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I'll think of a decent name at some point.

Use this barebones sheet for your students, teachers can be submitted once we have enough students.

Notable info: (height, weight, things you could judge about said person at a glance)

Physical description or picture or both:

Quirk: ( a decent description, an example of how the character uses said quirk, and some sort of drawback. For Example Deku destroys himself if he is not in control etc)

((No multiple quirks unless it makes sense, for example froppy has multiple things that could be described as a quirk, but they fall under the whole quirk of being human sized frog.))

Backstory: don't care how long or detailed, but it must include how your character defeated the robots to pass the test etc

Hero costume: explain what it's designed to do if it has some important use, no springing shit that isn't written here

Add whatever else you feel is needed, have fun you crazy kids.

@Lono @Husher @SomebodyElse @PlusUltra @Vagabond Spectre @Wisp
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Shadow Goddess
Name: Korin Dieretter
Age: 15
Notable info:
Height: 5'6
Weight: 127
Eyes: Gold, but turn red while quirk is active
Hair: Red with orange streaks at the end
Although considered pretty she tends to appear disinterested and unapproachable.

Physical description or picture or both:
Quirk: Korin is a powerful telekinetic able to create fields which she can manipulate to move or shape objects, or just leave them as fields.
These fields are material, meaning they can be used as platforms or a shield. Her usual strategy is hit something with enormous force or tear it apart in any way possible. Her quirk requires her to maintain eye contact with her fields and extended use burns her cellular structure away (Yeah. She can actually disintegrate herself from too much use)

Backstory: Korin is the daughter of the pro hero Seismic Storm, one of the most powerful and well known heroes. Although it is known he has a child, he personally has kept it under wraps.. He owns his own hero corporation and is generally popular among the media. If only they knew the truth.
Korin constantly dealed with abuse, as her father did everything he could to make sure she would grow up strong as possible. Even inflicting wounds on her as a child. Constantly fighting and training with professional hired trainers , Korin grew cold and pessimistic, due to such a harsh lifestyle with a lack of emotional care. She later decided she would kill her father when she was powerful enough. Now attending a hero school, in which she was accepted due to her impressive results on the test, tearing apart the robots brutally, she begins her years to train to become a hero.

Hero costume: Since Korin's quirk has no physical attributes, she prefers to wear something that is all purpose suited for combat. Usually combat leather.
Her outfit gives her a tactical stealth-like appearance and comes off as both cool and practical. Her outfit is geared for optimal protection and optimal movement, as well as being black which could have some stealth attributes in the dark, although it is unintended. It's not really loaded with technology but it is practical, all purpose and comfortable.
(I'd imagine it looks a lot like this, minus the knife, it would be Korin wearing this so she'd have red hair, she'd look different than the girl in this)

Personality: Korin is a pessimistic person who doesn't value life highly and has no problems hurting enemies brutally. She generally is shown to be either emotionless or cold. She tends to think a lot and it can hard for her to get along with others because she views others as unimportant until proven wrong. But not because she thinks she's better than others, she simply devalues meaningful interaction

Relationships pre-beginning rp: Do you want our characters to know eachother, have a good reason why they would? PM.
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Vagabond Spectre

Cookie Muncher
"He doesn't look like a hero but i know he got what it takes.
-Mrs. Nishimura A.K.A Pro hero Crysis "

Kyosuke Nishimura


Notable info: Standing at a whopping 4'3, and weighs around the ideal weight of his height. Kyosuke is pretty much looks like a kid and often mistaken as one. He pretty much is just your typical frail looking Japanese little boy you'd find anywhere. Borwn hair and crimson red eyes are his first notable features. Often dresses out in smart casual or formal in most occasions (Including sleeping).

Physical description or picture or both:

Laser eyes- Self explanatory, Kyosuke has the ability to shoot heat rays out of his eyes. His crimson red eyes have these special irises that helps him shoot red hot laser beams in a straight direction. The laser behaves like light but travels with the speed of sound instead. The laser's ever extending tip has a red ball of pure energy clustered together. Making it a destructive first blow. The heat of these lasers can melt metals. Depending on how high Kyosuke amplifies it. The more he gives his power the more powerful the beam gets. At some point, his beams can somehow push back enemies who are able to survive the heat. His most powerful record of using the quirk is that he once shot two big red laser beam directly at the sky that he went temporarily blind for a week. Thanks to his quirk, his eyes can heal themselves overtime. (Yes, he goes temporarily blind if he overuses it.)

Born to a crazy rich family. Kyosuke was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was given a good life and wealth that one could dream of having. Kyosuke often disregards his rich heritage for he is but a humble child. He always looked up to heroes fighting villains and dreams to become one. Which something his mother agrees since she used to be a Pro hero before she retired to be in exchange of now being just a supportive mother. His father on the other hand does not agree with such for he sees him as the next heir to the family billionaire business. His father always kept telling him to stop such a foolish dream but Kyosuke did not obey, giving his one shot towards the big league. Kyosuke passed the entrance exam with sheer brain creativity alone. Destroying the robots in creative ways like tearing their legs off and cause a domino effect with his quirk. Just as everything was according to plan. A new villain rose up to threaten his family. His father's arch nemesis in business, a hacker villain named "Sh4d0w Butt3rfly of the 3rd" or Shadow butterfly in short had sent a death threat via PM to his laptop. Now he wants to investigate who this villain truly is.

Hero costume:
Super hero.JPG

A costume with the color palettes of red, white and blue. It has a more futuristic/modern take on traditional supper hero costumes. There are only 3 armored parts of his body. Legs, wrist and shoulders. Because of his fraile and weak physical body he lacks the defensive strength to survive blows alone. With a lot of money cost and spent. He received high quality armored boots, shoulder pads and wrists. He uses his armor to block attacks manually, plus his lasers bouce of it. Making unexpected shots. His boots helps him survive anything lower than 10 meters high building. Protective thermal gloves for his heat vision. A cape made from a strong synthetic cut proof material. It can be easily be detached. The green visor over his eyes helps him amplify laser vision without forcing his eyes to burn out too much.l

Other facts:
*Other than his nerdy child appearance. Kyosuke is known to be very smart. Having the IQ above average for his age. roughly scoring around 145 to 155 Iq points although this isn't the same for his EQ (Emotional quotient) for he still struggles getting a hang of his intuitive nature of thinking. In other words. He often thinks in a analytical matter.

*The boy is not limited to using his mind and Quirk for he also utilizes his skill of combining his quirk with his knowledge for kickboxing. His kickboxing skills are actually quite effective, if only he were more physically fit.

*Has an allergy for dust, crustaceans and peanuts.

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literally a child
Name: Leii Lei
Age: 17
Notable info: 3 feet tall, 23 lbs. often wears unnecessary bandages and band-aids.

Physical description or picture or both:leiipool.png

Quirk: basically, a super strong healing factor with no added benefits. her strengths is that she can't really die, but other then that she is as useless on the battlefield as any 5 year old girl, which is her greatest weakness.

((No multiple quirks unless it makes sense, for example froppy has multiple things that could be described as a quirk, but they fall under the whole quirk of being human sized frog.))

Backstory: Leii was only 5 when her quirk activated, and it couldn't have activated soon enough. she was in a bank with her mommy when a villain came in to rob the place. he took her hostage and just as a hero came too late to save her, he stabbed her in the chest. luckily her quirk activated and the wound healed instantly. ever since then she has been unable to be harmed for vary long. the deeper the wound the longer it takes to heal, like anyone else, but instead of days to years, her wounds heal in seconds up to about a day for the worst so far (although complete disintegration has never happened, it's possible that within a month her cells could regrow from a single cell, but this is only hypothetical and she has never tested this.) body part removed can be placed in the spot and healed instantly, but once lost after 10 minutes the spot where it was will start to regrow and take a certain amount of minutes depending on how much of it she is regrowing. she defeated the robots by allowing them to attack and mangle her while she was in direct line of fire to other robots.
Hero costume: her hero costume is a school girl outfit that is made of mesh fibers that sew themselves back together by constricting in spots where they are torn or cut, but fully severed parts can not sew themselves back.
Addition:her drama will be character drama more than anything, as she will have no stake in most fights except the ones where she needs to win to prove something. she will mostly allow other RPers to shine on the battlefield and she will most likely die at almost every major fight. I hope everyone enjoys my slightly goofy character. :)
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"Thick thighs save lives but thigh highs are my demise."

Nicolas Harper


150 pounds (Depends on material absorbed)


Physical description or picture or both:

Material Chameleon

Nicolas has the ability to mimic matter through physical touch turning his body into solid material and use it in various ways gaining some form of advantage. He can either use it by enhancing himself, gaining the mimicked power, or using it as a conductor/power source. However, the effects for each solid material is different. Should he mimic granite his strength would heavily increase but would drastically decrease his speed while mimicking silver would allow him to conduct electricity and electrify his punches but wouldn't have the same durability as stronger materials. Wood, glass, metals, and even plastic are just a few examples of what he can mimic. He can even turn his body parts into different shapes such as turning his arms into blades and hammers. Nicolas can mimic up to three different materials at a time and move them across certain parts of his body depending on which body part requires a certain material to be made for better use. The more material he mimics the more impact on his stamina it has making it hard for him to juggle more then one materiel at a time without risking losing control over his quirk altogether. When knocked out or too heavily exhausted his body will instantly return to normal and must gather back enough stamina to utilize his quirk once more. Like other transformation quirks regarding around defensive measures Nicolas does not possess the stamina that emitter and mutation type quirks have and must measure his stamina over the course of battle to prevent himself from being at a disadvantage.

Nicolas was raised in a highly religious home where his family would often deliver prayers multiple times throughout the day. His family was highly respected due to their charity and gatherings throughout society and surprisingly each possessed a dedicated sense of purity that no amount of temptation could overcome. As the third son of the family it was obvious that he needed to meet high expectations set by his elders and attempt to spread the word of their lord as well as provide help to any individual in dire need. He would often serve in his parent's daily soup kitchens and even worked in construction fields to help build shelters for the homeless. All in hopes of helping those that could not help themselves. Though while he did follow in the footsteps of his elders he was sort of a black sheep due to his overwhelming perversion. His usual overwhelming flirtatious acts on women often earned him the usual ear pulling by his mother and the scolding of his brothers and father. Still they loved him nonetheless despite his one impurity and where overjoyed when he decided he would be attending a school meant for training heroes. Though it was well obvious he had more then one reason for joining such an elite school.Nicolas sought out a Hero Academy due to one important reason. Heroes were beloved by all and were treated with such as love and respect due to them forging the bravery to fight the constant threats the flood the cities. Not to mention the epic rampages of fan girls that flock and swoon over their favorite and best looking heroes. Having women flock to him was his dream and most sinful desire. During the entrance exams Nicolas made sure to show off in every way possible around his fellow feminine students. Absorbing the sturdy material throughout the city as well as the material used to make the robots Nicolas smashed through the robots with powerful force, but only in front of ladies of course.

Hero costume:
Nicolas's costume is a combination of the old Crusades along with being based off his favorite heroes costume. The gloves do not exist in his costume as they would prevent him from physically touching the desired material he wants to mimic. Nicolas's designed it to cover most of his body to essentially prevent enemies from knowing what material is where on his body allowing him a certain element of surprise. His cape is a high density polymerized titanium meant for a number of things such as protection and offering him strong material to mimic should there not be any suitable materials around.

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"The real world isn't fair, But look! There's a better one, right on the horizon. A shared utopia built by hundreds of creators over decades... a singular linked vision. It's real! I can almost touch it! It's been calling to me! I know that!"

Name/Discord: PlusUltra#6303
Hero/Villain Name: The Big Time Hero, Stack
Height: 6’ 6” (Varies)
Weight: 310kgs (Varies)
Birthday/Age: 16, 13th of February
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Blood Type: AB+
Hair/Eye Color: Hair: Blonde / Eyes: Blue
Level: Student (Received Professional Tutoring)
Quirk: Steal Gum
Quirk Type: Transformation

Quirk Information/Abilities
Brady holds the ability to steal the mass of targeted objects and add it to her own, this is done by shifting her body and manifesting a large amount of her own mass with the consistency of gum and by making contact with a item or engulfing it she is capable of draining the size or density of the target increasing her own mass. Her body itself appears to be entirely composed of this material which when manipulated, can used to drastically augment her durability and physical strength, or make alterations to her body depending on her supply. One other particularly useful application of this ability appears to be drawing out the mass from physical attacks that strike her, making her incredibly resilient to such and using it to further augment her capabilities. She has yet to fully explore the capabilities of this ability and it is possible even further effects could be revealed or created through training

-Requires materials to drain in order to increase her size or density which can result in issues should said items be public property.
-Added weight can result in issues on weaker surfaces as well as reducing her speed, the same with her size making navigating smaller areas difficult
-The only method of removing added mass is through ejecting the mass as a large amount of the gum like substance.
-Is unable to absorb elemental attacks with the exception of holding a great resistance to electrical based attacks.

Following insistence by her father Lemmy is a highly proficient Boxer having been trained since a early age, Knowledgeable of heroes operations in general given her exposure to her parents Agency. In her spare time she often shown to be highly attune to current fashion as well as even designing tailoring outfits of her own, she also has a fascination with several areas of media in general with a strange definition of what cool and cute entail with some items.

Finally she has shown to be extremely convincing when needed, taking talking points, flipping them or getting to the route of issues very quickly likely aided by being capable of extremely fast spontaneous and reactionary thinking despite overall average grades.

Appearance & Personality
Civilian / Costume
A towering young woman in her late teens with a well proportioned if extremely curved figure. wrapped in toned muscle especially within her thick legs and a overall hourglass frame. Fine gold hair flows downward past her lower back, whipping around her fair skinned body. As a result of her quirk however her figure, height and weight tends to vary depending on how much mass she retains.

Within her costume their face stays hidden behind a pure black half face mask leaving only a full lips held in a confident smile visible. The rest of her costume however leaves little to the imagination, consisting of a tightly fitted black and gold sleeveless swimsuit like outfit with fishnets leaving the majority of her heaving chest, stomach and back visible with a strange metal like clasp for a collar. In addition she also wears full arm length gloves in a similar style and low flat material to serve as shoes. The entire outfit is constructed from a strange polymer resembling leather however with a strange sheen as it has been customized with her quirk in mind.

Outside her costume, Lemmy's youthful features are on full display with bright sapphire eyes framed by golden bangs, the rest secured in a loose ponytail to flow downwards in a thick bunch. Dressing far more modest than her costume drawn to more vintage clothing, such as simple white shirts, shorts and suspenders normally with some sort of media reference around.

Likes: Comedies, Fashion, Food, Music, Puns, Theatrics
Dislikes: Boredom, Fish, Funerals, Smoke, Silence

Born along with her twin to a family of heroes of heroes within the Flex Agency, she would grow up relatively happily and engulfed in the world of heroes. It was likely this as well as her high regard for her parents work that she sought to chase the dream of joining them too, however her sister would have different ideas being far more interested in the support route than hero. Nevertheless the two would remain extremely close, even commonly swapping out at times much to the confusion of friends around them.

Things would change however following the passing of her father and critically wounding of her mother, the experience jading Alison severely and having them retire as a professional hero. She would have hoped her children would not pursue a similar path yet the dream was already set and could not find it in her to crush it, attempting to support them while hopelessly wish it would come to the same result she had suffered.

During the test itself she managed to score fairly well on the written portion, as well as cut a wide swathe through the robots as if more of a game than anything, including restraining the collosal zero pointer shortly before it was effectively suplexed. She is now set to attend the hero academy alongside her sister though on alternate courses, ready to deal with whatever comes her way.

Ripley Langston 16, Quirk: Gum
Lemmy’s twin sister, passive, sombre and stoic though has a strange warmth and dry wit. She is extremely close to Brady, commonly together with her sister growing up along with the various schemes and plans. Out of everyone it's her sister that keeps her honest and trying to make a better world, the one who believes in them. She however differs in preferring not to go into active hero work as a result of realising her mothers feelings to such, and instead is heading in to the Support Hero Course. Her Quirk allows her to give items the property of gum either being sticky, elasticated or resistant to electricity.

Alison Langston aka Flexia, 42, Quirk: Stretch
Lemmy’s Mother, Firm, Critical and Protective if somewhat overbearing at times with how she pushes her children to excel. Previously the pro-hero Chuddy , she works as a Gym Teacher and Coach following the death of her husband and severe injuries, even losing a portion of her arm. While attempting to keep her children from the Hero life having grown disillusioned towards it, she can't find it in her to crush that dream and is hoping they come to the realisation before it's too late. Her Quirk allows her to Stretch to impossible degrees and also gains a incredible amount of flexibility.

William Langston aka Clayday, 40, Quirk: Putty (DECEASED)
Lemmy’s Father, Fairly easy going if flamboyant and theatrical, despite his status as a pro hero he managed to balance both hero and family life until his passing. He was fairly successful and close to reaching the Top 10 before his life was cut short following buying time for others to heroes to arrive in a major villian attack 5 Years ago. He managed to defeat several of the Roxon Group before confronting the leader known only as Tox and succumbing shortly after from poisoning. His quirk allowed him to turn items touched into a putty like substance and sculpt them as desired be it person or item.

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Name/Discord: PlusUltra#6303
Hero/Villain Name: The Bohemian Hero, Palette
Height: 4’ 5”
Weight: 70lbs
Birthday/Age: 16, 27th August
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Blood Type: O-
Hair/Eye Color: Hair: White / Eyes: Silver
Level: Student
Quirk: Pigment
Quirk Type: Emitter

Quirk Information/Abilities
Friedas quirk allows her to produce and manipulate vast amounts of various pigment and dyes/inks via the secretions of her skin and body fluids, the full spectrum of colors to be deployed in various quantities. The amount of produced is increased vastly with the users stress levels and emotions, often resulting in unconscious use though to a far more minimal effect. With sufficient training it may be possible for Palette to produce additional effects though the exact nature of the ability is still being explored, one thing that is notable is that compared to others, her body seems clean far easier when removing the multiple stains, often requiring only a rough pad and hot water to be restored to a clean state….until stained once more of course. Excessive use of her quirk however can cause both dehydration as well as her body losing its color.

On the surface Frieda is your average japanese student, her grades are not particularly outstanding and she appears to have more fears than you can count. Physically she can be extremely fast and good at hiding given the right motivation, though such is seen more as frantic scrambling albeit with remarkable endurance. She does however seem to have a vast knowledge and talent on various artistic,gaming and media related subjects, keeping up on pop culture to almost Neet levels. Her greatest achievement is the completion of over 50 simulated high school lives and dating over 100 virtual boys, believing such may make her somewhat, maybe, kinda ready for her first year of hero school. One thing of particular note that has been noticed by those in her teachers is that despite her innate fears, she seems to always return and try again, helping out those she can regardless to mixed effect, even if she herself is confused as to the reason.

Appearance & Personality
Civilian / Costume
A fair skinned short girl with large silver eyes and wild unkempt white hair worn down to her neck. Her face seems to almost constantly be in some state of stress, nervousness, embarrassment, frantic or panic along with a ever present manic grin and gestures. Her eyes themselves can have some visible dark purple shadows below them when not covered in pigments showing a distinct lack of sleep. Her body seems to be almost constantly secreting some sort of paint or dye resulting in the multitude stains across her body, odd drips coming from her fingers, tears and more in a rainbow mix of colors. Her habit of grabbing her hair in particular results in a wide array of such colors mixed within her hair.

Frieda can sometimes have a grim outlook on life - so much that during a daydream she imagines herself performing her dreams, only to crash and end up in the hospital as the worst is never far from her mind. She has attempted become popular by coming up with ideas on how to get attention, though this usually either fails or receives negative attention. She often lacks a "filter" in that she will say what she thinks without considering the consequences leading to extremely bizarre or inappropriate requests/statements at times. Her awkward behaviour can appear odd or even perverted to others, overreacting to small things, likely fueled further by her imagination, to the point of planning excessively how to bypass what would otherwise be the most mundane of issues. Her actual experience in social interactions is somewhat limited, being practically non existent other than what has been viewed through games or the internet. Frieda will sometimes blurt out what she is thinking especially if she thinks it will make her appear cool and mature, usually with little grasp on the consequences until shortly after such has been stated.

Likes: Anime, Art, Bread, Comics, Games, Internet, Manga, Pop-Culture, Sweets, Visual Novels
Dislikes: Bullys, Crowds, Loud Noises, Spicy Food, Unfamiliar Situations

Frieda had started off excited about gradeschool school, though after going for a few months and the extreme nervousness from interactions that came, combined with the constant mishaps and negative attention at trying to be popular and fit in quickly reversed such a thing. Regularly ending out on the bottom rung from either the mess her quirk would produce, getting herself caught up in the bullys attentions and of course her own misunderstands or failed attempts at changing her current status. It did not help that financial struggles where a common thing in her home life, sure they had Internet Access and the odd second hand electronics but it did commonly require her to get creative in earning money herself.

She believes however if she could become a hero she could be popular, maybe learn to not mess stuff up as much as well and of course help out her family if she gets the money typical heroes seem to get. It seems a fool proof plan, which means its likely going to go up in flames in a 20 car pileup by the end of it, but she has to try regardless. She was always a girl who tended to run towards her fears, return to the hard things, and try again even if she screws them up, Since in the end the world that seems against her needs to stop her every time, she just needs to succeed once.

Despite all the odds she somehow even passed the entrance exam, The written exam difficult to mark due to the excess of ink stains across the sheets followed by the practical, much to the confusion of those around her with a series of what seemed like unintended side effect to bumbling and panic, Slips on paint, Blinding, LOTS of running and panicking. Shortly before she was getting a considerable amount of sour looks from other participants covered in paint and various colors and running for her life once more. Technically she somehow manged to take down a respectable number of robots and even cause distractions saving others from harm...yet there was much debate amoung the teachers over how much was blind luck and how much was deliberate.

Felisberta Fitzgerald, Mother, Quirk: Rainbow
Fumiko Fitzerald, Mother, Quirk: Squid

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Still Learning
Hiseki Naoru
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Blood type: A+
Birthday: July 23rd
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'6
Weight: Normal
Noticible feature: Thick thighs
Alias: Mummified
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Purple
Skin: Pale

Hiseki is a happy go lucky girl who wants to help people as much as she can. She tends to have trouble saying no to people, and she can be somewhat of a pushover. Growing up without her parents support made her search for acceptance from other people. She just wants to feel accepted and that she means something.

Her parents are both full on mummies (stiff bodies, wrapped up head to toe in wrap) so it was a miracle that she was born looking human (hence her first name). Her quirk came to her when she was six, which was late considering quirks mostly turn up around the age of four. She wanted to be a hero as she grew up, but her parents always told her she wasn’t good enough. She never gave up the dream though, and when it was time to choose a school she went against her parents wishes and applied to a hero school anyways. She passed the entrance exam by wrapping her bandages around the robots and crushing their heads and limbs with debris and rocks she found around. Whenever she saw an injured particapant she offered to heal them, which earned her quite a few rescue points.

She likes helping others, hard strawberry candies, cold weather, and sleep.

She dislikes geography, zucchini, routines, and being woken up.

Quirk Name

Quirk Description
She can grow thick bandages out of her body on will. She can control them like limbs. They are strong enough to pick up 20 pound objects, and they can tie around a person to keep them from running away. When the bandages are wrapped around a wound it speeds up the healing process. Depending on how serious the injury is and how much energy she has healing will take longer unless she uses more energy.

How many bandages she can create depends on how much fiber and water she drinks. She wont be able to grow any more once she uses up all of it. She can heal multiple people at once, but it'll cause her to get dizzy and there's a good chance she could overwork herself and pass out.

She can demobilize an opponent by wrapping her bandages around them. She can pick up small objects with them to throw. She can heal her own injuries while she's attacking. How strong and thick her bandages are depend on how much iron and calcium she has so her bandages can become bullet proof. Later along the line she will be able to create fire resistant wrap, and create more without having to eat as much.

Her bandages can get wet and become less effective, or slip off easy. Her bandages can be burnt off. If an enemy has a sharp weapon they can cut through the bandages before they can wrap around them. She can't grow her bandages out of places that are covered by clothes or other bandages. If someone takes away her scissors she wont be able to cut her own wrap off because it's too thick to rip. Once she grows the bandages they cant go back into her skin. She's easy to manipulate.
Her hero outfit consists of a white apron over a light pink button up short sleeve shirt paired with a light blue pleated skirt with shorts underneath. She has a white pouch strapped around her right thigh to carry a few pairs of scissors, and a little bag of almonds in case she runs out of fiber.
code by RI.a
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The Flowiest on site
Name: Farr King
Age: 16
Notable info: 5ft10
blueish black hair and eyes.
Either looks excited and unable to sit still or has a dead face of tired boredom.
Athletic build.
Casual in nature and his attire.

Physical description or picture or both:
He weighs a bit under the optimal BMI for his age and height, grows facial hair quickly.

Quirk: teleportation. (Think nightcrawler)

Farr can teleport anywhere in his immediate sight, everything he wears and has on him as well as what or who is holding travels with him disappearing in a cloud of black smoke and appearing in the same way. The further Farr teleports the quicker the drain on his stamina. Potentially he could teleport the furthest his eye sight could allow but that would result in him passing out upon landing. He obviously cannot jump around forever but like anything practice makes perfect. As well as a healthy supply of nutrition and cardio.

Backstory: Farr went 50/50 on the written exam but aced the robot physical by teleporting between them as they attacked, the last one was finished off by dropping half a robot on top it.

Hero costume:
Standard issue NPA hero armour. You can apply for different colours.
They provide sturdy protection from most sorts of physical damage that a hero might face, made from the best lightweight yet durable yada yada...

Farr has chosen a dark navy blue and black for his suit.
Name: Kruz Saylee

Age: 16

Notable info: 5'8", athletic, toned muscles

Physical description or picture or both:

Quirk: Electric Muscle Stimulus

Kruz has the ability to enhance how fast he move and thinks using electricity, using it to stimulate nerves and muscles to increase reaction time and movement speed. As of right now the fastest he can run is 90 meters a second (roughly 200 mph) which he can maintain for only 10 seconds. On normal activation Kruz runs 22 meters a second (roughly 50 mph). Extensive use of his quirk causes extreme muscle soreness and muscle spasms.

Backstory: Kruz's written exam scores weren't too good, but his robot physical scores made up for it. Using his speed, Kruz was able to pierce through the robots using scrap from a robot another student destroyed.

Hero costume:

Kruz's suit has two metal plates, one on each arm, that he can shift to cover is arms like the arms of a suit of armor. This was put into place so the electricity he uses can go through the metal to add more power to his punches. He has plates on his legs for the same purpose.

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Go Beyond!
Name: Mavis Evergarden
Height: 5' 3
Weight: 120 lbs
Birthday/Age/Sign: 15 yrs, February 28, Pisces
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Hair Color: Dark Violet
Eye Color: Forest Green
Occupation: Student

250a6836308defe044de58db8b5447cf - small.jpg
Mavis is of average height with a very fair complexion. She's also very generously endowed, thanks to her mother's side of the family (DD). She's very into the "goth" look right now, whether or not it is just a phase is yet to be seen.

Quirk: Anivoice
Quirk Description: Mavis's quirk gives her the ability to command and control any creature in the animal kingdom. Whatever command she gives, the animal will carry it out. Her ability to command and control animals extends to insects as well. However, she is unable to exert her control if they cannot hear her command. The target must also be a real animal and not merely animal-shaped.

Personality: Mavis is a quiet, shy young woman with a deeply rooted love for animals. She's a bit of a klutz and can seem cowardly at times, but within her beats the heart of a lion. It can take some time for her to become comfortable around people, but once she has she is a very sweet and compassionate friend. As mentioned before, she has a deep fondness for animals and will go out of her way to help any that she comes across. Mavis also suffers from entomophobia, being deathly afraid of bugs, with the mere sight of them being enough to make her run away screaming, or even paralyze her in fear. However, she is capable of (reluctantly) putting this fear aside if it means helping her comrades.

  • Animals
  • Playing piano
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Reading
  • Singing/humming
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Dark lipgloss/clothes
  • Videogames

  • Animal cruelty
  • Bugs
  • Loud noises
  • Bugs
  • Cold weather
  • BuGS
  • Mushrooms
  • BUGS

Backstory: Born the child of a veterinarian and an artist, Mavis was much beloved by her parents. However, she didn't get to know them for long before tragedy stole them away from her. She was only six years old when her parents died in a terrible accident, leaving her in the care of her grandmother. It wasn't all bad, as her grandmother was a very kind, patient woman who loved her grandchild dearly. But for Mavis, it was the most traumatizing event of her life. For many years she refused to speak and ate very little. She cried nearly every night and kept her distance from everyone during the day. This would lead to trouble as she entered kindergarten, where the other children would take her silence and klutziness as weakness and an excuse to bully her. Since Mavis would not speak up to defend herself, her torment went unnoticed for quite some time. It wasn't until another child finally spoke up that the adults, at last, became aware of the situation. By that time, however, the damage had already been done and Mavis became even more of a social recluse than before.

By the time she reached the fifth grade, Mavis was little more than a zombie. She avoided all contact with the teachers and other children and preferred to remain by herself. Nothing anybody said or did could make it past the walls she had created around herself.
Well, almost nothing.
It was by pure chance that, while walking home from school one day, she happened upon two dogs tormenting a scrawny kitten. The poor creature was backed up into a corner with the two dogs slowly closing in. As Mavis watched, she realized the kitten was going to die unless she did something. However, she had nothing on hand at the time with which to scare the dogs away. And so she did the only thing she could do. Summoning up every ounce of strength left within her, she cried out "Stop!"
Immediately the two dogs froze in place. Mavis didn't stop to think as she shoved the dogs away, shouting "Leave the kitty alone! Go away!" And much to her surprise, they listened. Without a moment's hesitation, the dogs turned and ran off, leaving Mavis alone with the poor, emaciated kitten. Feeling bad for the animal, she gently coaxed it into her arms and carried it home. After explaining the situation to her grandmother (who was both shocked and delighted to hear Mavis speak for the first time in years), the old woman agreed to help her granddaughter nurse the kitten back to health. She also went on to explain that the reason the dogs had obeyed her was likely due to having inherited her father's quirk, which was the ability to command animals. Mavis was thrilled to learn this and decided that from then on she would use her quirk to help animals that were in trouble. She would become their hero. Over time her home would become filled with animals that she had saved and cared for, though thankfully, her grandmother didn't seem to mind.

Not long after that, Mavis began to take an interest in heroes, and the many different deeds they did. As she watched them, she ever so slowly, began to emerge from her shell. Others took notice of this, especially the kids in her class. The bullying came to an end and she even managed to make a few friends. Her popularity grew even more once they learned of her quirk. By the time she reached her last year of middle school, Mavis was no longer the depressed social recluse she once was. She was still quiet and shy, but she had friends, and she was happy. As the end of middle school drew near, everyone's thoughts began to turn towards high school, and what their futures would bring. Mavis already knew exactly what she wanted to do, she wanted to become a hero. Saving that kitten that day had awoken something buried deep within her. It was the desire to help others, to protect them from danger. And so she decided to enroll at Newport Hero Academy. But first, she would have to take the entrance exams.

The written test was easy enough, though her score was still fairly average. It was the practical exam that really scared her. Being a shy person, the huge, noisy robots were a bit of a struggle for her. But after a little while, she was able to figure out a strategy to defeat them. She did so by commanding birds and any other nearby creatures to cover the robots' cameras, cutting off their vision and causing them to crash into and destroy each other. She was able to rack up just enough points to pass.

Hero costume: 687474703a2f2f696d6731302e64657669616e746172742e6e65742f646366312f692f323031352f3139342f662f64...png

38b094ed1bca88057468e29e75e07bb6 - small.jpg

Extra Info:
  • Was taught to play piano by her grandma
  • Has a pretty voice (I love characters who can sing, sue me!)
  • Animals are naturally attracted to her (She's basically a real live Disney Princess, kek)
  • Likes videogames, especially otome games and games that require you to take care of animals, although she also secretly loves action-y games like Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider, Halo, etc.
  • Is very knowledgable about veterinary things, having done lots of research

(Voice Claim)
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Icecream Queen

Yas Queen
Name: Jin Davies (Jin is short for Jinny)
Age: Fifteen
Notable info: (Height: 5”1, Weight: 94 pounds, American transfer student, slight accent on her Japanese)

Physical description or picture or both: Jin is pale with a slender build she has mint fluffy hair that she either leaves down or puts up in space buns (when down hair goes to about her shoulder, bob cut with straight across bangs that aren’t completely blunt) She has grey eyes with flakes of yellow in them almost as if they’re very filled with gold. On the weekend she typically sports a burgendy pullover top with black leggings.

Quirk: My Very Best: This quirk is like a major adrenaline boost to everything. Higher reaction time, More strength, More speed, Higher pain tolerance which can be extremely useful for example if she gets shot in the shoulder it’ll only feel like a shallow cut until she de activates her quirk. The downsides to her quirk are that she has to be aware. As we know adrenaline is great but can kind of make us dumb. Insomnia and Paranoia can also be featured. While using her quirk she also looses her moral compass meaning she can’t exactly tell right from wrong or she can’t exactly do the most “heroic” action.

Backstory: Jin lives alone with her dad, she never met her mum but that doesn’t really upset her. Her dad is a business man for a popular programming company so they move around lots. Jin and her father have lived in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and now Japan.

Hero Costume:


That ^ with a pair of black leggings and small non healed black boots. When questioned about her choice in fashion she says “I don’t want to be waddling around cluelessly in a neon leotard, I’d rather be wandering around stylishly” which is usually fallowed by a dead pan from her company. (She can be a bit of a diva)


Name: Nathan Koehler
Age: 16
Notable Information: Height: 5’9, Weight 165. Light-brown hair, brown eyes. Often looks fatigued, even when well-rested

Quirk: Battery: Allows the user to absorb, store, and re-direct kinetic energy existing in a close proximity to them (Ie. Within a three-metre radius). From there, it can be used to enhance their physical strength, often manifesting in a glowing red aura encompassing the wielder’s arms and legs. Alternatively, they may choose to output it as an energy projectile or blast, expelled through a throwing or jabbing motion from their limbs. In order to activate their quirk they must first have access to an initial power source. Currently, Nathan can only store a few Gigajoules worth of energy in his body at one point- anything exceeding this limit will be automatically rejected from their body. The larger the amount of energy absorbed, the shorter amount of time he can safely contain it.

Background: Nathan was born the eldest son to a pair of white collar workers, his father working in real estate and his mother in insurance claims. They always have provided a comfortable life to him and his little brother Ellis, ensuring they were financially secure while their grandparents helped raise them on a day-to-day basis. In childhood, much of the children’s free-time was spent visiting the family cottage and going fishing with their grandfather. Their older relations doted on them in their younger years, but raised them with a firm hand as they grew older, expecting them to contribute their fair share around the house and instilled in them a sense of obedience and discipline. It wasn’t always fun, especially the times when the brother’s time socializing with friends was restricted, but that was simply how things went. Nathan’s powers manifested around the age of five, but he never thought of them as anything particularly special, and throughout elementary and middle school proceeded through the typical school curriculum in a rather uneventful fashion.

When the time came to determine what kind of high school he wanted to attend, Nathan tried out for the hero academy. While vigilantism had never been his aspiration in life, many of his friends chose to apply, and so he too took the test in the hopes of not being left behind. On the written portion the boy fared well, scoring in the top fifteenth-percentile, but struggled on the practical portion of the test. He managed to take down a number of the low-level robots by avoiding the brunt of their attacks and using the residual momentum of their strikes to amplify his own strength. This, combined with assisting a few other test participants in defeating a more difficult robot allowed him to get by in the practical component, though it came at the cost of a few broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

Only after receiving his letter of acceptance did Nathan come to the unfortunate realization that he was the only one of his friends to pass the exam. At this news, he wanted to reject the offer, less than comfortable with what it would be like having to start fresh without his longtime peers. Yet his family implored him to take advantage of the opportunity which had been presented to him, as it would be better to transfer back to another school later in the year than always wonder what could have been. With that in mind, the teenager accepted the offer, believing he owes it to himself as well as his parents to see whether he can make something of himself.

Besides providing some protection against physical attacks, the suit is designed to be heat-proof and minimal in causing friction. Consisting of a rubber polymer compound and a lightweight copper mesh, the costume functions as an insulator around the user’s body, reducing accidental energy discharge. Attached to the suit’s belt is a pair of portable 'batteries'- physically touching them allows the user to absorb any energy stored in them or else deposit any excess power for long-term storage. In addition to the costume, Nathan wears a wristband which monitors how much energy he’s currently storing in his body.

Personality: Nathan is a polite, humble student who tends to avoid conflict or express strong opinions. He often refrains from asserting his personal thoughts or interests if he feels they won’t be well received, instead affirming his stance with what others have previously stated. In unfamiliar settings the boy tends to be a social chameleon of sorts, trying to mimic the responses of others in order to fit in. This tendency diminishes in the presence of close friends/ peers, though he's still a bit of a people-pleaser. The teenager worries a great deal about how others perceive him, questioning whether he's truly earned his place at the academy and wanting to prove he's up to the task. Nathan tends to panic in high-pressure scenarios, but when he manages to keep his cool the boy has a keen intellect and is capable of delegating tasks to others (Provided that people are willing to listen to him).

Hero Name: Reflektor
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~*~ Lost In A world Ill never understand ~*~
Name: Finny Elizabeth Richards
Age: 16
Notable info: she is almost sickly pale and looks fragile and often appears tired and is fairly busty though not overly so. she also appears to have light freckles on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose and appears to be a fan of quite a few 'Edgy' bands despite not appearing to be the 'Hardcore' type but rather the opposite. she also appears to like oversized clothes and appears to be asthmatic and rather thin

Physical description or picture or both:

A small pale redheaded transgender girl with hazel-green eyes and messy short red hair and freckles

Quirk: Glass Manipulation

the user can manipulate pre-existing glass and if the user has access to salt or sand, they can create glass to use as they please, though it requires immense concentration and the larger the glass shard being created, the more salt or sand is needed and if she doesn't have an external source of salt or a source of sand she uses her internal salt supply which could be fatal if overused and often if the quirk is overused, cuts of varying severities will form, the user is also comparably more fragile physically and emotionally.

Backstory: despite being fragile and rather small she lives a loving and full life, though she had thought she had no quirk, it awakened when she was about 6, though that's a story for another time, while still timid she had become more brave now that her quirk had awakened, which is a good thing because if not the robots would have crushed her like a miniscule bug, but she mustered her courage and used her quirk to its full extent and managed to peirce the robots with large glass shards, causing them to malfunction, she also aced the written exam, having studied all she could.

Hero costume: due to her fragile state, she wears a black reinforced suit to prevent her from getting extremely injured on the battlefield, the suit isn't fancy or bulky, in fact, you almost can't tell it's reinforced, it has a sewn-in weapon holster as well in the event she is unable to use her quirk effectively
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Name: Ken Booker
Hero Name: Boogeyman (teachers are still desperately trying to convince him to reconsider, but Ken is determined)
Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Personality: Rowdy, playful, troublemaker, rude, good-hearted.

Quirk: Mucus Manipulation: Ken's sweat is a thicker mucus substance. He can also manipulate the mucus from his mouth and nose. He has the potential to manipulate the quality of this mucus; ranging from slick and slippery, to thick and sticky. Through training, his weapon-of-choice became a mucus-formed whip.

The downside to his quirk, besides gross-factor, is the incredible amount of water it takes his body to produce the mucus. He dehydrates very easily, which can slow him down and risk his life.

Backstory: Ken lives with rather neglectful, poor parents. He harbors resentment towards his family. Regardless, he aims to be a fantastic superhero. Never once has he questioned his odd quirk. To the contrary, he has embraced and flaunted it proudly ever since he was very young and it first manifested. He has always had a good sense of humor about it!

Ken was able to earn entrance to the school by preforming pretty averagely during the exam phase. He used his snot-whip to slap thick, sticky mucus at the feet and within the exposed joints of robots to immobilize them. He had a difficult time actually defeating them, resulting in him wasting a lot of his body's water to "drown" some robots. He barely managed to pass, crossing the finish-line looking like a shriveled-up raisin.

Hero costume: Image: work in progress. Will be light-weight with canteens/tubes on his back to help him keep hydrated during training. Though the material is lightweight with various points of skin exposure, the material is thermal to encourage sweating. It will include fur-lining and a hood.


the best egirl™

Cythriel Xyrkas

Age: 15

Notable Info:
-if human, would be 136 lbs, but as an elf, her bones are somewhat hollow so she's closer to 80 lbs
-can't use the chairs that you need to weigh 100 lbs to make shorter, and it triggers her
-has white hair, but wishes it was darker
-looks royal almost; amazing posture, symmetrical, confident
-is obviously very short
-looks content when she isn't expressing anything
-is actually a meme lord
-despite how she looks, she's not that confident
-nonetheless, she's very outgoing and friendly
-she's bisexual and does not hide it
-she loves making friends and feeling like she belongs, and will make everyone feel comfortable around her
-cannot take a hint for the life of her omfg she smart but d e n s e
-vv bad at math, but amazing with languages and history. needs help with math desperately
-her left eye has a sort of white sheen over it, as she is going blind in that eye. it isn't so bad yet, but she does have to wear special contacts in order to see perfectly. cause is unknown. because of her quirck? probably.
-she was sexually abused when she was 4-9 by one of the older boys at the orphanage, told one of the caretakers and wasn't believed. she tends to block out memories of these events but sometimes they shine through and she becomes depressed for a few days. she intends to press charges against him soon.


Elf; Elven Physiology
looks like an elf, has all the characteristics and abilities of elves.
has enhanced beauty, agility, reflexes, dexterity, intelligence, accuracy, combat, speed, and senses.
(basically like an elf from dnd or lotr)
she usually uses her enhanced speed to get around. her strongest ability as an elf is her combat skills (which she does have to refine) and her weakest is her beauty, as it doesn't really give her an advantage or anything.
no weaknesses after using powers, but because she is basically an elf she lacks physical strength and has a weak immunes system.

Cythriel grew up in an orphanage, not knowing who her parents were or what happened to them. She got along well with the other kids until quirks started showing up. She was a late bloomer, as her quirk required her to grow a bit more in order to be noticeable. When she and the other kids in the orphanage hit puberty, she became aware that they didn't treat her as an equal. Those jealous of her elven beauty always put her down, and with her thoughts of being a burden and not being good enough for her parents, she let it get to her. At age 14, she went out to buy some food for that night's meal, and saw a lady being threatened by some guy with a mutant type quirk like her, but more grotesque. She immediately sprung into action, barely thinking, and kicked the man right in the face. As he was about to hit her with a sharp object pointing out of his body, she quickly dodged, grabbed the woman's arm, and ran into the store where they would be safe. This inspired her to want to be a hero.
At the exam, she didn't have much luck as her quirk was not great with combat unless she had a weapon, which she didn't. She opted instead to rescue people who got distracted or injured and ended with a total of 0 villain points and 56 rescue points. She scored very high on the written exam.

Hero costume:
a high necked white bodysuit, with golden armour over her chest, stomach, thighs and calves. her forearms have armoured plates and so do her boots. She has a quiver on her back as she has heightened accuracy and is good at archery, she also has a holster on her waist for a gun and some throwing knives.

Hero Name:
The Ethereal Hero: Mirari​
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