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BNHA: the new generation. (Rp)

Raising an eyebrow for a moment, confusion seeps into her voice as she gives the man a weird look "What are you trying to say? I mean protection seems to be a bit of a situational thing...I mean especially if like that kid from earlier your a walking stone fortress? Plus full suit of clanking armour seems more of a hindrance than anything for some."

Wait armour? Why armour? What was this test going to involve...the robots were bad enough but they didn't need armour for that. Looking around quickly her nerves return. She hadn't gotten a costume yet, I mean she really couldn't afford one, weren't they meant to submit them to have the school make them?. What was she going to do?. The colours across her skin increase holding her hair as the dyes seem in further and a soft dripping can be heard coming off the side of her desk.
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Miles looked at the blonde and couldn't help but wonder if she was trying to take the piss or be funny. "uh yea.. obviously some people dont need to wear armour. But for example, if your not a 'walking stone fortress' and you can bleed like the rest of us. Having a layer between you and the dangers can help"
don't get snarky at the kids, don't get snarky at the kids...
Farr laughed softly before shouting "Do the BoomBang bap ra-arggh!"
He was inturrpted by Miles throwing a bit of pencil faster then most would realise. that bit of pencil left a mark on farrs forehead and slowly began to drip blood. Farr cursed under his breath as he rubbed his fresh ouchie.

Miles chuckled. good thing he signed the papers...
"see if I threw a nail or a knife.. strange clouds over there would wish he had on his hero suit... situations can happen in a blink of a eye, it's best to be prepared yea?"
Lemmy rolls her eyes at the comment, what a hypocrit....but tries to resists the urge to comment, it wouldn't do well to argue with the teacher. There was a reason most heroes didn't wear that type of stuff, and blink of an eye being able to see and move plus something tailored to their quirk had to help more than just a cheap fabric in the way. Don't say anything, Don't say anything....

"I mean guess it's a good thing your pro costume is so heavily armoured then right?" God Dammit.



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Hiseki looked up when the late student walked in. They were really cute, and now that her brain pointed it out everyone in the room was good looking. Besides the short ones, they looked like kids so it would've been weird if she saw them like that. She looked down at her hands to clear her thoughts as she was getting side tracked. To play a game or to introduce themselves, that was the question. I mean couldn't they introduce themselves then play the game? But then again she had seen the default hero outfits the school had and they looked really constricting and she wasn't sure if she wanted to deal with that at the moment. But not everything was what it seemed, so maybe the suit wouldn't be that bad. She decided to let some of her more outspoken class members voice their opinions first.

She looked at the teacher wide eyed when he threw a piece of.. whatever it was at the student she was sitting next to. She turned her attention to her classmate as blood started to drip from his forehead reminding her that her laid-back teacher was still a pro hero. "Hey I know it's barely a scratch but it must sting, I could heal it real quick for you,"she offered as she was already growing a new bandage from her arm.

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As the teacher handed Nicolas the stack of paperwork he delivered a soft groan. It didn't really seem as if it were a punishment, but still when a teacher often volunteered someone it usually meant something else. His ears perked up as one of his fellow classmates began to speak having some sort of issue with the designed suits that the school would be issuing to them. Nicolas's eyes simply gazed over and felt his heart practically launch up through his throat. The sheer amount of size and bust one of the students possessed left him breathless. It was certainly unbelievable by normal means. What was her diet to obtain such massive badunkas? Did she smell pretty? How come those Daisy Duke shorts were't smaller?! As if in an instant Nicolas appeared in the seat right next to her. His posture perfect and his eyes straightforward towards the classroom. He steadily raised his hand as his eyes pierced through the teachers. "The Blonde girl is correct on every measure." He said not actually understanding what was going on simply trying to impress the Blonde with his charming support.



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Miles was about to go into a story about the difference between America and Japan explaining how most hero's in Japan don't need to worry about firearms as much as the heros of america need to. That following there example because they have 'the number one heros' is a bit silly, while hero's in America have often been shot on accident by civilians and even police on the odd occasion.
Nicolas interrupted which made miles lose his train of thought "what? You just got here what are you on abou- ah..."

Farr swore quietly to himself until Hiseki offered to help. Farr was wide awake now as he felt a swell begin to form and warmth drip down onto his nose.
note to self... do not piss off the hero who throws things...
looking at Hiseki Farr was about to speak but instead noticed the girl pulling a bandage from her arm... in silent amazement Farr leans sideways before whispering "yes please."

Miles kinda regretted throwing the pencil but it also kinda proved his point in his opinion. Plus he helped make sleepy a friend...

The late boy however, Nicolas showed his true colours to Miles when he caught sight of Lemmy. As he stared at miles with horny bravado the teacher could only smile.
can't blame the teen really. "Hey, your boner is showing playboy..."
Miles joked quietly just so Nicolas could hear then continued whispering
"... besides, no real girl is impressed by a easy pushover. Good girls need a challenge"
With that he patted Him on the back and pointed to the papers Nicolas was yet to sign.

"I'll give these late comers another ten minutes and then we can go walkabout"
Miles announces as he goes back to sit on his desk.
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Leii Lei stood on her knees as the teacher handed out the paperwork, she read through the document and saw alot of sketchy by-laws throughout, including the one year contract to work for a government hero organization for free. She didn't really mind, anyone who was going to kick up a fuss about being a hero for free wasn't really in it for being a hero. She signed the document and hopped off her desk, walking up to the front of the room and standing on her tiptoes to place the document on the teachers desk.

while she was walking back to her desk one girl started talking about the schools armor and how they needed their own personal hero suit. and at the same time alot of other stuff happened that Leii was uninterested in, other then a peice of eraser zooming right past her tiny head and straight into the boy behind her. she raises her hand and doesn't wait for the teacher to not notice it "sir, this whole conversation is boring and I don't really get it, but I can see an issue if the outfit can't be easily repaired. especially considering my quirk." The small girl piped up. meanwhile she ignored the weird boy who was putting the moves on the big boobed cow in the daisy dukes.


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Hiseki gave the boy a warm smile, “Now this may look weird so be warned.” She gave this warning to little kids when they scraped their legs or palms and she used her quirk on them. It was hard to break habit. The wrap she was creating circled around his head before it settled on his skin. She stood up from her seat and pulled out a pair of scissors from her thigh high socks. She cut a the end of the bandage so she wasn’t connected to them anymore, and the place where she cut became sticky. She finished it off placing the sticky end on top of the other bandages so it stayed in place. “Give it like thirty seconds and you can take it off,”she gave her classmate a pat on the head like she did when she finished healing little kids before slipping in her seat again. “I’ll throw it away for you,”she offered. While that transaction was happening she tuned out the class so she wasnt exactly sure what they were talking about anymore. She wrapped the piece of wrap that she didn’t cut around her elbow since she couldn’t put it back into her body, and she slid her pair of scissors back into her sock.



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Farr sat quietly feeling a strange sensation wash over him. this is how one treats a baby. What's the word? Coddle? Spoiling? Pampering? Wait why do I need to wait before taking it off? Thirty seconds seems to small a...
Farr ignored the pat sitting in surprise as his hand reached to his head. The swelling was stopping or just not there anymore.
Farr glanced at Hiseki as she sat down and hid her scissors. Not that he had a drastic wound, but Hiseki healed his pain in less then a minute
"thank youu" Farr whispered a bit louder then before.

As lei spoke to Miles he read over her papers realising this was the immortal girl. Lei leii who names their kid the last name? The teacher gave her a look over before kneeling down and asking softly.. "Do you grow at all? I've seen bags of rice that would weigh mor-- sorry, sorry..."
Miles sighed, realising that he may have had a miscommunication with his class he answered lei loud enough for the class to hear. "look I'm not wanting to put you all in the same clothes, I know it's embarrassing to wear the same thing as someone else so a class uniform is shithouse... but if you submitted a hero suit design to the school after your entrance exam it might take them a bit to have it ready they could have it done or not I'm not in the support unit so I don't know.. If they have your suit ready then you can wear that"

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Leii was taken aback by the unprofessional reaction her teacher had. She expected teenagers to treat her differently, but an adult teacher? She decided that calling him out on it would be pointless, he is technically right. There are plenty of bags of rice, or anything really, that actually weigh more then her.

She shrugs st his answer to the clothing question, I mean it’s not like there was anyone in the support class will have figured out a way to make threads automatically repair. She’d probably have to wait until a professional contract was made to a support company for her outfit, otherwise hero work might be too embarrassing if she where to get her cloths shot up to pieces.
The blonde waves her hand idly "Don't worry mines ready, I know the contractor personally and they are never late on things like this. If its going to be like your implying need to have something suitable for that after all" internally though she had absolutely no idea what the costume would actually be, her sister had been spending a lot of time on it from the various fashion examples of other heroes so it had to be awesome when she could finally unwrap it. There were a few sneak peaks she caught though, such as using her quirk to stretch and fold the material before compressing it together, the mobility of spandex, feel of silk, look of leather, elasticity to the heavens and protection of steel...well maybe something else, seemed to absorb force and bounce off so....eh some science techy stuff that goes over her head, Though she did mention having issues making enough material, I'm sure she found a way around that, plus she was excited to see what gadgets the girl had managed to fit in.
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“It’s no problem,” she laughed softly. “What are classmates for?”Hiseki stretched out her arms in front of her. The others wound hadn’t been severe in the slightest so it only took half a minute for it to be completely healed. Though even with it being a small injury she felt slightly more sluggish than she did a minute ago. It wasn’t a major drop of energy, but it was just enough for her to notice it. “You should be able to take it off now,”she pointed to her own forehead to get the point across. She slipped her hand into her school bag to pull out a small package of hard strawberry candies. They each came in their own small little packages with cute emoji stickers on them. Her choice in taste seemed a little on the grandma side, but the cute packaging was quite childish. What a contradictory sweet. She offered one of the little packages to her desk neighbor.

Deciding to get back into the class discussion she glanced at the rest of her class trying to make out what was happening. The teacher was talking about the uniforms still apparently. Of course Hiseki didn’t find the suits to her liking, but she couldn’t really complain. She didn’t want to rush the support class to make her outfit, so till they were done she’d use the basic outfit the school provided. She’d have to change a few things about it to make it work for her. Perhaps take off the pieces from her elbows down, and take off the thigh pieces so she could properly use her quirk to it’s fullest. It would be hard to bend all the way down to her calves to cut the wrap off everytime. She just hoped her hero outfit would be done soon. She quite liked her design.

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"I signed your shitty scam paper." Said korin as she walked up and slammed the paper down and headed back to her desk.
"I really don't care what we do as long as it doesn't involve doing nothing."
It was time to do something. She'd sign the paper even if it said she'd be held accountable for all the crimes in the city if meant not waiting to do something any longer. Although to be quite honest. Introducing eachother? What was this? Some Christian support school?
It was a joke. A joke teacher. A joke school. Why was she wasting her time being here. Some false advertisement.
This was pissing her off. If she knew this was what the school was she'd rather just go find a villain hideout and kill everyone there.


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Miles stared blankly at the red haired child who most likely had some dramatic band who all wear eyeliner singing in her mind 24/7 seriously, if you don't want to be here why apply for a hero school?
"hey watch out, don't cut yourself on your own edge and bleed out now... wouldn't want you to be happy for a moment would we?"
The teacher remarks sarcastically before again, elaborating on why they are waiting.
"like I said, once all the papers are signed and Some more of you rock up here we can go walk about... I'm not walking around with just the nine of you."

Farr took off the bandage as Hiseki suggested and like she said, his skin was healed "that's amazing though thanks for-" Farr looked at the candy packet with a puzzled look before taking the food that was offered. Never one to turn down free food Farr just thanked her with a growing look of confusion. Before tasting the treat. who likes strawberry? Urgh.
Farr sucked on them anyway... He was getting bored however. Just not bored enough to risk another pencil to the face.


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Hiseki looked at the red haired girl with surprise. She could never imagine talking to someone like that, let alone someone that was a pro hero and in a higher position than herself. Maybe it was because she had too much empathy to treat others like trash, or maybe it was because her parents drilled manners into her. She gave the girl a look of pity. People often acted out when they were hurt, or they were simply raised to believe that it was okay. Either way it was pretty sad. She turned her attention to her neighbor who she could tell wasn't having the best time with the candy she gave him. "If you don't like it you don't need to eat it,"she smiled. "But for future reference is there a flavor you actually like?"she asked curiously. She lived next door to a convenience store so she always had little snacks on her. For the most part it was just almonds thanks to their fiber, and hard strawberry candies due to the nostalgia it brought her. She doubted that it would change if when she lived in the dorms.

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Kyosuke Nishimura

(Note: This post can be skipped if you don't want to read all of this!)​

Kyosuke, the silent boy in the front. Sat still like a statue frozen in time. A barrage of thoughts, ideas and other things flooded his mind. He was quietly observing his new environment, taking his first personal impressions on the new classroom and new classmates. Being seated in the front, he cannot clearly see the new peeps behind him but his ears are listening between exchange of information in conversations of the new students. Using his natural mind talents he tried to at least identify what kind of classmates he have. He can just simply turn around and see their faces just to look at who they really are but he just wanted to do a small challenge to himself to pass the time as the Teacher states that they won't even get a move on just yet until his requirements are met, plus he dislikes giving away too much of himself on the first day. And so... His little game begins.

Through the first few lines of the back seat students. He found himself potential battle-hardened classmates. With his little evidence alone, based on their behavior and conversation led him to a fact that there are at least two students who possess great power in their hands. One boy and one girl. Kyosuke however did not specify who are these two destructive duo for he cannot see their face. In fact Kyosuke felt his own game felt more like a puzzle test which he admired to pass his boredom. Entertainment is a very important thing for Kyosuke's lifestyle. These two very self-assured teens will show the world just what true power means based on how they speak. Although he is still fleshing out these two individuals for they sounded really scary to think about.

The teacher stated that there 9 students including him, in the classroom as of current. Most of them are Female as he heard more girls talking than boys. One of them was he confirmed is very short. Probably even more shorter than him which he can't imagine since he already looks like a kid. This girl might even be mistaken as a preschooler to some. Which he finds rather funny to think about and sad at the same time. This short girl is capable of expressing emotions lightly. Kyosuke got alot more to think about this short lass, given the fact that this girl has the most facts stated by Miles Ibis AKA BoomBang, himself was describing the girl out of habit despite that it is unnecessary to do so. kyosuke can hardly track the students because of the physical noise of other people talking and noises from simple interactions. Kyosuke identified another student despite the minor noisy inconvenience of the environment.

This one was a sure-fire to Kyosuke. The boy categorizes this girl under the title of "Village Nurse" as a title. Given by her statements and described actions. She seems very professional on what she does and seems to have a passion for it. She gave a proper gentle care without expecting anything in return. She seems very genuine on herself. She seems to be too kind to the point that she gave a free treat to the patient. Kyosuke might be actually listening to an actual School nurse in disguise. Kyosuke listened further into the distracting environment. He can hear two more girls talking in the back. Both seem very different from one another. One of them seems very mature and smart while the other one is still under Kyosuke's personal identification. These two were quite sipmple yet noticable for they participate and converse with others well. Kyosuke knows there are other students lurking in the back. It just so happens he cannot detect their identities. If he wants to keep this small acitivity up he has to give them time to interact with one another. Kyosuke appears to be deep in thought.

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Mavis ran like mad from the bus stop towards the academy's front gate, her long violet hair whipped behind her like a cape. Late! How could she be late on her first day?! This was not a good way to make a first impression! And how would she explain to the teacher that the reason for her tardiness was because she had fallen asleep while tending to the animals? She could already feel a flush of embarrassment creeping into her cheeks at the thought of walking into a room full of people, all eyes on her...staring...judging her...oh god, maybe she should just turn around and go home- No! She couldn't run away now, not after coming this far! She was finally going to attend the school of her dreams! She had to be brave!

The girl panted heavily as she came to a stop inside the building's front entrance. Reaching into the pocket of her sweater, she took out a folded piece of paper and carefully unfolded it. It was the schedule she had written down in advance, to help her remember when and where her classes were. She scanned it, then looked up at the numbers on the doors. Hopefully the room wouldn't be too far away. Glancing back and forth between the paper and the doors she made her way through the halls until she finally came to the correct one.

As she stood before the door, Mavis swallowed hard. This was it. On the other side of this door was her future as a hero in training. How would she do? Would she be able to become a hero? Or would she fail and be sent home on the very first day? There was only one way to find out. With a deep breath, she put on her best neutral face - just like she'd practiced in the mirror that morning - and opened the door. As she'd feared, most of the class was already present. But she couldn't let that stop her now. She just had to act cool. Just put one foot in front of the other! And be cool!

"Sorry I'm la-Eep!" Oh god no! In trying to put one foot in front of the other she accidentally caught her foot on the back of her shoe, and down she went. Her arms pinwheeled as she fell forward, trying in vain to catch herself. With a loud thump, she landed facefirst on the tiles. To make matters worse, in her wild flailing, her skirt had flown up, revealing a pair of lacey white panties to all. What a nightmare!


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Miles quickly turned his head at the sound of the door, then he saw a beautiful big tiddie ambitioned girl fall face first revealing more then her sense of style.
The teacher quickly lept from his desk to help the girl to her feet, hopefully quick enough for the boys not to notice her innocent undergarments.
Once she stood on both feet again Miles tried his best not to blush or give the impression he had seen. They both knew he had though...

"hey were glad to see you made it, you get to help me and Nicolas later"
The teacher smiled warmly as he pointed to his desk at the front which had two piles of papers, the signed ones and the ones needing signatures.
"if you can grab the sheet with your name on it and sign where it needs you to were all one step closer to beginning the school day"

Farr couldn't believe his eyes and ears. A beautiful girl had sat next to him, offered to heal him, gave him candy, then asked if she could get a better flavour?
who is this mind reader? Farr was stunned. He had never seen such casual kindness. Sure this was just small talk or a attempt to be friendly, but Farr hadn't ever been the subject of such a thing. People liked him once they found out he can teleport. Was that it? she must want me to jump her to the shops or Hawaii or something...
"I like blue berry... watermelon..." Farr had to blink twice, in disbelief of his own whispers he coughed and quickly spoke louder "you don't have to buy me stuff it's not like I can't afford candy you silly"
Farr found himself in a strange state of not being the most dominant or charismatic in the room... in fact he felt awkward as his eyes shifted from his neighbour to anywhere else in the room. Which happened to be a massive fan of 'the cure' tripping over. He looked toward the window stifling a loud laugh.
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Hiseki wasn't fond of blue berry, it was one of the few flavors she found to be too strong. She was more of a fan of the gentler, more sweeter candies. The ones that you notice immediately when they dissolve from your mouth because they left a hole only they could fit. She was being dramatic, she just didn't really like how the blue dyed her tongue. But watermelon for the most part was nice. "Ah yeah right,"she chuckled sheepishly when the other mentioned that she didn't have to buy them things. She was so used to people only talking to her at her old school when she had snacks to share. Blowing all her allowance and cash she earned at her part time jobs on other people was a habit. She turned her attention from her neighbor to her hands on the desk. "Oh! Since we're classmates and you already got a glimpse of mine, would you mind sharing your quirk?"she asked, slightly regretting not watching others fight the robots when she got the chance. She was too busy trying to decide whether the robots would mind if she hit them a few times, and then feeling bad for destroying them afterwards.

Her attention turned to the classroom door when a new student walked in. It was another gorgeous busty female. She looked down at her own chest with a slight frown. The mummy girl wasn't one to get jealous of other people, let alone for something like cup sizes, but she couldn't help but compare herself to the busty blonde and the new ravenette. She turned her gaze away from herself as she cleared her head. She opened her mouth to greet the new kid when the other tripped over herself. If the teacher didn't help her get up so fast Hiseki would've dashed over to help the girl. She was too busy scanning the others body from her seat for bruises or scrapes to notice the others skirt flip.


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Leii Lei sat back down in her chair just in time to miss the public display of indecency as the newest classmate fell into class, she had heard a commotion and had stood back up to stare in the direction of the front, but before she got an eye full of someones panties, she was distracted by the sound of crinkling wrapper paper. she slowly turned her head back to the person sat behind her. poking her head over her chair to snoop, she located the source of the sound, it was a bag of candy. the one thing she couldn't train her childish mind to ignore no matter how much she tried. candy was too tempting and sweet. especially strawberry. she watched as the mummy girl and what's his face, farr? talked about different flavors and chose this time to strike. she quickly leaned forward, teetering her tiny hips on the edge of the back of her chair so as to reach Farrs desk, her tiny fingers closed around one of the candies, she had acquired the desired treasure, she kicked her feet upwards in excitement as she was about to shove the piece of candy into her mouth, her chair rocked forward a bit, as if it where gonna tip over and fall, but she immediately placed her feet on it and pushed it back into place.

she looked over to the mummy girl and then pointed at her own bandages on her head, which she liked to wear so people think she can get hurt. "I like your bandages. I think they are really cute. being able to heal others is way cool. super useful for helping others." she said, her own experience with healing was opposite, and kind of made her wonder if her quirk was really good for a hero. I mean, if she failed to save someone from something like a fire or explosion, she would be guaranteed to have to live with the ultimate form of survivors guilt.
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Kyosuke Nishimura

Kyosuke's self entertainment was holding on well to him. His wild heories and personal impressions were building up to him. Kyosuke was exercising his mind to think spontaneously. He got to the itching point that he had to take down notes so that he can remember the excess thought in his mind over a small notebook he kept on his suit. These notes mean nothing to others for it's just a time killer. Kyosuke wrote notes on his expensive notebook and pen of all the details he could theorize. He was almost done with his pointless research, until a new specimen arrive into the classroom. Another female student joins the class. This one almost similar to his sure-fire "Village Nurse" character. With her visible appearance, Kyosuke got a hold of the person's character in public.

Kyosuke's mental notes


Name: Unidentified

Age: 15?

Height: 5'2

Weight: 115 lbs... I think.

Gender: Female

Personality: Timid, passive and somehow clumsy...

Quirk: Unknown... It could be a transformation quirk or projectile Quirk even. I don't see any other body abnormality.

Occupation: Student

Kyosuke cannot observe the girl properly because of her insecure behaviour. Making it hard for him to distinguish her completely. Kyosuke was squinting behind his sunglasses and gritting his teeth a little at this point. He can't even confirm her real height at this point but he continued to take down notes about her, mentally.


Other notes:
-The girl for what i observed is soft spoken by nature. She seems to be the typical shy type. Almost all classroom has one.
-As an insecure individual. She is very careful of her actions, trying to impress the public eye.
-She somehow reminds me of a person i know... But who?
-A unique foreign look. Never seen anything like it. Did she apply make up?

Kyosuke further analyzed her and took more mental notes on the way. He was close to getting the first impression of the girl but it seems that she had a major disaster on her first day of school. She fell over her own footing and lost balance. This is where Kyosuke's intuitive nature kicked in. Anticipating the big oppsie. Kyosuke was one step ahead of the reaction. Before she fell over completely in embarrassment, Kyosuke closed his eyes and placed his palms over his sunglasses as quickly as he could. Kyosuke faced his face down to the table in safety of not getting to see anything today. His simple reaction worked though. He did not see what he is not suppose to see. Kyosuke had no other choice but to do it. Failing to do so might tear his first impression from others. They might see him as something else that he doesn't want to be.

Personal Description...:
Maybe some other time... I can't describe her yet... Not in this state...

In case one is forgetting. Kyosuke is seated in the front row. The front lines where he can see her the closest. For all he knows she could be in front of him, just there. Kyosuke's face turned slightly red upon realizing the theory, which he hopes is just a false fact. He didn't remove his hands over his face until he finally gets the signal that everything is fine and his face stopped blushing. He was even muttering while covering his face. Kyosuke found out that everything was now coast clear. He returned on writing down his notebook and wrote down his data. Kyosuke focused on his notebook. He finished his first impressions on the girl then wrote down his teacher's. While he was writing his notes he looking at the girl and the teacher in silence. Sure, he was wearing sunglasses but one can tell that he is directly staring at them.

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Nicolas found himself oddly uncomfortable as the teacher approached him after agreeing with the busty blonde. Was it something he said? Or were his true intentions clear? The latter became more obvious as the teacher leaned down and began to speak to him. Uttering a whisper to where he could barely hear but still understand. Nicolas simply folded his arms and turned his head away delivering a small "hmph" as the regard of his lower section seemed to be played off as a joke by his teacher. His hormones weren't THAT weak to have his lower half embarrass him in front of class. Though the view of the Blonde was alluring in it's own way. He would most likely have to double up on his usual prayers because the school possessed so many beauties for one single adolescent teen could handle. He eventually got to his paperwork and began signing every blank that require his attention. Eventually he had finished and looked back over to the blonde whose name he did not happen to catch due to a few......distractions. He smiled in his usual boyish way as he delivered a friendly wave to her. "So......." He said trailing off his words trying to muster up a conversation that could potentiality be interesting. "I guess we're seat buddies right?" He spoke as he delivered a mental punch to his brain. Out of everything he could have said he delivered a line as pathetic and corny as that? He was usually good with this sort of stuff since he was always making conversations with others due to his parent's passion and work. But the sight of tall and robust woman had him practically falling over himself. Subconsciously he hadn't even realized he had been staring at her chest when he had been speaking making him look as a even bigger fool. His eyes darted to the front as he somewhat brushed off his little embarrassment acting as if he had never said anything in the first place.

He began to fidget with his silver rosary a little delivering a small blush towards his little accidental starring contest with the wrong part of the body. His eyes strayed further from the girl as he attempted to figure out something to say. Anything at this point would make him look a further idiot. Maybe she would find it funny? Thinking it was a joke. A boy could only hope. His ears perked as the classroom door had opened revealing yet another beauty. The moment she fell made Nicolas feel as if he were in Heaven itself. The skirt flipping almost seemed planned as he rested his head on his hand. His smile returning as his subconscious starring practically made him forget his embarrassing remark towards the blonde, but only for momentarily of course. The sight of the panties had the young hormonal teen mesmerized. They had fit her style and curves nicely and she seemed unrealistically cute with her wiled flailing before crashing into the ground. "I really am going to love it here" he said softly as his starring continued towards the fallen girl.

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Nodding to the boy opposite she returns the wave with a wide smile "I guess we are? Nice to meet you by the way!" They seemed a little goofy but nice at least, chuckling at his reaction a little before toying around with ideas of how to mess with them a little. Adjusting her position as another heavy creek sounds out, resting her cheek in their hand "Yeah this place is seeming to definitely be interesting, Looking forward to showing off in this little test" casually moving her foot towards the side, tapping into a water pipe running along the side of the room, her chest seeming to increase slightly as she does. "Lemmy by the way, Lemmy Langstone" reaching over her free hand to off a shake.

A new student arrived and this one was familiar. Mavis Evergarden. How did she pass the exam?
"Is that you Mavis?"
There was no way she should've been able to pass the exam. She'd suffer here. With her quirk she could've lived a normal life instead of ending it prematurely like the rest of them.
"I suppose it's been a while. I didn't think you'd pass the exam. I hope you don't plan on being clumsy here."
Mavis looked around dazedly as the teacher helped her to her feet, blood trickling slowly from her nose. She hadn't yet noticed that her underwear was showing. When she finally did notice, she immediately shot to her feet and tugged her skirt down, her face flushed completely crimson. Judging by the teacher's face, she was almost positive he had seen, as did half the class probably.

"I-I'm so sorry" she squeaked. Then, at the teacher's request, she quickly grabbed the sheet of paper and moved to an empty desk. As she set her bag on the floor and sat down, she heard someone speaking to her.

"Is that you Mavis? I suppose it's been a while. I didn't think you'd pass the exam. I hope you don't plan on being clumsy here."

Mavis looked over, surprised to see Korin sitting next to her. A drop of blood fell from her nose and landed on the floor.

"O-oh, Korin! I didn't know you were in this class... Um, i-it's nice to see you again- wait, clumsy? Oh, y-you saw that? Eheheh, right, of course you did... I'm sorry." She wanted to die. This was already turning out to be a horrible first day. She only hoped nothing else would go wrong.

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