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Fantasy Bluebay Saints: a gang rp set in a world of superpowers

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
You know sometimes BlueBay city is beautiful,
on those occasional nights when the pollution is clear enough to see the stars, it's almost like they mirror the lights of the city. But this is a place that chews people up and spits them to the curb dead or worse. It's a city with every sort of opportunity, good times or danger. BlueBay is best described as a massive man made Venus fly trap or if New York was addicted to amphetamines and LSD for decades and just learned to cope.
It looks unique and interesting from a distance, but once your close enough it wants nothing more than to consume you.

(Pretend the left side of this map is connected to America and that this isnt a cluster of islands in the ocean somewhere)
Some trivia might clear it up for you...
Despite BlueBay having over 80,000 active police officers, despite BlueBay being home to Hero inc who employ over one hundred and twenty six superheroes (tours of Star island are available for the low price of $500 a head)

The underbelly of the city outnumber the forces of law three to one.
BlueBay is home to more than twenty four gangs, some large some smaller... But all of them criminals, thugs, and gangbangers, thats without mentioning those with powers. Super villians... it seems every gang has or has had a super or two in it at some time. Almost as if the bright lights and opportunities attracts the dangerous sort like moths to a flame.

But it's those dangerous moths who are the star of this story...
People on the wrong side of the law from bad choices or circumstances,
The sort of person who will do anything for money or a sick thrill,
A super powered indvidual be it genetics, tech, mutations or magic,
A person confident they will survive the night and live to see tomorrow...

That confidence expected as a badass,
but unfortunately your character meets their end and is murked...
(Somewhat up to you how it happened)

and due to luck and circumstances which in this case is a couple of chancer saints being able to to bring your corpse/remains to the Saints leader. You are brought back to the land of the living by the power of Danny Gat, by his magic to revive and even enhance the dead...
Pros of this deal,
you are revived physically and mentally stronger faster etc.
The catch,
You are reborn loyal to Danny Gat, while you may not like or agree with the man you are somehow bound to obey his orders.
Upon reviving the first thing your character hears is Danny's first order somewhat along the lines of...
"back from the dead homie, you either join the saints or I let you drop, it's ride or die"
As someone recently brought back to life with full recollection of how you died, you figure joining the saints isn't to bad of a second chance.

From there its time to work your way up the ranks into leadership, there's lots of jobs that earn cash and respect. You do shit good an soon enough you'll be more than a chancer, hell you can pick your own rank/nickname if your good enough.

While it's a world with super powers and super humans your character may need a nerf or edit if they seem to OP.
Post requirements is two paragraphs or more once a week.
Minimum amount of players to start is three, cut off is seven.
Cs will be posted if three people show enthusiasm below. That can be something like "yea im down" or suggesting a idea for one of those 24 gangs or 120 superheroes.
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Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
HeroWatch's number one hero Mighty Man (more of a homelander rip off, superman is much more OP)

The only person born with more than one super power...
Most notably is super strength/durability and the ability to fly with mental effort alone.

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