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Newport city just outside the state of California on the water, "a Beautiful place to visit" you might have heard many times... But living here? There's alot the tourism board try and sweep away as nothing, a rise in crime, gang activity... murder, Our story begins however on a monday...

9Am sharp in a classroom on the first floor of Newport hero academy.
Nine students are in the room with ten chairs, eleven if you count the nice one behind the desk at the front.

The first to speak was Farr king, his bored face let a yawn out before heading to the back of the room for a desk. He placed his hand on top the short little girl in his way. "move it shorty" Farr yawned again as he directed her to step aside as if his hand was a claw in a machine that had captured a prize.

Farr took the back corner near the window and proceeded to put his feet up and bite into his Apple with a loud crunch (let the audience see you eat a Apple, so you look like a asshole +1 sin)
"Mmmm" the boy moaned as he ate his sweet juicy fruit.

It was 9;05 on the clock at the front of the room and the teacher was yet to arrive, those who paid attention in orientation would know they were lucky enough to have the international pro hero BoomBang as Their homeroom teacher and general instructor. Famous for hitting whatever he aims for and making shit go boom or bang
But maybe he didn't aim to arrive on time...
The class could take a seat and wait patiently or socialise with their new classmates.
it seemed Farr in the corner was using this time to eat breakfast, as he pulled a banana from his bag leaving a Apple core on his desk.
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You do yous now, try and aim for more then a paragraph. No one line posts please
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The short white haired girl sits towards the opposite back corner, closer to the rear door of the room and constantly looking around as if on edge, dressed in a long white shirt and denim overalls along with a flat cap pulled low across her head. Running a hand through their hair once more, the pure white becomes stained with a streak of colour that seems to be covering her fingertips as well as the various smudges already covering her outfit, desk and more. Nervous chuckles emerge from the grin plastered across the skittish girl as she passes a glance to each class member, looking like she's about to break at any moment but instead seems to be scribbling in a sketchbook to try and distract herself from the alien surroundings of the new environment.

The towering blonde, on the other hand, appears far more relaxed, a simple white t-shirt and daisy dukes supported by suspenders over her shoulders, the current outfit elasticated somehow but still stretched to its limits. She looks around excited for her first day of school if the wide grin across her features was any indication and constantly leaning to look around with a cheerful expression and greetings to those who enter, taking in each of her classmates curiously with the chair creaking heavily with each turn of her body even with its reinforced design but at least held for now. The lateness of the teacher didn't seem to bother her too much as she gives a long stretch accompanied by another heavy creek,
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As leii arrived in the classroom she noticed a few people from the entrance exam. She was good at picking out faces.
Leii lei was trying to find a good seat when someone picked her up by the head and moved her aside vary rudely.
“Hey! I’m not short!”
She waves her tiny arms in anger.
“Don’t be so rude, whatever your name is”
As she turned to see who had done this she saw it was the boy who had copied her technique in the entrance exam, except with teleporting instead of just taking the hit. She remembers thinking how unfair that was.
“Hey, you could have just teleported past me. I remember your quirk! You where rude on purpose!”
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First day. First days were always bad. First day training. First day on a new job. First day of school.
It was the day you always made the one mistake you couldn't account for or seen coming and made the wrong enemy or impression.
Korin was heading to her first day of school. She hoped her classmates wouldn't be annoying.
She found the classroom and headed in. The redhead took a random seat and sat down. It was better for her to not try to interact anyways. She was never good at starting conversations.


Thermos in hand, Julius had been among the first in the classroom. He had wanted to make a good impression his first day, only to find that not even the homeroom teacher was present when he had arrived. Not one to be deterred, he'd taken a seat near the front and waited patiently. Each classmate that entered was greeted with a toothy smile and a half-wave or peace sign of acknowledgement, though he hadn't bothered to verbally greet any of them. Only one other student so far had matched his amiable greeting, which earned the blonde a cheerful "Hey!" when she'd grinned back. It wasn't that he didn't want to speak to them - more that he had to keep his teeth ground tight so they wouldn't chatter.

How embarrassing.

He wore acid washed jeans and a soft, oversized hoodie with a grey base and white geometric outlines covering it. White combat boots completed the outfit, and Julius wished they'd been given at least some sort of dress code. Lemmy was wearing daisy dukes to class, and he wondered if it had something to do with her quirk, or if she just liked being that exposed. Rather than dwell on her, he watched a small altercation over someone's height. His eyes followed Farr to the back of the classroom where he procured more fruit to eat - rude, he should share - and then snapped back to Leii's complaints. He removed one hand from his thermos, and covered his laugh with a cough. At least people had begun to talk. With reluctance, Julius set his thermos on the desk and turned fully in his seat, legs on either side of the chair and elbow on top of the back. He rested his chin on the back of his hand, and smiled at Farr.

"So you can bring food to class, but not enough to share?" Julius teased, as though he didn't have food of his own at his desk.


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Lemmy turns her attention over with a chuckle "I mean I guess this place might be a bit laxer than I thought...then again skipping breakfast on the first day would be a recipe for disaster right?" randomly twirling a finger as she speaks looking between the two before raising a brow at the minute girl as the finger stops on them "But really in all honesty....anyone know what's up with the sassy lost child?...that's not anyone's sister right?" looking around the room once more for anyone who seems to resemble them.


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Hiseki slipped inside her new class. She still couldn't believe that she got into the school. She pinched her cheek to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Making her way over to a front desk she smoothed out her pastel purple pleated skirt that went down to a little above her mid thigh, and she fixed the sleeves of her white T-Shirt. For her legs she had white thigh high socks with white athletic shoes to support her feet. Her fingers were trembling with a mix of excitement and nerves. Since it was the first day she had no idea what to expect, and she worried she wasn't prepared or ready for the course. To distract herself she looked around the room at all of the other people who seemed to be interacting all ready. These people would be her classmates. She gave them a small smile and a tiny wave. It wasn't to anyone in particular, it was just her way of non verbally saying hi to the group. She was worried if she tried to talk her voice would tremble.
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Farr finished his banana while putting his feet down, little green haired girl was making words at him. She wanted to know his name, and why he didn't teleport. "My name is Farr little green... that's not really fair to say I can teleport anyway... I mean you didn't die trying to stop me Yea?" Farr's demeanour perked up somewhat as he ate. Turning that tired snappy voice into more of a causal drawl. @Amyleii

A boy in a hoodie made some crack at sharing his food. I mean maybe if tall blonde asked sure.
"why would I bring food for the whole class? I ain't made of money am I?" Farr let a smirk show as he looked over the jokester. Farr had a shirt and jeans on with his blue hoodie zipped down. Seems everyone came in casual attire, Farr wondered where the teacher was.. sure eating all day isn't a bad objective. But these students are here to learn! Become hero's! That isn't happening without some pro hero's to guide them.
So where was theirs?

Someone made a sassy lost child joke which in turn made Farr chortle. He stood up to walk his discarded food to a bin... there wasn't one. A annoyed look flashed across the young man's face as he searched for somewhere to leave waste.
Returning to his seat he yawned once more.
The time was 9:15 am... and a vibration or Two could be felt through the floors.
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as Farr once again proves himself to be rude, Leii gives up yelling and walks over to an open desk, the closest one being the one in front of Farr. "what kind of a name is Farr anyway?" she says, standing on her chair and turning to look at farr, not even reaching his sitting height while standing on the chair. "and my names Leii Lei, little green is a baby name and I am not a baby." she says, folding her arms defiantly. then she points to herself with her thumb and gives a grin "I'm an adult, got it? I'm probably older then you. I'm 17." she proudly states as she leans over the back of the chair.
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Wait there was a child in the class now? the wait.... was this a joke? was the entire reason she was here just some teachers joke and she had fallen for it?. The spiral of thoughts causes her mind to darken as she looks around quickly. Were they all in on the joke? what should she do? Her hand speeds up it's scribbling as she sits shaking, she really didn't know how to handle this!.

Lemmy just looks on with confusion, she had been entirely serious with her previous question and now the child was throwing some sort of tantrum "No way is that girl 17...I mean I tried that one to get served a few times but that's really pushing it" shaking her head, well as long as she doesn't cause too much trouble its seen as her attention instead turns to the floor "Huh? Anyone feel something shaking?"


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Eyeing the liveliness of the two in the back Hiseki got up from her chosen seat in the front and moved so she occupied the desk next to the kid who she assumed was Farr. What a strange name. The room felt like it was shaking so when she arrived at her new desk she held onto it. She didn't want to risk falling flat on her face on the first day of school. "An earthquake?"she asked as she looked around the room to see if one of the students could've actually been the cause. She didn't know any of their quirks yet because she didn't watch the others battles. She glanced up at the little one standing on the chair to try to make themselves look taller in case they fell off due to the shaking ground.


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Farr looked at lei-lei with a bit of pity as she boasted of being a adult, he was going to point out that she is a pedofiles dream but thought against it. If she truly was seventeen she has probably heard those jokes all her life. Luckily someone who looked like a teenager brought up something more important.

"Yea ay I can feel vibrations." Farr answered as he adjusted how he was sitting to look at Towards Lemmy with the weakest excuse of a smile one could have before turning his attention to the girl who moved to sit in the desk besides his."don't think it's a earthquake.."
He managed without a tired slur.

If one was to open the door and look in the hallway they would see a class of 15 individuals moving in two single file lines heading downstairs. Their homeroom teacher wasn't as well known, but she was on time it seemed.
One kid is a large stone golem like creature at the back of the lines, The source of the shakes presumably.

the tremours pass relatively quickly,
the time is 9:25 Am.
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Kyosuke Nishimura

First day of school, a whole new adventure begins for the young boy, Kyosuke. The boy started his day normally like any other day but the pressure of meeting his new school and classmates clouded his mind. He could not get the thoughts of their first impressions on him out of his mind. He did not however dwell in such thoughts as he got dressed, ate an expensive breakfast and left home with his suitcase in hand. Kyosuke was now ready to start the day. The boy rode on the family Limousine with his butler/Chaffeur was waiting for him by the car door. He kept low key on his rich heritage as he doesn't like making such a huge deal about it.

On his way to school on a Limo, on his first step out. He already drew many eyes and turned alot of heads on his rather big entrance. The Limo parked right outside the school's gate. Ashamed and unexpected, Kyosuke had no choice but to atleast decrease the shame by putting on sunglasses just for the sake not being unrecognized on the first day. He placed a pair of gold framed shades over his crimson red eyes and walked down the gates with the attention of students watching him. Kyosuke was sure an attention grabber at the first day. Kyosuke continued to walk to the classroom in silence despite the attention he is drawing.

The arrived to the room. This small boy was well dressed in a black suit and tie with black briefcase over his right hand, chained with a gold handcuff to his wrist. His rather expensive look could easily mistaken as a small business man, a kid or an expensive hostage. Whatever one looks at him. He sat in the very front row of the seats, close to the center of the blackboard. This boy kept quiet as he sat in peace.
Lemmy leans back looking upwards for a moment after the shadow and vibrations pass the door "Huh....guess someones just heavy footed. If your going to move with that much weight you gotta at least figure out how to tread softly" shaking her head a little but the final bit seemed to be coming from something more than an idle thought. The teacher cant be this late....its supposed to be a hero school right? what sort of hero doesn't show up on time...Pursing her lips as she thinks over an idea for a moment before blinking as if realising something and then scanning the room once more. "So.......when are you going to stop hiding? I mean everyone's here right? Cant, we start?" strangely appearing to be talking to nobody in particular, well at least nobody visible at least.



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as soon as the shaking starts Leii Lei starts holding onto the chair for dear life, every vibration to these bigger students, a toss up for her of atleast an inch or two off her chair. Curse this tiny body, being so small and light meant alot of getting pushed and thrown around. when the trembling finally stops She stands back up on her chair.
"I hope this isn't an everyday route for that kid." she says as she holds her stomach and seems close to throwing up.

when the large girl, Lemy, starts yelling for someone to come out of hiding, Leii lei instinctively looks around for who she is yelling at. Realizing she is yelling at a possibly invisible teacher, she immediately sits her bottom down on the chair, her eyes barely visible over her desk if looking at her from the front of the class.


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As lemmy talked to no one and the students fell quiet.. three more minutes past before....
The door swings open and a dashing hero walks in from the hallway, a easy person to pick out, even without his costume... it was BoomBang the international Pro hero! Entering the classroom holding a decent pile of papers under one arm.
'Business casual' he would describe himself. Dressed in a white t-shirt with a light blue jacket thrown over, some three quarter jeans to cover his legs while keeping his hero Boots free from any potential snag. He stood over six feet.
(the boots help)

Boombang looked over his class, he hadn't had the opportunity to see the potential heros in the entrance exam although he was told about the kids in detail by the examiners. As the teacher walked to his desk in a slow dramatic fashion his stoic face meets each students eyes one by one

whoa hello blonde. Geez some people hit puberty hard, she's more stacked then my Ex.

the kid dressed warmly must be Julius...

lei and kyosuke were met with a slight look of pity.
guess puberty misses some kids.

The two back corners held two cliches, the nervous mess and the stoner.
suppose either or could be called that... she seems on edge, he seems barely awake.

the rest sat quietly waiting not showing much personality to judge at a glance.

"ok boys and girls, ill start easy and simple. My name is Miles Ibis, I'm going to be your homeroom teacher and General instructor for most of your classes this year. You can call me boom, bang, teacher, sir, Mr Ibis, Miles, or mr Bossman"
Miles stoic face changed into a warm smile as his words reach the back of the class, he looks at each student trying to put faces to names.
Only the two shorties names came to mind as there was discussion in getting them the hero suits in the correct size...The Nishimura donation helped a fair bit.

Miles kept his smile as he walked up and down the classroom handing documents to each student.
"This I'm giving you now is just some legal mumbo jumbo you need to sign, if you want to live on campus and attend classes, it's basically a statement saying you will not use your quirk unless directed to, you will obey the academy's rules, you'll spend the first three months of being a pro hero basically working for free in a new Bullshit scam made by the United states hero association and that you understand being a hero and learning to be a hero is dangerous work and all at Newport academy will do their very best to protect you... sign this and you can't sue anyone who works here is basically the gist."

Miles stood at the front of the class once he was finished handing out papers to each student.
"seems the class has a few stragglers..."
Miles muttered as he looked over his list of names noticing nine students instead of fourteen.
"well while you fill out the forms and we wait for some more late people... anyone have any questions?"
His voice cheerful and positive as he looked over the kids he would guide to become the very best they could be! At least Monday to Thursday anyway.

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She gave the teacher a bright smile as she peered at the documents he handed to the students. She listened intently as the adult talked, and she didn't bat an eye when he said that they wouldn't get paid for the first three months of being a pro hero. She looked over the documents she was given. She decided a few days ago that she wanted to live in the dorms. She didn't want to live in close proximity to her parents anymore. She knew as long as she attended the hero school she'd be mocked in her own household. She looked around the room at her peers. These were the people she'd be starting her adventure with. She wondered if they'd all become friends overtime. When the teacher asked for questions she raised her hand patiently. She waited to be called on before asking, "Sir do we need to have our parents permission to live in the dorms?" She looked hopeful as she waited for a response. She knew the answer was most likely a yes, but a girl could dream no?


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Miles called on the sweet bubbly bright eyed student with her hand up.
She asked about parental permission. "I mean your already here and you past the entrance Exam... I'm not sure where your parents live but they aren't gonna force you to catch the bus in and out the city every day Yea?"
Miles of course was just guessing, he didn't know the young girls parents. Walking forward to her desk he knelt down to be at eye level with the girl.
"if the worst comes to... I'll speak to your parents and ask them to give the academy, myself and you the chance we deserve"
The hero's smile was honest and kind, he seemed like a genuine soul who cares.

Standing back up Miles collected Farr's papers which he had signed quickly without reading, the teacher looks to see who else had finished signing their name.

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Kyosuke Nishimura

The sun-glassed boy, whom sat in the front lines with a straight and healthy body posture. He was as quiet as a ninja when he entered. Assuming that his timing was perfect as the hulking student outside drowned the sound of his footsteps. It's a minor detail he appreciated on the first day. He quietly un-cuffed his suitcase from his wrist and set it aside as the new Homeroom Teacher/Pro hero Boom Bang enters the classroom. Despite with shades on. Kyosuke was carefully studying the man before him as the Teacher observes his child like appearance.

Kyosuke's mental notes



Name: Mr. Miles Ibis

Gender: Male

Age: Probably in his 20s (mid 20's perhaps?)

Height: Solid 6 feet

Weight: Probably equal to his ideal height-weight

Personality: Mature, Cool headed and patient.

Quirk: Forgot...

Occupation: Pro Hero/Teacher

Other notes:
1. With the title Pro Hero in his name. His popularity is either Nationwide or World wide. All i could say he is atleast known by the locals.
2. Seems like a nice guy.
3. Boom Bang is his Hero name. Gotta remember it... With the rest of his mentioned personally acceptable names he gave...
4. Observant.

5. Can't seem to take off all his hero equipment.

Personal description:
Since i only met him just now. I cannot describe him just yet... I need further study.

The boy noticed his glare of pity which he already understood and expected. Letting it pass, for it doesn't bother him too much. The man started to orient them about a form that is needed filled and signed. The form confirms that he will be living and under supervision of the school campus. Which he took a long thorough thinking whether to fill it or not. An argument came into his mind whether he should or not. Until finally, he took out his fancy sign pen and began to fill the form with elegance. His pen gliding across the paper like a bird. The boy finally signs it before handing it silently to the Teacher without saying another word. The boy was not speaking but his ears are listening.

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Hiseki had her mouth in a small frown. She was more worried of the opposite happening, that her parents would force her not to go. And she was quite the pushover, so she was terrified that someday she'd give in and listen to them. But instead of letting those thoughts get her down she gave the teacher another smile. "Okay, thanks,"she replied as the teacher stood up.

She took another glance at the form while she took out a pen from her school bag. She would talk to her parents about the dorms tonight, and she believed that the more determined she seemed the more likely that she'd get a yes from them. If worse came to worse she could ask the teacher to talk to them, but again that would be a last resort. She didn't want the hero to hear her parents go on and on about how she wasn't good enough to attend the school. If he heard them maybe he'd believe their words too. She neatly signed her name on her paper and gave it to the older male. She quietly put her pen away and placed her bag back to her side again.

Lemmy keeps looking around after her previous announcement with confidence until after a minute just sighs and holds up her hands "Eh Worth a shot" returning to her wandering eyes around the room or counting tiles between the straining of the chair before the door slides open eventually and the teacher appears. "Did we get given the wrong start time? the Letter said 9" pulling a letter out her shorts to double check before looking back to the man "Wait....3 months unpaid? I heard that! We better at least get Dental and the rest!" taking the form and scouring the form.

The tall blonde's eyes dart back and forth between the documents and her phone under her desk "Union, blah, blah....that won't hold up...exculpatory clause....hmm small font and ambiguous...vague covering of risks.....wait im only 16..." blinking as her eyes widen in realising as something comes to mind with a wide grin before signing the end afterwards, she seems to be taking care with the various markings on the box in particular before putting the paper down.

The short girl looks at the form before filling it out with a shaking hand and plentiful stains across the forms, though such also seemed to include random thoughts and list of other hero names down the side as her mind seems to wander slightly and fantasy seems to take over, writing with other enthusiastic flourishes but keeping the nervous gritted smile to stop the chattering of teeth. Several of the worst possible thoughts seemed to be crossing her mind at the potential accident parts, thinking back to those in the news but with exaggerated details and herself in their place. No no no....cant think about that...think about something else, looking around the room a bit before eye landing on the teacher and a glaze goes over her eye and a weird look as the nerves begin to melt away, her thoughts changing and if the small giggles coming out her mouth were any indication it was likely the thoughts better kept for her head and sketchbook.

With the forms done she goes back to her book, going to a new page as she seems to be sketching something else as a form of catharsis, yet the expression does not change.
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Nicolas had often questioned his motives for joining the academy. While it was a noble and pure career path the mere fact that he had other reasoning for joining haunted him a bit. Well that was until he go a more visualized sense at who exactly he’d be attending school with. Mini skirts, cute faces, and the amount voluptuous assets that some of the girls possessed had him in complete awe. The school seemed to have a lenient dress code compared to his old schools that were quite strict when it came to such. He couldn’t have been happier with the decision he had made. Nicolas was wearing a dark blue collared shirt with a white under t-shirt beneath it. Both shirts were pressed and neatly tucked into his blue jeans held up by a beautiful black belt. He wore a pair of black dress shoes to complete his professional and mature look with a silver rosary hanging around his neck. The young man hurried along the hallways in hopes of being the first one to enter the classroom to set a good first impression for his teacher and fellow classmates. Sadly this was not the most successful plan.

Nicolas was used to strict dress codes due to the schools he had attended. He was expected to always dress in a professional manner and always stir away from his desires. A school such as this was quite overwhelming. Mini skirts, unusually tight T-shirts, and most importantly the voluptuous curves that some of the females possessed practically overloaded the young man. He couldn't take his eyes off most of the females and even offered to "assist" most of them to their classrooms simply just to be near them. Not even to mention his constant flirting along the way. It was as if this school became his own personal Heaven. After following around the cutest girls he could find he had realized that giving into his sinful lust had made him late for class. Making quick haste Nicolas practically busted through the door breathing a little heavily as he made eye contact with the man he presumed to be the teacher. "Sorry I'm late. Got a little sidetracked on my way over here" he said chuckling a bit with his breathing somewhat returning to normal levels.

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Miles almost burst into laughter as Lemmy expressed her dissatisfaction in the pro hero trial period. He held it in with a stifle as he coughed into the bend of his arm. He couldn't blame those who called it out, It was basically a scam... at least they didn’t have to pay for wifi in the dorms, and most forms of public transport is free in Newport for academy students.

Farr had heard who their teacher was, but he had to see it to believe it... Farr knew exactly who BoomBang was, a sucessful hero who used that popularity to carve out a online career in music and YouTube.
We have a real life sellout as a teacher...still... that BoomBang-Bap rap is pretty dope... wonder what they paying him to teach us?
Farr looked across his classmates trying to determine what they thought about the teacher.
They seemed to be reading the papers... "should uh.. should I have read that to?" Farr sounded out as Miles walked away from his desk.
Miles took Kyosuke's papers and Continued around the classroom for the rest as they were finished.
"nah it's mostly common sense laws and some B.S” Miles answered honestly and vaguely.

The teacher couldn’t help but feel he was being judged somewhat as the eyes of students land on him. Do I smell? That can’t be the problem I smell amazing, showered twice this morning...
Miles continued onwards taking the papers off Lemmy with a cheerful grin before heading into the corner where Frieda sat.
ah so this is the ink girl? She looks less skittish then they said... does she know there's ink on her face? Wonder if it leaks from her skin or just the fingers maybe...
Taking the paper off her desk he gave a small joke and a giggle as he noticed the various stains.
"you write neater then me aha"

As Miles turned around the door burst open to reveal a late student...
Miles eyes looked him over before smiling. "this my students is our first brave volunteer!"
Miles walked towards Nicolas with a smile handing him some papers to sign and directing him to a empty chair.
"ill let you all know now, if you arrive after me... I'll choose you"
He let a laugh echo in the room before giving a sigh.

Miles sat on his desk instead of his chair as he waited for the students to finish their paper work. He gave a little announcement...
"now I had plans of taking this class to the gym first but I think we missed that chance... Sooooo I figured we can get everyones paper work set up and you can get your hero suits for a game I made up... that or we can introduce ourselves and wait for the gym to be cleaned and prepared for the next class what do you guys think?"

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Lemmy raises up a hand partially from her desk "When you say get our hero suits, do you mean the actual full costumes or those Gym clothes uniforms?... Since well...did have the other made already due to a medical issue and hope it got approved and everything?" pausing for a moment "Well Medical Issue being that using anything from another crafter is going to have a potentially.... life-threatening consequences" the image of her sister's passive face and completely serious declaration passes through her mind as her body shivers for a moment.



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Miles looked at lemmy for a second before realising what she had meant.
"ah, I meant the standard hero armour that NPA provides each student... I know alot of students design their own special look but for safety purposes the school workshop cranks out the default suit for everyone cause some have hero costumes with no... protection."

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