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Fantasy Arabian Witches: a dark, light-magic, supernatural RP


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Hello! I'm looking for a literate partner who's interested in an action-oriented, dark, supernatural RP set in the Middle East during the middle ages. We'll do battle with the Leviathan, be transported to a magical obelisk, and ultimately go toe to toe with a prince of Hell.
  • This RP will not be especially long and will have a planned ending. Players can expect to post roughly 4-5 times before the RP concludes. Think of this RP as something of a "one-shot". With that said, I prefer quality over quantity, and posts should be detailed, well thought out, and contain anywhere from 2-5+ paragraphs depending on the narrative situation. I don’t expect perfection (I’ll make mistakes too), but players should be well-versed in the English language, use proper spelling/grammar, and write in the past tense from the third-person limited perspective. Finally, I'm only looking for players who are 21+; it's just odd RPing with people over a decade younger than I am.
I will play a psychic/witch from an ancient coven known as the Manticore. My partner could be either a fellow Witch of the Manticore or a mercenary the coven has hired to accompany my character on his journey. I'll post the tentative prologue and some concept art I've created below. I love lore building and designing the plot with my partner, and I do my best to be open to suggestions. Feel free to check out my RP expectations in my signature for a sample of my writing.

I look forward to hearing from some of you!
Red Sea, 1462

The coven of Alshabah is among the oldest and most mysterious of the near-eastern witch hives. Recruited at a young age, these reclusive eldritch-born forswear a traditional life and devote themselves utterly to the mastery of their psychic powers. Committed to preserving the balance between interconnected yet opposed cosmic forces, they perform two primary duties which they hold to be sacrosanct: tending to painstaking rituals that fortify the realm of Terra against otherworldly intervention, and learning the secrets of the dead through astral communion. For centuries, the coven has worked to piece together a more accurate understanding of the world’s history, hoping to set Terra on the path toward complete independence. They align themselves with neither heaven nor hell, considering an excess of chaos or order within the soul to be symptomatic of the core malediction that afflicts the Realmscape.

From the deepest bowels of the House of the Manticore, hidden within the remote sands of Arabia, Bathsheba the Oracle whispers portents of doom. There is unrest in Hell. The stars speak of an ancient, bitter feud that now threatens to consume Terra in its wake. Regrettably, some occult power obscures the oracle’s sight, preventing the coven from discerning the true nature of this threat and the agents involved.

Across the Red Sea, near the port city of Aydhab, grows the Mothscale mushroom. Though dangerous to consume, when distilled into a poultice by a skilled herbalist, the fungus grants a clairvoyant imbiber unparalleled powers of divination. To secure the psychic reagent, Archmagus Sulimain has dispatched several of the coven’s most skilled witches.

Aboard the Capricorn, the party of witches and mercenaries nears its destination. But a primordial evil stirs beneath the waves, intent on thwarting the ship’s course and murdering its passengers…

Desert AI Portraits.jpgAI Desert Location Art2s.jpgAI Desert Location Art23.jpgDesaturated map.jpg

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Hello!! I’m very interested in this 👀 shall I send you a PM??
VERY interested. I'll PM you later when I'm home.

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