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  1. Just for curiosity's sake, what would it be like for them in the jail? Not pleasant I guess
  2. Oh okay, I should be able to make a post today but not at the moment as I'm going to be busy doing housework.
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  3. hi guys! I'm Josie :) thanks for accepting me @Rin Nyx, I should be posting soon
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  4. Yo @peachykeen , wanna team up? I think you're the only person outside of the fight I can meet up with and your character putting on the silver ring she stole kind of gave me an idea to work with. Sonny's looking to be famous and I think he could easily mistake you for nobility in disguise, especially with a fine ring on. What do you think?
  5. Sorry guys, I'll try to post today but my sister is coming over so I don't know when I'll post. But just skip me for now as I don't want to take up more of your time guys.
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  6. Please! I dont want this rp to end already it's so good! ;n;
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  7. Don't worry, I won't let it die yet!
    I'll see about getting a post in either late tonight or sometime tomorrow
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  8. @Apple Thief that'd be awesome! I think our characters together would be super interesting to say the least, lol
  9. It's definitely a good start, Peaches. I'll try to whip up a post for you before I go to bed.
  10. I will after work today. I've got a couple hours before I can
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  11. @Apple Thief so I had a neat idea but I didn't wanna like,, godmode w samwur so I was gonna ask you first lol. would it be cool with you if niiko realizes that she's being followed and just to screw with samwur, leads him through some elaborate path through backalleys and stuff?
  12. That's what I was hoping for! Do whatever you feel is necessary, Sonny is terrible at following people so I doubt it needs a roll. Do ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  13. I'm sad to say I might just drop out... at the moment I can only handle one Rp. I thought I could do this but it just isn't working out.

    I'm really sorry but I'm going to just opt out.
  14. Aww! :( Well, you do what you can and if you feel like you can't manage more than one rp then that's ok. Gonna miss you though :(
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  15. Yeah, sorry I didn't post earlier. I actually somehow injured my wrists so I'm supposed to refrain from certain activities (like a bunch of typing, lifting stuff, etc) until they get better :( i probably shouldn't even be typing this, but I'm so bored >.>
  16. Aw, ok :( sorry to see ya go, but thanks for letting me know
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  17. Oh damn, how did you manage that? I've done it before and its bloody painful D:
  18. Honestly, I have no idea :( it started out woth just a bit of stiffness, a little soreness, then it just got worse and worse. I had to get a wrist brace for one of them to keep me from moving it, lots of icing them, taking ibuprofen to help with the pain, etc. Carpal tunnel is a possible explanation, but I'm just hoping it's not that, or if it is that it stays mild :l

    So, since @Queen of Fantasy hasn't been on in over a week and @Archdemon is dropping out, I'm going to make an excuse for their characters to be separated and we'll just have to have our characters escape from prison without them or something.
    I'm thinking that Orion could get out of trouble due to his orc nobility status, but I don't know about Pia...hmm
  19. Plz don't say they kill Pia my heart wouldnt be able to take it! T^T Wonder what it would be like in the jail for Han and Atla
  20. I won't kill her off this time (mostly because if she comes back and has a really good explanation for being gone, I don't want her character permadead), but I still gotta get her out of the way... hmmm...

    Haha, jail for Han and Atla will not be nice xD For starters, they mostly serve a paltry amount of food, basically just enough for a regular human to not starve (although they'd attempt to make accommodations for other races so they don't starve, either), and even then it's mostly like stale bread with cheese, plain oatmeal type slop, and water as food. None of which Atla can eat, and even if she could, being human, they wouldn't give her enough to eat even if she asked them to. And for Han, they might try to provide a little meat, but it probably wouldn't be enough for her, either xP But they won't stay in jail for long! We'll have chapter 2: Jailbreak! For our characters, at least haha

    Speaking of characters...we need more people now...I think I'll make a second character soon (after I post for Atla, naturally), so that'll help, but hopefully more people join up...
  21. Something tells me they'd have Hananya in some kind of big muzzle or something or keep her hands tied together. Hopefully Atla doesnt get to the point where she would try to kill and eat Han... or vice versa. Eheh, this'll be interesting.
    Yeah we need more people, I might add another character into the rp as well if I can figure something out :)

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