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Fantasy Animals take over/New Family RP

So my idea for this is animals have evolved to be able to walk on two legs and talk like humans even becoming stronger then them so they have taken over making a new world order believing they can take care of things better then humans did.
They even make a new letters and numbers that are better for them and so humans have to re learn how things work so now animals adopt humans as their children treating them like little kids no matter their age.
As a way to help them and keep humans in check plus most don't veiw humans as that intelligent.

Id like to be a human and someone to be the animal who adopts them but if you also want to be a main human then we can both be one of each.

I figured most humans won't like this and would try fighting back despite not being able to do much against the animals and later get more use to it and close to their new parent or parents.
My replies aren't super long saying that now because I know that bugs some people.

This idea can also be done with other things besides normal animals like Pokemon or Digimon if you prefer.

We can also do this plot but with different plot points like maybe a human ending up in a alternate universe or something if you like the idea but don't want to do the evolved animals thing.

We can discuss details like details about the world how young the main human character is treated stuff like that if you're interested
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