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Fandom A Midnight Dance with Death (OOC)



"What's your favorite scary movie...?"

Hey everyone! Once again, I appreciate the (very) surprising amount of positive reception I've gotten to AMDWD! It's not the most original idea in the world(it's basically the fandom version of 'the suicide squad') but I think with the cast we've gotten so far, it's going to be a ton of fun! For that reason, I've made this thread so we can basically bullshit here/re-post CSes and talk about the RP once it finally kicks off(i.e once I get at most maybe 1-2 more people(?) and I get time to put the IC thread up) This way it also saves the interest thread from being filled up with non-'yeah I'm down!' posts!

For everyone who's posted a CS in the interest thread, just re-post em here and I'll do the same!


Character Name: Hei

Age: 22

Motivation/Fatal Trigger : Since these are my PCs, I'll keep things a little closer to the chest/let you guys figure this out as the RP goes on!~

World Origin: (Darker than Black)

Powers and skills: Molecular/Electricity Manipulation: Hei possesses the ability to generate and discharge electricity through conductive media (i.e. he cannot discharge it through air or concrete) at sufficiently high amounts to kill grown men or short out a building's electrical systems. He has shown masterful efficiency with this power, being able to channel electrical currents through a wire and into his knife. This power is far more than simply releasing electric shocks, as he can alter matter on the quantum level, transform integral particles on the quantum level, and even generate special particle luminance; meaning he is able to change molecules similar to how humans are changed into contractors making it one of, if not, the strongest and most coveted powers known as it is the only ability capable of altering gate particles at will. Buuuut for the sake of keeping things balanced/cutting the head off any potential 'power-scaling' debates, he'll predominately just be using it to manipulate electricity!


-A Mask. Nothing special really, just helps to hide his identity when out on jobs.
-His trademark weapon is a knife on a metal wire, which he uses as an offensive weapon, a grappling hook, or as a conduit through which to discharge his electricity.
-In addition to using it with his knife, Hei also uses his wire with a carabiner attached to the end, which allows the wire to anchor to any object that it wraps around. This is also used to wrap around enemies necks and allows Hei to deliver lethal shocks.
-Hei's long black trench coat is bullet proof (often used as a shield), and is shown to be made out of a material that can conduct electricity.
-To aid in infiltrating a building, Hei has made use of a collapsible crossbow to fire a rope large distances. He keeps the crossbow in a satchel

Background: Hei is what's known as a contractor: a human who's gained superhuman abilities. They tend to look like everyone else but unlike most humans you might encounter in day to day life, contractors are almost entirely sociopathic, preferring to focus solely on tasks that'll benefit them the most and what needs to be done to accomplish said goal. Regardless of what decisions may have to be made in the process to reach the result they're hoping for. But their power comes with a cost known as an Obeisance, which is an often bizarre, obsessive compulsive "payment" for the use of their powers. Some have to smoke cigarettes after every use of their power, others need to organize rocks in a certain way, etc. Hei is one of the few contractors who doesn't need to pay a price for his powers. Something he's used to great effectiveness as a mercenary under the employ of the shadowy organization known only as The Syndicate.

To his enemies, he's the 'Black Reaper'. To the fellow contractors he often encounters he's known as BK-201.

To the people who are unaware of the killer they live next to? He's just nice timid Li Shengshun.

Weaknesses: Unlike most Contractors who can only work rationally for the most of their life, Hei sometimes acts on his emotions, sometimes getting him in more trouble than he'd have otherwise.



Character Name: Lady Nagant

Age: Mid-late 30s.

Motivation/Fatal Trigger : Same thing with Hei, would rather keep this to be revealed IC through conversing.

World Origin: (My Hero Academia)

Powers and skills: Molecular/Electricity Manipulation:
With this Quirk, Lady Nagant can protrude and retract a rifle gun from her right elbow. She bends her elbow up so that her hand is to her shoulder and opens a cavity in her elbow, from which the rifle comes out of. The rifle seems to be made out of organic matter.

She can also manifest a tendril of flesh from her arm that she can curl up and make act as rifle scope, allowing her to make more precise shots if needed. Another attribute of her gun is that she can dramatically increase its power output, causing the gun to expand and bulge out. This greatly increases the velocity of her shots, though it does run the risk of jamming her gun. The 'ammo' is her hair which she can pull off and mold similar to epoxy clay. They can be formed into different types of bullets from hollow points to curving bullets. As payment for her services, she was also gifted with the second quirk ability of 'Air Walk' which allows her to levitate.


Aside from her boots? She doesn't seem to need to have any need to 'carry' equipment on her. Her body IS the equipment.

Background: As a child, it's everyone's dream to be a hero. Such was the case with a majority of the population that in elementray school classrooms, you'd barely get any who'd want to do anything BUT try out for hero exams. Most try, those who succeed might not end up in the daily papers but they try to help out where they can. One such example to this rule was a young girl who'd soon grow up to be known as 'Lady Nagant.' Brighteyed and optimistic, she eagerly accepted an invitation offered by the Hero Public Safety Committee. She'd been brought in hoping that she'd save lives as many of the heroes she'd seen on the streets and on the TV doing.

She was wrong.

Taking advantage of her skill with her 'Rifle' quirk, Nagant was sent on missions to take out targets that were deemed a threat by the Agency. Some were planning acts on the level of terrorism while others were murdered before they could even start thinking of a plan. Killing the chicken before it even has time to hatch the egg so to speak. Over the years this seemingly endless charade of taking lives while having to smile for the camera and the fans who adored you wore at her psyche. Until finally it all came to a head as the Comission's President attempted to inform Nagant of her next mission. Two heroes who were taking advantage of the protection/the influence that the Comission gave them and they needed to be dealt with.

Nagant refused.

He insisted.

She stood steadfast and continued to refuse.

There was a death that night.

Security rushed into the room as Nagant stood over the president's body, the barrel of her rifle still smoking.

She....just couldn't do it anymore.....

Weaknesses: Her rifle CAN be broken leaving her both down:

-Her one and only weapon
-An entire limb.

She's also obviously much more adapt at long-range combat than CQC.



Character Name: Guzma

Age: 30s

Motivation/Fatal Trigger : Well.....Guzma's a bit of a special case....

World Origin: (Pokemon)

Powers and skills: Guzma himself isn't anything too special. But look below at equipment for his team!


Guzma was involved in an incident involving his Island Kahuna and Kukui: Kukui befriended Guzma during his time as a student in the Pokémon School. He had a battle with him, and won that battle, and commented that Guzma could do well if he would befriend his Golisopod. Elsewhere, Guzma was deeply frustrated that he could not defeat Professor Kukui, considering both Kukui and Guzma were Hala's apprentices. Unfortunately, Guzma began to rebel after rejecting the traditions of Alola region like Kahuna Trials and Island Challenges, as well as the international tournament leagues. Hala shook his head, while Kukui tried to calm Guzma down. Guzma slapped Kukui's hand and refused, and claimed he would get stronger on his own without the need Z-Rings or Z-Crystals and he ran away. This tragedy caused both Hala and Kukui to blame themselves for not being there to support Guzma for the righteousness path.

Ever since he ran away from Hala and Professor Kukui, Guzma was amassing outcasts and misfits, who shared similar feelings with him. Guzma gave his Team Skull subordinates a home on Ula'ula Island, where the grunts cheered for him, viewing him as an idol. Guzma proclaimed he was undefeatable, but in truth, he simply chose the fights he knew he would win.

Weaknesses: Guzma's really not much worth talking about without his Pokemon.​



Character Name:



Motivation/Fatal Trigger:

Wishes to be treated as a real human, and not just a tool.

Her fatal trigger, if anything, would be Yuu, the person she saw treat a humanoid module as an actual person.

World Origin:
Asebi and the Adventurers of Sky World

Powers and skills:

As a humanoid module, which is essentially an android, Daria is faster, stronger, and can take more damage than normal people. She also comes equipped with a variety of different tools.


Composition Change: She can change her arms into various weapons, such as an energy whip, blade, or cannon. Additionally, this allows her to use her arms as a means to access technology, fixing it, or breaking it, or even sending power as needed.

Field Module: Daria can create barriers, which can easily take blows significantly more powerful than what her body can normally withstand. She can control where they appear and their size.

A humanoid module from the ancient civilization of Waldecia, it was Daria's orders to prevent any modern day humans from reaching the ruins of Waldecia. Having accepted that she was a disposable tool built only to follow her programming, she did as she was told for a long time. Leading a group of monsters called Dragon Fish, any sky ships that approached Waldecia were taken down.

One day, however, she failed in her missions and was destroyed. After witnessing another humanoid module get protected by a human and treated as another human being, she got pissed off and pushed too far, getting her main core sniped as she tried to make her getaway. Her back-up data was restored into a new body, and so she had a new mission for herself. Kill the ones who killed her, and surpass her status as a mere tool.


She must follow her programming, regardless of how she may personally feel about it. She cannot activate her Field Module and use her offensive weapons at the same time. If her Field Module is damaged, she becomes significantly more vulnerable. Ironically, can get overly emotional.​


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ehehehe this is gonna be fun~


Character Name: Number Five. Five Hargreeves. The Boy.

Age: Five is 58 years old. However, his physical body is that of a 13 year old. His birthday is October 1st, 1989.

Motivation/Fatal Trigger: Five's motivations are simple: He wants to protect his family, at all costs. With his family at threat, he's practically your puppet. He'll do anything to keep them safe. Promise that no harm will come to them, and he'll do whatever is asked of him.

His fatal trigger is the same. He cares about nothing but the safety of his family.

World Origin: The Umbrella Academy (Netflix Series)

Powers and skills: Five's abilities consist of space-time maniuplation. He's capable of performing spacial jumps, or "blinks" which allow him to essentially teleport to anywhere he wishes to be. However, longer distances, or blinks with multiple people/objects are physically taxing on him. Similarly, his powers are energy based, so without sufficient energy, he will not be able to teleport.

He is also capable of time-travel, however he has limited control over these abilities, and most previous attempts to time travel have ended in failure for him. He has, however, recently succeeded in rewinding time by a few seconds, rather than days or decades. This ability is more of a failsafe than anything else though, as it is extremely taxing on him.

On top of this, Five's time serving the Commission, has provided him with the training of a professional assassin. The Commission also, most likely, performed modifications on his body and possibly DNA, to make him more efficient. He has survived far more than he should have, because of this.

Additionally, Five has genius levels of intelligence. Although, his stunted emotional intelligence, and excessive pride hold him back from achieving his true potential.

Equipment: None. Five takes advantage of the resources around him. He's capable of killing someone with just about anything he's provided with, and/or can get his hands on.

Background: Number Five was one of 43 children born on the exact same day, to mothers that had not previously been pregnant. However, only 7 of those 43 children were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Five, as his name suggests, was the fifth child of the 7. He grew up alongside his 6 siblings within The Umbrella Academy being "trained" by his father from a young age to be capable of saving the world.

Five ran away at the age of 13, however. Intending to prove a point to his father, he used his time-travel abilities to travel into the future. He ended up stuck in what was essentially the end of the world. He spent the next 45 years of his life within the apocalypse, fell in love with a mannequin, buried his family and lost a good portion of his sanity in the process. He was only "rescued" from his suffering, when he was scouted by a woman known as The Handler, a high ranking member of the Temporal Commission. Who were, essentially, time traveling assassins and wished to use Five for his abilities.

He was molded into the perfect agent, working for the Commission for a uncertain amount of time, and was considered a legend within his line of work. He only left the Commission after figuring out the equation necessary to get back to his original timeline, he messed up the equation however, which is why he's stuck at physically 13.

Since, with the "help" of his dysfunctional family, he has prevented the apocalypse twice. Never once taking a break from his mission to keep them safe.

Weaknesses: Five is heavily traumatized. Most of his fears revolve around his time spent in the apocalypse, with a few also stemming from his abusive childhood. His biggest fear is losing his family. However, he also has a strong dislike of fire (and ash), the dark and thunderstorms. Arguably, his damaged (if not broken) mind, is one of his biggest setbacks for this reason.

Despite his enhanced resilience, he is still very much a skinny 13 year old, and could probably be snapped like a twig, if facing a larger equally or higher skilled opponent. His powers run on energy, so if he's out, he can't teleport. He also has a weakness to sedatives, and, his own lack of self care means he's usually not in prime form.
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Show me a good time, Jack!

Name: Alexandria "Alpha" D'Angelo

Age: 20

Motivation: Wants to see whoever put her here dead, preferably by her own hand.

Fatal Trigger(s): Being threatened with experimentation, losing her journal (with all of its secrets)

World Origin: Undertale/OC (bite me)

-Monster/Human Hybrid, allowing her not only to use magic, but to be able to somewhat power it further with determination.
-Partial remnants of Asriel's soul allow her to use Asriel's Pacifist run attacks (with caveats, cannot use certain attacks like Hyper Goner, can only summon One Chaos Saber, Chaos Buster is short-lived and cannot fire more than one line, and Shocker-Breaker is limited to one strike. All of these attacks can cause her to lose consciousness if abused.)
-As a Boss Monster, can conjure fire and throw it in small fireballs
-Lastly, with a SOUL of JUSTICE, can create a small yellow revolver and fire it. The revolver behaves like a regular weapon, and while magic, must still be reloaded. Additionally, she has intrinsic ability with firearms.

-Kitchen knife (dull)
-Colt .45 1911
-A large, over-stuffed, journal

Created in the wake of Asriel's appearance on the surface, Alpha is a one of a kind entity. Originally commissioned by the human governments, as a way of creating perfectly camouflaged soldiers, capable of passing as a Monster. Alpha and nine others were taken as children, experimented on, and trained with one goal in mind: to find and eliminate any Monster leadership, and prevent them from ever returning to the surface. The last step was to transform them into monsters, giving them the likeness and abilities of the monster who ventured onto the surface, then release them into the Monster's place of hiding. This did not go to plan, as all ten experiments rebelled and attempted an escape, with Alpha being the sole survivor.

-As a partial Monster, their magic is weaker than what a monster of similar skill could create.
-As a partial Human, Alpha cannot absorb souls, and their determination can become too much. If this happens, they can become an amalgamate, an amorphous abomination without true thought or purpose.
-Socially inept, and can easily get into situations they can't get out of because of it.
-Alpha's partial monster physique leaves her very frail by human standards. A punch that would break a man's nose could easily break her jaw, for example. Moderate or slight injuries are made much worse by this, and as a Partial human, she cannot heal herself like Monsters are known to be able to, having to rely on external aid to recover.



"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
Once we get at least two more people(aside from the ones who've signed up already)I'll be good to try and throw up the IC next time I have a day off! (i hate posting when I know I got work later that day it throws me off my game. :, )


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Once we get at least two more people(aside from the ones who've signed up already)I'll be good to try and throw up the IC next time I have a day off! (i hate posting when I know I got work later that day it throws me off my game. :, )
Will try and get Tooru back up tonight!


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Universe of Origin: Morioh, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Jojolion.

Fatal Trigger: Ownership and safety of a plant only known as the New Rokakaka. It's rumored that this plant can cure any ailment of any person, with the only issue being that it uses another person as collateral damage. However, Tooru does not seem to care about the helpful effects, and more about the power it will give and his species over human society.

Skills and Abilities:
  • Rock Skin: Tooru is, simply, not human. Thus, he has a special skill only those like him have: Rock Skin. At any time, Tooru can turn himself to stone as a protective measure. However, this not make him invincible. He cannot use any equipment or abilities when in this state, and even though it's tougher, his durability is not completely destructible. If adrenaline is rushing through him, and he uses nearly all of his energy, he can slowly move while in this state, but is limited to using his feet.
  • Wonder of U: Tooru's special ability, known as a Stand. Like all known Stands, it can act as an extra set of arms, but the Wonder of U has two special modes that could possibly aid Tooru.
    • Attack Mode: Wonder of U appears as a thin metallic entity with two curved blades on the back of it's arms. Can move slightly faster than the average human citizen, and the blades on it's arms have the sharpness of a semi-dull hunting knife. Tooru only uses this mode for carrying items and chasing something.
    • Defense Mode: The mode Tooru is most used to using. This mode allows Wonder of U to use it's disguise ability, where it can take the form of a dead, ill, or injured individual, and wear any clothes that Tooru directs. When someone realizes the person is not who they say they are, Wonder of U's face becomes the metallic default again. In this mode, it also has the Flow of Calamity building. If someone pursues Tooru or Wonder of U while in Defense Mode with a negative or hostile intent, the Flow of Calamity effects them. This means all sharp objects, projectiles, and direct attacks will deal double damage then they normally would (i.e. person is stabbed with a plastic fork, injured like they were stabbed with a steel kebab). Tooru commonly baits his victims into chasing Wonder of U, then attacking them directly for a worse injury.
  • Medical Skills: Has the medical knowledge of an average nurse due to his cover occupation at a local hospital in Morioh.
  • Skills with Bladed Weapons

  • Cellphone (Heavily Monitered)
  • Earbuds
  • Handheld Folding Saw
  • Hunting Knife
  • Small bag with a rock circle inside, which Tooru calls 'Obladi Oblada'
Background: Tooru was born many decades ago, and is not a human. He is instead of a species called Rock Humans, a group of everlasting beings that rarely die of old age, and are born from Rock Human mothers. After being left in a Hornet's nest for almost all of his natural childhood, he grew into his current state, that being a late teenager/young adult form, killing the deadly insects and entering society. He has been around for tens of years, and has been part of an organization known as the Locacaca, which is focused on the growing, production, and evolution of their medicine which cures wounds and illnesses by turning other parts of a humans body into stone. He is one of the heads of this organization, living in the hospital to watch over their research while making sure no one wounds the organizations abilities.


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"

It's up!!

Decided to do a bit of mini-retconing so that the one who helped 'get' you guys was a touch less subtle about it. They're more like a tank that just kept coming no matter what was done to em. Their goal wasn't to hurt/kill you. Just take you where you needed to go. If anyone has any questions let me know! I'm so happy I got it out!​


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oooooo heck yee :D will post later hopefully hehehehe

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Name: Dr Richard Lockhart

Alias: The Sulfur Man


Age: 24

A fully funded lab with staff, who don't ask questions, and as many.....test subjects as he needs.

Fatal Trigger:
His research assistant, Danielle. The only person to whom he truly feels for.

World Origin:
Earth Gamma - a world scorched by nuclear radiation, where the few safe cities are surrounded by toxic wastelands. The cities themselves work similarly to our own, but with a heavier emphasis on scientific advancement.

- Exceptional biochemist
- Equally exceptional knowledge of the human body
- Vast knowledge of chemicals and their various uses.
- Skilled with a blade. Be it knife, dagger, or scale
- Intelligent

- Not particularly strong
- Obsessive

- Knives
- Gasmask
- Vials of sulphuric acid, modified to work as projectiles

Even at the young age of 11, Richard knew two things. He had an intelligence that far surpassed his colleagues and he felt nothing for those who surrounded him. As he grew, the intelligence would be nurtured and grown. The nothingness he felt would be less so nurtured, rather it was only ever diagnosed. Sociopathy. His parents had tried to cure this condition but with no success. That was the reality, at least. However, the numerous visits to therapists and doctors harmed his learning, so Richard learned to fact emotions; after which his parents left him alone.

At age 18 Richard was hired by a well known research group that aimed to study the various mutants that roamed outside the city walls. It was enjoyable for Richard at first, but one annoying fact became apparent. These people was cowards. Richard had so many ideas to research, hypotheses to test, but all were rejected. Too unsafe. Too risky. Harmful to human volunteers. It was infuriating. Only one other person shared Richard's process of thought; Danielle.

The two were sick of all the restrictions that truly held back their research, so they went off the grid. In secret they began experimenting off the books. Performing tests that were rightfully classified as torture. To the point where subjects often....went missing from official lab records. The research continued, to the point where Richard began to see the beauty in the mutants. No longer aiming to cure them, now aiming to make more.

Eventually he and Danielle were caught, their experiments revealed. Efforts were made to arrest and contain them, but the two had fled long before any action could be made. Over the next few years their experiments continued, taking "volunteers" from off the street. Some were never seen again, but some were found days after their disappearance. But they never returned the same. Some had new limbs, others bulging lumps, but all had their faces and bodies disfigured by acid. As such legend and whispered words grew of the mysterious kidnappings by The Sulfur Man.


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Sorry for spamming the ooc; this will be the last post for a while I swear XD

Just wanted to say I'm loving everyone's posts so far ^_^

I'll have mine written once I get off work


"What's your favorite scary movie...?"
Sorry for spamming the ooc; this will be the last post for a while I swear XD

Just wanted to say I'm loving everyone's posts so far ^_^

I'll have mine written once I get off work
Your post was great too!! Glad everyone's having fun!

Everyone's posts have been great so far! I got some stuff to do around the house but I might be able to work in a reply or two. We'll see!


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