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Fandom Call of Duty (RP) || [OC x OC]


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Hey! It's me again! I guess a second time introduction wouldn't hurt:

→ My name is Echo but you can call me Luna which is my online nickname my friends call me (or any name you want to call me!), I am a 17 year old who will be 18 on July! My pronouns are She/He/They but you can use any pronouns; I used to role-play a lot back then but I slowly stop since I have been too busy with school and now since I am out of school and entering college; I decide to get back into it! I may be a bit rusty but I am just looking forward to role-playing with different people and maybe make some friends along the way!

I am in a few fandoms and here are an few ones I am in!:

Call of Duty
Red Dead Redemption 2
Dream SMP
→ Spy x Family
SK8: Infinity (I recommend checking out the anime!)
Black Butler (it's such a good anime!)
Hazbin Hotel




→ My writing style can be up to either a long paragraph or maybe even an essay but I can try my best to keep up with your writing style; I am a writer but I haven't been writing for so long and I am a bit rusty but I have been writing for quite a long time now! I'll like to keep in mind that my grammar isn't quite perfect but that doesn't stop me from continuing to write!

→ I have not play Call of Duty before but I love the game so much (even though people said that COD: MWIII sucks but in my opinion, I think it's alright) and I don't mind role-playing which Call of Duty game but I am only familiar with this listed below:

1) Call of Duty: Ghosts
2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Original)
3) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Re-boot)
4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

But other than that; I have only 2 plot ideas for the role-play in mind but if you are interested; you can ask me any questions and I'll explain thoroughly or we can discuss and do other plots which I am fine with.

1) Wither Away like A Skull on a Bone
→ Imagine being forgotten by the ones you love and then slowly, you began to wither away like the flesh and bones. Their memories left forgotten, everyone abandon them in the dust; leaving them to fade away with the mist and no one even dare to speak their name. But what if there was someone else who was suffering through the same faith as you? What if the both of you could simply cease to the horizon together? But then, what if that person also left you?

Will things change or will you be the only one truly left alone?

2) Your Voice
→ In a setting between the war; you are the only person left to survive alone and fend for yourself. There was no one else left but except for you, that is you thought it was until you met an ally. The both of you tried to work together and in the end; a loving bloom became to bond between them but that is until they left tragically leaving you wounded, stranded alone in the cold ground.

The only thing you remember was their voice; they didn't even look back. When the dust had covered themselves from the view, you were left there; alone.

For the plots; it's just a random thought I had in mind and if you are interested, you can ask questions regarding it or we can do different plots and discuss things thoroughly!


→ If I don't reply, I could be busy doing stuffs in real life or I might be be away from my computer/mobile.
→ I am only comfortable roleplaying with someone who is over 18 (or someone who is the same as me or older).
→ I do not appreciate being ghosted; if you feel like if you aren't interested in roleplaying with me, please do let me know instead of leaving me hanging (but if you're busy, please also do let me know).


[If you are interested, you can let me know here or message me! Though responses might be late!]

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