

Physical Abilities & Skills

Emotion Control​
Through particular training Felicia has gained the ability to control her emotions to a greater extent then most people. This is often done by dulling her emotional response and minimizing her reaction to typical emotional stimuli.​
Emotion Control Limitations​
While she has a good grasp of controlling her emotions, it isn't absolute. There is only so much she can hold back her emotions before they manage to slip out. Once she starts to slip from having control it can be quite difficult to calm herself and return back to a calm state. The fact she represses her emotions to such an extent can make her particular outbreaks much more extreme, given her powers making her quite dangerous.​

Additional Weakness/Limitations

Physically Weak​
Felicia is nothing very impressive when it comes to a human. In many ways she is weaker then a typical human being. Having the ability to much more easily control objects with Psychokinesis means she does very little involving the use of her muscles. This means she is rather physically frail to the point of having some trouble doing some basic tasks, and is very easy to get tired out if having to do physical activity even as simple as walking for longer periods of time.​

Glass Canon​
While being able to throw around heavy objects that would make most people panic seeing flying their direction, Felicia is ultimately quite frail. She does not do well when it comes to withstanding damage. This issue is further exacerbated as constant pain or discomfort can also have a negative effect on her making it more difficult for her to retrain control. She can be relatively easy to knock out.​

Not a Close Range Fighter​
Felicia's abilities tend to make her good at long to mid range fighting. In close range she can have a good bit of trouble using her powers without unintentionally hurting herself. While smaller objects can be used to protect herself in close range, it is much more difficult to fully utilize her power in such close proximity. Added in her fragile nature a close range fight is much more risky for her to engage in and something she is far less adapt at dealing with.​

Fear of her Own Power​
Felicia is terrified of losing control when it comes to her own power. That fear causes her to be far more cautious about lifting her restraints or taking such risks. Even in the case of training in an enclosed environment it can be very difficult for her to be willing to lesson the restraints afraid it might go out of control and hurt someone even when steps are taken to greatly minimize said risk. This fear is further pushed given the nature of her power constantly growing as she becomes stronger, with her ability to control her powers being unable to keep up as her power continues to expand and become stronger in what is an uphill battle to try and gain full control over her abilities.​


Standard Issue SMITED uniform​
Power Limiter Bracelet/Necklace (Magic)​
Ear Buds​


Felicia was born into an otherwise normal human family. Around the age of three her powers manifested nearly killing her mother and collapsing a portion of her house in. It wasn't long after that her family went about putting her up for adoption afraid of their own daughter. It was the Syndicate that interfered recognizing the girl as an Esper, a rare case found within humans in which certain powers and traits are noted to manifest. It was through the syndicate she was adopted by a family of mages known as Riley and Jeffry Caldweil. It was larger by their efforts they helped to restrain Felicia's powers and helped in order to get her in better control over them utilizing knowledge found from within the Shadow Archives to gain a better understanding of an Esper. Much of her childhood was spent learning to use her powers and control her abilites as she was home schooled by her adopted father Jeffry.

Having been kept primarily in an enclosed environment in order to avoid risking an accident with her abilities, Felicia had developed a natural desire to see the world. Unfortunately the risk she could present being left out in the world unsupervised was too great causing the Syndicate to want to keep her left contained away from the world. While she was able to join the syndicate and act in part under their control kept away in the underbelly of society she lacked the ability to use magic limiting her prospects to that of much simpler work. For Felicia it only felt as if it was another type of imprisonment one that she wasn't even capable of doing much that might make her feel as if she was serving a real purpose. It had been in this slump for Felicia that she came to learn about SMITED, a organization that to her presented the first real chance for her to be more free. Her adopted parents while a little uneasy ultimately agreed and encouraged her to attempt to join. While they had sheltered her they did care about her and wanted her to have a happy life even if they had to be cautious about her.

Felicia joined SMITED after first receiving permission from the Syndicate to join. She would be able to act more freely though kept under the groups control and watchful gaze to ensure no problems might occur. The group's more open exposure meant Felicia wouldn't have to worry about unintentionally using her powers and she felt it could allow her to find a group of misfits like herself she could connect to, unlike the Syndicate where she felt she was an outside only being given some access to having no other proper place for her to go. The idea of being able to see the world was more then enough motivation with her, while the idea of being able to protect others was a nice extra perk she didn't at all mind. She took the big step preceding with both excitement as well as lingering worry she might mess up and do wrong.
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Rumble Fish

The Paradise Hunter
Hermione “Hermy” Puckett

Alias: Hermy, goat
Physical Age: 22
True Age: 26
Race: Satyress
Gender: Female
Rank: D

Hermione can come across as a self-centred and dishonest jerk to a lot of people due to her tendency to only seeming to care about keeping a steady supply of wine on her person and goofing off. However, past that wall, you are likely to find a sassy but well-meaning creature. Despite her misanthropic tendencies; the Satyr holds a strong sense of both justice and loyalty. A massive flirt, Hermy will relentlessly hit on people mostly as a way to annoy them and not out of real interest. If she was to become interested in someone, she would actively deny it and try not to pursue it in fear of rejection. Her low self-esteem stems from a lifetime of feeling unwanted and pushed away which has caused a deep fear of being abandoned to accumulate within the Saytr. Despite this, she is able to put those feelings aside to help people.

Despite all of her faults, Hermione underneath it all is truly a good person with a sense of justice and will apply herself to see it done, especially after what she had endured herself. While not serious by nature, she has moments of taking in the atmosphere and applying herself accordingly. She has a sense of fun, tending to play pranks on people and has a strong liking for music and dancing. The term "crouching moron, hidden badass" applies the best.

Magical Abilities


Being half-beast herself, Hermione can communicate with other animals with the exception of insects and most kinds of birds.

Most animals only have the most basic grasp of speech and some may be unlikely to speak or assist so this ability can be very hit and miss.

Bewilderment Inducement

Satyrs have a natural ability to confuse and distract people, often with the use of wild antics or playing certain songs which can come in handy in either making an escape or opening an opportunity to retaliate against a crowd.

Some are more easily effective than others to this ability and it can take a few moments to take effect.

formation Here
Physical Abilities & Skills

Enhanced Senses

Hermione's senses are heightened more than the avarage human which includes smell (ironically), sight and hearing. While not on the same level as dogs or other animals, her more sensitive senses. This is useful for both herself and other people as it makes it easier to locate people, items etc allowing ample time for planning and forward-thinking.

Despite Hermy's natural resilience, her senses can be overwhelmed by excessive noise or flashing lights which can knock off her focus and cause extreme confusion and disruption.

Effective climber/runner/endurance

Hermy’s natural balancing ability and agility (even when completely inebriated) make her an effective climber in most terrains and is an effective free-runner which assists greatly in both combat and getting from A to B; despite her almost habitual inebriation this one of the few things not affected by that.

Wet terrain or overly smooth surfaces is the biggest offence when it comes to limitations.

Additional Weakness/Limitations

Alcoholic- As is typical with Satyrs, sobriety only lasts at most an hour.

Pessimistic- Does not often think the best of situations or people and can take some persuasion to think differently.

Stubborn- once Hermy has her mind on something, it is near impossible to change her mind.

Fear of water- following a traumatic experience as a teenager, Hermione has an intense phobia of water.

Envy- Hermione quickly grows jealous of other women, particularly humans or elves who are by default prettier, seeing herself as lesser than them due to her beast-like assets.

Big mouth- this Saytr simply cannot shut up, even if it gets her or others into trouble.

Fright paralysis- An embarrassing part of her biology, when overly startled Hermy goes into a brief state of paralysis (watch any fainting goat video)


Wine Skin

Bow and Arrows

Pan pipes

Small Dagger


Hermione knows virtually nothing about her family or where she even came from. All she had known was learnt from growing up in an orphanage being the only Satyr there. As a child she had little trouble getting along with the other races in the orphanage but as she got older, tensions started to rise between herself and both the other residents and staff as she started partaking in the debauchery that was common among Satyrs, but with being the only one and others having little knowledge of her race, Hermy found herself getting into trouble more often than not. The last few years at the orphanage was a lonely experience despite her constant partake in… nightly “social” activities. The lack of friends in the orphanage and the tension between herself and the staff only fuelled Hermione to act out more. One particular event that eventually influenced Hermy to leave was when she had joined the others on a trip to a pool and one of the other teens, an elf startled Hermy, triggering her fright paralysis and causing her to fall into one of the pools. Unable to swim or even move for a scarily long time, it took the group minutes to realise what had happened and by that point, the satyr had practically drowned. After that, Hermy has had a crippling fear of water.

After outgrowing the system, Hermione moved around from place to place in search of any kind of work, but with no qualifications or skills, the best she could find was a place at SMITED as an agent. During her time of unemployment, the Satyr found herself becoming more cynical when it came to dealing with humans and other creatures which she realised she would have to do upon joining SMITED. Despite her reluctance, the Satyr is smart enough to know that it was either this or starve- or at least run out of alcohol. Either sounded unfavourable.



I am the one the creatures of nightmare fear.
● Tiegs, Jasper

Jasper HS.png
Alias: JT
Physical Age: 28
True Age: 28
Race: Human (Magician)
Gender: Male

❶ Personality
Most people would call Jasper a smart-ass if they were feeling charitable, and he goes out of his way to cultivate that appearance. Snarky comments, wisecracks, and odd commentary are part and parcel to Jasper, but they are actually a camouflage for a keen mind that remains focused on the task at hand, no matter how trivial.

❷ Magical Abilities

Body Manipulation
Jasper has mystic tattoos on his body that when energized, provide a temporary boost to selected senses or abilities. Sight, hearing, sense of smell, strength, and speed are the current tattoos.
Body Manipulation Limitations
Only a single sense or ability can be boosted at any time, and the act of boosting requires large amounts of magical energy to maintain. Strength boosting lasts the shortest time, maybe one or two punches at Olympic levels. Speed boosting lasts slightly longer, enough for maybe a two hundred yard sprint. Sensory boosting can be maintained for nearly five minutes, but all other senses will be muted during this period. If a tattoo is damaged, Jasper loses access to whichever sense or ability boost it represents until it is repaired.

Magic Channeling
Jasper can channel his magical energy into an item that has been engraved with the appropriate runes to improve its function. He currently carries a Jo staff with an added blade engraved with runes for sharpness and explosive strikes. Unlike Body Manipulation, channeling into non-living items requires power in direct relation to the desired effect. Jasper can adjust the level of the explosive strike from a love tap to the equivalent of getting hit by a sledgehammer depending on how much power he pushes into the runes.
Magic Channeling Limitations
As with Body Manipulation, only a single effect can be triggered at once. Also, only the effects that have been engraved onto the weapon/item can be triggered. If a new effect is desired, Jasper must take the time to engrave the runes fully describing the desired effect upon the object in question. This is a time consuming and painstaking process, since the accuracy and clarity of the engraving greatly effects the overall function. If the runes are damaged, Jasper can no longer trigger the effects they describe until they have been repaired.

Runic Manipulations
Jasper can draw temporary Runic spells to cause minor physical effects to occur, such as unlocking a lock.
Runic Manipulations Limitations
Jasper must have physical access to whatever he is trying to influence. There must be sufficient surface area for him to write the appropriate runes to cause the desired effect, and the surface must retain the pencil/ink/paint that Jasper is using to draw the Runes. The Runes must remain intact until the entire spell is written, and the spell leaves a detectable trace for a long period of time. Note, that if a door was locked with a lock, a deadbolt, and a chain, each lock would require a separate Runic spell to open, though all could be written on the surface of the door itself. If the door was physically blocked, Jasper's spells would not be able to shift the blocking item.

After the debacle within Pandora's Box, Jasper has found his powers have changed slightly. He can now empower small carved disks with pre-loaded spells that he can trigger and then place in a specific location, or throw at his opponents.
Trinket Limitations
Crafting the Trinkets is a laborious process, takings days, or in the case of a truly complicated spell, weeks or even months. If Jasper 'arms' a Trinket and fails to hit his target with it, it will remain primed, and the first person to touch it, besides Jasper, will trigger the effect. Also, while the power to initiate the spell lies within the Trinket, if there is any on-going effect, Jasper must maintain the effect by using his own power, which can deplete him quickly, depending upon the effect. Also, he cannot carry more than six Trinkets without the spells starting to interfere with each other, making them unstable.

❸ Physical Abilities & Skills

Jasper has devoted significant time and effort into mastering the use of the Jo staff.
Jojutsu Limitations
Many different martial arts utilize the Jo staff, and Jasper has studied and practiced them all, but only as they relate to the Jo staff. As a result, he has a smattering of many different styles, but is a master of none. A black belt/master of any of the styles would find him easy to defeat, though he might get in a lucky shot by switching styles in mid-combat. If disarmed, Jasper is competent at best. He knows how to punch and kick, but anyone with above average skill would defeat him.

Jasper's stamina is significantly above average.
Stamina Limitations
Jasper's stamina doesn't only fuel his physical exertions, but also fuels his magical ones. Magical exertions can quickly drain his reserves, even if he is not exerting himself physically.

❹ Additional Weakness/Limitations

Magically limited
All of Jasper's spell-craft requires a written/carved component. He cannot remotely influence things, or cast 'on the fly' as some Magicians can with spoken words or gestures.
Once he has his sights set on a problem, Jasper tends to focus on it to the exclusion of everything else. This can lead to his missing things that he might otherwise have noticed, and makes it very difficult for him to 'switch gears' and move on to another problem before the first one is solved to his satisfaction.
Socially limited
Jasper has spent most of his life as a social 'fringer'. While he can interact with people easily on a professional level, he is awkward and inexperienced when the interactions become more personal. The recent events in Pandora's Box have left Jasper more inclined to keep people at arm's length.

❺ Inventory

Modified Jo staff
Jasper carries a Jo staff that has had a short blade added to one end. The weapon is heavily carved with runes, allowing Jasper to channel his magic into the weapon.
Messenger bag
Jasper routinely carries a messenger bag made of Kevlar disguised to look like ordinary nylon. Inside is a wide range of writing implements of various types, a small, powered scribing tool, and an assortment of concentrated food packages. It also contains a small container of henna ink and several small paintbrushes.
Jasper has a small pouch on his belt, lined with silk and broken into six compartments. It contains 1 Alarm Trinket, 1 Flash Bang Trinket, 1 Paralysis Trinket. 1 Sleep Trinket, 1 Minor Healing Trinket, and 1 Tracking Trinket

❻ Backstory

Jasper is the son of Karen Simmons and Martin Tiegs. His mother Karen is an accomplished Magician, and his father, while not a member of the supernatural world, is very familiar with it due to a childhood incident and his marriage to Karen. Martin worked at a private security firm whose attitude was shaped by knowledge of the supernatural world dating from before the Revelation. Because of their proven discretion and the general unflappability of their personnel, The Syndicate occasionally employed their services when mundane security was called for. It was on one such detail that Karen and Martin met, resulting in a slowly growing relationship that finally culminated in Karen resigning from active Syndicate business to marry Martin and start a family. Jasper and his sisters Annie and Cassandra, three years and five years his juniors respectively, were the result. Of the three children, only Jasper showed the slightest hint of the Magician's legacy, and despite the power she could detect within him, his mother couldn't puzzle out Jasper's gifts until he was nearly seventeen. It was only when Jasper was writing a research paper in high school, and happened to try his hand at drawing some of the runes he found that things got, interesting. Fortunately, the fire was small and easily contained. Armed with new knowledge, Karen began to train Jasper in the uses of his abilities.
It was during his training period as a Magician that Jasper developed a, dislike for The Syndicate. He wasn't exceptionally strong, and his need to write out his intentions hobbled him, resulting in what little aid his mother received being given grudgingly at best, despite her long and faithful service. There was a 'you left us, so deal with your own problems' attitude that left a sour taste in his mouth. Despite his distaste for The Syndicate, Jasper allowed himself to be registered as required, but has kept his contact to a minimum. His father made arrangements for Jasper to receive physical training once it became obvious that his abilities would never develop past 'adequate', and it was during this training that Jasper discovered his ability to 'enhance' himself and items. Only Jasper and his mother know the exact details of the event, and neither will ever willingly speak of it.
Jasper went to work with his father at 21, quickly earning a reputation as a solid operator and a good man to have at your back. He was bothered by some of the jobs though, especially the ones involving the supernatural world's interaction with the mundane world. As a result, he began to work behind the scenes, trying to minimize the effects of the supernatural on the regular. When the Revelation occurred, Jasper was shocked and then worried, worried badly. He didn't think that the two worlds were ready to meet, but the die had been cast, and not by him. When his mother mentioned that an organization existed to try and keep the peace between the worlds, and to enforce the Accords, Jasper, despite his innate distrust for 'shadow' organizations, asked to be placed in touch with a recruiter. Despite his limited magical powers, Jasper was accepted, and began his tour within SMITED. He is currently active, and though he does have a reputation as a 'smart ass' he also has a reputation for getting the job done.
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The Known Stranger
Myrsky, Theo

Alias: Theo
Physical Age: 25
True Age: 25
Race: Human - Mage
Gender: Male
Rank: C


Theo is sort of at odds with himself. Perhaps his magic is a good example of this, his power is flashy, bright, and when it comes to his special moves loud and fairly flamboyant. The sort of thing one would use to cause chaos or put in front to forcibly clear the way. But Theo himself is not like this. He avoids being in the spotlight when possible, and finds satisfaction in being in the supportive role. Perhaps he fears what being a front-liner would mean, that he would not be able to live up to the expectations, whether they be his own high ones or others'. And yet he can't help but feel drawn to mastering the abilities he does have, to control them so thoroughly that he could pull forth great power or careful control. To be an indisputable Number 1 and earn the respect of those around him.

In the end the when Theo is unsure about his feelings or motives, he defaults to his beliefs, which is to attempt to be kind and understanding to those around him. He tries not to be forceful, and prefers listening over talking. Unless he feels there's a good reason to do otherwise, he'll always prefer telling the truth even if it isn't the nicest thing to hear.

Theo enjoys music, art, and generally things of craft and beauty. While he himself doesn't believe he has enough patience to master something like painting or an instrument, he is not above dabbling for fun. While he isn't particularly an extroverted person, he enjoys the company of others and generally will go along the energy of whatever situation he might be in. Listening to others, especially if they're telling stories, is a favorite past time of his.

Magical Abilities

Elemental Control: Fire
Like most Fire mages, the Theo can summon and manipulate flames, as well as transfer of heat through touch. Fire that is brighter will burn with less heat, while fire that burns hot will be dimmer.
Ability One Limitations
Theo's elemental flame magic carries a signature, which does two things: Identifies his body as the source for the fire's heat, and keeps him from feeling the heat of his own flames. The first means that whenever he is using his flame magic, his body will feel unnaturally cold. While he has never tested the extremities, He believes he could get frostbite or receive other internal cold-related health issues if he were to use the fire magic continuously for a great length or at ridiculously extreme temperatures. The second is usually seen as a good thing, as it means he won't ever burn himself from his flames, but coupled with the first it is a double edges sword. No matter how cold he gets, he will not gain heat from his flames, nor anything his flames catch onto. Even if he were to set a log on fire and let it burn on its own for hours, the initial signature of the lighting would keep him from ever feeling the warmth of the flames.

Metallurgy Manipulation
The ability to manipulate metals. In essence he can "move" metals, which might mean changing the configuration bonds of an alloy, changing the shape of a rod into a key or tool, propelling small pieces of metal at high speeds, or other similar things. As a tangent to manipulating, while trying to control a material, he can sense its shape, as well as the presence of other forces acting on it. So reading a lock to understand the correct key shape, or finding the cameras at the other end of a line of wires is very much possible.
Ability Two Limitations
This ability relies greatly on size. Manipulating a large object takes significantly more time and stamina that manipulating a small object. It also greatly limits that amount of "force" he can apply to a manipulation. For instance, if he came up to a steel wall, its mass and size would limit him to only minor adjustments in its surface. If he had a great amount of time, he'd be able to perform significant manipulations, but that sort of time is very much unreasonable for any kind of mission. Manipulating metal also consumes his stamina. While it is at a lesser rate than if he was bending metal with his own strength and muscle, it can still take a toll on him after manipulating large objects or in objects in great number.

- Side note: Theo's favorite technique combines both of these abilities. He Forcibly over-stores heat and flame into a fairly small metal body (He usually caries Metal balls ranging from a marble to a golf ball in size) By using his flame control and metal manipulation he can keep the excessive force within the ball until its hit with another force (when it comes into contact with something) Meaning that he can essentially create Flash, Flame, Explosive, and shrapnel grenades and propel them at high speeds at any target within range. (the range varies on the size of the metal ball) The propelled "grenades" are not discreet, as they glow with the heat that is stored within them and are quite loud upon detonation.

Physical Abilities & Skills

General Physically fitness, coordination, and fighting skills
Theo keeps himself well fit and with a fair amount of muscle. While he certainly isn't a body builder or a strong brawler, he has the strength stamina to hold his own in general combat. Similarly, he has trained enough in hand-to-hand combat to be able to reasonable hold his own in a fight. While he usually relies on his abilities to give him a boost, he knows he has a good amount of strength to fall back on.
Ability One Limitations
The usual, as a human he only has so much stamina and it doesn't help his magical powers take a toll of his body. As mentioned above he is only reasonably strong and fit, there are plenty of people who work their strength with dedication who are stronger than him.

If there is one thing He can do well without magic, its running. While he does best in sprinting, he's very much accustomed to fast long distance runs. it is a very speed-oriented skill that he does not mind applying to trivial and serious matters alike. Escaping with important objects, running distraction, helping hurt people, he makes sure to move at as quick a pace as possible.
Ability Two Limitations
Extra weight will obviously slow him down, and moving at sprinting speeds generally means he can't use detailed magic abilities. He may be able to use them in a general way, but if wants to perform a specific action it will require him slowing down. Stamina is still an issue, though this is usually only impacts him after having used large amounts of magic first.
Additional Weakness/Limitations
(Optional. Add/Remove as needed.)

Cold is definitely his biggest weakness. Because of the way his fire magic lowers his body heat, using said magic in an already cold setting could be extremely dangerous. Using magic in something simple like an over air-conditioned room will generally be fine, anything that saps his body heat will limit the amount of fire magic he can use. Without his fire magic he only has metallurgy manipulation, which severely limits his combat ability.

(You can add more slots if you wish. This section meant for weapons, tools, and gear your character uses. Weight is a factor so don't overburden yourself. Also you can remove the text in the parentheses.)

Metal balls. These are kept in a belt of pockets, and range from the size of a marble to the size of a golf ball. They weigh a quite fair amount, though he makes sure to spread it around him so he doesn't become unbalanced. When there's a need for speed he'll often drop the belt and its weight. With his ability he can creates new metal balls, but he keeps back up belts back at base.

Theo wears a Blue Mana Stone around his neck on a simple chain. This is his most important possession and never takes it off, even when he sleeps. The Mana stone can store magical energy, but its craft is of such low quality that renders it pretty much useless in terms of practical application.

Theo keeps a stash of books at his bunk. Some are magical theory books he uses to study and improve his ability, but most of them are reads for pleasure. Most are fantasy and Science fiction books. He is quite happy to share them if anyone needs a read.

Steel Crowbar - his melee 'weapon' of choice, its the ideal size for quick use with his metallurgy manipulation.


Theo grew up in what to most outsiders to be a simple and good life. He had loving parents -both magicians with some respect to their names- and he grew up encouraged to explore magic to its fullest with other magician kids. But there was just one hole in the picture: Theo wasn't interested in magic. Or, to be more precise, none of the kinds of magic that he encountered interested him. While other kids began to pick up abilities and specialize their magical studies, Theo would wander from one type of magic to another, never really bad at anything but also never with a desire to follow through with the studies. It was lonely, as other magician kids usually grouped up based on their magic. Theo wasn't really an outcast, he was quite friendly with those he met and talked too, but he didn't have any real close friends. That was, until he met Mara.

As he was growing older, Theo took to exploring the lands around his home, something encouraged by his parents who were by that time quite worried by Theo's apparent lack of magical interest. it was on one of these outings that Theo ran into something -someone- quite unexpected: An Elf. Theo's curiosity got the better of him and he approached and talked to the elf girl, who was out on her own like he himself was. Elves and magicians had always had a fairly negative relationship with each other. The was a definite animosity between them, but neither wanted to antagonize the other in a way that might lead to fighting and instead keep to themselves. As such, Theo was quite surprised to find the Elf girl quite willing -even happy- to talk and hang out with him. He learned her name was Mara and she belonged to a nomadic Elf tribe. Theo wouldn't learn much about her beyond this, she was fairly reluctant to delve into details and Theo, who had finally made a real friend, had no intention of pushing it.

They met in secret for about a year. Both knew they would be in trouble if they were found out. But they enjoyed being together, exploring together, learning together. Mara taught Theo her Tribe's magic. Or at least, her part of the tribe's magic. the Tribe was ultra-traditionalist and only ever practiced "pure" elemental magic. This would be Theo's first true magical specialty, though it probably had more to do with being taught by a friend than the magic itself. He'd seen fire magic before after all. That year was, in Theo's mind, the best of his life. It ended however, very suddenly. To Theo it was going to be any other day, but Mara was clearly distressed an close to tears. She told him she couldn't give him any details, but revealed she was the daughter of one of the Tribes Four chiefs and that she had 'obligations' she must fulfill. She was going to be 'out of his life' and they wouldn't see each other again. Theo pressed for an explanation but Mara's only response was to take the rough mana stone she wore and give to him as something to remember her by. And just as she said, he did not see her again from that day.

It wasn't long after this that the existence of magic and magical races was revealed to the world, along with the existence of SMITED. Theo was a young adult by this time, and just hearing about SMITED ignited a flame in his heart. He had always believed that it had been the animosity between the elves and magicians in his area that had removed Mara from his life, and in SMITED he saw a chance to help be a part of removing the barriers between races, magical or not. He also secretly hoped he would one day get the chance to discover the exact identity if the nomadic elf tribe, and even if he couldn't ever find them, he would at least learn what sort of 'obligations' mara had claimed to have to complete. So Theo spent a year or two studying and training in a second, more practical magical ability that would help him gain a position in the ranks of SMITED's agents.

_Line 213

| || || | __
Colsasch, Snorttelvishtus M.

Alias: "Snortt"
Physical Age: 23-24-ish. It's hard to tell, since he doesn't look quite human.
True Age: 35
Race: Lizard-man / "Sobekan"
Gender: Male
Rank: D

"Fuck, I hate that goddamn lizard."
-- Snortt's handler, shortly after his official induction.

Snortt is a skinner and a grinner, always on the lookout for the best way to gain the upper hand in just about any situation. While this makes him an invaluable operations manager for a variety of different situations, it also makes for a man that can be trusted by almost no-one--unless he really, really, genuinely likes you, and seemingly there are only two other people in the world that have managed to gain that level of access to the man. Quick to sing the praises of his own "supreme intellect," Snortt has an unwavering sense of confidence in himself and those he trusts (which, again, only seems to be two other people), and is more likely to keep digging a hole until he somehow triumphantly pops out on the other side of the world and rides off into the sunset rather than admit fault or a mistake--unless his reputation with someone he wants something from is on the line. He is, however, surprisingly fickle when it comes to his convictions, and is easily swayed by the promise of tangible rewards. The only thing that he seems to be incapable of reneging on is the bond he shares between his two former crew members. Many have tried to buy a betrayal. All have failed.

Magical Abilities

Apotropsis Field
Snortt's apotropaic aura keeps gazes averted and unwarranted attention away, an invaluable bonus for any infiltration assignment. Even scrying seems to have little to no effect while the field is active. Waltzing into restricted areas, moving through crowded streets, losing pursuers--all these and more are made all the more easy with Snortt's watchful gaze keeping tabs on you. Snortt claims that the Field also offers suspiciously auspicious circumstances when active, but it's unclear how much of this is truly due to "magic" and how much is due to Snortt's incredibly quick thinking.
Apotropsis Field Limitations
The Apotropsis Field emanates outward from one person at a time, and though the field has a radius of several yards (making it easy to cover an entire group if they stick together), Snortt can only tie the field to himself or someone he can see. Cameras and other forms of remote viewing seemingly count, but if they're blinded through any means, the Field will vanish. Additionally, performing distinctly noticeable actions (for instance, setting off a bunch of firecrackers) will drastically reduce the Field's ability to make the occupants forgettable.

False Humanity
Snortt can disguise himself as a realistic, yet somewhat unnerving, human being.
False Humanity Limitations
As this is not a true shapeshift, and is instead more of a disguise or a glamour, False Humanity can be dispelled via magic. Additionally, if Snortt's Apotropsis Field is unavailable, his true form can be seen via Truesight and other similar or appropriate powers or means.
Physical Abilities & Skills

Frenzied Regeneration
Snortt, like most of his kind, can regenerate lost limbs and bodyparts. Simple additions, such as claws and back spines, can also be grown more or less on command.
Frenzied Regeneration Limitations
Vital organs cannot be replaced, as it is highly likely that one will die from a lack of said organ before the regenerative process can complete. The larger the loss, the more time it will take for the part to properly reform, and the higher the nutritional intake necessary to replace said part will be.

Odd Eyes
Snortt perceives the world in a variety of different spectra, allowing him to see things that would normally be beyond the perception of the average person--even where magic is concerned. Great for picking someone out in a crowd, seeing in the dark, detecting secret entrances, and most importantly, picking magical objects and powerful relics out of all the look-alikes in a vault.
Odd Eyes Limitations
Snortt's eyes are sensitive, and prone to blinding via both magic and various other means. He wears a set of special goggles that filter for specific wavelengths in order to help compensate for this weakness.
Additional Weakness/Limitations

Cash Prizes!
Snortt is highly susceptible to bribes, sweet-sounding deals, and even favors (unless what's being asked is for him to betray his crew, of course; at best he'll refuse, and at worst he'll take the money and you'll never see or hear from him or his fellows again). His turncoat tendencies have earned him more than his fair share of enemies over the years.
In Too Deep
Snortt's supreme belief in his plans and his team's ability to execute them often makes it difficult to convince him to pull out of an operation or avoid adding in secondary objectives on the fly. At that point, things become unpredictable; the result will be either a sweeping success that achieves more than anyone had ever dreamed, or an abject, continuous failure that Snortt will still refuse to pull out of out of the belief that he can turn it into one of the aforementioned total victories.

Crystalline Spectral Filtration Goggles: A set of shuttered, semi-magical crystal lenses used to limit Snortt's vision to one spectrum of light or magic at a time. They help him cut down on visual noise in brightly-lit or magic-heavy locations, and reduce his sensitivity to light in general.

Duffel bag: For taking the right stuff in, and hauling the good stuff out.

Leatherman: You'll need it all, so why choose?

Swiss Army Knife: For extra uncertainty elimination.

Small laptop: For all the security you can't just cut.

Heckler & Koch UMP: Once used for holding up relic vaults and scaring civilians during bank jobs, Snortt's HK UMP is one of the few pieces of equipment he was allowed to keep upon joining SMITED. While special threats sometimes require special ammunition (which, much to his chagrin, is only offered to him on a mission-by-mission basis by his handlers), the gun itself is outwardly and technically much the same as it was during his heist years.

Smith and Wesson M&P9: A 9mm handgun that functions as Snortt's sidearm. When a Golem is barreling down the street at you, determined to recover the one-thousand year old chalice you've nabbed from the temple it's guarding and you knew it would be there, "I ran out of ammo" isn't a good excuse for bungling the job.

Earpiece and radio pack: Never start a job without rock-solid comms.

Crowbar: You'll always need it, you just never know when.

Mission-specific Equipment: Snortt always makes space for some precision instruments. Drills, climbing gear, anti-ward talismans--it all depends on the job.

It's unclear where Snorttelvishtus M. Colsasch was born. It's unclear if that is even his real name, considering how ridiculous it is, yet Snortt has reaffirmed several times with SMITED that it is, indeed, the name he was given at birth. If so, poor bastard.

Judging by his mannerisms, accent, and tastes, it is reasonable to assume that Snortt was either born or spent a substantial amount of his formative years in the Northeastern United States. It is also reasonable to assume that, given his knowledge of certain cultural elements, he spent a lot of time hiding amongst ordinary human populations prior to the Revelation, as did most Sobekans.

Tangible mundane records relating to Snortt (partly by his own admission) begin with a series of bank jobs performed 9 years before the Revelation on the eastern side of the State of Mexico, resulting in nearly $200,000 Mexican Pesos of damages. Supernatural records first appear two years later in relation to the theft of an important sigil scroll stolen from an ancient ritual ground in Ireland (it would take nearly a decade for the scroll to resurface; it was found in the hands of a Portuguese art historian's private collection, having traded hands many times). Another year later, a bank job in California; two years after that, a reliquary hit in France and a Temple raid in India. Vaults emptied, museums devastated, ancient tombs picked clean. It wasn't until SMITED managed to gather law enforcement experts and intel from both sides of the divide that the full extent of Snortt's trail of influence could be pieced together.

Snortt, along with two other individuals, was part of an international heist crew known as Vanishing Act; together, they had perpetrated a surprising amount of high-profile thefts of magical objects, along with good old-fashioned robbery. The hunt for Vanishing Act was on, and the new tactics spearheaded by SMITED were leading the way. Unfortunately, Vanishing Act proved an extremely difficult group to corner; some of their jobs were foiled, but they always managed to escape before landing in custody. Ultimately, it was the simplest solution that proved to be the most effective one: a cash reward.

Before anyone could take it, Snortt himself came knocking. But he wanted more than his crew's own reward money; drastically reduced charges and no asset forfeiture had to be on the table. What was he offering? The services of one of SMITED's most persistent thorns, and the kind of expertise that had baffled both mundane and supernatural criminologists for over a decade. Though Vanishing Act were forced to start at the bottom of the ladder with handlers watching them every step of the way, all parties involved decided to go through with the deal after what was described as a "somewhat tense and unfathomably awkward video conference." The decision was and remains extremely controversial (and involved far less reward money than initially posted, a fact which Snortt continues to bring up). Even now, there are many who believe that SMITED should have been much, much harder on Vanishing Act than they were; those in favor of the decision point out that the estimated expenditure of continuing the hunt likely would have been far higher, not to mention that they had received some "talented personnel" for their trouble, but the suspicious eyes that watch Vanishing Act at every moment are likely to remain for quite some time.

But, Snortt and the crew are here to stay (so long as the pay is good--or so they threaten), and they're nothing if not a handful. Only time will tell if they'll be worth it in the long run, but their record speaks for itself. And my, what a record it is.

Sobekans--better known simply as "Lizard People"--are a bestial subset present throughout the world in a variety of different reptilian and near-reptilian forms. Considering only a small percentage of them are actually crocodile-esque, the name is something of a misnomer despite having stuck; it's even unclear as to whether the various Sobekan subtypes are related to one-another.

Historians are generally divided when it comes to the relationship between Sobekans and Sobek, the ancient Egyptian crocodile diety of fertility, guardsmanship, and martial prowess. Considering that many Sobekans have intrinsic magical talents, physical abilities, and manipulative intellects that are in line with the healer, guardian, and tactician that Sobek was said to be, it seems at least plausible that there would be some sort of relationship between the two. There are some that believe that Sobek might have created the Sobekans in their image. Others believe that the Sobekans might be somehow descended from Sobek. Since Sobek does not seem to have left many tangible markers of their divinity as other gods have, however, most Sobekans believe that Sobek was simply an extremely enterprising one of their number that managed to reveal themselves at the right time and place and conned their way into prehistorical godhood.

If this is the case, then Sobek himself would be pleased to know that his kin have continued this grand tradition rather aptly. Much to the surprise of many mundanes, the Revelation revealed that conspiracy nuts the world over were actually entirely correct about the whole "lizard people infiltrating world governments" thing. The PR blow was absolutely catastrophic, and even Sobekans that had absolutely nothing to do with any such conspiracy--which, to be fair, is most of them--remain highly distrusted by their human fellows.

Of course, there are some conspiracy theorists who believe that there are still lizard people infiltrating the government, and that not all of the Sobekans have been exposed for what they are. As for whether or not that's true, well. It's a brave new world, isn't it? Anything is possible.
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s e v e n

RPN's goth resident - art: peritwinkle

Alias: "Please do not shorten my name."
Physical Age: 21
True Age: 48
Race: Nephilim
Gender: Agender (she/her)
Rank: D


A woman of high class and elegance, Ariael lives up to her angelic name down to the way she walks and brings herself. Pure white gown that matches her wings, voice that is as sweet as the gentle rustles of holy feathers beneath chapel doors. Soft spoken, often overly strict mannerisms and etiquette, it made her not the easiest person to approach despite her share of smiles. True pacifist, as she has claimed it, though perhaps much hypocritically so as her idea of "justice" would often over cloud her; for better or for worse. Alluring is one way to describe the maiden, deadly, the other; as beneath the gentle smile of an angel flickers an equally sweet malicious intention.

Magical Abilities

An Angel's Tear
"For in the end, the only thing the angel cannot save is herself..."

A power so determining of one's own emotional capacity- what does it say to an angel that has none? Ariael is allowed to heal damages/wounds inflicted by any sort of way and form upon close contact. This, however, is deeply limited by her intentions, that is to say that this power will only work upon individuals her heart goes to. A fatal wound can only be treated if she finds it in herself to truly wish saving said person, were there an ounce of impurity presence, all is overwritten. In fact, words have it that the opposite of this emotion can lead to an opposite effect...though so far this has been unknown- to the public eye, at least.

Sword of Judgement
"For in her grace, she wields her blade to judge your fate."

One blade in each hand, five behind her back. Glowing golden as her eyes did so, Ariael is capable of summoning swords to aid her in battle. Controlling each of them requires extra concentration, so oftentimes she would refrain from jumping in a fight herself and simply allow her blades to take cover for her. Each blade would perish back into thin air once the deed is done.

Songs of Souls
"With my voice, let me bless you, oh weary soul..."

Similarly to An Angel's Tear, the ability is heavily restrained by her emotional capacity. If her heart truly goes to it, it allows her songs to serve as a sort of temporary buff for her peers. And the same applies- if there was a stain in her heart, the opposite may come true instead in the form of debuffs. The buff itself differs from each circumstance, ranging from strength, stamina, speed, etc- but none that allows enhancement of an ability that has never existed before (e.g. she cannot grant a human ability to breathe in water, but may allow merfolks to increase agility in water).

Physical Abilities & Skills

Wings of Freedom
"Soar! Oh, dear holy one, and watch us from above."

Quite self explanatory, her wings allow her to levitate off the ground. They can also harden as shields upon wish, coiling around her as though metallic barriers. Can be hidden when desired, too, though oftentimes she would simply only bend them down to meld with her gown.

Additional Weakness/Limitations

Narrow Field
A close terrain would be much to her disadvantage as most of her capabilities requires a much larger space to be efficient (e.g. flight, or summoning of swords). This would render her almost useless, with only close combat left in her hands (which she is much less adept in).

Lack of Emotional Capacity
Relates back to points above, in which her powers heavily depends on it

She believes that everyone else should fall weak to her swords, and often times this caused her to overlook some obstacles and make light of things that should not have been treated as so.


Wardrobe, oh-la-la!
Ariael owns a large variety of gowns, stashed within her room. The little girl in her squeals in glee in the face of dressing-up. While mostly inconvenient for mission's sake, she insists on keeping her attire instead of putting on actual clothes that could actually be easy to move in.

Though mostly she simply keeps in her room to not interrupt with missions, she plays it as a method to stress-relief. Sometimes, she sings as well.


Rise, my angel. Embrace your destiny. Rid the world off its evil.

Ariael had no last name, nor a first. The name she simply picked by herself, which she used till the moment she grew up. Never had she known her parents, or where she came from. Words flew in the streets that she was one day found by the stairs of the Chamber. Brought up by people she had not known, none that have attached to her as a parent figure. It was what she was taught of, after all: that her feelings should only limit her of what is true. There is evil in the world, unnatural, Fallens. All that must be vanquished and that was the reason she was born. Her tale has been dictated ever since, ink scrapping on parchment, her little hand forcefully dragged along its pages. Her beginning, middle, ending- all has been told before her. She will be a pawn for the greater good, and for that she shall be grateful.

But then their world was brought to the eyes of the public. Leering and judging, oh, those were the mortals. And since then the world has only grown more complicated. Joining SMITED had been the very first choice of hers that she actually felt sure of. That felt like herself instead of others, for while her head has been set clear to her goals, the maiden could not help but wonder in eternal question: what if she was wrong? What if there is more to the truth than she was let on? What if everything that she had ever believed in was a lie?

Do not ask questions, if you are not ready for its answers.

Yet the Pandora's box is already opened.

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The One Eyed Bandit

Smokesman, Charles

Alias: Silkie
Physical Age: 23
True Age: 38
Race: Sidhe Fae, Boggart
Gender: Female
Rank: D

Alright, to be frank, at worst Charles is a mess, and at best she is also a mess. If she were to be classified by human standards, she might be called a "deadbeat" or a "slimeball". But, really, that's just a misconception (honestly, she swears). While she might be a fast talking, faster rambling, and faster-still running rogue with a smile a little too wide for its own good, she's actually very good at working with others. That is to say, she's fine with shutting up (not really) and following orders so long as the lips that speak them at her are trustworthy. As necessity demands, her tongue is quite well plated in silver, so thoroughly in fact that she would make for her being quite the machiavellian if not for her less than prodigal temperament. Within her merry band of merry men this has earned her the role of local fast-talking shyster, as well as quick-sneak, which she is generally quite good at so long as she keeps her earpiece in. So, Charles is happy to listen to bigger skulls with more wrinkly brains than her own, so long as they aren't putting iron supplements in to her breakfast, or something equally nasty.

Magical Abilities

Wyld Magyk
In contrast to the Magic of Man, the Fair Folk's Magyk is a thing more primal and untamed. It is without spells and the structured order impressed upon by the Syndicate. Where a Magician barks commands to twist the world to their will, the Fair Folk instead seek out a conversation. They're able to request things of nature, dirt, stone, wood and so on, and should their fortunes be good, it will comply. Charles is friends with many swamps, brushes and, surprisingly, concretes. Her close ties with these Things allow her to convince dirt and stone to act as mud, pass from one brush into another, and swim through any liquid as if it were as thin and clear as crystal.
Meek, And a Third Wheel
As a lesser fae, who has never caught hide nor hair of Titania's court of merry, Charles' magyk is meek. Even amongst her few friends, she holds little influence, and can only invoke minor magyks and only if her relationships are in good standing. Littering, for example, might incur the ire of the local flora and restrict her ability to brushhop. Magyk is also of reduced effectiveness against things not of nature, such as synthetic metals and chemicals, though they are not as effective a negator as salt and iron.

Where Charles lack in influence with the world, she can instead curry for it with those that inhabit it. To the Fair Folk, words are powerful things and bargains are even stronger. A Fae's promise is a binding thing, and in turn, so is a promise made unto them. If given a person's verbal consent, a fae may affect the other races in many ways, for better or ill. They might lend one their magyk in exchange for a track of land, or take your most cherished memory in exchange for the right to cross a bridge. Around ten years ago She won the name "Charles Smokestack" in a bet with a Magician, and he hasn't been able to introduce himself ever since.
A Two Way Street
Much the same as her Magyk, Charles' Bargains are limited by her unimportance. She is only truly able to impress minor physical effects upon another, such as taking some of their physical strength and can only make mental bargains concerning up to one party at a time. More hampering than this is the requirement for consent. So long as the other party does not agree to give whatever it is that Charles wants to alter or take, she is powerless. Combined with her inability to lie, this can complicate things quite thoroughly. While she can try to trick the other party through other means, all it takes to render her Bargains completely moot is to never say "Yes". Charles is also as vulnerable and bound to her bargains as any, and must uphold them to her truest lest her benefits be broken.

Urban Fae
Traditionally, there are two divisions of the Fae. Those of the Wyld, who dwell within forests, bogs and fields, and those of the Hearth, who dwell within the homes of man and the other races mortal. Since the Revelation, a third splinter has been given rise; the Urban Fae, who have taken brave wary steps into the light of civilization in search of opportunity and merry. They tend towards the outskirts of greater cities, where Iron and its children are less common. A Fae is naturally aught to be in tune with their environment, and the cities of man are no different. Charles has a natural nose for where the path leads and what lays in wait, allowing her to sense danger in advance and always have a rough idea of where she's going, so long as she is within an urban setting.
The World Unnatural
The metro was never supposed to be a place for the Fair Folk, no matter how hard they try to adapt to it. Compared to the Fae of Wyld and Hearth, Charles' senses are dulled and stifled. Her knowledge of the city is vague at best and misleading at worst. More once she's been turned down the wrong alley or hopped through the wrong window thanks to the stench of smog and iron dulling her senses.
Physical Abilities & Skills

A Thing, Rather
Despite her appearance, Charles is not a being of traditional biology even relative to the other races unseen. Her body, whilst heavily influenced by human notion, is an almost fluid thing. It can be twisted and bent beyond what her mundane guise may suggest; her bones do not snap, for she has none, and any bodily mutilation is simple to mend so long as her flesh is not cut. Charles herself may also twist her form, compressing and expanding it to spring forth, or otherwise bending it to her advantage.
But Human Nearly
As ever, Iron. Any wounds inflicted upon Charles by Iron behave much the same as those inflicted by fire upon another race. Her skin sizzles, open wounds cauterize, and flesh festers. Without magical aid they will never heal, a malignant scar upon her form. Her ability to distort herself, too, is hampered. In her interactions with humankind and other races, Charles' form has become more rigidly human. Once, she might have been able to shift her form radically, from man to beast and back, but now she may only twist her human guise into distorted reflections of itself.
Additional Weakness/Limitations
True Name
A fae's True Name is a sacred and powerful thing, and "Charles" name is neither this nor that. Her True Name is a hidden thing which She never speaks and never tells, for over Her it holds Power. Any who speak Charles's True Name hold total dominion over her, able to force her to follow any command regardless of what her own will may have to say of the matter.
In ancient times, a deal was struck between the Fair Folk and Iron, Iron was cheated, and today the consequences are still felt. Charles has a deathly allergy to Pure Iron; it burns her to the touch, will rapidly weaken and poison her upon extended contact, and negate her Magyk. Iron processed into compound materials such as Steel loses its deadly qualities, but will still resist her magyk to a degree dependent on the concentration of iron within the material.
Salt has effects on the fae twofold. Firstly, it may act as a mean of barrier; if one were to spread salt across a threshold Charles would be unable to cross it, repelled by ancient magics. Secondly, it acts as a 'sponge' for her magyk's effects, soaking up the wild energy held within her spells and rendering them moot. Unlike Iron, which only acts as a shield from her magic, Salt will draw it in from the immediate vicinity. This allows it to act as a sort of ward against her magyk, preventing her from just flinging her spells over salt piles and lines.
The fae as a whole are unable to outright lie. They can twist and turn the truth behind as many layers of obfuscation as they wish, but a proper falsehood is beyond their abilities.
Obsidian Knife
A razor-sharp, curved blade made of jagged obsidian. A gift from a volcano that Charles met on vacation once upon a time. It bears a light enchantment powered by the blazing mountain's goodwill that prevents it from dulling or chipping.
Plastic Revolver
An ugly firearm made from ballistic plastics to allow Charles to safely wield it. It can theoretically fire standard rounds, but is instead chambered with either hardened resin bullets, or rubber pacification rounds. It has less stopping power than a standard firearm, but is still able to deal with humanlike targets effectively.
Capricious is the nature of the Fair Folk. Birthdays and places and parents are such stupid things, after all. What does it matter where or when and to who you're born? What's important is the here and now, the you and they, he and she, so and on, yada and blab, on and on she prattles.

Charles, then Smoke and Stack, as she's now known was born and raised in some bog, somewhere probably not too far from a sleepy town, in the direction opposite from south. As she recalls, the people there were rude, rather nosy, not particularly fond of bog-stench, and very good cooks. She also remembers a lot of sheep.

But all of that is boring, and not particularly important anyway. The cliff notes, again as she recalls, as that at some point she moved from a swamp into a comfy little nest under a bed, and made fast friends with a little girl that is probably now a grown woman. Given her nature it can be assumed that both of these factoids are true, implying she parted ways with her anonymity long before the Revelation. Apparently she's quite proud of the three weeks of nightmares she gave the girl when they first met.

Between then and Charles' second birth (or, in plainer terms, when she came of age), she apparently spent most of her time either playing imaginary friend or spoiling the parents' fancy milk products until she eventually got bored and left for better things. What can be gathered from her muttered, stammered, rambled and riddled recollections of her adventures that followed can be threaded together to chart a journey that led her across the globe. First, she fled from her home isle of England, entered the States, promptly fled the States too, somehow wormed her way into Japan(where Charles, god forbid, describes herself as having throughly enjoyed college life), all the way over to the States again (but this time in Hawaii), and then back to the rainy isles. She claims to have enjoyed many misadventures during her travels, which led to a death-rivalry with a Youkai and a long-distance friendship with a dormant volcano.

Unfortunately, all of this can also be assumed to be true. It's also not quite clear how exactly Charles managed all of this, considering both boats and planes are quite thoroughly laced with her most lethal anathema, but honestly trying to find out would probably be more exhausting than it's worth.

Either before, during, or after one of her many escapades, she found herself in the service of one "Snorttelvishtus M. Colsasch", which led to a whole new string of headaches for whoever the sap is that is having to parse all of this. She showed up, she saw, she snatched and she scammed all over the globe, or at least wherever Snortt's slimy coat tails dragged her. Charles has been surprisingly forthcoming about her filthy, crimey activities, but the specifics of her sides of the Vanishing Act's many heists have proven themselves so poorly communicated (and admittedly, poorly understood by Charles herself), that she is considered a lost cause.

Then the Boss (with a capital B, of course, because that's only polite), did what he did and now Charles has to wear a suit every day. It's stuffy, it smells, and it even came with a plastic id badge, which was honestly just exciting. Her own thoughts on the matter can be summarized with the words "sweet" and "deal", as it's a much better alternative to the life behind bars (which are usually made of iron, mind you) she thought Bnortt was going to sell her into for about five and five-fifths of a second.

Cousins of the Faires more oft represented in the modern times, a Boggart is a subgenus of the Sidhe Fae, which in and of itself is a regional variation of the broader Fair Folk. Hailing from Ireland, They are born as something akin to physical manifestations of the land. A young Boggart is not born from the union of a loving father and mother, but instead a coalescence of magical (or, as They will insist, magykal) within a rotting human or animal corpse (which is charmingly referred to as a still-womb). Some Magicians have logged this as likening them to Ghosts, but this is considered very offensive and is something that shouldn't be mentioned by those that value civility and good company.

A common misconception of the Fae is that the "Fair Folk" are a collection of many, minor races joint under one banner, but this is only half true. The many labels applied to the Fair Folk such as "Silkie", "Kelpie", "Brownie" and "Boggart", are at once notations of class, social standing, and upbringing. A Fae is described as being born twice. The first time is when they manifest into the world, after which they spend eighteen years living life as their desires will it. During this time, their form will be influenced, moulded and mutated by their environment, until they come of age and their form stabilizes. This referred to as a "Second Birth".

The appearance of the average Fae, naturally then, wildly varies. Those that spend their youths within the forests alongside wildlife will grow into bestial forms, those that live nearby humans will assume more humanlike ones, and so on. After age eighteen a Fae will still age (though that is a very vague concept for them), but will not, say, sprout a tail because they spent a few months living with a colony of geckos.

The Fae are naturally gifted with the use of "Magyk" which they insist is very, very different and much less perverse and smelly than Magic, to degrees varying on a few factors. The Fae in question's influence amongst their peers and nature is first and foremost, but the corpse from which they are born is important too. A Human corpse, especially that of a Magician (which really does call into question the difference between Magic and Magyk), will give away to a powerful Fae indeed, but the corpse of a field-rat will yield little of note.

The Fae furthermore all share a deadly allergy to Iron, an aversion to Salt, and an inability to lie. The poor things.

They are ruled over, though that is a loose use of the word at best, by Titania, Queen of Magyk, and Oberon, King of Bargains. The prior is described as a loving matron, and the latter an insufferable trickster, and neither actually seem to do much to administer their rule over the Fair Folk. Perhaps they just like the titles, or perhaps they bought into the human notion of anarchism back whenever it was last popular. The pair act as both Monarchs and Gods, though the latter is also mostly in name only. The both of them are in fact quite fearsome, but also as capriciously uninvested with the events of the greater world as the most of the Fair Folk. Don't mess with them and you will not be messed with yourself, for the most part.
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Of Pies and Lies
Anderson, Jean

Physical Age: 28
True Age: 56
Race: Magia Bestial
Gender: Female
Rank: D


Talk is cheap. Act more to earn brownie points with Anderson. Respect is extremely hard earned and jury is still out on whether she truly sees her own crew for their worth. She tolerates them, at the very best, and seems to still be judging them. That having been said, she judges them a little less harshly than she does strangers. Attempting to charm her with words is ill-advised.

She strives to be the 'grounded' one of her group, but finds herself going along with their antics and entertaining their colorful personalities despite her best efforts. Fair warning, she is only accepting of THEIR antics, since she knows that they are capable of their jobs even with their stranger behaviours, and will berate anyone who tries to play the fool around her.

She speaks simply and curtly. Expect myriads of curses to find their way into her speech to emphasize the fucking points. Notably, she rarely actually puts much emphasis on her curses, speaking them as smoothly as the rest of her sentence. One might even miss the fact that she had just dropped several curse bombs at times. She takes especial care when speaking to the fey, however. One never knows what they're up to.

Anderson is infatuated with firearms, addressing her own firearms as her own personal 'harem' and firearms in general as 'ladies'. She appreciates good gunsmithing, and has a soft spot in her heart for people who enjoy the same hobby as hers. Being able to keep up with her on conversations, or even amazing her with gun trivia or an exquisitely crafted or modded gun, is enough to earn anyone momentary respect and ceasefire from her blase attitude.

Magical Abilities

The ability to create something from other materials, by breaking them down and rebuilding them into something different entirely. The art of alchemy is not one for the feeble minded, as one who attempts to learn it must first know what materials can be gathered from the deconstruction of an item, and what they can create from those materials. It is, simply, magic borne of science, and can be considered the Jack of all trades of magic, being able to harness almost all forms of magic, as long as the practitioner knows exactly what they are doing.
Ability One Limitations
As it is a magic that does not create something from nothing, it has a stipulated requirement of materials being present in the first place. Other generic magicks can easily overshadow Alchemy as a whole, being able to whip out their greatest feats with little else but some expended energy, while Alchemy requires more visceral thinking and practical applications. An example would be fire- where a mage specialising in fire can simply summon it to his hand, an Alchemy practitioner must first separate and focus hydrogen into a spot, then using a spark or other means to create a flame. As a result, even genius-level Alchemists need more time than the average mage to perform the same feats as they. Alchemy also comes with its own dangers- those who attempt it without proper knowledge have a high chance of failure, and failure usually bodes ill, especially when dealing with explosive forces.

Physical Abilities & Skills

The Muscle
Physically the strongest of Vanishing Act, Anderson can tussle with the toughest of them. She adopts a mixture of various modern martial arts, but is notably well versed in disarms and locks to restrain an opponent. Thoroughly well-built, she is considered a physical powerhouse, and her recoil management, even with guns akimbo, is considered second to none.
Physical fitness can only reach so far. As all fights are wont to be, outnumbering her is already a loss she has to take with grace or brace for an uphill climb. Though she does use several basics of multiple martial arts, they are but basics to get her rolling. She is not a master of anything, and eventually, only has her strength and endurance to power through physical obstacles.

The Handyman
Anderson's technical know-how allows her to build or fix anything within reason with a box of scraps. If her breaching implements are not bought or unable to be bought, it is usually a safe bet that she engineered them herself. Her knowledge even goes as far as crafting explosives, meticulously created for singular purposes, and minimising damage.
Box of Scraps
As is her magic, to be able to fix or build something, she must need the necessary materials in the first place. Though she can tinker about and make do with what she has, it is much better if she has what she needs.

The Gunner
To say that Anderson knows her way around firearms is an understatement. She excels in close to mid-range firefights with her arsenal. Though not ambidextrous, when she's dual-wielding her 'sister' guns, it is almost unnoticeable, as she fires them with uncanny ability, able to hammer down 24 rounds of unforgiving .45 ACP down a corridor unflinchingly. She switches her guns very smoothly to continue the spray of 5.56 rounds, without any fumbling. She describes how she does it as simple- she merely has to understand where her guns are and where they should go.

Anderson's expertise comes to halt when she has to operate guns with more skill required, or take shots at longer ranges. For example, ahile still capable of shooting one without problems, she takes some time to zero a sniper rifle and gauge bullet drops, meaning her first shot always misses (unless she's dead lucky, or has prepared prior). She is also limited to her ammunition supply. Once she runs out, she has to rely on her brute strength and her knife. While neither of these are any less dangerous, she is more known for her firepower.

Additional Weakness/Limitations
(Optional. Add/Remove as needed.)

She is deathly afraid of the skies. Heights do not scare her, but the idea and experience of being in an airplane or similar frightens her to a point of rabid animalistic violence or, more fortunately, unconsciousness. For the most part, her companions have found a way to get her into an airplane if they need to- by sedating her or knocking her unconscious and dragging her onto the vehicle. On board, if the cards fall right, which is surprisingly often, she will faint again immediately on realising that she is in a vehicle in flight.

Anderson’s main contribution to a firefight is excessive amounts of ammunition being dispensed at targets at high velocities, which is to say, she shoots a lot, and suppresses anyone coming her way. This, of course, leads to the logical problem of anyone who depends on firearms- limited ammunition. Eventually, Anderson will run out of bullets, and she has to scavenge around for more, or pick up other sources of damage to keep contributing. Her strange magicks also do not exactly lend much to heated confrontations, as it works much too slowly to be of any use.


Colt M1911A1: A classic American sweetheart of Anderson's, customised to fit her tastes. Among many of its refittings and customisations to be more comfortable in her grip, the most obvious is the ebony finish and pearl grip It chambers .45 ACP rounds. It is often used in combination with its sister. Its customisation carries to its frame, which uses a widebody variant, allowing it to use magazines that carry twice the amount of ammunition when compared to its normal variant. It is carried in a shoulder holster.

AMT Longslide: A clone to the M1911 with a slightly extended barrel, and just as favoured by Anderson as her 1911. Unlike its sister, the stainless steel appearance and grip are both unmodified, giving it a 'classic' look when compared to its sister. As is with Anderson's 1911, it, too, chambers .45 ACP rounds, and is usually utilised akimbo with the 1911. Like its sister, it was designed with a widebody frame, allowing it to accept dual stack magazines for extra capacity.. It is similarly carried in a shoulder holster.

Beretta Px4 Storm Full: Anderson's primary choice of sidearm. With its much more modern and pragmatic design, it is almost always Anderson's first choice in a firefight where her ACR is unavailable, and if she does not require more than a few rounds to put down an open target. As her more pragmatic choice, it is unmemorable in design, having no unique modifications, but perhaps this gives it a seperate type of allure when compared to its 1911 counterparts. It is holstered on her hip for ease of access.

Bushmaster ACR: Anderson's favourite partner, but only when she is given access to it. It comes equipped with a reflex sight, and has a black matte finish. She has been lusting for its fully-automatic cousin for the longest time, but has to make do with the Bushmaster for legal reasons.

Essential Explosives: Anderson's bread-and-butter. What demolitions expert would she be without her explosives? With her crew's information and scouting, or provided information, she brings along specialised breaching 'tools', ranging from mundane man-made ones like thermite or C4, to the more magical variants created through alchemy.

SOG Knife: An unmarked, unbranded knife. Its origins unknown, and its make recognisably bland, it seems to be a genuine military SOG knife. To Anderson, a knife is many things, and can be used for even more.

S&W Model 29: The most recognisable and famed revolver amongst gun afficionados. Designed for hunting bears, this revolver only enters Anderson's arsenal if there is something very big, very dangerous, and needs to be taken out with extreme prejudice. It is never holstered, and instead almost always unceremoniously shoved into the back of her pants. It can usually be found stored away in a gun case that, comically, has the words “In Case Of Emergency” written on it.


Like a truck had just hit her. That was how she felt. Her body was as if every single bone in it had been broken, mended, then broken again. The first memory that she is willing to admit to is staggering through empty streets, vision fading in and out, a gun clutched tightly in her hand. She still remembered the feel of it, the polymer frame and rubber grip, the body design of it- a Glock, certainly. All rounds expended, an empty magazine, just as she was. A useless gun in the rain. The blood from her head washed off under the torrential pour. What could she have done? She could only run, and run, and run, away from the past, leaving a desolate emptiness behind her. There was nothing left for her. Everyone and everything was gone.

Nameless, homeless, she stumbled into a hole in the wall, a nowhere place for nobody, took a seat by the jukebox, away from any prying eyes that might seek her out. She ordered a glass of milk, and stayed in that smoky bar, the jukebox beside her belting out a familiar tune from years past. She knew what it was, a song that sang of mountains coming from the sky, and of ten true summers. It didn't make much sense, but it did remind her of what was now gone. One day, she'll make her way over that one mile over, she remembered that she mused.

That was where Jean Anderson was born. A nobody from nowhere, in the middle of no place, with a name that no one would take a second glance at. It was a human name, and that was, often, enough to dissuade the curious to look into it.

That was how she lived, a wraith under a different name, surviving as well as she could, putting what she knew to work. There was a market for Alchemy practitioners like her, especially in the modern world, and she was one of the few who had had the patience to learn it. As a matter of fact, it was her Alchemy that led her to Snorttelvishtus M. Colsasch. He was a slippery man with a slippery plan, that much she could see, but what he asked of her was what truly piqued her interest. She was asked to fabricate the most complex tools and explosives, and, for once in her life as Jean Anderson, she felt tested, and that excited her. She saw the possibilities open up before her, and the many paths she could take in her designs to fit his specifications, and the wraith came back to life. With that, an odd partnership between the crafty one and his crafter was formed. Slowly, the past closed itself up, and Jean Anderson returned, almost, to the person she was before she was Jean Anderson.

The Revelation was perhaps the best thing that could have happened. She did not have to make careful purchases, did not have to keep up the masquerade, once the veil between both worlds was lifted. She could finally get her hands on components that she needed, sweethearts and honeys for her growing collection, and further modifications for her sweethearts, without needing to hide from human eyes. With it, however, came the issue of SMITED. Persistent as they were, it was clear that they had no one in their numbers that could outsmart, outplay, outfox or outbargain Vanishing Act.

Eventually, Snorrt opened his hand. Though she was displeased, Anderson was not surprised at all with Snortt's decision. Selling themselves to SMITED to get them off their asses was a good plan. There were MANY things that Anderson was expecting to go wrong, and she had planned for some contingencies. Thankfully, negotiations were successful, and she had no need of taking out key structural faults. She had no small part to play in SMITED's reassessment of their security after her stunt, and she was only happy to help. After all, they were playing for the same side now. For the time being, that was.

Magia Bestials are a sub-race of Bestials, whose only distinction from their kind is the fact that they do not seem to resemble any actual existing beasts, perhaps sporting different features of different beasts at once, or just not possessing any telltale traits of one. Reason dictates that they may have been the chimeric off products of the bond between two different Bestials of different 'breeds' so to speak, but there is little evidence to support this claim, as Magia Bestials have grown so much in number that they are now less ‘unique’ than they are a little more special amongst their peers. Their culture, similarly, ill differs from their normal Bestial counterparts.
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Worthless pleb
Volker, Scott

Alias: Volk, Kor
Physical Age: 24
True Age: 24
Race: Human (Ice Mage)
Gender: Male
Rank: D

Scott is a pretty optimistic individual, always seeks the best in people and the situation. He is easygoing yet understands when discipline is needed. While jokes aren't his style, he won't hesitate to laugh at them. Defeatist attitude is something that he cannot tolerate, sycophancy disgusts Scott. Patience is also another word that can be used to describe this icy mage, anybody can blabber their most heinous insults at him and he won't budge. He never forgets, rarely forgives. This cryokinetic practitioner prides himself on his abilities, not to the point of arrogance but he does appreciate it when you give compliments to it. For him, there is no line that won't be crossed for the mission. He'll follow and stick to the mission by any means.

Magical Abilities

Volker has the ability to conjure and manipulate Ice. He can conjure various ice constructs, can easily shape Ice as if it were clay. Can drain the thermal energy from a target by prolonged touch. Can shoot an ice beam that attempts to freeze whatever it touches. He also has an innate resistance to normal Ice and naturally cold temperatures.
Cryokinetic Limitations
The ice created by Volker is not resistant to normal or magical fire, it is easily meltable by either source but a magical fire will melt his ice faster. The ice constructs do not last long when not tended to by Volker, typically they last around 3 minutes but the environment's temperature can alter how long they last (the hotter the shorter and the colder the longer). The thermal drain requires PHYSICAL contact with the body of the target, it also doesn't drain it instantly and the target can attempt to breakaway from Scott's grip. While Volker has a resistance to normal ice and naturally cold temperatures, he is NOT resistant to HIS own Ice or other sources of magical Ice. The ice beam can be resisted and dodged as it isn't particularly fast.

Spectral Web Conjuration
Scott can produce a web-like substance from the top of his hand. The web-like substance is a deep blue color and glows faintly when exposed to light. It, like normal webbing, is sticky. It has a stronger tensile strength than steel, meaning it can take being pulled or stretched a lot before it can even come close to snapping. It is resistant to mundane weaponry. Without outside interference, it can last half an hour. It can be dispelled by Scott. There is no noise production when it is created.
Spectral Webbing Limitations
While the webbing itself is strong, the magical property that binds it can only support up to 5 average-sized people. The webbing draws upon Scott's endurance to be produced so can faint the man if he uses it too rapidly without pause (Note: The amount of endurance sapped isn't dependent on the length of the web but on each individual use of the ability). While it has a resistance to mundane weaponry such as normal knives, it is still capable of being cut if swung at hard enough or extended sessions of cutting. It is also weak to magical weaponry or magical sources such as fires.
Physical Abilities & Skills

Scott is an experienced lockpicker, he can pick most low-grade locks in just a few seconds while taking several minutes for those med-high grade locks. He has experience in lockpicking pin locks, wafer locks, dimple locks and some experience with disc-detainer locks.
Lockpicking Limitations
Scott can only pick mundane physical locks so magical locks are out of the question. Despite his experience, he still needs the right tools for the right job and he needs time for the higher security grade locks. He is vulnerable whilst lockpicking so if he needed to defend himself, he would have to stop picking which has the potential to reset his work or he needs someone to watch over him, same goes if he needed to help someone in a major way.

Parkour Practitioner
Scott has been a parkour practitioner for six years. Because of this, his stamina is pretty good and he is pretty agile which allows him to do climbs, maneuvers, and jumps that inexperienced people cannot.
Parkour Limitations
He is still a normal human, thus he is limited by human restraints. This includes but is not limited to: extra weight will change how he can move and what can he do, some heights are just too high for him to drop from and survive, the amount of fatigue will also affect his capability, and major injuries will stop him (especially in the leg and chest ares) from moving like this.
Additional Weakness/Limitations

Dulled Sensation in his Extremities
Due to extended use of cryokinesis, Scott's extremities have reduced a sense of pain, warmth, and cold. Any pain experienced feels as though it just stings, you can place his hand right on top of a fire and he'll feel a fraction of the heat produced. His extremities are also paler than the rest of his body.

Lockpicking Kit
A lockpicking kit made by Scott. The lockpicks are held in a black leather case with a zipper. The kit contains 6 picks with differing designs and purposes, 2 rakes with different patterns, 3 bottom-of-the-key-way tension wrenches and 2 top-of-the-key-way tension wrenches, and a disc-detainer pick. Each tool is great for a different job. The black case sits nicely on his belt or backpack
A pair of hard-knuckle gloves
Black, hard-knuckle gloves. Form fitting spandex, molded plastic shield that protects from the elements with an adjustable wrist strap. Great for handling harsh environments.
Combat Knife
FN Five-seven
Semi-automatic pistol, 5.7x28mm ammunition, tritium-illuminated sight system. Scott typically carries 2 magazines.
Kriss Vector
A Kriss Vector SMG, chambered for .45 ACP, automatic. Like his 5-7, Scott carries 2 magazines.
Small Tactical Backpack
A black, tactical backpack, small in size but strong and durable. It cannot hold as many things as a full-sized one but what it lacks in capacity, it makes up for in dexterity.
Battle Attire

Most of Scott's early life was mostly uneventful. He was born and raised in Alaska, his favorite past time was snowboarding and spending time with Brutus, his big Alaskan malamute. Although his early life was MOSTLY uneventful, there was a particular event that would herald things to come. When little Scott was just eight years old, during a family vacation to one of Alaska's many skiing resorts, Scott got lost amongst the dense trees. The young boy wandered through the forest for hours, long agonizing hours. A part of him wanted to just drop and start crying but another part of him pushed him onwards. In the boy's aimless wandering, he unfortunately happened upon a Kodiak bear. The bear, who has been unsuccessful in its' hunts, immediately gave chase. The sight of it charging immediately sent young Scott in panicked sprint in the opposite direction. It would prove to be fruitless however as the small child's legs had no hope in outpacing the large carnivore's. When it became apparent that he couldn't outrun the bear, Scott tried to climb a tree however slipped back down before he could make any progress. The boy turned around on the ground to face his incoming attacker, he shut his eyes in preparation and extended his little gloved hands. The bear stood up on its hind legs with ginormous claw held high. But before it could deliver the fatal blow, Scott had subconsciously called upon his magical powers. From the boy's little hands shot out barrage of hardened icicles at the bear, forcing it to stumble back in pain. It roared angrily but knew that this hunt was also a failure, it hesitantly retreated. An hour passed, Scott was still on the ground, paralyzed with fear, and eyes shut tight. It was only the familiar barking sound of Brutus and people yelling that "unfroze" Scott from his place. Immediately when the kid opened his eyes, he was assaulted with hugs, kisses and salty tears from his family, of course Brutus also got a few licks in. The other members of the search team didn't know how the kid scared the bear off but his father and mother knew, although they refused to tell that to them or their son.

Years later, Scott was enrolled in a community college to become an architect. Life was good for the young teen, who had taken up lockpicking and athletics as hobbies. One night while walking back to his apartment from a study session with several other students, he was ambushed by two muggers. They spouted off their standard demands but Scott refused. They tried to rough him up a bit but much to their (and Scott's) surprise, their efforts were halted by having their hands iced together. They fled in terror at the sight whilst Scott stood perplexed at the occurrence. For days, the event lingered in his mind. Then the memories of the bear attack resurfaced, he felt the same "feeling of coldness" that he felt when he froze those muggers' hands. So when the semester ended, he booked a ticket back home to confront his parents. When he arrived he had explained what happened. What a shocking revelation, his parents and by extension himself were ice mages.

An entire year later, the mask of the mystical world fell and SMITED announced their existence. Scott wanted to join but his father forbade him, citing that he still has a future as an architect but Scott was adamant that this was the future he wanted. His father relented on the condition that he prepared himself before attempting to join. The nineteen year old began training with various firearms, honing his acrobatics, and his glacial gift. The entire process took five years but he was ready to volunteer himself to become a SMITED agent.
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𝘁𝗼 𝗲𝘅𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀
Chauderon, Elis

Alias: Goldie
Physical Age: 21
True Age: 49
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Rank: D
Character art by Ragecandy

Elis sits in the wide valley between two peaks called honesty and mistruth. A playful soul, she approaches each task with a sort of joviality she probably should've shed long ago. Nobility runs through her blood like the wine she drinks, the only thing stronger than her bouncy nature the smoothness of her honey-dipped words. Chauderon through-and-through, her life is one of both honor and subterfuge, the only thing stronger than the duality of her morals her reputation. Elis may be skilled from years of training, but she was born a prodigy at making impressions — negative, positive, or otherwise — and each of her relationships are a battle between the bitter taste she tends to leave in peoples' mouths versus the saccharine of her words.

Magical Abilities
Ai'unia's Obsidian
Elis can summon a curtain of darkness that serves to enclose and disguise her and up to two others. Those within the curtain appear almost transparent and hazy, and any magic attacks cast towards the curtain are lessened, albeit only slightly, in their affects.

Cracking Shield
Those within the curtain must remain in close proximity to each other and cannot move away without removing their cover. Any magic attack on the curtain, while lessened, will primarily affect Elis. She cannot mask others without masking herself with them.

Ruby Goblet
Elis can siphon blood from herself and through her fingertips to use as a semi-acidic projectile. She can control the amount and velocity at which she siphons, though her control has its limits (see below). Anyone who is hit by the blood will feel anywhere from a slight burning sensation to vivid pain and blistering based on the amount they come into contact with.

To One Unto Itself
Any blood she siphons comes directly from herself, making Elis unable to use Ruby Goblet significantly or in close processions without putting herself at fatal risk. She suffers the immediate consequences of blood loss when she siphons too much, occasionally making it hard for her to stop and therefore further endangering her. Any blood that gets onto her will have the same affect as it does on any other parties.
Physical Abilities & Skills
Years of relentless training has transformed Elis into a well-oiled machine. Athleticism was something that seemed to be born into Elis just the same as her horns and fangs, and for good reason — served alongside bedtime stories and warm milk was the fact that one day, likely not one all too far, Elis's autonomy may be in the balance of two silly little things called combat and strength.

Within a Moment
Despite being well-versed in everything physical, the vast majority of Elis's training was dependent on the environment in which she fights being controlled. While she learned to adapt long ago, something about a major change in trajectory in the course of a fight always makes her slip.

Hell's Elytra
Elis's horns have a thick, sturdy outer covering similar in texture to leather that can reach up to 1cm in width and is extremely hard to breach. She feels little to no sensation on them, and only feels temperature changes on them to some extent. Pulling, hitting, or scratching at them will not weaken or bother Elis.

Porcelain Reflection
If the outer layer of Elis's horns are breached, any harm inflicted is amplified up to ten times more than what it would be on other parts of her body. A simple poke at the exposed inner layer of her horns could incapacitate her for up to an hour.
Additional Weakness/Limitations
Limited Range of Motion (Left Leg)
During her last challenge, Elis sustained extreme burns on her left calf and knee, the nature of the burns making them almost impossible to heal fully. She can still use her left leg as one normally would, but performing tricky maneuvers (especially those involving turning) are more demanding on her than others.

Elis's morality comes in shades, especially that of honor. She can spit falsehoods and weave golden tales without an ounce of guilt, but a challenge to her family's name is as binding as shackles. A deal made with her name in the balance is one she would never cross back on, no matter the consequence.
Golden Jewelry
Elis adorns herself with bangles of gold anywhere she can. Most are pure gold, but some such as the bangles on her wrists are actually iron tinted a golden hue.

Obsidian Idol
Elis carries with her a small idol cast from obsidian in the shape of a singular wing. It's meant to represent Ai'unia, and she's seldom seen without it.

Walther PPS Handgun
Elis doesn't keep it a secret that she doesn't hold guns in any favor, the crass, loud things they are. Regardless, her training applied to firearms as much as it did daggers and espionage, and she'll sacrifice a little preference for an edge in a heartbeat.

Triplet Knives
Perhaps a little old-fashioned, by Elis carries a set of three triplet daggers with her, usually sheathed somewhere on her leg or by her waist.
In a constantly thrashing sea of shifting powers, the House of Chauderon was special only in its mundanity. Elis's bloodline is one that could be traced back hundreds of years, each one a tainted portrait of disdain and missteps. The House of Chauderon held recognition solely for the fact it managed to survive hundreds of years with each successor more helpless than the next. Elis was raised in the throes of cruel words and expectations both far too low and far too high. Yet as she grew, it became clear that Elis was special, special in the fact she was considered normal amongst her peers (a far cry from her ancestors).

Her childhood was a flash of sparring, studying, and the occasional challenge. For the most part, Elis proved a decent victor, something that drew attention towards towards her for reasons that seemed to sit poorly on the other Houses. Every set of eyes on her was narrowed: every insult sharpened harshly: each misstep taken as a chance to send someone to try and knock her down. Again, nothing quite out of the ordinary.

Yet, calling Elis's childhood anything close to ordinary would be a sore mistake. The world behind a closed door, the one she knew, was exposed to everything she didn't. What was covert about her life was quickly cast into uncomfortable detail to each and every outsider. To say the Houses were uncertain would be a gross misrepresentation. Her world was reeling, and previously slights quickly spiraled into hatred and rivalry. It took only weeks for Elis to come face to face with her next challenger, and the resulting duel was one that nearly killed them both, thoroughly tearing their reputations down to shreds. One thing was clear, in the aftermath of what was almost her demise. Elis's home no longer stood, and she would not linger to see it fall even further.

SMITED was a promise. Without the familiar terrain of petty House politics, Elis had no use for the skills she'd worked her whole life to strengthen, but SMITED was a solution to that. SMITED was a chance.

A new legacy. A new history. A new Elis.

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Sykes, Reginald

Alias: Reggie, Reg, That Dude With The Freakin' Chainsaw Head
Physical Age: 21
True Age: 23
Race: Half-Human/Half-Bakemono (Genus: Chainsaw Tsukumogami)
Gender: Male
Rank: D
Obake (お化け) and bakemono (化け物) are a class of yōkai, preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore. Literally, the terms mean a thing that changes, referring to a state of transformation or shapeshifting.
These words are often translated as "ghost", but primarily they refer to living things or supernatural beings who have taken on a temporary transformation, and these bakemono are distinct from the spirits of the dead. However, as a secondary usage, the term obake can be a synonym for yūrei, the ghost of a deceased human being.

A bakemono's true form may be an animal such as a fox (kitsune), a raccoon dog (bake-danuki), a badger (mujina), a transforming cat (bakeneko), the spirit of a plant—such as a kodama, or an inanimate object which may possess a soul in Shinto and other animistic traditions. Obake derived from household objects are often called tsukumogami.

A bakemono usually either disguises itself as a human or appears in a strange or terrifying form such as a hitotsume-kozō, an ōnyūdō, or a noppera-bō. In common usage, any bizarre apparition can be referred to as a bakemono or an obake whether or not it is believed to have some other form, making the terms roughly synonymous with yōkai. --- Excerpt from Wikipedia

Chainsaw Tsukumonogami are about what you expect. In simple terms and generally speaking, shapeshifting spirits or monsters possessing chainsaws and able to utilize those tools however they wish. Ain’t that scary?

But were not here to talk about them. We are here to talk about what happens when a human and a bakemono, or more specifically, a tsukumogami, get together and have a child.

Reginald Sykes is a special case. Unlike a regular bakemono or tsukumogami, Reginald cannot transform between different forms or even shapeshift properly. His head is stuck looking like a strange, monster-looking chainsaw creature while the rest seems to look and function like a normal human body, sans the fact he can summon chainsaws from his arms.

Whether this is true of all hybrids of chainsaw tsukumonogami or Reggie is some sort of outlier is yet to be determined. For all one knows, it could be a mental block or a possible genetic or magical flaw unique to Reginald that prevents him from shape-shifting to assume a more normal or human form or, on the other hand, to utilize his shape-shifting abilities to a better extent and assume a more dangerous form. Only time will tell.


Live life with no regrets. That’s the way Reginald lives and will continue to live before he dies. Rules? Screw them. He does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants. All they do is hold people like him back from working efficiently. Working with a team? He was the guy who always went solo. Always. A team would slow him down. Danger? Please. He is the danger. There is not a single person or monster out there badder, scarier, or fiercer than him, and, if there is, he will just beat them into the ground until he remains the victor.

In other words, Reginald is the wildcard. He does not care for your feelings, he will call things how he sees them, and do everything and anything his own way because he thinks it is what is best for him and the team. At the very least, for him. What anyone else says or thinks of him is nothing more than rain bouncing off an armored truck because, in the end, they would all be proven wrong by his awesomeness. The only person he has to prove anything is to himself because no one is more stubborn than he is.

The man is not one for follow orders or work with others. Nonetheless, Reginald can be reasoned with and can comply with orders if he gets something out of it. For example, if one were to offer to cook from him for a month or get him something he wants, then Reginald might be, just might be, willing to do the job or stomach working with other people. Might be. He is just as likely to turn down the offer to prove the point he cannot be reasoned or bargained with and that he does what he wants when he feels like it. No one is going to boss him around. If he makes a choice, he sticks with it until the bitter end with almost nothing able to make him change his mind.

Rude, crude, and carrying an apathetic attitude, Reginald likes to use wit and sarcasm to make fun of both ally and enemy alike, often resorting to sardonic remarks. No one can bait him into doing anything he does not want to do, and he can ignore or keep his trap shut and still annoy the daylights out of people. On occasion or when the opportunity arises, he can be found to playing pranks on others or little tricks such as scaring them or otherwise embarrassing them. In essence, Reggie cannot be thrown off his rhythm by anything or anyone, and that is just how he likes it. If anything, he tends to throw someone else off their rhythm. The only thing that can really enrage him, really get his ticker going, is losing a fight or getting his behind handed to him. His pride will not allow it and he will fight like the maddog he is until dead or the victor.

However, this blatantly disrespectful and rambunctious attitude does not mean Reginald is an idiot. On the contrary, for whatever he may lack in formal education, he more than makes up for in raw intellect, instinct, and wit. While he may act like an idiot, Reggie can handle himself and is able to scope out and judge a situation for what it really is. The guy can be a good judge of character and never takes anything for what it appears to be, always reading in between the lines. If he finds something or someone he likes or respects, while that might be few and far people in between, Reginald tends to be more lenient in his personality and a bit friendlier with them while anyone else he does not know can die for all he cares.

Don't screw with him or else he'll mess up your day. Period.

Magical Abilities

Supernatural Chainsaw Generation/Manipulation
In conjunction with his appearance, Reginald has the ability to summon up to two chainsaws on his body at a time as well as turn them on and use them. These chainsaws are not ordinary chainsaws in any sense. In fact, these chainsaws are infused with demonic magical energy and have the ability to disperse magical energy. To provide an example, if Reginald were to attempt to cut a magical ball of energy in half, he would be successful in doing so, but the magical energy would not be nullified or gone, just split into two pieces. That makes Reggie an especially dangerous opponent as he can cut through both the physical and intangible or supernatural objects or enemies. His chainsaws are capable of cutting through bullets, guns, metal, concrete, and various other materials with relative effort to each. Reggie can retract and disperse his chainsaws at any time as well as turn them off at a dime. However, the chainsaw attached to his head cannot be dispersed nor fully retracted, only enough so that it still partially extends about five or so inches from his head.

Ability One Limitations

So far, Reginald has only been capable of generation up to chainsaws on his body at a time and only on his arms. While he hopes he can do more than that, that is where his magical capabilities are stuck at. There is also the issue of the chainsaws' durability. While the can cut through a variety of materials and are remarkably strong, they can still be broken, damaged, or otherwise destroyed, leaving him weaponless.

Rev Up

Jutting from his chest is a singular string with a loop, Reginald can pull on this string to access a whole new level of power for short periods of time. This ability is what he calls "Rev Up" as he suddenly becomes faster, stronger, and tougher. His regenerative capabilities increase to become faster and more efficient as well as his chainsaws become more durable and deadlier as the chains speed up, increasing their deadliness and cutting ability.

Ability Two Limitations

On a good day, Reginald can push this power boost for ten minutes or so, maximum. On a bad day, he can push it to two minutes or so, and, even then, he could have the boost for only a few seconds if he does not absolutely focus and force it to happen. The variable that affects this is both his mental and physical states as well as how much energy and stamina is in his system. If he is tired, hungry, or otherwise suffering from some sort of detriment to his mental or physical state, Rev Up's time limit is significantly shortened and even its efficiency or power boost can be reduced as well. After being used, it often drains the stamina, energy, and magical energy of the user to the point that they can be at the risk of passing out.

Physical Abilities & Skills


Due to his bakemono heritage, Reginald possesses the the unique to heal and regenerate from any injury. Whether conventional or not, physical or magical, Reginald can heal from any wound inflicted upon himself. Gunshots, burns, stabbings, chemical contaminants, poisons, crushings, lost limbs, blood loss, and the like can all be stopped and healed from in a time limit ranging from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the severity and size of the wound. This also tends to increase the stamina and strength of the user as the user exercises and performs physically draining activities, which results in the muscles tearing, repairing, and getting stronger, while stamina is increased as the regeneration process deals with the toxins the body builds up as it exercises.

Ability One Limitations

While Reginald can regenerate from nearly any type of wound, he can be destroyed. If disintegrated, melted, or burned into nothing but ashes, he will not be able to regenerate from those types of deathes or wounds. If something prevents him from clotting his blood or otherwise heal in general, he may remain dead through this method as well. While this has not been tested, it could be possible his regeneration process would stop trying to keep reviving him and eventually stop, leaving him dead. There is also the problem of him being able to regenerate lost limbs. If the limb is most intact or just simply been severed, Reggie must find a way to reattach it as his body will not grow back limbs, only stopping the blood loss, unless said limbs have been completely destroyed or damaged enough that he cannot properly reattach them. Either that or he has lost said limbs and cannot recover them for a certain duration of time before his body begins kicking in the regeneration process. His severed limbs also cannot regenerate by themselves, which means there will not be any clones or doubles of Reggie popping around anytime soon.

Human-Bakemono Body

Obvious in his appearance, Reginald holds both the characteristics of a bakemono, human, and chainsaw. To start off with the most obvious, his head is the most durable and difficult part of his body to destroy. Resilient against both magic, chemical, and physical attacks, this is the area one has to destroy if they want Reginald gone permanently as it tends to be the last thing standing as the rest of his body is blown to bits. As for the rest of his body, it possess much of the same as any ordinary regular human body, lungs, heart, digestive system, and such. Due to his bakemono blood, he tends to have above-peak human strength, speed, stamina, endurance, reflexes, and durability, especially considering what he has to lug around on his shoulders.

Ability Two Limitations

Reginald's abilities are only above-peak human, but are not in any way supernatural or superhuman, unlike his regenerative capabilities. His body may show more resilience to blunt and sharp weapons, but guns and deadly magics can harm him like any other person. Explosives and such can hurt his body. He can get tired and hungry like any other human being. Reggie can suffer pain and feel cold and heat. Not in any way, shape, or form is he any less human in these respects, but he is in above peak physical condition, making him a good field agent. However, his chainsaw head can suffer through a beating. Beatings. Stabbings. Explosives. Bullets. Magic. If one cannot find Reggie's body, just look from his head. Usually, when all other limbs and body parts are lost, Reggie begins regeneration from his head and creates a new body. That is not to say his head cannot be destroyed. On the contrary, it can be demolished and devastated, but it would take a significant more effort to do so than any other part of his body.

Additional Weakness/Limitations




Lack of Formal Education


Phone & Charger


Spare Phone Battery

Gum & Flask of Alcohol


Born without a home, a family, any decency, nothing, Reginald Sykes was a name chosen by Reggie, not given. He chose Reginald because it suited him, and he chose Sykes because that is what he does. He psyches people out. If not by his appearance, than by his attitude as the fool, the trickster, and the killer. Before his days as an agent of SMITED, or, as he prefers SMITE because he does not think the D is necessary, Reginald Sykes was a bodyguard, ring fighter, mercenary, and, above all, a contract killer in both the mundane and supernatural realm, although not a conventional one. His targets tended be those on the wrong side of the law more than anything. Why he chose to be a killer and why he did the things he did is a question only he can answer but not an easy one to get out of him. The past should be left in the past as he likes to put it, and he does not care for dredging it back up. If anything, the real question is how he stayed alive for this long. Although, that in itself could be answered by Reginald's disposition on the field. He was a predator, a predator seeking to be at the top of the food chain, and would not settle for being prey of any kind.

However, what is known is that neither humans nor bakemono or any race in general accepted him for who he was, either due to his appearance, his heritage, or his attitude. That was always fine with him as he preferred being alone. No one could boss him around, and he did not care for bossing around others either. Just surviving, living life, and doing it all his way was fine by him, and he would never give that up or change it for the world.

His opinions on the supernatural world being made public are few and far as he does not care for the matter, only finding it to make things more interesting and fun, especially for himself. Social norms and status quos be damned. Who was he to care?

When SMITED was made public, Reggie sought them out, applied, and got to work as an agent. Simple as that. Why? Easy. It would be more fun. The pay would be steady and better to be honest. Sanctioned high-end missions instead of the low-end, low-paying junk he had been wading through. Now he would be killing bad guys and get lots of cash and benefits while doing it. Maybe he could come up with a cool codename or something. That was definitely happening.

Nevertheless, this was a real chance for him to test his skills and create new ones, to grow stronger and stronger until he really was at the top.

That is what his goal would be. To reach the top. Not only in SMITED but everywhere. Especially among bakemono and humans alike. If he could reach the top at SMITED, Reggie would definitely be in charge and everyone would have to listen to him, which meant he could do all sorts of pranks before turning it over to someone actually more qualified. Who did you think he was? Someone who liked paperwork? Please, he would much rather be out in the field than ever pick up a pen and paper or a computer or whatever people used nowadays. After that, he would shoot for taking down the Emperor of Demons, the Chamber, and every Mystic he can get his hands on. Friendly bouts of course.

No one needed a useless or weak contract killer. No one needed someone who could not do their job. No one would need him if he failed.

He had already started from rock bottom and worked his way up. This time though, he would not settle for anything less than the top. He would be the most badass agent of all time. Period.

Just had to work really hard for it. Harder than anyone else.

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● Kyusa, Whyt

Alias: White
Physical Age: 23
True Age: 23
Race: Human - Magician
Gender: Male
Rank: D

❶ Personality
Whyt is calculating and cold in most situations, but if something's at risk, he acts on instinct. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing. He is overprotective of himself and others, especially when in a vulnerable position. While Whyt doesn't want anyone too close, he craves social interaction. He knows his own limits, but is not great at judging the limits of others, pushing them to the breaking point. Whyt is laser-focused when it matters, but relaxes when he's not in danger.

❷ Magical Abilities

Directional Gravitational Creation
Whyt can change the direction that gravity pulls him. He can turn gravity sideways in any direction he chooses, and can also do this for inanimate objects and other living beings.
DGM Limitations
There are a few limitations to this. First and most importantly, DGM is singular. He can't use it over an entire area; it has to be selective. He can do it for multiple objects, especially if they're light, but he can't really change gravity for living beings. Plants are fair game, and animals are pretty easy, but to do it for a sentient being, he has to concentrate and focus a lot until they give Whyt their permission to do so. He can basically fluidly move from direction to direction for himself, but it takes more concentration and time for other things.

Gravitational Field Manipulation
Whyt can change the amount of gravity in a small area that he chooses. He can increase or decrease gravity. This can be anchored on himself, or be stationary. Whyt can choose to be immune to this.
Ability Two Limitations
He can multiply the gravitational field between 1.5 and .2. This ability is an AOE effect, not a selective one. Depending on the size of the field and the amount manipulated, it takes more time to create and more effort to sustain.

❸ Physical Abilities & Skills

Fighting Style
Whyt's reflexes are superb, especially when falling. He can usually absorb impacts the same way cats do, and incorporates it into his fighting style, along with his magic. He likes to be swift in his movements, dodging most attacks. He can utilize all sorts of weapons but is most effective with blunt ones.
Fighting Style Limitations
He is a close-range fighter, and his style only works if he can predict what is going to happen. Fighting in unfamiliar conditions, Whyt can easily mess up.

Due to his reflexes and magic, he is very good at traversing the landscape. Whyt can parkour across all types of terrain, run on walls, and more. This is especially handy in chases or when retreating.
Speed Limitations
Stamina is the biggest issue. He's reacting instantly, using magic, and sprinting. This can lead to mental and physical strain quickly, so doing it in short bursts is the best option.

❹ Additional Weakness/Limitations

Allergies. Oh god, the allergies. In the spring, you can bet he's sneezing every thirty seconds. Red eyes, hives, runny nose; he's got it all. In the spring, that's when the allergies really show. He's not fatally allergic, but it's not a good time.

Social Interaction
Whyt has a tendency to under or overestimates others. He pushes them too much, bears most of the weight because he doesn't think others are able to, etc. This is both in combat and in his social life.

Involuntary Reactions
If taken by surprise, then he can often overreact before properly grasping the situation, due to events from his past. This includes instinctual use of his magic.
❺ Inventory

Whyt carries dual semi-automatic handguns. The barrel of each gun is sturdy, and the handle of each gun can rotate ninety degrees up to form a blunt weapon. They are decently powerful and are good for close and mid-range combat. He also carries a fair bit of ammo with him.

His other combat weapon is a knife. It's sharp, with a small crossguard. The blade is about a foot long, and the pummel is weighted. It is always sheathed on his belt.

Whyt has steel-tipped combat boots, for maximum pain when kicking. The heels of the boots are also steel.

Like all good soldiers, Whyt has some sound-dampening earbuds for gunfights. These wireless earbuds can also play music.

❻ Backstory

Whyt's parents are Tiergan and Gaia Kyusa. Both are magicians, and both were members of the Syndicate. They were warriors; Tiergan was in SMITED and Gaia was active in the Syndicate. Whyt was aware of his magic from the start. Due to the possibly destructive force of gravitational magic, he was taught control and self-restraint from early on. He had an older brother and sister, both of whom had magic. They became active in the Syndicate.

At the time of the Revelation, he wanted to be a part of SMITED like his dad. Tiergan had recently gone on a mission to track a group of vampires that had been spreading mayhem in Russia. The group was caught, though two of the vampires managed to escape. The duo reappeared later that month, seeking revenge. Taken by surprise, Tiergan almost died, but with the combined efforts of everyone, the situation was contained. The situation was frightening for all of them.

The event only strengthened Whyt's belief to become an agent of SMITED, and he became one at the age of 22. Since then, he's done a few missions. He supports the decision that led to the Revelation, knowing that SMITED would never be able to keep it up with secrecy due to modern surveillance. He wants to be part of a greater cause, and he wouldn't mind putting down vampires like the ones that broke into their home.


Go forth!
Johann Larsson

Alias: Galimir
Physical Age: 25
True Age: 25
Race: Dwarrow
Gender: Male
Rank: D

A blunt, yet measured individual, Galimir practices deliberacy in everything he does. Save for some exceptions, he is not given to heady bursts of anger, as some of his folk are. He is cool under fire. Yet this does not mean he lacks for bravery. Galimir will throw himself into the fray with gusto, if able.

Magical Abilities

For years, the Dwarrow have labored in human mines and factories. As a result, they have developed a preternatural "second sight" that allows them to navigate the twisting labyrinth of these smoke-belching lairs of industry. Galimir is no different, and he is able to keep his bearings in the most confusing surroundings.​
However, Stone-Sense is akin to any other sense. It can be blinded, and overwhelmed with sensory input. As it was developed for complex underground structures and buildings, it has little effect in the open.​
Physical Abilities & Skills

Fighting Style​
Galimir favors a slow and steady advance, preferring to use his Dwarrow durability to his benefit, weathering blow after blow as he marches on the foe. However, he is still an infantryman, and is capable of short bursts of strenuous, quick physical activity if need be.​
Ability One Limitations​
Galimir's slow and steady approach can sometimes be a detriment, especially when speed is required or when time of the essence.​
As a Dwarrow, Galimir is cast out of the mountain-stone. He is superlatively durable, being able to weather small arms fire with ease. Wounds that render a human unable to fight can be ignored by a Dwarrow, and Galimir is well aware of this.​
Ability Two Limitations​
Magic is Galimir's Achilles heel. He has no real defense against it, and he fears its effects.​


FN FAL Battle Rifle and seven magazines of ammunition​
Body Armor​
Miscellaneous Kit - Rations, Water Canteen, Entrenching Tool​
Johann Larsson was born into a working-class Dwarrow family, in the vicinity of Fort Benning, Georgia. Like most Dwarrow, they were unaware of their "gifts" and merely assumed themselves to be short, or more superstitiously, touched with magic from "the old country". On Larsson's part, he considered himself mediocre, not particularly worthy of praise. When the Revelation happened, Johann had just completed a stint in Ranger School. Quickly recognized as a Dwarrow, he was recruited by SMITED as "boots on the ground".

Now cast into a world of magic and danger, Larsson finds himself somewhat out of his depth. Nevertheless, he has dedicated himself to SMITED, and seeks to help the people of the world through this troubled time. He is even more keen on smiting monsters, but recognizes that not every mission can be direct action. Or, for that matter, require his skills. Having learned more about his Dwarrow heritage, he has taken the name Galimir - "steel-beard".
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