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after the seconding wizarding war, things seemed to calm down. seventh year students were compensated with an eighth year as a way of saying “sorry your final year didn’t go so good.” but, are things really over? it’s understandable that everyone is still a little tense. because there's always a chance that it is, in fact, not over and everyone needs to be on guard. everything seems to be fine but is it really? or is there something malevolent lurking and waiting for the right time to make itself known? who knows! but something sure does seem off. but what is it? things seem calm, and the students are able to go about their day at Hogwarts but for how long are things going to be relaxed and calm? something is bound to happen. because it's not a year at Hogwarts without something crazy happening! Just typical Hogwarts things.

hi everyone. juniper here with an uncoded interest check for once. this is basically a golden trio era roleplay taking place after the second wizarding war. it’s mostly going to be a casual, relaxed roleplay of the students going about their year at Hogwarts. there will be an overarching plot but i'll have to do some thinking about that. canons and ocs are very much welcome here! anyways, yeah this'll mostly be a casual roleplay with a plot later once i am able to think of one.

but yeah, that's basically the premise! Just life at Hogwarts after the second wizarding war! Seventh years will be going into their eighth year here since what was supposed to be their seventh and final year was ruined with the war going on.

below are some rules!


rule one
LGBTQ + friendly! All genders and sexualities are welcome and encouraged here!

rule two
going off of rule one, homophobia, transphobia, and overall bigotry will not be tolerated here.

rule three
one canon per person. you may play as many OCs as you are able to handle.

rule four
please give others enough to work with. 3 paragraphs minimum, anything less than that will not be accepted.

rule five
have fun! this is just a casual, relaxed roleplay.

rule six
please ensure that you have discord. it is required for OOC plotting and chatting.

a discord will be made soon!

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