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Fandom A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Star Wars

Sole Survivor

Local Hobo Magician

Hello, hello, hello!
How are all you beautiful people out in the galaxy?

I'm sure like many of you around the world, I'm stuck at home.
The world's a little crazy and we're all doing our part to keep everyone safe.
In doing so I find myself at with a mass of time on my hands that I would like to put into writing.
A little escape from the anxiety, you know?
So that's why I'm on the hunt for a couple good stories!

The Bounty Board
I'm looking for Star Wars specific plots as of this moment.
OC's Only
I'd prefer it to take place in the SWTOR timeline; but I'm good for anything really.
Just work with me on it! I'm a huge fan, but I don't know everything!
I have a preference for MxM, but I love FxF and MxF as well. Let me know what you're looking for!
I'd like long term as well! More than a paragraph or two if you can!

If there is a * by a pairing - I have a plot idea or ideas!

Jedi Master x Padawan
Jedi Master x Sith Apprentice
Jedi Master x Sith Lord
Jedi Master x Jedi Master *

Sith Lord x Padawan
Sith Lord x Sith Apprentice
Sith Lord x Sith Lord

Imperial Agent x Jedi Master/Padawan *
Imperial Agent x SIS Agent
SIS Agent x Sith Lord *

Bounty Hunter x Target
Bounty Hunter x Rival Bounty Hunter

Smuggler x ANYONE

Republic/Resistance Trooper x Imperial Trooper

Diplomat x Diplomat


Fallen Jedi x Jedi Master *

Sith Lord turned Jedi x Jedi Master *

Sith Lord turned Jedi x Sith Lord *

Trooper x Jedi Master *

Cantina Dancer x Anyone *

Jedi Master x Senator

Those are just some examples of what I'm thinking about! Honestly - just bring me your characters and I'll likely have one (or can create one) that can play off of them!

If any of this interests you - shoot me a message!
Have a great day!

[ P.S. If you read all of this: Tell me in your message if you're for the Light Side or the Dark Side! ]

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There's one thing a Saiyan always keeps!
I think I'd be interested in either Jedi Master x Sith Lord or Bounty Hunter x Target

As for which side I am on/prefer, I prefer the Light Side.


Member of the Akatsuki.
I am interested in something like a Jedi Master x Sith Apprentice. I'd be interested in playing the sith apprentice, with MC maybe being conflicted between good and evil.
Something to note, I prefer to play fxm plots with MC being the female if that's alright! Let me know if you want to plot! ^^

Sole Survivor

Local Hobo Magician
Small bump! Found some great partners but still looking for a few more! :)

UPDATED: New Pairings! Also - if I have a plot idea for a pairing I marked them as well!
Hi! I'd be interested. I have several different OCs so, could we maybe decide on what we're going to do through pm? And I don't really like romance in my rp. I hope that that's not a deal breaker.

Just as a side note (is that written correctly?): I'm more on the light side, but sometimes also for characters who are neither.


Going out like I came in: 90mph down I-95
I would love to do Jedi Master x Sith Lord, but am really open to anything! I would love to chat about it.

I prefer the Dark Side >:-)


Storm of Eternal Rage
Fallen Jedi × Jedi Master or Sith turned Jedi × Jedi Master.
Open to M×M (but very inexperienced with it as most of those roleplays tend to drop faster than a Rancor) but prefer M×F.


Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Could do Jedi Master x any of the other light side aligned plot lines.
Also have a mando bounty hunter I could use if that's more the preference.
Not super well versed in the Old Republic Era, I know more about the Republic and Empire era.
I can do MxM if it's non-romantic (Which makes the most sense for Jedi anyways), but I have more experience with MxF

Sakura Shimura

I kinda had an idea but it's not that thought out yet because I haven't had a lot of chances to rp SW. So my character is a rebel trooper who was discovered to have jedi powers though she has a really abrasive personality. Maybe both sides are trying to win her over? IDK but maybe we could try shipping her with a sith lord and she helps redeem them

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