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Hey! I'm Perigee, and I'm currently looking to start up a few new stories.

About Me

I'm a twenty-four year old college student. I won't be able to reply every single day, and I greatly appreciate patience, which I will happily return. That being said, if you ever need to contact me for whatever reason or simply want to plot or chat, I'm most readily available on Discord, which I'd be more than happy to give out upon request. While I'm more than happy to plot and chat on Discord, and actually prefer it, I don't write on Discord. Instead, I'll write through private messages, on a thread, or through Google Docs- whichever listed format my partner finds preferable would be more than fine by me. I am one of those- I enjoy writing out romance, and while it certainly doesn't have to be the entire story, I'd find it difficult to maintain interest if it wasn't included. With romantic pairings, I'm interested in either heterosexual pairings or the pairing of women, and am not currently looking to write any more pairings of men together at the moment. I'm okay with writing either gender- though I do prefer to double at any rate, I can be persuaded otherwise. I'm an advanced literate writer by most standards, and would prefer the same in a partner, at least to some degree. I usually average about fifteen hundred words per character per reply, but I can go up to about three thousand words or down to about six hundred, depending on my partner's preference and what is taking place at that point during the story. I'm really interested in finding partners that I meld well with, and as such I'd be more than happy to supply writing samples upon request, and would in turn appreciate being sent a writing sample by any interested prospective writing partners when being messaged.

What I'm Searching For

My interests are currently narrowed to three- Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, Harry Potter, and Once Upon a Time. I adore all three subjects and don't currently have a preference between them. Of course, within them, there are plenty of options that would interest me. At this time, I would prefer to use exclusively original characters.

For Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, I'm interested in several time periods. The periods that I would be most interested in are the War of the Five Kings, Robert's Rebellion, Aegon's Conquest, Dance of Dragons, and the Doom of Valyria, but I'd certainly be open to others. A warning in advance, though, is that I'm always going to be rather partial to House Targaryen and House Martell; anything with them involved, and I'm nearly guaranteed to be interested. With original characters, the scenarios that come to mind most readily for me would be a sort of original Rhaegar and Lyanna situation where two young lovers choose each other over what is expected of them, probably causing a war in the process, original Targaryens or other characters of Valyrian descent going on their own conquest as Aegon and his sister-queens did, or even as Daenerys did, a Targaryen civil war, or characters from houses with bloody histories or conflicting cultures being arranged to marry each other (i.e. a Martell and a Stark, a Lannister and a Targaryen, etc.), and then being exposed to a war.

With Harry Potter, I would prefer a more modern setting. I have a soft spot for Slytherins, and most of my characters I’ve created are from the house, but I am open to others. I’d love to have Slytherins in love and making shitty choices together, either on a dark path that they’re dragging each other along or through their families, whether that leads to them becoming Death Eaters or getting involved in something else that‘s although horrible. I’m also in to forbidden and complicated romances between Slytherin pure bloods and muggleborns from other houses, meetings through the Triwizard Tournament that lead to unexpected affairs, secret werewolves, and general dark rule breaking. I’d also really enjoy a sort of marauders friend group, from the same house or from different houses, from the last years of their time at Hogwarts or even after graduation.

For Once Upon a Time based stories, I’m really looking for us to just build our own new web of fairytale retellings in place of the characters from the show. I think at least two characters each would work best, but I’d absolutely be open to writing more as well. I’d love for us to tackle multiple fairytales and have them interconnected in different ways and just really have a lot of fun with it. I’m also more than open to fairytale retellings that aren’t connected to the show at all and are just that.

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