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Fandom Avegers idea

What do you think?

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The lunatic Fringe
First I would like to apologize I do not have my laptop so I am using a keyboard that isn't mine. In the dark.

hello this is an interest check thread that will become a recruitment thread should there be interest in the idea.

So, I read this fic a really log time ago and would love to do an rp like it, if anyone has the link to the fic, by the way please give it to me.

It would take place right after the avengers, as punishment for his crimes, Loki is given a choice by Odin, either die or be turned into a human child to start his life over with no memories. Not wanting to die Loki chooses the second option and Thor takes him to earth to the avengers. The Avengers decided that they will raise Loki themselves rather than risk him coming out worse, and that is where the Rp starts with the Avengers and a baby Loki.

so we will go from there. Because of the nature of this I will not be accepting OCs, or I am reluctant to. You would have to Pm me and make a really good case.

Also I am not looking for people to only play one Avenger I would like you to take on a few so we do not have a giant group.

I myself will be Taking, Loki, Clint, and Thor and if needed later Tony and Natasha

Loki and Thor because I know how I want them to be in the plot, and my being Loki will create different situations for you all to play with.

Clint because I love him. Natasha and Tony are open at this time.

By my thinking we absolutely need these characters




Natasha @Paintedsky




These are the not so needed characters suggestion welcome

Maria Hill





Other SHEILD agents


Bucky @Paintedsky

I think you would have to have a character from the first list and then another from the second to use as a secondary. Or two from the first. Whatever you need one from the first.

Ideas and feedback welcome!
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Good Old-Fashioned Villain
Very much interested in:

Mains (in order of interest)





Bucky (because he is mah bae)

Everybody else I will screw up so gl to whoever else plays them, sorry for not being adept with them.

Happy to play any of those, and to not play any of them, should someone else be desperate.

Sounds like an awesome, adorable idea, and I look forward to future developments :)

Good luck with it ^U^

Kyd Jhesus

Unlicensed Doctor
Wow, I love loki. Looks like someone changed the story a but. Originally loki was turn into a 12 year old and he roamed the streets of Paris. Then he joined the young avengers and did a bunch of other things.

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