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Advice/Help About the inferfaces the interest checks have.

I've been intrigued by the interest checks that a few people make. Like they are professionally made and like they have such beautiful interfaces.

How can you do such a thing? Could anybody answer to how it's done? Because I am very interested.


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I don't know what you mean by "professionally made" exactly, but I suspect you're probably referring to BBCode and BBCode+ used in interest checks.

If you wanna learn how to make it, I recommend going to the BBcode center, which includes examples, people willing to help, tutorials and even the occasional open freebies for use or request (all pertaining to BBCode)

Can I ask you something?
Does it make a difference if your interest check has BBcode or no BBcode included? As I could use that to show a professional interface. (Using bbcode)


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Does it make a difference if your interest check has BBcode or no BBcode included?
Yes and no. Most people if you ask will tell you that it doesn't matter, and even for those that do care about BBcode, it's always a minor detail- the actual contents of your interest check are far more important.

That said, it's not like it never has an impact, but it's not the same for everyone. There are people who hate seeing BBcode in a thread, for example. Personally, I tend to like seeing a thread with interesting BBCode, it can get me to read a concept I might otherwise skip or be a little more favorable to it. "Little" being the keyword there.

Edit: Also, I use BBCode because I like it. I like seeing what I can make my stuff look like with it, and sometimes I like to add a few "vibes" through the code, but it's all a personal enjoyment of it for me, which I have to balance out with the needs of other people (hence why I usually make a semicoded version for anyone that doesn't want to see the coded version).


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But in your personal opinion, it seems like you could choose whenever not to use BB-code or not.
I'm not super sure what you're asking there, so I'll answer both potential meanings.

If you're asking me whether in general I prefer to have BBCode or not, or if in general I prefer to make my stuff with BBcode or not, then the answer is that in general I prefer things with BBCode, and to make things with BBcode. I just like how neat it looks, and all the interesting things that can be done with it. My character sheets, my interest checks, and even my 'about me' section on my profile are proof of that XD

If you're asking me to clarify about what I said regarding the "semicoded version", it's possible to create (with tabs) a way to simply shift from one or the other (but it can take work). For instance...

  • Hello There!

Very very simplified example, but ya know...


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Like This:

[tabs][tab=Coded][border=5px dashed white][bg=black][color=white][center][size=7]Hello There![/size][/center][/color][/bg][/border][/tab][tab=Semicoded] Hello There!


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Yeah it can take quite a bit of trial and error as one learns it. I recommend starting with the tutorials pinned at the top of the BBcode center that I linked ya.

PS: I saw that you started a thread requesting for help. I can try offering more personal assistance if you PM me. It’s overall preferable to try to learn it yourself, but since ya haven’t yet, I can give ya a hand with the code for now, if you’d like of course.


It's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of the basics. I can suggest looking at other people's codes (just click Reply to transfer it to your message box), and look into it. How they did that, which code means what, that sort of thing.

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