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Fandom An icy threat - descendants 3

Sub Genres
Adventure, Magical, Platonic, Romance, Super Powers


Similar to the 1x1 version I've put up in the interest thread but I also thought it could work as a group one aswell with the slight change of synopsis. It could be fun to explore post descendants 3 as I want Hades in it!

Neva the daughter of Elsa of Arendelle was banished down to seeking revenge on Hans. She used to live in Auradon with her mother and Aunt Anna before then.
She secluded herself in the winter forest holding a grudge on Belle and Beast who ordered the banishment ever since. In her eyes, she did it out of love for her family, but no one saw it like that. Then she found out about Mal and Ben's engagement to become the new king and queen of Auradon and how they broke down the barrier fully. For four years she plotted revenge, and now she wonders if she can finally get it. But can the kids and parents of Auradon change her heart and stop her plans??
Characters needed:
HADES, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Uma, Harry, Gil, Belle, Beast, Ben and any other Auradon citizens including original characters! Any OC's will require a character sheet to be made, which I'll make an pic thread for :)
Anna and Elsa

Neva - mzhyde (oc)
Noelle - starishcomposer (oc)
Mal - mzhyde (willing to give up if someone desperately wants to play her)


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Yay!! I'll put down that Hades is taken for now for you. Hopefully we'll get more interest as I'm desperate to do this RP!

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