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A Slow Invasion



As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
This is your home, and it likely has been for years. You each have your own room decorated your way. There are a few rooms dedicated to training and sparring.


William was doing his early rounds, walking outside and making sure none of the children had snuck out during the night. His cane clicked on the stone pathway with each limping step.
The day was beautiful and clear, a nice day to be outside. Perhaps he'd take the children outside to teach them today. It would give them a change of scenery they probably needed. He knew what it was like to be cooped up. He was sometimes cooped up in his office for hours on end. He would try and get out, but he didn't get where he was without hard work.
He cleared his throat and headed back to the house. Breakfast would be almost done by now. He tried to keep a fairly regular schedule to give the children some semblance of normalcy. It was good to keep to a schedule. He nodded to himself and slipped inside, hanging his coat up on a hook.​


The father of the Worldbreaker.

Joseph let out a yawn as he rose up in a groggy stupor. Sure there were no fires in the area last night but he had spent most of his previous day running drills and wore himself out. He was slow to his feet and sauntered off to the bathroom where the sounds of running water would be heard for the next fourty five minute as he took a long shower...if he remained uninterrupted that was. However the steam filled the room almost immediately, no need for cold water, in his case the hotter the better. As he washed his hair he wondered why he kept feeling so on edge, it was like a pit in his stomach that was weighing him down and making him feel lile something was waiting around the corner to jump out at him.


Adrian remained sound asleep, having only just arrived from a covert op with the government handlers. She was still wearing her Black jumpsuit and boots with her hair pulled into a golden ponytail as the drooled on her pillow in a very ungraceful manner, snoring loudly all the while.

The Devil

Damian was curled in a ball on the floor, his blanket draped over him and somehow tucked around him securely. His bed remained otherwise undesturbed, signalling that he was up late dealing with that shadow of his. The tapping of William's cane was subtle at first but it grew louder and finally it pulled damian from his sleep. He woke up suddenly yet without moving too quickly. Instead he climbed quietly to his feet and quickly went to make his bed with a bit of a panic before he remembered there would be no repercussions. He looked down at his shadow which was abnormally dark for the lighting in the room. A shiver ran down his spine and he tossed his blanket on his bed before shuffling off to find William. "Mr.William? Is there any breakfast?" he said loudly as he walked into the hallway just outside of his bedroom.
Richie Summers
Richie was an early riser, he'd just always been that way for as long as he remembered. The boy was up, but not exactly about in the early hours of the day. He got out of his bed and yawned widely taking a nice stretch as he did so. Richie got to his feet and changed out of his sleeping clothes into his everyday wear. Afterwards Richie decided to read a little to pass by the normal hours, the boy moved over to an orderly desk and selected a rather heavy book, and opened it. The book was an animal encyclopedia, Richie spent a lot of his time reading such books. It was by far his favorite kind of non-fiction. As he opened the book to a page he looked around the room in almost disbelief. Richie had lived here since he was six and it still blew his mind how he could go from the life he'd been born into to this place. Where he could read books, and make the room look exactly how he liked. He stopped and read the page he'd stopped on for a few minutes, it was whales. That bored Richie by a lot. He wasn't a big fan of whales, he couldn't imagine ever working with them, ....and god forbid he ever turn into one. Gaining about a hundred tons just sounded unappealing. He closed the book and returned it to its rightful place. Afterwards he opened the door of his room and entered the hallway outside his room.


Your typical demon
Austen had gotten up quite early that morning. The sunlight that was streaming faintly through the window above her bed had woken her. She had had a fairly decent sleep last night, so she was pretty sure today was going to be alright. The white haired girl tumbled out of bed, squinting her eyes as they tried to adjust.

Pulling out her pack of cigarettes from behind a small bookshelf (that she mostly kept to hang pictures on, with only a few books here and there that she hadnt bothered to pick up), she opened it and withdrew a cigarette. She went to the window and managed to crack it open enough to lean her head out and light it.

As she smoked, her blue gaze traveled over the landscape. It was beautiful here... Austen didnt usually take in the things around her. She had no reason to. She had been living here for about 2...3 years now? She knew this place like the back of her hand. Or she thought so anyways. But every now and again the girl would gaze around, feeling awed and a bit overwhelmed at such a place as this. It felt like when she had first arrived here.

After a few minutes, she put the cigarette out on the side of the building. She threw it away after double checking it was actually out, and headed out into the hallway.


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
William was making his way to his office to make sure he'd done a set of papers before he sat down for breakfast.
But a small voice drew him off course briefly. He found Damian looking tired. He turned to the boy and walked closer to him.
"Yes there is. Same time every morning. They're cooking it right now, but you didn't hear from me, I think they're making pancakes today."
He smiled and patted the boy on his shoulder.
"I have to go check on some papers real quick. Would you like to come join me?"


Gillian woke up in her bed, still hugging on her stuffed bat. She had gotten it at a zoo (she thinks) because it looked lonely. So now she kept Squiggles company. She put him on her dresser so she could get dressed.
"I'm gonna wear a pretty dress today, Squiggles. Pink or yellow? Yellow? Good choice Squiggles!"
She got changed into the bright yellow dress and put on her socks and black shoes. She brushed her hair and grabbed Squiggles off her dresser. She ran out of her room and down the hallway. She came to a stop when she nearly ran right into Austen.
"Good morning!"
She smiled up at the girl.
"Squiggles says morning too!"


Your typical demon
Austen barely heard the little girl come up to her, her mind still groggy with sleep and the thought of food. As she heard the small voice offer a greeting beside her, she looked down to find the tiny redhead gazing up at her, her little brown stuffed bat by her side. Austen smiled warmly at her.

“Well hey there miss Gillian. Good morning to you too mr. bat! Are you two headed to breakfast too?”

Austen had never been good with children until she came here. Although she wouldnt consider herself the motherly type and she was still a bit awkward on how to talk to the kids, she had gotten a bit used to them since her time on the streets. Of course there was still Damian, who she couldnt seem to get close to at all. To be fair, she hadnt really seen him get that close to anyone. But Gillian was quite the charmer, and she seemed completely opposite of the lone boy, so Austen found herself a little more comfortable with her.



As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Gillian giggled and smiled up at her.
"His name is Squiggles, Silly! And yeah! We- um...We gettin brea'fast too!"
She hugged Squiggles close to her and grabbed Austen's hand.
"Le's go!"
She started pulling on her hand.
"Were you hangin out wiff Joseph...?"
Aria Jenkins
Location: Bedroom
Mentions: @LittleBlindKitten

Aria's eyes opened and she screwed up her nose, the sunlight from the window catching her in the eyes. She rolled over, staring absentmindedly at the closed door. Yawning, she pulled herself out of bed and looked out the window. It would be a nice day today, she thought. Maybe she'd take advantage of the nice weather and explore the yard today. She wondered if Gillian was up yet as she changed into a new shirt- A white one with light grey stripes- and pulled on her overalls. She liked her bulky overalls. They felt like a warm hug, making her feel safer.
Gillian was the only person Aria had really gotten acquainted with yet. She just had this really likeable nature to her, and she made Aria giggle. Something the girl didn't do often. Aria opened the door and started down the hall tentatively, the complimentary smell of syrup touching her senses.


Your typical demon
As Gillian gave a small tug, Austen began following her down to breakfast, letting the girl drag her along.

“Right right, my bad. Squiggles then,” Austen corrected herself, “and no, I definitely wasnt hangin out with Joseph. What gave you that idea?” The older girl tilted her head a bit in question.



Alias the Scarecrow...
Regis Finch

Regis had been up at dawn as usual, both out of habit and for his desire to grab the morning papers before anyone else (usually the little kids) ruined them. He was in his usual perch in the back of the library, hidden from sight by the towering rows of shelves but near a window that commanded an excellent view of the gardens. In addition to the newspapers, on the table were a couple of notebooks with fresh pages of notes, a chewed-up pen, a fidget spinner, and his ubiquitous cup of coffee. He had ganked and filled one of the the thermal decanters from the kitchen, but on draining his cup he realized he'd forgotten to grab the cream and sugar.

This presented a conundrum: he'd heard William tapping around, and knew that some of the others would be up soon, if they weren't already. That would mean running a gauntlet of people to get at the condiments, and Regis wasn't sure he was ready to talk to people after just a single cup. So: drink it black? Or wade through morning small talk?

With a snort of annoyance, Regis made a note to himself to buy his own supply of cream and sugar, then trooped out of the library towards the kitchen.
Austen could feel her face flush at the girl’s words.

I need to be more careful... probably not best to smell like smoke around the kids...

“Oh! Uh... no sweetheart, I was just.. I wasnt with Joseph.” She ended lamely, deciding to just shut her mouth until breakfast. She hoped it wasnt too noticeable that the others would catch it. She had tried very hard to get over her bad habit, but she ended up caving in every few days, so she saw no point to keep trying. She didnt find it hard to mask the smell though, but she supposed she was just too tired to remember this time around.

Finally they made it downstairs, unsure whether she should pull away from Gillian’s grasp or just wait until she let go herself. She decided on the latter, not wanting to be rude. The smell of food was much stronger now, and Austen’s stomach growled impatiently.

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Aria Jenkins
Location: Hallway -> Dining Room
Mentions: @LittleBlindKitten @TheCoRgiGaL

Aria heard Gillain ahead and jogged towards the sound. She caught up to Gillian and an older girl whose name was alluding her.... right. Austen. She followed just slightly behind the two, trying to figure out how to join the conversation. Would they be mad at her for interrupting? Things seem to be different here than- ugh. But it had only been a week. How could she tell?


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Gillian nodded and kept pulling Austen towards the table.
She giggled and let go of her hand to sit down at the table. She placed Squiggles on the table and reached for her cup. She carefully took a sip of the orange juice that'd been placed there for her.
She turned around and found Aria. She waved to the girl and smiled.
"RiRi! Come on! They got pancakes tuday!"
She pointed to the chair next to her.
@TheCoRgiGaL @SmolHuman
Richie Summers
Richie had gotten out of his room and gone through the highway without running into anyone which was actually okay to him, he wasn't sure he was awake enough yet to have a comfortable conversation with anyone in the house. He found a bathroom to brush his teeth in and afterwards he went downstairs. Stifling a yawn as he slowly moved down the second to last step and made his way to the dining hall. He walked into the dining hall to the delicious smell of cooking food. In a few more moments Richie realized he wasn't alone in the room, there were three more people in there it was Austin who was pleasant enough at least to Richie's knowledge, the little girl Gillian, and another girl, she must be the new kid. Richie hadn't seen her around the house much he just kind of stood in place being too awkward to take a seat near the group he just kind of plopped onto the nearest chair was almost immediately lost in thought. He shook his head and offered them a simple "good morning".

@TheCoRgiGaL @LittleBlindKitten @SmolHuman
Aria Jenkins
Location: Dining room
Mentions: @LittleBlindKitten @TheCoRgiGaL @Yahhah

Aria grinned and sat down beside Gillian, kicking her feet in anticipation of pancakes. Austen smiled in greeting. A boy with glasses walked by- Richie, maybe, but she was only just learning names- and said good morning to the little group, too. Aria couldn't help but grin. She liked being around people that were nice to her.


Your typical demon
Austen gave Richie a side glance at his small, almost sleepy greeting. Austen could almost feel the awkwardness coming off of the poor guy. She knew he wasnt very comfortable around people, and she never tried to push it with him. He never gave her any trouble, so she wouldnt give it. Of course she hadnt been around him much. He was sort of stand offish with them, but she didnt mind.

“Good morning.” She offered back.

Without really thinking about it, Austen let her calm, relaxed feelings travel to the older boy. She hoped it would make him feel less tense around them. Maybe she should start doing this whenever she saw him? This thought kind of reminded her about a study done with dogs... what was it called again..? The Pavlov study.

If she could get Richie to associate the relaxed feelings with seeing her, maybe she could get him to open up a bit more..? It would also help her conduct her own studies! Finally she turned her attention back towards the kids, smiling as she watched their interactions.

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As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Gillian smiled at Aria. She had taken to knowing everyone's name as soon as they were in her home.
"The nise ladies gave us juice for brea'fast, RiRi! Tha' one's yours."
She pointed out the cup at Aria's spot. Then she took another sip from hers. She loved orange juice the most. It was sweet and just a bit sour.
"Wha's your favrite-- um...favrite brea'fast thing?"
Richie Summers
Richie finally rubbed the sleepiness out of his face and looked up glancing around the room as if he didn't know where things were around the room. He suddenly felt himself feeling calmer which triggered a bit of a paranoid response. Why did he feel calm all of a sudden, his social anxiety was raising all kinds of red flags. He just blinked a few times and tried to ignore it not attempting to start any small talk. He twiddled his thumbs a bit, not really sure what to do with his time.

@SmolHuman @TheCoRgiGaL @LittleBlindKitten
Aria Jenkins
Location: Dining Room
Mentions: @LittleBlindKitten

"Uhm....." Aria took a sip of her orange juice as she thought long and hard about Gillian's question. "Froot loops, I think. But I like pancakes, too." Aria liked food. She had a fairly ravenous appetite for a little girl, and any time to eat food was a good one.
Aria glanced around the room at the various students of William that came in and out. She knew why she was here. It was cause of the accident. She was 'unusual'. 'Special'. Which meant the other children and adults living at the house were special, too. She wondered what they could do, but didn't dare bring it up. She didn't think she'd ever tell anyone about what she'd done, even if they were to ask. They might hate her. Only William and the fireman Joseph knew.
Then a frightening thought came to mind, and Aria choked on her orange juice, sputtering a bit. But who have they told about me? Who else knows? And suddenly the orange juice in the back of her throat began to sting a little.


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
Gillian nodded and got up on her knees in her seat so she could set her cup beside her plate. She patted Squiggles on the head. Her attention was quickly drawn back to Aria when she started coughing and choking on her juice. She reached over and gave her a few pats on her back.
"Are you okay, RiRi?"
Austen had begun to daydream, her mind filling with ideas about her new experiment until a choking sound caught her attention. Her blue gaze shot up to look at the other girl (she must be new Austen thought to herself) who was spluttering on her drink.

“Are you alright..?” She asked worriedly.



Alias the Scarecrow...

Out of habit, Regis' feet led him to the dining hall as a shortcut to the kitchen. Distracted by ruminations on the latest climate change data, he noticed three steps too late that there were several people at the table, a few of whom had noticed him.

"%#[email protected]," he muttered under his breath. He froze for a moment, then continued to the sideboard. He grabbed a plate, selected a muffin, and began loading the rest of the plate with sugar cubes.

"Morning Austen, Richie… rugrats," he said. He glanced over at the tableau. "Looking positively Annie-esque this morning, aren't we? Where's Daddy Warbucks?"

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