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Good morning or afternoon to anyone who stumbles upon this new message! Like everyone else on this website, I’m looking for a long-term partner to write with. Roleplaying is my escape from reality so while I want a partner who is committed I don’t want to take things too seriously, or feel as though we have to make it a job to dish out replies. I’m perfectly okay with just ooc chatting with headcanons, plots, character development, what ifs until we are able to get back into everything.

I’m in the Central time zone of the united states, I’m well over eighteen and go by she/hers. I’m pansexual myself so I’m open to LGBTQ+ themes and anyone who’s not isn’t welcome on my page. I have a range of interest, mainly video games – aka animal crossing–, and manga, other ones I do less are horseback riding, reading, and drawling! Before people ask it in a PM or something – I do double up! And I am open to doing split fandoms! Call me Dulcet!


  • Someone like minded to me – willing to put equal effort on both sides of the roleplay / ocs and their ships! And enjoys frequent OOC chat about headcanons.​
  • Someone willing to plot with me! Even if its silly fluff moments.​
  • Anyone I can fangirl with!​

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    『 Length』 Writing is my passion so the amount I am capable of writing is anything. Novella? I got you. Multi-paragrah? I got you. For me, it’s quality over quantity! As long as you aren’t giving me a one liner, or two paragraphs I’m happy and tend to just match my partner : so feel free to write the amount that makes you feel comfortable. We could start as Multiparagrah and switch to Novella or vice versa!

    『 Format』 Typically this is in third person, I think leaning towards past tense? Or present. Obviously tense doesn’t matter to me – so just do what feels natural to you when writing. As someone who only doubles up our roles will be – I play my oc, your love interest and side character(s). You play your oc, my love interest and side character(s).

    『Love Interest & Ocs』 I’m open to love triangles as sometimes multiple suitors makes the plot more interesting. I don’t trust my ability to properly write a poly ship, so it’s the one ship theme I won’t write. If we happen to have the same love interest for a fandom ; don’t feel the need to turn away! If I’m capable of writing the character in return for you I will do so! We can have a split fandom of the same fandom, or another fandom on my list of your choosing!

    『 Limits & Themes』 The typical no nos.

    『 Patience & Commitment』 I am a full time student, attend a job, suffer from health issues. While most likely I’m going to be able to dish out a reply daily, I ask for anyone who reaches out to me be patient and not drop me because I haven’t replied for three days. You are free to check in my whenever need be! I’ll be patient with you, and still commited to the roleplay – all I ask is for the same in return. If you need a break for a week, a month, just let me know! I promise I’ll be understanding.

  • 『 Code for Fandoms 』 ✦ is a craving! Anything that isn’t a craving I might say no too. Preferred love interests are in bold.



『 Jujutsu Kaisen 』 ✦
I am fully caught up to the manga and would prefer someone who is too! It’s not required though, as being caught up to the anime is also fine.
Gojo Satoru. Older Megumi Fushiguro.
Oc wip!

『 My Hero Academia 』
I haven’t read the recent arc as I’ve gotten burnt out on it. I lean towards an AUish plot.
Tomura Shigaraki. Dabi.
Oc wip!

『 Bungou Stray Dogs 』
Fully caught up to the manga and anime!
Dazai Osamu. Sakunosuke Oda.
Oc wip!

『 Kuroshitsuji 』
Fully caught up to the manga and anime!
Older Ciel Phantomhive. Undertaker.
Oc wip!

『 Magi The Labyrinth of Magic 』
Fully caught up to the manga and anime!
Judal. Older! Aladdin.
Oc wip!

『 Vampire Knight 』
Fully caught up to the manga and anime! Working on Memories!
Kaname Kuran. Zero Kiryuu. Toga Yagari.
Oc wip!

『 Yu-Gi-Oh (Orginal) 』 ✦
Fully caught up to the manga and anime!
Yami Bakura. Seto Kaiba. Marik Ishtar.
Oc wip!



『 Red Dead Redemption 』 ✦
Played all of 2. Admittedly am going to work on 1! Idc if it’s a port!
John Marston. Arthur Morgan. Charles Smith.
Oc wip!

『 Dibolik Lovers 』
Watched all routes! May rewatch again to jog my memory!
Shu Sakamaki. Ayato Sakamaki.
Oc wip!

『 OzMafia 』
Watched all routes! May rewatch again to jog my memory!
Caesar. Scarlet. Caramia.
Oc wip!

『 The Witcher 3 』
Have played all of this game + the DLCS. I have knowledge of the books also.
Geralt Of Rivia.
Oc wip!

『 Hogwarts Legacy 』
Have played all of this game!
Older! Ominis Gaunt.
Oc wip!

『 Dragon Age 』
Have played all of this game!
Oc wip!

『 Collar X Malice 』
Have played all of this game!
Aiji Yanagi.
Oc wip!

『 Genshin Impact 』
Ar 59!
Wanderer / Scaramouche. Xiao. Albedo.
Oc wip!



『 The Vampire Diaries 』
Watched the whole show!
Damon Salvatore.
Oc wip!

『 Gilmore Girls 』 ✦
Watched the whole show!
Logan Huntzberger.
Oc wip!

『 House M.D 』
Watched the whole show!
Gregory House.
Oc wip!

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