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Futuristic Beyond the Walls ~IC~

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Destructus Kloud

The Lore King
Marx Von Tallius
(Cornucopia - Compound Cafeteria)

Marx laughed and patted the smooth-talker on the shoulder, perhaps a little too hard than he really meant to, "Oh you don't have to do that, as long as you know now. Good meeting you, Adam."

Content with having cleared up the accident with Adam, Marx's attention was drawn by the girl who had apparently been standing in front of him this whole time. He hadn't noticed since Adam was at head height for him, but looking down he realised she had been trying to talk to him. Curiously cocking his head to the side, he leaned down to take a sip of the concoction and raised his eyebrows in pleasant surprise.

"Oh, that's not bad actually."

Ninon's voice turned his ear back to their conversation and he nodded approvingly at her choice of beverage.

"OJ, of course. The OG of OK drinks." Grinning, he took another swig of his Sol and finished it off.

Placing it back on the table, he turned around just in time to see General Terrance Lance stride in with all the military manners one would expect of a hardass superior officer. Marx immediately locked himself into a salute, standing to attention while looking ahead. It seemed the kind general would be taking care of them for this induction. Of course, Marx wasn't complaining - this was exactly what he had expected of the Arcane Army's personnel and he was completely prepared for the trials that lay ahead of him. As the general turned away for them to follow, Marx couldn't help crack a grin of anticipatory excitement. His story started here, now.

The sights they saw sure were wondrous. Marx found himself gawking at everything and nudging Ninon to direct her attention at something cool. It was all very thrilling. Eventually the group reached the pièce de résistance that was the training grounds. Marx whistled in appreciation of the course set up for them, noting down each section with a nod. Nothing too difficult, it seemed; or at least nothing that would cause him much trouble.

As they set off, Marx quickly saw that most of the others were running faster than he was. Of course, given his weight that was to be expected. After completing the three laps with relative ease he reached the first wall and managed to lift himself up the vertical surface with a little effort. Next was the barbed wire crawl, which was perhaps the only thing that Marx reckoned would cause someone of his size trouble. However, the last guy that had arrived was already there to help him out. Having lifted up the barbed wire at a particularly tight spot, Marx was able to squeeze through with only a nick or two taken out of his shoulder.

He smiled and clapped his helper on the back, "Thanks, friend!"

Moving on semi-swiftly, the mud-jump soon approached him and he launched himself with as much strength as he could muster in his legs - which was considerable as he never skipped leg day. Flying over the mud, he managed to clear it without getting himself mucked up and continued on. Next was the push-ups and press-ups. His forte, understandably. Since he knew he could do it much faster than most, Marx decided to sneak in an extra ten for each before getting up and making it to the final wall. Scaling it with moderate speed, he vaulted over it and ran to the finish line.

Stretching his back as he came to a stop, Marx grinned at the others and turned to watch whoever was left. His time probably wasn't that impressive, but General Lance would notice that the larger lad hadn't even broken a sweat.

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leon portrait3.png

Leon Farhaat

Sitting cozy on his bar stool, leon starts inspecting the people present in the room, impossible to miss there was the huge man not wearing a shirt. Having been the first oddity he took in after he set foot in the cafeteria.
being completely clueless as to why he was not wearing a shirt at a moment like this.
this person was most likely different from any individual he ever met.

Next up, he switched attention to the person with peculiar clothing, sitting at the bar aswell, smiling at people yet looking a bit gloomy.
"these clothes look expensive.
It’s odd, an eye catching design of high quality, worn by a timid person, on such an occasion.
the guard stationed at the entrance was not lying, it seems

Suddenly the music stopped, and a person entered the room,
appearing to wear a uniform that high ranking soldiers’ fashion.
Leon stood up and put his glass away.
"Finally, it’s getting serious", Leon thinks to himself.
Dex announces him to be a general responsible for the first part of their training.
“General” Leon uttered, while nodding. as the new trainer briefly looked around.

“TEN-HUT!”, the general suddenly yelled.
Looking at the others, he did not feel obligated to react in the appropriate method that he was used to.
"no need to, with this unusual bunch", He thought. Chuckling at the few people saluting the general.

the general went about his tour around the campus, explaining the things that were expected of them, which Leon paid close attention to.
After the tour ended, they arrived at the armory. Leon could not withstand taking a peek at what they were about to work with.

As the obstacle course was getting unveiled, and the instructions where given for the task at hand. Leon couldn’t help but make a connection. Taking in consideration the whole tour that was given, aswell as the people that where present
Right about then, it was made clear to him. that the cadets where not selected by conventional criteria.
and that this place worked differently than he was used to.

Focusing on the present,
"This exercise was way to easy. I think I’ll spend my time more usefully". Leon thought to himself. as he planned to use this exercise to interact a bit with others.
He tossed his sweater into the armory, As the general whistled. Leon ran with a comfortable pace just behind ninon, finising the 3 rounds. he made his way over the first wall relatively fast before arriving at the barbed wire. only letting out a few puffs in the process.

“Hey big shirtless man, let me help you get trough underneath this barbed wire, it might be a bit too tight for you.” After which he crawled under and pushed the wires upward with his shoes at the moment Marx arrived. “your welcome” Leon responded, after having received thanks.

After the both of them having left the barbed wire. Leon moves on to the pool of mud, jumping over it with a clean leap without further ruining his outfit after just having crawled through the mud.
The push-ups and sit-ups where Carried out swiftly even adding 10 extra of each, while he didn’t really keep track of the amount.

Approaching the end of the obstacle course Leon stops at the wall again and waits for a bit on the slower runners before he puts down his knee against the wall.

“if you can’t manage to get over for the second time, set your foot on top of my knee and my shoulder as a handy step.” Directed at anyone appearing to need it. waiting as long as needed.

After which he eventually makes his way to the finish.
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Cora Everett

Cora’s body tightened at attention when she saw General Lance emerge from the elevator doors. She knew who he was right away, having spent time researching the Arcane Army, soaking in every piece of information they made public to the citizens within the Cornucopia. She stood once he began addressing them, her attention sharpened even as the others were unaware of his presence in the first few moments. She wanted to prove that she was here to stay, that she was someone to be taken seriously.

She followed the General diligently as he took them through a tour of the facility, her observant eye scouring the scenes they passed, hoping to burn them into her memory. Cora veiled her surprise at the large, earthy corridor that was contained so deep underground. It made the coldness of the interior leading to the cafeteria feel like an afterthought. So they weren’t all about practicality here, they had time to appreciate beautiful things, too.

Cora ensured that she showed visible signs of understanding while the General spoke to them, offering affirmative nods whenever he addressed them. Her grey eyes widened in wonder once the interior of the room around them shifted into that of a desert. Even the air itself felt different. It was no longer the clean, sterile air of the military base, instead it had a dryness to it, like she could taste the arid heat floating around them.

Her eyes drifted out to the field in the distance, spotting the obstacles that the General outlined as their first mission. The nervous fizzling in her chest subsided at the sight of it. Right, she had covered this type of stuff in her training, stamina and agility were her strong suits. Cora took in deep breaths to steady her nerves and ready her body. She lined up with the other recruits, taking time to stretch out her limbs and ensure their flexibility and responsiveness. When the shot was fired, Cora took off quickly, her long legs carrying her through at the front of the group. She ran her three laps with relative ease, although a sheen of sweat had begun to break out across her body from the exertion. She boosted herself up the first wall with no problems, her arms reaching up nimbly, almost cat-like in their fluidity. She shimmied under the barbed wire, cursing at the dirt that now sullied her clothing, but making it through unscathed by the sharp wires above.

She paused at a distance from the mud pool, readying her mind for successfully clearing the thick, sluggish pool. Cora took off at a sprint, pouring all her energy into creating enough momentum for clearing the pool with velocity rather than strength. She landed into a roll once on the other side, cringing at the slimy feeling of mud coating her right shoe. She had barely made it over the full puddle.

Cora brushed the mistake off of her back, focusing instead on doing the push ups and sit ups, two acts which weren’t her favorite, but were a necessary part of her routine for building up the core strength that made her agility and speed so effective. Although slower than she had been in the beginning of the course, Cora was able to finish the two sets at a decent pace. She scaled the second wall with less finesse than the first, her chest moving deeply as she caught her breath. Once finished, her eyes trailed back to the recruits still finishing the course, feeling a spark of hope that she may have trained the right skill set well enough to clear her through the qualifiers.


The lord of randomness and the warp
Everything had seemingly gone perfectly ok aside from the rude fellow having decided to give Teldor a nickname the incredible tall male pouted just a little... sensitive? Really? “Huu see your one for nicknames then though you'd comment on my hair, have a feeling someone thinks it’s totally impractical for this line of work” Teldor rambled on finishing his coffee with a happy sigh. Of course, the little chill out was soon ended as Dex did say with the arrival of their instructor. Mimicking Marx reaction, the man sounded Spanish which was a nice accent, of course, he was harsh to them but it made sense after all this was the military not some summer camp for children with the power to break continents. the whole group informed to follow General Lance listing intently and memorizing exactly what the general had said as well as all the other places they had on the tour eventually they'd reach a desert-like training area. and they were starting off with a physical exam. "well this should be fun they hey?" he'd just say in general quickly darting off with the rest of them. surprisingly enough he'd manage to get up the wall fairly easily thanks to a combination of being tall and a big jump leaving him semi suck up the wall for a little while before managing to get himself up miraculously the barbed wire didn't seem to be much of an issue despite his hair he'd manage to somehow get under it unscaved but slowly. having to pause at the mud put jump to catch his breath teldor would take a running leap over it glad that all those years of overly flashy dance moves payed off the male sailing through the air hair flowing behind him. The smaller exercises where a bit of a problem slowing teldor down a bit but he'd finished them relatively quickly climbing the wall one last time he'd make it over running to the finish line miraculously his hair had caused him no problems at all.


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Amai Ichi
Tenebrous Elesham​

Everyone seemed to be having fun, lucky them. So far Tenebrous felt out of place, there weren't the type of people he usually hung out with and that annoyed him more than anything. They were too loud, too talkative, and generally too friendly. Someone had to be faking it. Luckily someone arrived to break up the idle chit-chat. When the General announced the next phase of their recruitment, Tenebrous felt his heart sink into his stomach. Physical training was never his thing. He had turned down plenty of acting gigs because they would want him to dedicate time to exercising and building physique. No way.

As the others started to follow Lance through the base, Tenebrous slowly started to fall behind, moving to the back of the group. He glanced over the map of the facility for a minute. He saw where they were headed and quickly had to choose where he was going. As the group continued on, Tenebrous started to lag behind so that he was turning the corners well after everyone else had. When he saw the general enter the room, Tenebrous headed in the opposite direction. It probably wouldn't take too long for the others to finish whatever it was that the general had planned for them. He just needed to find somewhere to pass the time.

He moved through the halls with his hood still hanging over his head, but the map's pathways present in his mind to guide him. "Come on." He jogged lightly through the corridors and tried to keep as quiet as possible so as not to be discovered. His plan was to find one of the waterfalls to hide near, but he didn't make it that far. A view from one of the pipe-like pathways stopped him dead in his tracks. The facility although underground, was beautiful. The star paused and approached the windows to take in the view. It was serene and way better than whatever the others were getting into.


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Aurora Valladolid
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Everything happened so fast, one moment there was a slight conflict and the next a general enters the venue in the most intimidating way possible. Dex had the honor of introducing the man as he wanders in a loop of the room, glossing over everyone and announcing his attention. Aurora jumps into a stiff salute staring straight into the wall while General Lance speaks. Afterward, he leads the group out of the cafeteria and into the training ground to be evaluated. Aurora gulps hard, yet relieved to breathe again after holding it in. Along the way, the General informs the group of becoming their instructor for all first and second ranks and did not allow a single person to ask for more information. She supposed the next rank must have more freedom and experience than beginners. From the window of the bridge, the view of the base was amazing almost like a utopia. Some cadets walking about on the lower ground could be seen along with the garden, you didn't even have to have 20/20 vision to spot a person. Aurora's nerves subsided for a second before spiking once they reach a large door, almost a vault with what appeared to be displayed with artillery, computers and at the end was an empty space. The General established the space to the training floor. How could it be when there is nothing to help prepare one's physic? All of her questions answered once the empty room exhibits a desertesque enclosure supplied with an obstacle course. The terrain itself felt so realistic, immediately Aurora felt hot.

General Lance clears his throat for a full explanation of the objective. He sums it up to get through the course, after doing three simple laps on the track. It was easier said than done when she has been a frail person with no physical strengths. It had slipped her mind to even train prior to an exam. Regardless, the whistle is blown giving the group the "go". She failed to pay attention to the rest while she busied herself with her own thoughts. "GET A MOVE ON RED-HEAD!" The General scolded scurrying her enough to get her legs moving. She had fallen behind already as the others move swiftly and determined to finish as if they each had their personal reasons to fuel them. AJ had finished first and moved skillfully as if she didn't break a sweat. She cheered the others on encouraging Aurora to finish. Marx followed behind like a bulldozer having no trouble the rest of the way, although at first, it seemed as though speed is not his forte. Another, the newest addition, Leon, also had no trouble making it to the finish line but fell behind after helping a few mates. The General seemed to have a stoic expression, unknowing what he thought about it. Cora and Teldor seemed to have some trouble, hesitant even to pass through the muddy areas of the course.

Aurora finally reaches her first obstacle to climb a traditional, wooden wall in the center. She huffed, taking in it's measurements wondering if she could do it. Doubts clouding her thoughts but shake it off taking her first step and securing her footing before reaching for clove to grip and climbing. She struggles to reach the final platform having to use all of her energy then pulls herself up and over the hedge. Her stomach drops noticing she had to drop down, but all she could think of was her legs breaking. 'You can do it!' She lectured herself. 'You've gotten this far, so just do it!' Right then, she drops from such a height landing properly but collapses on the ground. Her whole body shivers from the pain yet she refused to give up. 'It's only the beginning. You have to get up!' The orange-haired girl picks herself up slowly and dusts off what she could and pushes forward to the next, a traditional barbed-wire crawl filled with a pool of mud. Aurora takes a deep breath resisting the fear to grab ahold of her. She clawed her way through as best as she could having trouble moving under all the thick mud made from previous people. Seeing as she was one of the last made the area difficult like she was sinking in quicksand. Every careful stretch earned her a scratch from the barbed wire, keeping her from moving until she finally did. The crawl had lost her time and drenched her in mud forcing her to drag more weight than intended. Aurora saddens at the fact that her clothes were partially shredded, but ran forward. The worst part is she felt exhausted already and felt as though she was going to give out any second.

She stood in front of the rope filled with mud catching her breath. All she needs to do is gain enough speed to jump the gap. The course was so simple to everyone, but she struggled for her body to cooperate. Determined, she steps back praying and calculating the trajectory before lunging and taking a leap of faith. She grips the rope no problem, maneuvering and trying to land was a different thing. She rolls onto the other side scrapping her arms. She grunts and picks herself off the ground pushing to the next area, the wall, her greatest nemesis by far. Aurora clenches her fists feeling a little hopeless. She desperately needs to move on and get over it to make it home-free. Her first try went well, yet the mud on her outfit drags her body, refusing to progress. She did her best to pay no mind and focus at the top of the platform. Alas, she takes a misstep and falls backward into the ground. She had to try again, again and again for the fifth time as hope dwindles and all that remains is desperation. She curses her body for being weak and not letting her be free to do any sort of activity. She's worked hard since the day she made a choice and yet it all felt futile. Aurora lays on the ground trying to regain her energy and use it to climb again.

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While Tenebrous gawked at the base's settlement on the bridge, Dex had noticed from observing the recruits that one of the members went missing. He searches through every corridor finding his temperature and readings. "It's a nice view, isn't it? It's been my home for as long as I can remember. Everyone here is nice and tries to help maintain the base." Dex pauses changing the topic. "Tenebrous, you are in the wrong place. Are you lost? I can guide you to the rest of the group or should I reach your agent for help? I was informed to attend to your needs, however, that does not mean special treatment either, as everyone must be treated equally with a few exceptions regarding a contract between the military and agent." He said.


Life do be like that sometimes, huh?
Okay. To be fair to him, Overcompensating definitely had the lovable idiot down to a T. Adam gave the most obvious and unapologetic fake smile he could muster when the other male said it was nice to meet. "Yeah for sure. You too pal." As soon as his new friend looked away the smile faded immediately back to the bored, vacant expression that usually accompanied Adam. Sensitivity was next up to speak. Apparently trying to deflect from his nickname. "You can have whatever kind of hair you want Sensitivity." As he spoke he was keenly aware of Cyborg staring daggers through him but he was pretending not to notice. "Might be an easier handhold for monsters though." He shrugged nonchalantly as if it was a mere statement of fact. Cyborg was tapping away on her machine possibly to insult Adam but they were all interrupted by a new person in the room.

The General was first announced by the friendly robot. He then immediately earned himself his nickname. Mouthpiece. It was far too early to be screaming like that. Even so Adam was much more interested in the other people's reactions to General Mouthpiece than the man himself. Who was formal and saluting back, who seemed indifferent? It all interested him to a degree. People watching was a fascinating past time. All of the new recruits were herded out of the cafeteria as the tour commenced. Adam was half paying attention to the speech and still watching everyone else. He made a point to keep at the very back just in case something were to happen. Even so from his vantage point in the back another person was slowly moving backwards through the small crowd. Adam raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as the male slipped behind even further. Just before the male turned and ran Adam waved to him before returning his focus forward.

General Mouthpiece began explaining the drills they were about to do. Adam groaned inwardly but didn't say anything. He knew how this hazing process worked. Stand out and you become an easy target to get yelled at. Adam's goal was to fly so low under the radar that he could be free to do whatever he wanted. Even so the idea of running laps and doing all this work sounded daunting. Especially considering he was wearing a hoodie. While wondering what to do his eyes flit over to Overcompensating. "Eh whatever. If he can do it so can I." Adam slid his hoodie off over his head tossing it to the side. His body was...Significantly less toned than Overcompensating. Still from his general demeanor and laziness you wouldn't expect the slight tone that was there.

When General Mouthpiece was preparing to blow the whistle Adam made a big show of stretching. Once the whistle was finally blown Adam took off....At a brisk jog. Once again he was much more interested in watching the others and seeing how far he could push his nonchalance seemed like a good plan on day 1. Besides even if he half assed it at least he was here. That other guy just straight up left. From the outset it seemed that everyone was determined to show off and prove themselves. Adam watched Overcompensating, Cyborg, and Sensitivity sprint off as fast as they could. Since Adam was taking his time he was probably the only one that heard General Mouthpiece screaming. He turned his head to look behind him and saw the seemingly shy red head from earlier was the target of Mouthpiece's wrath. He watched her run past him and picked up his pace just a but so that the General wouldn't yell at him next.

Adam watched everyone going through the course while he was just finishing his second lap. It seemed redhead and him were the only ones still doing the laps. Mouthpiece had his attention focused elsewhere so Adam took the opportunity to skip the third lap and head over to the climbing wall. It wasn't like the General was actually keeping count anyway, right? Adam reached the wall just in time to see redhead climb over with what seemed like extreme effort. Why was she trying so hard? Why were any of them trying so hard? It didn't make sense to Adam but he scaled the wall and sat on the top. Most had finished or were nearing finishing by this point. Well good for them. Gold stars and all that.

The male watched redhead continue through the obstacle course from on top of his new perch. He could see the barbwire giving her little scratches in various places. Could even see the determined look on her face. "Geez. Don't kill yourself over their stupid games." He muttered under his breath and looked over his shoulder just in time to see General Mouthpiece glaring at him. He grinned sheepishly and dropped from the wall just as redhead was exiting the barbed wire tunnel. Adam again waited for the general's attention to be elsewhere and ran seriously for the first time since the exercise started. Where was he running? A wide arc around the barbed wire and mud of course. Next to last obstacle was a bit more tricky. It wouldn't be as simple to run around it. So Adam did the next best logical thing. He reached down and took off his shoes followed quickly by his socks. He stuffed the socks into his shoes and held both shoes under one arm. He then proceeded to walk through the mud letting it squish between his toes as he crossed to the other side. As he was crossing he watched redhead...No...Guts. Anyone putting this much effort into something needed a better nickname.

Adam watched Guts try again and again to climb the wall but her body just wouldn't allow it. She finally collapsed onto the ground as he stepped out of the mud pit. He tossed his shoes to the side and wiped what mud he could off his feet into the dirt. "Come on Guts." He referred to her like he'd been calling her that nickname for years but since there was no one else around it was probably fine. "You can't give up right at the end." He didn't understand her determination at all. In a way it made him want to know more about her. Figure out why this whole thing was so important to her while he couldn't care less. What was the saying? Opposites attract? He leaned down to help the girl up then got on a knee and hunched over. "Get a running start. Foot on my back and jump. I'll stand up and we're gonna launch you over this thing alright?"

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General Lance
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General Lance watched closely as the rookies take off. Every one of them competing to get to the end with such a fiery passion. Their movements were somewhat cocky and shameful, others lacked motivation or strength. They were all terrible in their own way, it doesn't matter what they thought when the General knows the what's needed on the outside. He knew that the majority have their heads up their asses, confident in their ability to perform. There was more than obedience in the military, it's about executing orders efficiently. So far their basic movements has him jotting down notes and occasionally checking his timer for results. As he scrolls through his list, he notices a missing cadet. "Dex, what's the status of Tenebrous?"

"I don't believe he's lost, sir but perhaps afraid? I have yet to find him." Dex informed. "When you do, pin me in." He grumbled, returning to the course. His eyes shift to the red-head crawling her way out while perched on the wall behind is what he could conclude to be a problem child. He glares daggers into the boy hoping he'd get the message. "Damn brat." He grumbled again. The General's attention to toward the rookies finishing the course. One of them, the muscle kid decides to flash The General grin showing how he barely broke a sweat. While it is impressive, Marx failed at being fast on the track course. He merely gave everyone a grunt at their arrival and shift to the final two. The red-head was flat on her back while the laid-back lad was talking to her and offering help just as Leon did. It's not part of the task, but it will help in the future for survival depending on the situation. Lance turns back to the group, "if you're expecting a compliment I say no. You all have your flaws that will need some work. Your next task is to head outside the training grounds and to the target practice room." He approaches the wall and opens a panel clicking the button with the door. "Normally we don't allow rookies to use guns on the first day, but again, we are testing your abilities." He points to their next destination in the center of the room.

38c9108b497c52253443e36516923ee0.jpg "There you will find a pistol and it's cartridge filled with ammo beside it. Load it after you add your name on the digital panel on the coverings on the side and press record. Stand up straight, aim the gun at the target and shoot. Be prepared for recoil so fight against the force. You're halfway through the trial." He said as he focused on remaining two to finish. "Pick up the pace, we don't got all day!" He hollered at the remaining bunch.

Aurora Valladolid
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Why did god punish her just as it did humanity? Before she could even sin she was diagnosed ill so what is the point of allowing a child to live with such a burden? No, not even a live, limited of her full potential to climb one simple wall then do push ups or sit ups and run to the finish line that way she can become someone worth while. Aurora breaks out of her thoughts as someone looks down at her, shading her from the simulated sun. The white-haired fellow named Adam that caused issues earlier. She sits up embarrassed to be seen in such a state. She nearly forgot that she isn't alone on the course. Wait...what did he call her? Guts? Why? Adam proceeds to encourage her to press on, a total stranger. Honestly, she wasn't accounting for anyone to cheer for her even AJ and it made her bashful yet content that people in the military can be kind. It further proves her theory when the same boy kneels for her to be boosted onto the wall. It was so tempting and kind, her eyes grow watery, thankful to the young man. "Th-thank you." She whimpered, reaching for him, but stops knowing well it would only cause her to question herself.

"No!" She shouted forgetting that there is a person right next to her. "I won't do it! If I take your offer, then what's the point of me being a solider? Training is tough, but I have to prove I can do it on my own." She grabs Adam's hands and looks him dead in the eyes filled with rekindled determination. "You're right, I have to keep going. Thank you so much for saying those words to me and trying to help me. It means a lot even if it's no biggy." She pays him with a bright smile and turns back to the wall, "alright ya dumb wall I'm gonna climb you and show you who is boss!" Aurora takes careful steps as her body begins to struggle again, but refuses to let Adam's kindness go to waste. She pushed with all her might until she slips and falls over the wall. She groans in pain and picks herself up off the ground hissing. Across is the finish line, Aurora felt so relived though it took quite awhile. The General calls out to them to hurry to their next destination. Overwhelmed with joy, Aurora tiredly jogs over to the group. "Yes sir, sorry sir!" She cried back.
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Tenebrous Elesham​

The sudden voice startled Tenebrous a little bit. While he was used to the artificial intelligence's presence, he thought he was alone and hadn't expected it. Slowly the celebrity pulled his mask down and threw his hood back. "Freedom." He declared between his gasps for fresh air. It was a remark to buy him some time as he thought about Dex's inquiries into he's well-being. "I came here to fix my image. Physical stuff like that...is tough for me...and will make me look stupid and that wouldn't help my image." In his mind he imagined the other recruits running the obstacle course with ease, they probably knew what to expect, especially the shirtless one.

The stories circulating about his abusive nature in the news were jarring, mainly because he couldn't control how people perceived him anymore and that had been his entire life. "Would it be possible to arrange separate training sessions when it comes to physical training?" Tenebrous' eyes went upward as if Dex's face would suddenly appear on the ceiling to answer his question. "If I have to make a fool of myself I'd rather not do it with an audience." The mask went back up over and face and he pulled the hood up over his head. No doubt the others would be finished with whatever they were doing right now, he'd have to find a way to rejoin them without drawing too much attention to himself. "And can you let me know when and where the next training thing is?"

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Dex listens to Tenebrous and finds his tone to be somber rather than what he gave to the crew. It piqued his interest. "Tenebrous there were Rookies just like you who were incapable of any physical activities and rose to the top with hard work. I'm currently watching one of your teammates struggle and what you would call, "making a fool of themselves". The military is not a school and requires participation once recruited otherwise one will be punished and sentenced to Military Prison. If you are worried about image, that could ruin it. Of course, it is against military law to be publicized while in government property. Everything you do here is confidential." He explained. Dex could sense through the tone of the man that there is more than he was leading on, but couldn't put a finger on it. When Tenebrous asked about taking a rain check, Dex replies, "that is not common, but yes. Training alone is possible with some limitations of artillery. You would need permission for those otherwise, I can assist at any time and answer any questions within the facility. The General is irritated that you have derailed from the others, but will be willing to train you later tonight or after the group has finished their trial."

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Leon farhaat

As leon saw aurora approach, he noticed she was fixated on the upcoming wall that had to be scaled. He stood up and saw Adam coming up behind her. As he observed aurora. She took a wrong step not reaching enough height to get over the concrete wall. He did not give a response as he continued to observe her attempts. After trying multiple times she stumbles and falls flat into the mud.
Adam suddenly came over to help her back up and gave her encouraging words before offering to help her get over the wall as well. The girl almost accepted the offer as she suddenly changed her mind declining any help offers. She got up by herself and faced the wall. with a fierce look in her eyes, She charged at it once again. Finnally she made it over.
about time” leon muttered, with a neutral expression, as he started climbing the wall himself.

What’s your name by the way” he asked Adam when he was about to drop down from the wall. “my name is Leon”.
Lets go lazy boy” he said, making his way to the armory. “I saw you just walked trough the pool instead of jumping, and I see you managed to get underneath the barbed wire without dirtying your clothes as well
I guess that in this place, you’ll probably even get away with it”.
"I sure wished the general would have given us time to change clothes for an outdoor test though".

As the general gave new instructions earlier, the group moved to the next location, a shooting range next to the armory.
the janitors sure are gonna have their hands full with all this mud brought in here” he scoffed.
A shooting test was coming up.
This was not the first time leon made his way on a shooting range, he already received training in his preceding years at the military academy. As shooting courses are short, he already received a certificate proving he could safely utilize and handle light firearms.

As people moved to the stations leon picked a spot and put his name on the register form. Soon after, he picked up the gun inspecting it briefly. He wasn’t familiar with the gun in front of him although most hand pistols looked rather similiar. he took the gun in his right hand and loaded the magazine before cocking it. taking aim at the target in front as well as tightening his hold on the grip.

Taking in a deep breath he lined the sights up with the head of the target as he slowly and steadily moved the trigger. The gun fired and the bullet had landed on the target. It landed near the temple of the head of the mannequin painted on cardboard.

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after what was probably the physical examination the general moved everyone along to the firing range, though he‘d given some time to take note of how everyone dealt with the situation most surprisingly well of course he expected Marx to manage it flawlessly, tho the guy That looked suspectly like Tenebrous, was nowhere to be seen perhaps he just wasn’t one for physical exercise or he didn't want to spoil his hair? Who knew. With the moment of thought now passed Teldor followed the general's instructions heading towards the firing range a small grin on his face. Getting to try out weapons on the first day? This would be interesting to say the least. Following Lance's instructions to the letter, he'd take the gun and load it without issues. “finally those video tutorials might come in handy” Teldor whispered to himself as he’d enter his name into the Panel. hed Aim fire and... miss resulting in a small frown in Teldor’s face he’d try again missing for a second and third time, upon the fourth he‘d finally manage to hit the center mass of the target making him cheer a little on the inside he'd actually hit nice. Mimicking himslef Teldor managed to land most of the other shots at some point in the body he just attributed it to complete luck and less skill, afterall this wasn't like a game.


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Cora’s body was tense in anticipation as she watched the other’s finish the course. She wasn’t really concerned for the others who held their own just fine, her anxiousness was pinpointed on the girl Aurora from earlier. It pained Cora to see her practically drag herself up the wall and tumble down the other side, struggle to drag herself through the mud and get ripped up by the barbed wire. Certainly the General could see her struggle right? There had to be some kind of alternative for those who were less inclined towards these types of exercise than the kids with brute strength around them, right?

She breathed out a sigh in relief to see two others offer help to Aurora, which the girl fervently refused. She sucked her teeth to see Aurora struggle to pull herself up the wall, eating up the last of her remaining strength while the two who stood by were left to simply watch. Cora admired the bravery she saw in the girl, but bravery without practicality would get you killed. Especially beyond the wall. She winced as Aurora’s body hit the ground hard in a puff of dirt, knowing that the fall must not have been a pleasant one. Cora herself had fallen from plenty of things when she was training her agility up. Getting the wind knocked out of you was never fun.

Cora stood at attention once General Lance began speaking to them once more. She couldn’t help a feeling of giddiness from washing over her to hear him mention target practice. Her eyes sparkled, unable to control the visible excitement that replaced her previously stoic demeanor. Her fingers itched on the walk back through the training room and into the armory, where a practice range was set up. If there was one skill Cora was excellent in, it was long range targets. She had noticed her affinity for it when she had been practicing on her own, using an old bb gun her brother had left behind. She usually just shot bottles out in a remote part of the city or threw wadded up paper into trashcans when she was unable to find somewhere abandoned. What Cora laid eyes on before her now seemed infinitely more fun.

Taking stance in an empty booth, Cora picked up the handgun, moving it around in her palm to get used to the feeling. Her eyes fell to the side, remembering the General’s instruction to input their name in the panel. She typed her name into the screen, fingers padding with a softened thump against the glass. Others had already begun shooting out at the targets lined up in the distance, but Cora took her time. She breathed in deeply, pulling her concentration down into a small pin point in her vision. She loaded the gun methodically, bringing it up to her vision with two arms held out into the open air. She exhaled before she shot, the familiar method bringing her focus straight into the target that hung in the distance. Cora squeezed the trigger, the gun recoiling tensely in her hand. She looked down at the pistol in her hand, scowling at how quickly the gun jumped in her grip. It was something she'd have to account for.

She smiled when she saw where the bullet landed, even while getting used to the recoil of the gun, the bullet still landed only several centimeters off from the center of the target. She brought the gun up and fired more shots at the targets, each bullet landing closer and closer to her desired target. When she finished, she looked out in the distance, unable to hold back a smile at seeing the tight ring of holes clustered around the center of the target. It felt good to show off for once, but she couldn’t help but be reminded of the dread brought about by the unknown tests lurking later down the line.


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Ninon Allemand

Getting (kind of) chewed out by the bossman? Fine. Expected, even. Being sent to go fire guns? Also expected, but significantly less fine. Guns were...not Ninon's thing. There was no thrill in ranged combat for her, and the suckers are loud to boot. Not even the good kind of loud! Concerts, yelling, car engine revving, she could handle things like that, but that sudden bang? Absolutely not. Made her nearly jump out of her skin every time. Even when she knew it was coming, it'd grate on her ears in the most awful way. This would be something she'd have to get used to of course, but she was not looking forward to it.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped up to the panel, exhaling as she typed her name. It's ok. It's ok! People were already firing, the room a barrage of PAP PAP PAP PAP PAP. The sound of gunfire was no longer a sudden attack, but rather violent background ambiance. Yes. That's what it was. Nothing else! If she kept thinking that, she'd be fine. She picked up a pistol, taking a second to turn it over in her hands. This was only her second time wielding a gun. The first time had gone poorly enough to put her off of the weapons for the rest of time, but when duty calls, you pick up the phone no matter who is on the other end of the line. A look of determination crossed her face.

"Remember why you're here."

One breath in.

"Don't let this bullshit send ya home."

One breath out.

"What would she say if she saw you like this?"

One bullet planted firmly in the outer rings of the target. The recoil shook her arms, stiff as they may be.

"Lemme guess...something like 'I thought you were supposed to be the tough one'?"

One after the other, the rest of the bullets in the magazine flew by, creating a smattering of holes on the target. Her accuracy was clearly terrible, going by the wild distribution of them.

"Yeah. I was supposed to be the tough one."

Ninon heaved a sigh as she put down the gun. All this melodrama over a few loud noises. She hoped that she was good enough at disguising her nervousness for no one to catch on. While the firing range was still an assault on her senses, at least the worst was over. She bounced on her heels, trying to shed some pent-up energy. Taking a glance at the other trainees, it seemed that everyone else was doing alright. At least everyone she could see. Her attention was quickly grabbed by the white-haired girl from earlier. All of her bullets had landed so close together that they nearly formed a single solid hole in target. She had a well-earned smile on her face, one so infectious that Ninon couldn't help but grin a little too.

"At least someone's havin' a good time!"


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Amai Ichi
Tenebrous ELesham​

Finally it was time to rejoin the others and with the help of Dex, Tenebrous found his way back to the group. As he tried to sneak into the room he kept his hood down in the hopes that it wouldn't draw the attention of the others. He was shocked to see that they were in a shooting range. It was all starting to sink in now, he really had joined the military. In total silence he entered the booth next to Teldor and started to look around. He saw his neighbor sign his name and then pick the gun up. Tenebrous' heart skipped a beat and he froze, watching what would happrn. The sudden and loud bang startled the actor and Tenebrous jumped back a little. With a hint of hesitation he signed his name and then turned to the gun.

Slowly his right hand slid under the metallic weapon and the first thing he noticed was the weight of it. He had never used and never wanted to use a gun before and even now he was unsure how he felt about the situation. THis wasn't a civilian job though and if he wanted to succeed in his role as a soldier he had to learn. Like an absolute newbie, or someone badass character from an action movie, he held the firearm with one hand and raised his arm up to aim at the target. "Bang!" The gun went off and Tenebrous stumbled backwards, losing his footing and falling flat on his ass with a light thud. "Damn it." He swore under his breath as he started to get up, rubbing his butt. "How do you use this fucking thing?!"

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AJ Thompson
AJ had watched her fellow recruits make their way through the grueling course with admiration and astonishment at their effort and teamwork. She was really happy to be apart of a group that seemed to work together pretty well, despite some points of tension. There were even some moments where she couldn't help but chuckle, and was especially proud of those that tried their hardest to make it through despite not being... the best at physical activity. She was overjoyed to see Aurora make it through, rushing over with arms open wide and a big hug embracing her as she congratulated her afterward with a flurry of sign towards her fellow recruit. Of course she'd make a complete heel turn though when the General had told them that it was time for them to move on, specifically mentioning the upcoming usage of firearms.

Like many average everyday people, guns were kind of terrifying, to some even more terrifying than the monsters that lurked beyond the walls. But to her, she was more afraid of what they can do than what they were. All too often as she had shadowed Dr. Harrison and helped out his nurses and other staff, she had seen the wounds left behind by guns: the riddled holes, the blood, and the seared bodies that they had left behind. Aj did as she was told, walking slowly over to the range and inputting her name on the side of it, her hands shaking a bit as she reached down to grip onto the weapon. From what she understood, loading it would be a rather simple process, but she still took her time doing so, carefully loading the cartridge before racking the slide. It was laborious to lift her arms up toward the target, not because of the gun's weight but of all the thoughts that came with her doing so. The young woman's mind raced as she did her best to calm herself down, taking deep breaths as it shook in her hand, before slowing down.

Once she had paced herself, AJ carefully pulled the trigger, bracing for the kick that she had been warned about by the General: BAM. She could see the point on the target where she had shot, about the middle ring , a bit further up from where she had aimed. Taking that into account, she had fired the rest of the bullets that remained, many of which were a bit scattered about, but with a couple that were in the inner ring. The girl scratched her head as she placed the gun down gently in front of her. Well that went okay huh.


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While Teldor didn’t exactly have to much trouble with the gun he‘d have finished firing it if not for the fact the tenebrous look alike fellow, was having a great deal of trouble with the weapon the male had only managed to fire a single shot before the discharge seemingly having spooked him enough that he he’d end up falling onto his butt. frowning a little bit Teldor decided to at least give the guy a bit of help or offer it. “Hey try holding it with both hand and keep a bit of a wider stance if the noise spooks you if you need me to show you exactly how to do it I’d be happy to” Teldor spoke calmly hoping the fellow would take is offer of help.

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