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Multiple Settings [Archived] VOIB 1.0

  • Serobliss

    과대 망상
    Draigh Kaiser
    If it hadn't been for his ludicrously compact schedule, he would've found a way to sneak outside into the heart of Aucteraden, where only the beauty and aesthetic of the sky would be enough to sooth one's stressful mind. Unlike the capital, Seraphiel and its technologically-advanced sibling cities Somnum and Teros, the air and atmosphere of the innocent town of Aericross remained pure from the imperfection of mechanization. Even once in a while would be enough to clear one's mind from their daily difficulties.

    The hidden beauty of Aucteraden, while it could not be compared to the elegance of Iliosie and Elesrith, could at least compete fairly when it comes to individual preferences. Upon retirement he dreamed of building a home in the land to live for the rest of his life, carefree of responsibilities and connections, and only breath to see the sunrise that Agartha had blessed its inhabitants. He had already planned his ultimate agenda to retire the moment he reached the appropriate age, but he still had a long journey ahead of him until such arrangements could be executed.

    Draigh Kaiser, the Collbrande of Aucteraden sighed, merely daydreaming on his decorated seat provided to him by the organizers of the grand celebration. The main event of the show hadn't even begun and he had been asked to appear for the crowd to stimulate the participants that would be contesting in a series of sports for the people. Although his appearance alone did not fulfill the task, as besides him were two other seats, empty from their designated masters.

    The Collbrande of Sanguinum had been issued a royal decree by the throne to be summoned for extraterrestrial duties, and so his involvement was voided long before the organizers had the chance to bargain with their ruler. And the other seat was provided for the Collbrande of Anterås, Luria Cineris, who had accepted the invitations—but was somewhat late.

    Though it would've been more appropriate to assume that Draigh was earlier than needed, as his advisors had recommended that their master be the first to announce their presence to both the participants and observers.

    Fortunately, however, Draigh remained not alone until the arrival of his provincial rival. Accompanying him as his symbolic guard was an individual of Astral Darkblades origins and the Champion of Revelation, Euthalia Samon—a dear childhood friend of the Collbrande, and his former classmate from the days of his scholastic training under the Symbol of Revelation. She stood behind her client ever so proudly with her posture fixed, occasionally exchanging words.

    "When I heard you were attending the provincial ceremony to act as my personal bodyguard, I assumed that she would visit as well." Draigh scoffed, "Even anonymously would've been fine, knowing her disdain for public attention. It's not exactly everyday that I get to speak and brag to my own mentor, after all."

    Draigh pointed at the empty chair that was formerly meant for Kyburn's attendance, "That'll be an empty seat if you don't take it, Euthy. You should enjoy the front-row seats when you can, standing all day under the heat is tiring, no?" Draigh chuckled, quickly gesturing her to claim the property for herself.

    "Though, I'm pleasantly surprised that you recognized the western region's traditions and decided to take the chance to visit here. What made you want to come, anyway?"

    Panther Panther ( Luria Cineris ) K417 K417 ( Euthalia Samon )