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Futuristic A4 Squad RP


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I'm interesting in a roleplay idea and I wanted to see if anyone else is interested.

A4 Squad is about a group of assassins (think A squad meets Hitman) that go on "cases of the week" where they go take out some sort of target. Every target is different, either in numbers or challenges faced with killing them. A4 squad is set in the year 4500 AD, where humanity has colonized Mars and Venus, along with multiple moons.

A4 squad is led by my character, nicknamed "Shotgun" who is basically a pragmatic type of person. He never really gets angry and keeps calm, but has a trigger finger and clearly focuses on killing the target, causing civilians to end up in the crossfire.

I want to see where this goes, anyone interested?
I'll be busy with work today,but if you feel like going ahead and starting with 3 people,I'm in too and can join the conversation in 12 hours or so
Just wanted to let anyone else interested that the roleplay begins on Wednesday, so better hurry and join!
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