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Realistic or Modern A Slow Invasion CS



As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
(I'd prefer a realistic or realistically drawn picture, but whatever works for you is okay.)
(Whatever age you deem necessary)
(Just nothing too crazy)
(In here please include how they got to the mansion, how long they've been there, and sort of describe their connection with William. E.I. poor, best pals, father and child.)

You can add more if you'd like.​


The father of the Worldbreaker.
Name: Joseph Schruter
Age: 26yrs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Pyrokinesis- Joseph can manipulate existing flames with his mind shaping them, moving them, Amplifying, or Weakening flames. As a side result he is immune to heat, and highly resistant to cold. Stranger still he seems to thrive in hot environments able to breathe easier and feeling more energized when in blazing inferno's.
Occupation: Fire Fighter
Personality: Joseph can be summed up in one word, hero. He is selfless and always willing to make a sacrifice often times joking that even without his power he would find a way to help people. He hates those that restrict his ability to offer aide and is absolutely opposed to reclless behavior. However his success has proven to be a double edged sword, he has becpme rather famous, but is laughably camera shy and hates being the center of attention.

Joseph never gpt to know his parents, he was adopted by william when he was still just a few weeks old and for the longest time he didnt even know he wasnt williams kid. It wasnt until he got older that william set him down and explained the situation to him. His parents had died, and he was adopted shortly afterwards. He was always a good kid, albeit a bit altruistic and full of ideals. His greatest obstacle came when he was 17 and he discovered the real reason behind his parents death. It was himself. His father was a smoker, and one day during a moment of duress only another infant would understand his power triggered, the flames from his fathers cigarette spread in a matter of seconds engulfing the entire house and buring it to ash. Since learning about the blood on his hands Joseph has made the decision that he would redeem himself by saving as many lives as he possibly could. He joined the local firedepartment and promptly was transferred to the big city. Since then he has saved over two hundred people, and nearly as many pets. Even in blazes where he couldnt get back up, he always manages to charge headlong into danger and proove to himself and all around him that he is not a destroyer but rather a Hero.

Name: Adrian Wyatt
Age: 22yrs
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
HDVEG- standing for High Density Volatile Energy generation. This power is an incredibly Dense making it seem solid and charges whatever matter it touches to the point of catastrophic molecular breakdown. It is equally effective against electronics, armor, and orgamic matter essentially vaporizing targets and hitting with tremendous stopping power. While it was very hard to control and took lots of practice with William plus a surgerically attached inhibitor she has finally harnessed this power to be able to form skintight barriers, shape it into rolling waves or focused lazers and even pack the force behind her firsts for heavy damage punches. However she prefers to fight from a range as she is not immune to the explosions her blasts can create.

Occupation: Private military Asset.

Personality: Adrian is very confident and always seems to have that can do in charge attitude. However she is a bit of a control freak always needing to be the one to dictate how and when to use her power. This comes from being legitimately afraid of her own power likely due to the incident when she was a child. For her losing control is not an option, she plans out every waking second of her day and adheres to a strict training/diet/exercise regiment her belief is that dedication and hard work always will be more powerful than her abilities.
Adrian was born to a teen mother who put her up for adoption shortly after her birth. After many problems and altercations with other children she was transferred to a juvenile detention center when her powers activated at the age of eleven. While having a screaming match with the rude girl across the hall she accidentally blasted the door off of its hinges. It came with heavy consequences though. The pressure wave from the blast threw her into the wall behind her. It burst her eardrums, her landing on the metal bed frame broke her arm, and her collision with the stone wall gave her a serious concussion.

She stayed silent about everything that transpired there, but the security cameras picked up all of it. The united states military got wind of it and they had their minds set on weaponizing the girl, however they knew that she would need to learn to control her power before she would be of any use. Luckily for her the only experts in that area were william and his wife. So strings were pulled and she was released into williams custody. At first she was a problem child and a trouble maker as with everywhere else she went. But over time she found good influences in siblings like Joseph, and learned what a home felt like thanks to william and his wife.

At 16 the problem with her abilities had began to compound. They were growing stronger at a rate that made it almost impossible for her to use them without heavy damage to anything nearby. The US military came with an experimental solution, a surgically grafted neural inhibitor which prevents her brain from accessing more than 10% of her total output without clearance. Granted william and his wife hated the idea, but Adrian gave the final word saying it would be benificial to her goal of a semi normal life.

Since the surgery her growth has become much more manageable. She is often employed by the US military for covert operations and has said that even with the inhibitor on she can take out battle tanks with minimal clearance. Yet her accidental power flares have ended since the day her inhibitor was implanted. Recently she has begun to express concerns that the inhibitor may be doing more than just monitorimg her power.

Name: Damian Lancet
Age: 7yrs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Not sure yet
The Devil- Damian has something living within him, something dangerous. It hides in his shadow Waiting. So far very few have been able to see it or record what little info is there on the thing. However it has displayed a wide range of abilities,including flight, phasing, invisibility, shapeshifting, density shifting, paranormal feats of strength, illusionary fear manifestation, and finally regeneration. However this all comes with a cost, the creature is beyond damians control at least for the time being, it has its own cruel intelligence and seems to be aware of things that Damian himself couldnt possibly know. While it generally torments damian with stress and knowledge, it is overprotective of him and has claimed lives in his defence.

Occupation: None though he does hope to be a school teacher one day.

Personality: Damian is a shy and honestly rather meek young man. He tiptoes through life speaking softly when needed or not at all when possible. He doesnt really get the whole "Being a kid" thing because he was never granted the opportunity. He has always hed to keep his wits about him, he could never break down, never not have his guard raised high. If he did people would likely get hurt. As such the boy is quite mature for his age.

Background: Damian was born to Melissa Sardis and Roger Lancet but it was far from a happy occasion. He was the end result of a one night stand, and when Melissa found roger mere weeks after she gave birth to the child...she was killed for her efforts. Turns out Roger Lancet was a violent and cruel man already wanted for murder. As melissa fell she dropped damian and the boy landed softly on the hotel floor. Roger went to step on the young mans head only to watch in horror as the infants shadow devoured everything from the knee down of Rogers Left leg.

He managed to stabalize himself and decided to keep his little monster as he was facinated by what he saw. He spent the next several years using the boy as a weapon by thrusting the child into dangerous situation where the danger came from people Roger wanted dead. The boy and his creature delivered, The pair slew at least thirteen people in four years. It all came to an end when Roger was cornered by police and in his panik tried to use the then 5 year old Damian as a hostage. As soon as he pressed the gun to his sons temple the Devil came for him and left no trace of the man save for a few speckles of blood.

Damian was transferred to an orphanage where one more life was lost as a particularly abusive worker made the mistake of targeting damian. This time however there were witnesses, and after learning that it was the kids powers doing this all along damian was tranferred to Williams care where he currently dwells. He is very greatful that William took him in, but the Devil constantly tells him that its all a ruse and that he is just being used again along with all the others.

Name: Anita Chambers Harrowing
Age: 73yrs
Gender: Female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Occupation: Retired MI5 agent, Housekeeper, Nanny, Cook, Human resources at Williams factory.
Personality: Anita is many things, a spy, a wife, a guardian, and many more. Yet for some strange reason no matter how many faces she wears her natural allure seems to always bleed through. She is sweet but firm, caring but not coddling. In her eyes the children are hers, amd she will react like a lioness if you pose a danger to her cubs. That said she has learned many things in her old age and is always willing to share them with all who are well behaved enough to deserve it.
Background: Born and raised in london Anita was always one of those women that you knew was gonna go places and do great things. She did not disappoint, graduating highschool as a valedictorian and then seeming to fall off the world altogether. This was due to her choice in careers, she was not content with being average, so she applied for the special forces and was successful. She spent twenty five years fighting against various forms of wickedness in the world until she was forced to retire by her superiors. They wanted her to take a desk job but she was not hearing a word of that. Instead she made her way to the states taking william up on a long overdue offer for dinner.

It wasnt long before the two were inseparable, a shortly after realizing they were in love the two of them were married. That was nearly thirty years ago and since then she has found contentment in helping william to achieve his dream of changing the world, after all she had already achieved her dream of seeing the world. However it is said that the british government occasionally calls her for consultation on high stakes operations. If she is ever on the phone in her study that is not the time to bother her.

Name: Gabriel "Gabe" Fuentes
Age: 17yrs
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Archangel- Gabriel has a rather beautiful power set, and it is just as formidable as it is flamboyant. He has three pairs of wings that allow him flight and incredibly aerial manuverability. In addition his body is remarkably strong often showing the capacity to lift dozens of tons with minimal strain, though he cannot fly with more than a ton in tote. Lastly he possesses a halo which he can call upon at will and it gives off a radiating light which heals those in his vacinity including himself. With his abilities its not very hard to see why he was named Gabriel.
Occupation: Wants to be a Musician, Though joseph is trying to talk him into being a Rescue worker.
Personality: Gabriel is likely one of the most lighthearted children in Williams home. Seemingly always having his head in the clouds, both figuratively and literally. He seems to love flying, and even more so loves being able to do so with others, almost always offering to take people places just for the opportunity to show someone the world through his eyes. He can usually be found in high places writing his music, or in the band room practicing on a variety of instruments. He is fairly uncomfortable around Damian, but the feeling seems to be mutual.

Background: Unlike most of the children here Gabriel knows, loves, and is loved by his parents. He was born to Anna strouse and Mario Fuentes and they knew from day one he was something special...after all their little amgel came complete with wings and a halo. They did all that they could for their son, and managed to keep him safe happy and hidden at least until he hit puberty and his strength came into play. As he grew older and stronger it became harder and harder to keep him hidden, not to mention they began to lose their resolve to do so. One can only keep their gifted child sheltered for too long before they wonder if they are wasting that gift. So gabriel was sent to live with william last year, a man he has come to trust as one of his closest friends. His interest in music has not faultered since the day it rose at age five.
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As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
William Wright Harrowing
Keeping his children in line
Carer/Teacher/Owner or Harrowing Manor
Factory owner
William is quite kind to everyone. He found kindness was the way to win anyone, but he can be tough and unyielding when he needs to.
William was born into a wealthy family. His father was a successful businessman and his mother a loving woman. From a young age he learned about businesses and how to run them.
He decided he would take over his father's business when he came of age. So he started studying up and learning everything he needed.
Around his early twenties he met his wife. He fell in love with her completely and eventually married her. He showed her all the love she deserved, but shortly after they found out they could not have children. They were heartbroken over this news. But then he heard news of an infant with powers. He and his wife adopted the child and raised them as their own. And then William started taking in and adopting other children with powers and teaching them to control them.​


Your typical demon
austen with white hair.jpg
Name: Austen Mae Kinely

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Power/Ability: Austen is able to tap into other's emotions and feel what they feel for herself. She is able to mix their feelings with her own, and is able to easily de-escalate a tense situation or calm an anxiety ridden person in minutes.

Occupation: She is still a student, but she wants to become a criminal psychiatrist.

Personality: Austen is a tough girl who loves to get into mischief. Although she is hard working and is serious about her dream profession, she doesn't let it stop her from having fun. She is a bit sassy from time to time, and loves the people closest to her. She will stand up for someone, but believes people should fight their own battles as well.

Background: Austen grew up in a bad place. By the time she was 13, she had gotten involved in many gang activities around where she lived. This introduced her to her habit in smoking and drinking (since she has gotten to the mansion she has quite drinking, but struggles with smoking still). Her dad died when she was 3 and her mother left her alone at the age of 10 to run off with another man. William had found her one night alone after a bad fight with a rival gang, and he took her in. She was 15 at the time, and has been at the mansion since. William taught her how to control her powers and how best to implement them in her life. He got her into psychology and her past made her want to become a criminal psychiatrist. She looks up to William as both a teacher and a father.

She loves to dye her hair, and she changes her aesthetic a lot. Some days she is into really flowy skirts and putting flowers in her hair, while other days she prefers leather jackets and red lipstick. Sometimes she does both.


New Member
Name: Rachel Denner
Sexuality: Straight
Power: Telekinesis. As long as she is able to see something, she can make it move and levitate at will , however sometimes if she gets emotional it can still trigger randomly.
Occupation: It isn’t a full time job yet, but she volunteers as a rescue worker, saving people from landslides and mine disasters and the like.
Personality: Rachel is a very caring, giving person who won’t think twice about helping someone.Despite this, danger terrifies her and she cannot bring herself to go to a crisis scene unless the danger has passed. She’s quiet and understated but she is still very opinionated and won’t be a bystander.
Rachel grew up living with her aunt as her parents died just after her brother was born, in a car accident. Her aunt was a decent caregiver, or so she thought. As soon as her telekinetic powers emerged at about 6, her aunt banished her from the house. Taking her brother along with her, Rachel had to deal with being a street child at only 6. She matured fast and would steal food for herself and her brother by levitating it out of a store when no one was looking. Unfortunately, this didn’t last.Her brother, who was called Oliver, fell terribly sick. It was almost impossible to keep him alive but then William found them. Despite their best efforts, Oliver died at the age of seven. Rachel was nine. Then William took Rachel in and she grew up in the mansion. She never forgot Oliver and the guilt haunts her to this day.



Alias the Scarecrow...

Name: Regis Finch

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Power/Ability: Regis has the ability to analyze systems of all kinds, understanding the way they work and identifying fatal flaws in them. A "system" can be anything with interacting, interdependent elements. Examples: the plumbing of a house; a car; a party; a living organism; the weather; a town economy; a game; a bridge; an organization. It's along the lines of Karnak of the Inhumans.

The more complex the system, the longer it takes him to analyze it. Analyzing a gemstone for flaws is the work of a few moments. Analyzing a building for structural flaws might take 20 seconds. If he walked into a house party where he didn't know anyone, it might take him two or three minutes to sort out the social pecking order, who was interested in whom, the relationship status of individuals, etc. Analyzing a nation's economy might take days or weeks.

Unlike Karnak, Regis lacks any special physical skills to help him take advantage of the flaws he perceives. He does have a genius-level intellect and an excellent memory to aid him in manipulating the details he uncovers.

Occupation: Jeweler and part-time government consultant

Personality: Regis is cynical and pessimistic far beyond his years. He has difficulty trusting others, and often pushes back at attempts at emotional intimacy. Given his prematurely receding hairline, frown lines, academic vocabulary, and sour disposition, he is sometimes mistaken for a man of 30 or more. If you catch him at the right moment, he can show a wry sense of humor and an enthusiastic curiosity about the world. He uses his cynical nature as an armor against the world, however, and he is slow to warm up to people. Regis sometimes feels inferior to the tall, attractive, overtly powerful members of the academy.

(NOTE: I do not intend for Regis to be a future villain or an anti-social, brooding, monosyllabic emo type. He's just not a flowers-and-sunshine type of guy. 😊 )

Background: Regis' powers showed up at a very early age. At first, his parents only noticed that he seemed good (even for a toddler) at breaking his toys. Then their daycare provider complained that not only did Regis seem to win all the games played there, escalating conflicts seemed to center around him, along with some accidents (they never could get the toilets working just right again). By the time he was 7, Regis' parents realized they had a prodigy on their hands, as he routinely beat them both in chess. But being of small stature, he was target of bullying, even though karma apparently had a way of paying his bullies back (the boy who had his locker door fall off and break his foot, for example).

One night, his parents had a long conversation about Regis, and both expressed their fears about the boy. Being something less than exemplary parents, they hatched a plan…

Regis loved the amusement park. It was his first time there, and he loved everything about it. Dad had gone off to get some snacks after they rode one more ride. While waiting in line, Mom said she had to use the bathroom, and rushed off after making Regis hold her place in line. And that was the last he ever saw of them. After he had gotten off the ride, he went looking for them. Then he made his way to the parking lot, only to find that the car was gone. Regis managed to talk a stranger into giving him a ride home, only to find Child Service staff there. And so Regis entered into the foster care system.

The four years he spent in the system were not pleasant, and he was shuffled from house to house frequently. He was trapped in a cycle of being bullied and alter taken petty vengeance using his powers, only to be bullied more. He was 12 when he finally ran away, and for a short time made a living hustling chess at the city parks. His reputation as a master player caught William's attention, and he convinced the boy to come join him. Regis pretends not to care too much about the Harrowings (as he usually pretends not to care about anyone), but is quick at times to defend him from criticism.

Jewelry was something he took up as a challenge, and he appreciates the permanentness of gem stones, and the precision and focus required to cut them. With his powers, he is an incredibly gifted diamond-cutter. It was through William's guidance that Regis turned his attention to larger, more complex systems, and when the government got wind of his ability, they recruited him as a policy analyst. He has so far strongly resisted their efforts to recruit him full time into a think tank.


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Gillian LeAnne
She charms people into loving her without thinking about it.
Child actor
Gillian is very goofy and sweet. She loves being around people and making them laugh. She is also very energetic and is often seen running about the manor.
Gillian was born in a bad part of town. There were often robberies, murders, thefts, etc. But everyone seemed to stop and say hi to baby Gillian. She was just the sweetest to everyone. No matter their background they would all smile when they saw the baby.
But when Gillian was barely one her parents were killed in a break-in. Gillian slept during the attack and managed to survive being taken or killed. But when she woke up no one came to get her. She started crying but no one came still. She was there for a day before she was found, hungry, dirty, and upset. Her neighbor took her in and cared for her before reporting what happened. Gillian was put in a temporary home until she could be adopted. Not long after she was adopted by a man named William and his wife. He had heard of her story and thought the child special.
The little girl adjusted easily to her new life and she was running around in no time. When she was five she became a child actor for a tv show, playing the little sister in a household.​


(((mmmm just a google images photo)))))

Name: Aria Jenkins

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Power/Ability: The ability to generate fire with her hands, and manipulate it with a thought. She's not able control it much yet, as she just discovered it. Only her hands and her arms up to her elbows are immune to the heat.

Occupation: Small child and student to William

Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, likes to avoid conflict, nervous about her power, sensitive to anger and yelling,

Background: Aria was raised by a single mom, since her dad left shortly after her birth. Her mother was always angry, and fairly abusive, verbally. Physically, she didn't often hit the child, but was rough in the way she'd grab her or would shake her shoulders, or throw things at her. Aria was afraid of her rage and tried hard to prevent it by being quiet and good. But one day, when her mother was especially mad, she shoved the little girl and flame exploded from the girl's hands, lighting the house on fire. Thankfully, the fire department was able to put the fire out, but the next day, Aria's mother was nowhere to be found. (((@Ultrasuperhulk maybe this could be cool, possibly? Let me know if you're good with this))) One of the firemen from the day before, a man named Joseph, knew exactly where to take the girl, and Aria ended up at the mansion. She's only been there about a week, and hasn't really bonded with anyone.


Praise the sun

Name: Richie Summers

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Can shapeshift into different animal species.

student under William. (Wants to be a veterinarian)

Richie is soft spoken, and shy. He is caring and doesn't really like arguments to the point of not having enough of a backbone to call people out when they offend him. He usually refers to Authority figures as Sir/ma'am. He's not much of a joker and is quite embarrassed about his power, making him hesitant to change into an animal in front of people. He tends to look on the bright side of things to try and make people around him happy.

Background: Richie was born in a neglectful household, his parents didn't really care about him all that much, mostly ignoring both him, thank goodness for his big brother who always made sure he was cared for and looked out for Richie. Once he reached six years old the neglectful household took a turn for the worse with the father running out, and the mother being unable straight up moved, leaving both boys behind. Turning them into street kids to top things off Richie developed his powers, turning into random animals at any given time, this didn't stay under wraps for long, eventually they were found by a kind old man, Richie's big brother left and he was adopted by William who he's seen as the father he never had since.

Meme Machine

*always screaming* DES PA CITO
Name: Blair (no last name)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Can mess with peoples emotions. Her eyes glow when she’s using her power, but if you know she’s using it, (this includes understanding what her power does) she won’t have a effect on you in that moment. Can loose control if she’s feeling something big, as she’s never been trained. She can’t feel what others are feeling, other than observing them.
Occupation: None
Personality: Is super quiet, and doesn’t talk to very many people, if any. She is artsy, mostly with spray paint. She is rough and tumble, can and will start a fight if the person is angering her. Can loose control of her emotions easily, proving to be quite dangerous to herself, and in the past, others. Is kind to animals and children, feeling like she can’t trust many people. Is slightly mean, but once you earn her trust and respect, she would kill for you, with you, and would die for you. Absolutely loves space, conspiracies, Aliens, mothman, and mythology. Mentaly strong, but physically very weak and small.
Background: When she was born, her parents didn’t want her, and were very neglecting and cruel, even as a child. At age 5 she was sent to live with her “Aunt”, who was even worse. Her Aunt sent her to school, made her do most household chores, and never let her go outside alone. She’s never even seen the ocean. She used to have a few friends, but when her crush, Jack Sanders, betrayed her, and turned everyone against her, she struck out on her own. Since age 11 she’s been wanted for petty theft of food and minor items. Now 15, she steals to survive, or gives stuff to the other homeless around her.
(Just a google photo. I liked this one better than the original) Sorry for the pic change! I had to photoshop a few things, like the scars, and how she never wears jewelry.blair.jpg
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Highly Functioning Sociopath
Name: Sarya Tenson
Age: 22
Gender: female
Sexuality: straightish ;)
Power/Ability: charmspeak and sonic scream
Occupation: Singer at a lounge
Personality: Sarya comes across as a very flirtatious person. She has a habit of trying to control any situation she is in because she is scared of getting hurt. She acts flirty and confident to keep people from seeing her deeper feelings. She has a quick temper and snaps at people who irritate her. She doesn't trust many people and tries to keep everyone at a distance but if you break through her barriers she is a very strong, loyal friend.

Background: Her parents abandoned her when she was 7 and she went into the foster system. She wasn't able to fully control her powers which is why she got kicked from house to house growing up. By the age of 16, she had learned how to control her powers. She started to commit small crimes like theft and used her charmspeak to get out of trouble. In her senior year of high school, she lost control of her powers and her sonic scream demolished the building killing 23 people. Scared she went on the run, traveling from city to city moving across the country until she met others like her. They told her about a mansion where she would be safe and could be around people like her. She found the mansion when she was 21 and even found a job at a nearby lounge where she sings.
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